Long before there were gay magazines, lesbian novels or websites, there was music! Gay and lesbian musicians used their songs and recordings to talk about the 'homosexual experience' in every imaginable context. All over the world, isolated individuals have tuned into the radio, listened to lyrics, and recognised their own lives!
This CD-ROM was published at the end of 1998 and contains my researches on gay and lesbian music. I've found thousands of discs and hundreds of artists from around the world, all of whom have included gay and lesbian topics in their songs.They've been grouped by subject, artists have been given biographies, and extensive discographical information has been retrieved. This is the ONLY place in which you can seriously research the fascinating history of gay and lesbian music.

On this webiste I've included an extensive preview, including all the background documents and the listings for artists A-G. It will show you what sort of information is included on the CD, and demonstrate how easy it use for programme-makers, researchers and music fans. Click here to start your musical adventure.

The CD Rom is available by mail for $10 (plus postage and packing).

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For people who are interested in the subject, it is still a fascinating reference work, and quite unlike anything else on the market. Indeed it is the only reference work that has been written on this subject! Given the amount of material on it, it's very unlikely that anyone will publish it in book form, and the dynamic-thematic indexes which make the text so easy to navigate, are a unique characteristic of web (html) formats.

At the moment I am not working on a new publication of this material. There has been no evidence of any great 'public interest in the subject (although I myself found it fascinating). Of course I'm still happy to hear from gay and lesbian musicians, and have carefully recorded additional information and corrections so that (one day) a new edition can be prepared.