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The Riddle of The Holiday Snaps

Our agent seized this list of captions because it looked out of place. There were no pictures retrieved which match these titles. We conclude that the list may have some other significance.

Fred and Bert at Mission Contol, Houston (1993)
Bert at London Zoo with some other odd-looking creatures (1983)
Bert outside the birthplace of the Jacksons (1972)
Florida, like Vegas has too many attractions (1977)
Brussels: Chocolate, beer and other temptations (1970)
Houston is reputed to be the centre of the galaxy? (1986)
At a spiritual retreat on Lindisfarne (1972)
A romantic weekend in Paris (1990)
France: Bert and his caravan, struggling with a T-connection (1979)
Bert broke his leg ski-ing near Lake Como (1974)
The QE2 was supposed to leave Southampton at 5:30 (1991)
Bert and Fred in the Sudan with a nomad (1991)
Bert's photograph of daffodils with Lakeland clouds (1981)
Frozen fishing on the River Dee (1977)

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