DAF: "Der Räuber und der Prinz"
LP. "Alles Ist Gut" Virgin 203. 644. 320
W. Germany. 1981.Minimalist synth rock in English °
"Der Raüber und der Prinz"= The Robber & the Prince" (3: 29): A beautiful young Prince got lost in the wood...and the robbers caught him. But one of the robbers loved the prince, "I love you my robber, I love you my prince. "
"Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft" (= German/ American Friendship) are Robert Görl and Gabi Delgado Lopez. Ambiguously gay lyrics on many albums including "Für Immer", "Gold und Liebe", and "Brothers".

Eva Dahlgren: "Tvillingskäl"
LP. Glendisc HGP 3022
Sweden. 1982. Lyric sheet
"Nothing left unbound" : "He was man and woman."
In 1995 the wedding of Sweden's Eva Dahlgren took place. She had come out of the closet not long before that.

Lillemor Dahlqvist
see Lillemor
see Johnny Delgado

Etienne Daho: "Tomb pour la France,..."
12" single. Virgin 601 874-213.
France. 1985.
"Arnold Layne" (1: 42)(Syd Barrett): also performed by Pink Floyd

Dame Edna Everage; (pseudonym)
see Barry Humphries.

Damian: "The Time Warp 2"
12" single. Jive 151 270 7". 145. 378
UK. 1987. Disco.(DISC)°
"The Tine Warp II " b/w The Time Warp (Original Version)" (5:55), "Fight For What You Believe" (4:20) (N. Martin, Smith/D. Tong)
Also remixed again in 1988 when it became a hit for Damian.
see "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Damian: "Fight For What You Believe"
CD. Zomba CD. Zomba 1426-4-,
USA. 1990.

The Dammed: "Gay Bars"
LP. "The Peel Sessions"
UK. 1979? (BARS)
"Gay bars, it's the only way to live". Parody of Gary Numan's "Cars".

The Dammed: "Jet Boy, Jet Girl"
LP. Best of The Dammed, Ace Rec.
UK. 1982.
"He gives me head" (see versions by Plastic Bertrand, Elton Motello)

Bill Dana: "Bill Dana Live In Las Vegas (with special guest Jose Jiminez)"
LP. Kapp KL 1402
USA. 1965. (COME)(PHOB)°
"Bronco Brucie"(5: 37), Dana says he has developed a TV show concept for a gay cowboy series. Basic, mocking stereotype of effeminate men. "Jose Jiminez the Astronaut" (4: 22) A; "I'd Like to deviate for a moment." J; "I don't mind. Whatever! I'm a sport, I got lots o' friends in Hollywood"
"Without You" Dana's two (male) alter-egos duet in an "unashamed love song".
Hungarian-born comedian who made his mark on The Steve Allen Show (US TV)

Dandy Warhols: "Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth"
"...and you think you are gay. "
Of course, the name of the band is inspired by the late Andy Warhol. No verification that any of the band are gay themselves.

Michael Dane: "Let's Make Love"
12"EP. Aquarius AQS 2. 009
Belgium. 1981. English, Pop €
"Let's Make Love" (3: 32)(CRUI) (M. Dane): "I stood on the corner / Just to find me a man / 'Cause I had me a hunger / For some muscle and tan."

Charlie Daniels Band; "Uneasy Rider"
7". Kama Sutra 576
USA. 1973. (BillBoard #9)
also "Super Hits of the '70's. Vol 11" (Rhino 70758)
"He's a friend of them long-haired hippy-type pinko fags. "

Jeffrey Daniels: "AC/ DC"
LP. "Starlight Express" Polydor
UK. 1984.

Danny Boy & The Serious Party Goods: "Castro Boy"
12". private release.

