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The Puzzle of the Moreton Raiders

The Detective-Inspector sat in the passenger seat and pondered as the patrol car raced through the countryside. The fourth bank robbery in as many weeks, and not a clue to be found! He scratched his head, and contemplated the case-notes he'd just read.
As Sgt Wilson sped the patrol car through narrow lanes towards the site of the reported crash, the D.I. reached absentmindedly into his pocket for the remains of his snack lunch.
According to radio reports, the incident had started when the gang, trying to repeat their previous success, had been spotted by the local traffic cops, speeding out of the town square while the traffic lights were still on yellow.
A few minutes later, after an entertaining but short car chase, their Mercedes had spun off on a corner and crashed straight into a garden wall on the south-west side of Moreton village green.
As Wilson pulled up next to the smoking wreck, the local constable walked briskly over to them. "You were right, guv'! It's the gang from this morning's bank raid! They must have been in such a hurry to get away that they overdid it on the corner there and the tyres blew."
"Odd, don't you think!" said the inspector raising his eyebrows. "If they were going to steal a getaway car, Wilson, they might have tried to find something faster, or in a less conspicuous colour than purple ?"

And now here's the puzzle question!.......

What did the inspector eat for lunch?

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