In some free moments, I've tried to create some original and challenging puzzles. If you think you've solved one of them and want to have your solution confirmed, just drop me an email.

The Puzzle of the Seed Catalogue

As my regular puzzlers will know, MoD budget cuts at our decoding centre mean that we now have to ask for decoding help from the general public.

Always on the look out for anything out-of-place our agents retrieved a seed order. We suspect that it may conceal another message between the subjects. Please advise.

Strawflower, Birdsfoot trefoil, Candytuft,
Sudan grass, Tasmanian Tree fern, Wood Hyacinth,
Daisy, Evening Primrose, Bergamot,
Mountain Oat Grass, Winter cress, Miner's Lettuce,
Cedar, Sunflower, Cornflower,
Forget-me-not, Rhubarb, Purslane,
Hedgehog parsley, Ivy, Pampas Grass,
Dandelion, Holly, Sweetcorn,
Spurge, Orache, Canary Grass,