"Dans tegen de draai in - liedjes van mannen in beweging"
LP. Xilovox XLP. 151082
Netherlands. 1983.
(=Dancing against the flow - Songs of changing men) Compilation album of alternative men's music/Folk. (COMP)
"Ik Zou Zo Graag Een Meisje Wezen", "Ik zou zo graag een meisje wezen, dan was ik van het soldaten leven."(=I wish I was a girl, so I wouldn't have to be a soldier. ) 19th century children's song. (TSAA)
"Cafe De La Solitude", "In de café de la solitude staan mooie hoerenjongens te lachen aan de bar." (=in the lonely cafe beautiful boys smile as they whore it at the bar. ) Title song from cabaret show. (PROS)(LONE)(BARS)
"Voorjaar"(AMST)(F. Bakker), "Je wist niet goed waar te beginnen, waar kwamen homo's zoals jij. Amsterdam, het uitganns leven, waar zoveel kon. ", (=At first you didn't know where gays like you go...Amsterdam, the nightlife, where you can do almost anything. )
Amersfoort", about the visit of a gay action squad in summer '82.
"Jij Kunt Het Aan Mij Wel Zien"(DEMO), Gay protest chant from antichurch protest, 1978. (You can tell from the way I look!)
Performers/ensemble; Jan Smeets, Peter Koene, Peter Sesink, Fraans Bakker.
(c. f. "Walls To Roses")

Vanessa Daou: "Plutonium Glow"
CD. Daou Music
USA. 199?

Terence Trent D'Arby: "Dance Little Sister"
Video clip opens with backing singers welcoming TTD with a rendition of "You're Boyfriend's Back" (see The Bee Jays, see Claude Francois)
TTD has described himself as a "sensitive heterosexual."

Terence Trent D'Arby: "Billy Don't Fall"
LP. "Neither Fish nor Flesh" CBS
UK. 1989.
Basically saying that he (the singer) accepts people as they come, whatever culture, race, sexual preference they might be. The song also says that although he accepts everyone - he is not gay himself If he was uncertain at any point in his career, that time is most certainly over - having read the tour guide from the 'Symphonic Damnation' episode, he explains this in detail.

Alan Darcy: "From The Heart"
CD. "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You"
USA. 1997.

Severn Darden
US Comic singer. References in late work?

Candy Darling (Richard Flattery)
`"The most beautiful drag-queen I ever saw." (A. Warhol) as featured in Warhol's film " Flesh" (1968).
see Lou Reed; "Walk on The Wildside"
see Velvet Underground: "Candy Darling"
see Lou Reed; "Candy"

Dat Oven: "Chelsea Press 2"
12" Quark/Jellybean
USA. 1997. (DISC)
The pleasures of phone sex.

Dat Oven: "Icy Lake"
12". Quark/Jellybean
USA. 1997. (DISC)
Loops a voice-mail message, that may ambiguously be interpreted as a suicide message, over an array of inventive keyboard licks and seductive grooves. Heavy props to the act for investigating sounds and ideas that most others wouldn't touch. Dat Oven are Jeffrey Gratton and Shunji Moriwaki.

Dat Oven: "Jet Set," 12" Quark/Jellybean
USA. 1998. (DISC)

David and Jane: "Not Ashamed"
USA. 1993. (GODS)
Ordained christians sing about their faith.
"Standing On The Promises"; "Bless It Back"; "Rejoice" "My God Is Real"; "Farther Along"

David and Jane: "In Our Own Words"
USA. 1995. (GODS)
"Come By Here"; "At Calvary"

David and Jonathan: "Lovers Of The World Unite"
LP. See For Miles CM129
UK. 1984.
Two UK hits "Lovers of the World" and "Michelle" were the pseudonymous work of songwriters Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway.
Sleeve: "I asked Roger Greenaway why they had called themselves David and Jonathan. "George Martin's wife came up with the name, and so we didn't want to turn it down. It was a biblical name and we didn't think much about it. I know now that a name is very important. "

Diane Davidson: "Breaking All The Rules"
LP. MC. CD. Second Wave SW22011
USA. 1988.
Dianne Davidson's album doesn't have any gender specific lyrics, but is very out on stage and in interviews.

Ray Davies: (and Dave Davies)
see The Kinks

Hunter Davis: "Girl's Best Friend"
LP. A Hunter Davis Production MHD 002
USA. 1982.

Hunter Davis: "Harmony"
LP. Redwood Records RR8601
USA. 1986. Lyrics enclosed. (GLOP)
"Woman" (3: 17)(Hunter Davis/Mischief Publishing BMI): "...all I know is that I'm needing you, woman...there's a place inside my heart for you, woman..."
"Universal Stranger"; "Someone"; "Harmony"
with Ferron, Linda Tillery, Holly Near, Teresa Trull.

Hunter Davis: "Torn"
LP. MC. CD. Redwood 8803
USA. 1989..
"Ten Percent Masquerade"

Madeleine Davis: "Stonewall Nation"
Mark Custom Records
Early gay recording financed by Buffalo Chapter of the Mattachine Society. Also found on "Daughter of All Women" (MC. 1983 Soft Shoulder) Compilation.

Mark Davis
see "Gay From Las Vegas": Various Artists

Meyer Davis & Orchestra: "The One That I Love Loves Me"
78. Brunswick 4329
USA. 1929.€
"The One That I Love Loves Me" (3: 10)
Vocal by Scrappy Lambert
see "Can't Help Lovin' That Man": Various Artists

Miles Davis
Although it seems to be widely known among his friends that the great trumpeter had a string of young male lovers, his estate (like Tchaikovsky's) seems determined to suppress any evidence for his homosexuality. Although British tabloids claim to have evidence that Davis died of AIDS-related PCP, this is also disputed.

Vaginal Creme Davis
LA drag artiste featured by Pedro, Muriel and Esther on "P. M. E. E. P.", Scott Free, Glen Meadmore, et al. IN 1998 she reappeared with new material: "Ugly black giantessa, Dr. Vaginal Davis is returning to Manhattan. This time she's grifting academia. Well, when you're the only drag queen with a Ph. D. what else can you do? She will be the keynote speaker at New York Universities "Queer Publics, Queer Privates" conference Saturday May 2nd 6-10pm. , where international social critics will converge for some hibrow and some lowbrow. Davis will also perform an excerpt from her hit one wo-man show "Intimacy & Tomorrow". Later that same evening she performs at Clicken Drag (at Mother) and sings songs from her Steve Albini (of Nirvana fame) produced CD, The White To Be Angry. A rock n roll revival meeting as she channels her most high reverend persona-Saint Salicia Tate, itinerant preacher of the gospel in "Fornication, No! Theocracy, Yes!"
Contact (1998): http://www. tezcat. com/~homocore/vCD. html

Dolly Dawn & Her Dawn Patrol : "Copper Colored Gal" CD. "The Man I Love" (see below)
USA. 1936. €
"Copper Colored Gal"(2:53), "Copper coloured girl of Mine, You've done something to my heart!". Another fine cross-vocal gives a cute lesbian tint to the modern listener.

Danielle Dax: "16 Candles"
see "Get Out": Various Artists

Doris Day: "Secret Love"
7". Philips UK PB 230
USA. 1954. Conscripted (CONS)(COMI)
"Once I had a secret love, that lived within the heart of me. All too soon my secret love, became impatient to be free. So I told a friendly star, the way that dreamers often do, Just how wonderful you are, why I'm so in love with you. Now I shout it from the highest hill, even told the golden daffodil, At last my heart's an open door, and my secret love's no secret anymore. "

Doris Day: "Secret Love" €
see "Club Verboten"
see Conscription

Taylor Dayne: "I'll Be Your Shelter";
see "Lesbian Favorites: Women Like Us"

Dead Fingers Talk: "Storm the Reality Studios"
LP. Pye Rec. NSPH 24
UK. 1978.
"Nobody Loves You When You're Old And Gay" (Bo Bo Phoenix)(OLDG): "Can't Think Straight" (A. Linklater/T. Carter)

Dead Fingers Talk: "Harry "

Dead Milkmen: "Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything)"
CD. EP "Restless " 72231
USA. 1993.(DISC)
The song is a somewhat homophobic novelty-dance track that takes on the club-music scene in the U. S. Gay references include "Don't try to tell me that you're an intellectual 'cause your just another boring bisexual!"; "I met Andy Warhol at a really chic party!"; "You know what you are? You're just a bunch of Art Fags!" The end of the song calls out a litany of dance-acts popular during the '80s on the club circuit scene, including several gay ones: "You'll dance to anything by the Communards, you'll dance to anything by Book of Love, The Smiths, etc...you'll dance to anything by any of these stupid Europeans who come over to our country with their big hair and take all your money instead of giving it to a decent American artist like myself. " Dead Milkmen pride themselves in being confrontational & controversial in their garage band rock style. The song was originally released in 1987 on the album "Bucky Fellini" by Enigma Records 4XT-73260. The irony of the song is that it was very lame dance music itself (purposely bad) & totally anti- club scene, yet in 1988 the track actually made the U. S. club play dance music charts!

Dead Or Alive
Lead singer Pete Burns is openly gay, and featured in "Men In Frocks" (London, GMP). Dead or Alive's opus drew artistic threads from 'radical drag', Boy George & Marilyn, Depeche Mode, and gay graphics. Gender-bending MTV with leathers and whip, yet still glamorous enough to be approachable by the (mainstream) dance market. Although the band's image was overtly and commercially gay, their music proved too mainstream for particular success in the gay milieu.
Their singles show Pete Waterman continuing to develop the sound he developed with Divine (et.al). A successful album, "Sophisticated Boom Boom" (Epic, 1984)€, with gay / gender-bending artwork, prepared the world for "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" (No. 1 in the UK, Dec 1984). They scored four UK Top 30 hits (1985-6) before falling from public view. ("Lover Come Back To Me", In Too Deep"; "My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor)" and "Brand New Lover".
The imagery created for the stylishly camp-gothic videos (precursing the work of Pierre et Gilles) was later to inspire the work of Army of Lovers.

Dead or Alive: "Mad, Bad and Dangerous"
LP. Epic
UK. 1987. (DISC)°
"Something In My House" ( ) "I wish I'd never met that wicked queen (ambig. =gay/lover)".
"Brand New Lover" ( ) "All I want to do is/ Find myself a brand new lover" (CRUI)

Dead or Alive: "My Forbidden Lover"
LP. "Nude" Epic
UK. 1989. (DISC)
"Baby Don't Say Goodbye": It has been suggested in the press that Pete Burns had a relationship with producer Pete Waterman of Stock Aitken Waterman. If this is true, the track "Baby Don't Say Goodbye" may have more meaning than it's face value. The song uses the exact bassline as "Respectable" by Mel And Kim, who Pete Waterman also produced. If you've heard this song you know the part that goes "take take TAKE take ta ta ta take TAKE take...". That tune is also in the song. It's purposely made to sound like a SAW production.

Dead or Alive: "Come Home Me With Me Baby"
7" Epic Burns 5
UK. 1989.
Banned by the BBC for it's implicitly gay invitation.

Dead Or Alive: "Nukleopatra"
CD. MC. Sony Japan 6215
UK. 1995. Ί
"I saw your advertisement in a magazine. That's why I came to see you, to find out who I've been. You said I was Queen!
You saw long black hair and a ten-inch waist. You saw boy crashing motorbikes all over the place. Lipstick sending people out of their minds. You wrote down a name and you said it was mine. It was Nukleopatra! You saw a he-man body with an angels face. I was a different gender, king of the she-male race. I wore belts, boots, up to my thighs.I had thick mascara all around my eyes. I've done it before, I'm gonna do it again. I had a different name, I'm not ashamed. It was Nukleopatra! I was a brand new gender, not a man, woman, boy or a girl. I was a brand new species in a mixed-up, muddled-up, choked-up world. I look good in makeup. What's the matter with cheating? The other queens all called an emergency meeting. Had the king of Japan sending me telegrams saying 'You look like a woman but you're obviously a man'"(TSEX)(TVAA)
"I'm A Star"; "Everybody's saying, 'Girlfriend, who do you think you are? With your good looking chauffeur and your patent leather car'"
"Sex Drive"; "It sees no gender or colour, so let's get together and collide with each other".

Dead Or Alive: "Lover Come Back To Me"
see "Glad To Be Gay Vol 3"

The Deadly Nightshade: "The Deadly Nightshade"
LP. BPL-0955
USA. 1975. Artwork
"Keep On The Sunnyside"; "High Flying Woman"; "Something Blue"; "Losin' at Love"; "Someone Down in Nashville"; "Nose Job"; "Sweet, Sweet Music"; "I Sent My Soul TO The Laundromat"; "Shuffle"; "Dance, Mr. Big, Dance"; "Blue Mountain Hornpipe"; "Onions".
Lesbian band. Helen Hooke. Anne Bowen, Pamela Brandt. (info R. D. )

The Deadly Nightshade: "F&W"
LP. BPL 1370
USA. 1976. Artwork
"Comin Thru"; "Little Old Lady From Pasadena"; "I'm Feelin' Fine"; "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"; "Ain't I A Woman"; "Show Me The Way Back Home"; "One Day At A Time"; "Johnny The Rock & Roll Star"; "No Chicken Today"; "Murphy's Bar".

Hazell Dean: "Searchin'"
7". Proto ENA 109 EP. "Heart First"
UK. 1984. Mainstream Pop / Hi NRG (DISC)
Promoted through gay clubs although not lyrically specific. Clubbing gay men couldn't resist singing along with "Searchin', looking for love, I've gotta find me a man!" (CRUI)
b/w "Whatever I do (Wherever I go)"; "Back In My Arms Once Again

James Dean
Widely appreciated star and icon whose homosexuality has been much discussed by Kenneth Anger and...
Goo Goo Dolls "I wanna Be James Dean"
Jonathan King "Kim Novak and James Dean"

Jimmy Dean: "Big Bad John"
Number One hit about a very masculine man, which was subsequently inverted to become a parody of homosexuals by various artists including Malone & Nootcheez, et. al

Dean and The Weenies
see Dean Johnson
see Velvet Mafia

Blossom Dearie: "Bruce"
LP. "Et Tu Bruce" , Daffodil Records 108, CD. Master Mix CDCHE 5
USA. 1984 / 1989.
"I don't mind your handbag, those earrings, that beauty mark on your knee. You're making me blue, Bruce. I'm pleading with you Bruce, don't call yourself Sue, Bruce. Stick with Marie!"

Death Bang Party: "Shortlofe"
LP. Piglet Recs
UK. 1992. (GLOP)
"Psycho Poofta"; "Some Day My Prince Will Come"; "We Like To Party"

"Death In Venice": Original Soundtrack
LP. Pentaphon/Sonet SLP. 3010
USA. 1989.
"Death In Venice" (FILM)(LITT) L. Visconti 's choice of Mahler as performed by the Orchestra dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia (conductor: Franco Mannino) and included in his 1971 film of "Death in Venice by Thomas Mann

Chris DeBlasio: "All The Way Through Evening"
USA. 1990.(CLAS) (AIDS)
see "And Trouble Came- Musical Responses to AIDS"

Chris DeBlasio: "Walt Whitman in 1989"
See "Gay American Composers"

The Decembrists: "The Decembrists"
MC. demo cassette-tracks-
USA. 199?
"Anthem", "Sex In The Shadows", "U.S. Of Hate", and "Take This Church and Shove It".
Features Eden Felt Ex- Comrades In Arms, one of the first queer punk bands.

Georgette Dee and Terry Truck: "Mehr Verliebte Lieder"
CD. JOCD. 001
W. Germany. 1991. (TVAA)
Transvestite Georgette Dee sings original chansons in German.

Deee-Lite: "Somebody".
see "Wigstock": Soundtrack

Ellen DeGeneres: "Taste This"
CD. Lava Records
USA. 1997. (COME)
"Camping and Hunting"; "Iroquois Indians"; "Children"; "Tourettes"; "Airplanes"; "Scary Things"; "Embarrassing Moments"; "Licking a Frog"; "Depends and Leg Warmers"; "Cat in Heat"; "Birds Mating"; "Phone Call to God"(GODS); "Stupid Things"; "Public Bathrooms"
Includes much of her most popular material -- the ticklish vignettes and hilarious stories. The multi-media features on this ECD. include a specially-designed "Ellen"-styled computer screen saver and sound bites, perfect for your personal file.
Officially came out of the closet in an interview for Time magazine (April '97), calling the decision "the most freeing experience. " In Time, DeGeneres said "When I decided to have my character on the show come out, I knew I was going to have to come out too. " Her television persona, Ellen Morgan came out on the April 30th 1997 episode of "Ellen" (US/ABC) in an episode with guest appearances by kd lang and Melissa Etheridge.

Franz Josef Degenhardt: "Du bist anders als die andern"
LP. Polydor 2372 124, MC. 3151 124).
W. Germany. 1982. Lyric sheet Liedermachermusik. Text und Musik: Franz Josef Degenhardt. (GLOP)
"Ballade vom Edelweißpiraten Nevada-Kid" (6: 40): Die Handlung spielt im dritten Reich, "Sie nennen dich die schwule Sau, "..."Und als man beim Geländespiel Dich nackt im Heu mit Dieter fand, da hat die Horde Euch mit Teer das Schwulenzeichen eingebrannt. " - und nach dem Krieg kriminell - im Knast wegen Schwulsein. Teksten til Ballade vom Edelweißpiraten Nevada-Kid står (side 118 i Winfried Schwamborn: "Schwulenbuch", Pahl-Rugenstein Verlag, Köln 1983. ISBN 3-7609-0761-X).
"Au père ternel" (Georges Brassens)(4: 35): "und die zwei Onkel umarmen sich fest und tanzen Musette wie ein Liebespaar".
"Freuden Tam-tam" (4: 03): "Ja - dann tanzen sie ihren Freuden Tam-tam, und gar nicht mal heimlich, und gar nicht mal klamm. Schwule und Weiber, die keine mehr sind,...".

Caryl DeGroot: "Desert Womon"
Explicit lesbian love songs in folk style from this Phoenix guitar/vocalist.

Caryl DeGroot: Womoon to Womoon"
MC. Rolling Easy ROL1
USA. 1984.
"Come And Dance"; "Laughter"; "Down Down"; "Turn Around"; "Hey Hey"; "Lay Me Down"; "Rolling Easy"; "Gentle Womoon"; "Womoon Rise UpRising".

Dekko: "Endless Love (Man-To-Man Mix)"
12". Bullfrog Records 12598
USA. 1994.°

Delaware Valley Men's Chorus: "Love Is Best"

Lea DeLaria: "Bulldyke in a China Shop"
USA. 1994. (1992)
(COME) The long-awaited debut recording by this bawdy, riotously funny comic legend (dubbed the "lesbian Lenny Bruce"), lampooning lesbian life...plus music! She's a strong jazz vocalist, and includes classic tunes such as "Straight No Chaser"; "Why Don't You Do Right", and "You Don't Know What Love Is". Comedy highlights include Ms. DeLaria's "Dating Tips for Dykes" in which audience questions on sex and dating are spontaneously answered from the stage. Recorded live in Atlanta, being released on CD, for the first time in late 1994.

Lea Delaria: "Box Lunch"
CD. Rising Star Recs 360.
USA. 1997. (COME) (JAZZ) GLAMA '97 nominee.
"I Now Pronounce You...";"Cloudburst" Ί; "Jesus, Protect Me From Your Followers" (GODS); "Italian Karma"; "Empty Bed Blues" (the not-so-straight- ahead; version); "Elephantitis; "Who You Callin' Ho!; "Porn Pig"; "Hunting Beaver"; "Internalized Homophobia"(PHOB); "Can a Woman Find Happiness in Her Own; Vagina?"; "First Biscuit"; "One Butch"(BUTC); "Oh, Lady Be Good"; "Dental Dammit;"(SAFE); "Cotton Tail"
Recorded live at the famous Josie's Cabaret in San Francisco. The original bad girl of lesbian comedy delivers her unique style, a jazz-blues fest with a mixture of stand-up routines and blues music. Set to the beat of J. C. Johnson's "Empty Bed Blues, " DeLaria serves up her standard raunchy comedy fare that has got her in trouble with the P. C. -crowd in the past. Delaria holds her own with the top blues "Daddies" of all time as she laments about the girl who 'got away. '
Set to the beat of J. C. Johnson's "Empty Bed Blues, " DeLaria serves up her standard raunchy comedy fare that has got her in trouble with the P. C. -crowd in the past. Delaria holds her own with the top blues "Daddies" of all time as she laments about the girl who 'got away. ' She throws in jokes such as "What does a lesbian bring on a second date? A U-Haul. What does a gay man bring on a second date? What second date?"
Contact (1997): http://www.ristar.com

Lea DeLaria: "The Truth About Christmas"
see "Winter Moon": Various Artists

Lea DeLaria: "On a Mission, Los Angeles, Porno Movies"
see "The Best of Lesbian Comedy, Vol. 1":

Lea Delaria "How High The Moon,"
see "Fruit Cocktail": Various Artists

Johnny Delgada: "Vi är inte som andra / Achilles Klagan"
7". Rondex/Svarta S 210 (Malmo )
Sweden. 197?
Music and lyrics: Johnny Delgada (née Johnny Bode).
Sleeve Note: "The first time I met homosexuals I felt sorry for them. They were a pariah, ostracized from ordinary society. They did not even have their own songs composed for them. I called to mind Achilles, hero of the gods, and his grief for Patroclus killed by Hector's sword. The songs are dedicated to homosexuals everywhere. "
"Vi är inte som andra" (2: 40)(=We are not like the others) (VALU)(DIFF)
"Achilles klagan" (2: 55)(=Achilles Elegy) (MYTH), "vilka jag härmed tillägnar de homosexuella. JOHNNY. "
see also Lillemor

Bobby Dell: "If I Insulted You; It Was Intentional"
LP. Surprise SUR-97 "For Adults Only"
USA. 195? Artwork
Camp comedy at a nightclub.

Paul Delph: "Release"
USA. 1992.
incl. ? "It's Raining Men" ; "Dance At The End Of Time"
Paul Delph: "A God That Can Dance"
USA. 1995. (GODS)
HIV-positive session keyboard player sings ; "Mad At God"(GODS); "Dance At The End Of Time"" The Good Days Are Better"; " Mamma Dont Cry"; " Sombadine"; " StumblingIn The Dark"; " More Than Ever"; " Let Yourself Go"; " I'm Gonna Save My Dreams UntilTomorrow"; " Kyrie"; " Eternity's Spin"; " My Heaven

Anthony Demare: "Incitation To Desire"
CD. "Gay American Composers". CRI
USA. 1997. GLAMA '97 nominee
see "Gay American Composers"

Stefan Demert: "Bertil & Sven"
"Bertil och Sven": "Bertil och Sven är inte som andra, Bertil and Sven älskar varandra", (= Bertil and Sven are not like the others, Bertil and Sven love each other)(VALU)

Demonstrations, Radicals, Political Correctness (DEMO)
The largest GLBT gatherings have traditionally been in times of protest, showing many lyricists that there CAN be a sense of community, which may not always be apparent from the local bar.

"The Ballad Of Little Mikey "March"
"Dans tegen de draai in "Jij Kunt Het Aan Mij Wel Zien"
Femmeuse "Fight Back"
"June 28, 1970 Gay and Proud"
"The National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights-
Not the Nine O'clock News "Stout Life"
Holly Near "Fight Back"
Holly Near "The Great Peace March"
Eric Presland "Marvellous Demo"
Judy Reagan: " "Rose Covered Radical"
Tom Robinson "Cabaret '79"
Romanovsky & Phillips "The Sodomy Song"
Romanovsky and Phillips: "Be Political Not Polite"
Robin Tyler "Politically Correct"
Tom Wilson "Day After Dade"
Tom Wilson "Walk To Washington"
"Jij Kunt Het Aan Mij Wel Zien"
see also Clause 28 (CL28)

Melanie DeMore: "Come Follow Me"
"Black Jewels in The Dawn"; "Glad To Be Alive (Nappy Head Song)"; et al. on this Demo Tape by the vocal director of Bay Area Lesbian Ensemble.

Danish artists (see detailed listing under name):

Alliance: "Give A Helping Hand "
"Børnerock for et Børnehus"
Dora og Dåserne: "Dora og Dåserne"
5 x Kaj: "Sange og historier"
De Fortabte Spillemænd: "Mens dagene er dystre"
Benny Holst: "Café"
Imperiet: "Blå himlen blues"
International Kvindemusikfestival 78: "Min Søsters Stemme"
Bent Jacobsen: "Bøsse"
Benny Johannsen: "Don't Say The Words"
Jomfru Ane
Lone Kellermann & Rockbandet: "Før natten bliver til dag"
Klaus Kjellerup: "Spring ud"
Kvindeballadegruppen: "Kvindeballade"
"Kvinder i Danmark"
"Københavnerliv 1920-1955" - Compilation; Various Artists
Kim Larsen: "Midt om natten"
Lill Lindfors: "Forever And A Day / Hey You"
Anne Linnet / Marquis de Sade
Monrad & Rislund with their Totalpetroleum: "Jesus og Jens
Nico-leg: "Nico-leg"
The Pin-Ups: "Boys Dressed Up As Girls "
Kim Sagild: "Drammer"
Sanne Salomonsen: "Ud af market"
Sebastian: "Ikke alene Denmark"
Shit & Chalou: "Shit & Chalou"
Shit & Chanel
Shu-bi-dua: "Shu-bi-dua 6"
Slbrock Band: "Sa' do masochist?"
Fred Small: "I Will Stand Fast
Sneakers: "Katbeat"
Spillemndene: "Balrok"
Stenrosen: "Stenrosen"
Sylvester & Svalerne: "Fra Banegrden til Enghave Plads"
Tristan T: "P Vildspor"
Tasedrengene: "Tasedrengene, 3"
Unknown Gender: "Girls Have Rhythm"
Voss Torp Brill: "++ Dobbelt plus"
Liva Weel: "LIVA - et liv i viser og sange"

John Denver & Placido Domingo: "Perhaps Love"
LP. CBS 73592
USA. 1980. English. Pop. €
"Perhaps love" (2: 56)(Song John Denver/Cherry Lane Pub Co Inc., ASCAP): Duet (Male-male) "Perhaps love is like the ocean, Full of conflict, full of change Like a fire when it's cold outside or thunder when it rains. If I should live forever and all my dreams come true My memories of love will be of you. "
Might be interpreted homosexual, since you would naturally expect "you" to be the other duetist (i. e. in this case male!)

Denver Women's Chorus: "The First Ten Years, A Decade of Daring"
USA. 1995.
"African Medley (NA); "Akanamandla / Asikhatali / Bamthatha / Freedom Is coming / Gabi, Gabi; "Affirmation (Zymeck Arr Wasson); "Ain't I A Woman? From A Woman Sung (Kindred/Truth); "Blessing Mask Of The Serpent (Matthews/Allen); "Deep Peace (Douglas); "Everything Possible (Small arr Zwosdesky); "Fair Warning (NA); "Names (Fink arr Kucsan); "Never Turning Back (Humphries); "Simply Love (Near arr Simcoe); "Those I Have Loved (Matthews/Gidlow arr Whitby); "We Shall Go Forth (Adams)

Denver Gay Men's Chorus; "Infinite Hues"
USA. 1996.
"Invocation (Miller); "Star Spangled Banner (trad/Key arr Stravinsky); "Loch Lomond (trad arr Parker/Shaw); "I Sat Down Under His Shadow (Oliver/Song Of Solomon); "Ride The Chariot (trad spiritual, Smith); "Once Upon A Time (Strouse/Adams arr Oliver); "Keep Your Lamps (trad spiritual arr Thomas); "Homeward Bound / Stand As One (Strommen); "All This Joy (Denver arr Oliver); "Healing River (Hellerman, Minkoff arr Haufrecht); "Sweep Clean, Mary (spiritual arr Brown); "Bring Him Home" Les Miserables (Boublil, Schonberg/ Kretzmer arr Coleman); "For The Fallen (Sammes/Binyon); "Seeded in the Stars (Kuzma/Troeger)/ In The Beginning / Can You Name The Pattern? / Finale"

Department S.
Ska / dance band whose lead singer Vaughan Toulouse was openly gay...and named his band after the camp cult TV series of the late '60's starring Peter Wyngarde.

Depeche Mode: "Speak & Spell"
UK. 1981.
"Boys Say Go", "Boys meet boys, get together, boys meet boys, it's forever. Don't say no. Boys say go. "
"What's Your Name?"; "Hey you're such a pretty boy. All the boys we gotta get together. " "Photographic" (?)
Vince Clarke's songs on this early album have a certain gay-ish charm. Although both Martin and Dave's sexuality was widely rumoured in the press it seems that none of the group self-identifies as gay.

Depeche Mode: "Music For The Masses"
LP. Mute
UK. 1987. °
"Never Let Me Down Again"

Depeche Mode: "Master and Servant"
EP. Intercord
Germany. 1988.
Though the SM sentiment is not specifically gay it was widely conscripted in gay circles.

Depeche Mode: "Strange Love"
EP (Limited Ed)

Derivative Duo: "Opera for the Masses"
MC. Privately released.
USA. 1993. (GLOP) Artwork
"Propaganda" (from Mozart's "Magic Flute"), Two suburban housewives discuss the gay men who move in next door. "Don't let your son go out to play. Why, they might snatch him right away. Don't let your husband get a peek. He might give in-you know he's weak!" (PHOB); "The Barbie Doll Song" (from Offenbach's "Tales of Hoffman"), Barbie discusses her outfits, accessories and Kens (CLOT); "Ode to Grethe Cammermeyer" (from Bizet's Carmen) "Hail and Farewell, dear Grethe Cammermeyer! We'll pay you off-please just retire....You're Army all the way, but you can't stay. Now that we know you're gay!" (NAME)(MILI); "Carmen's Dreams (From Bizet's Carmen), Carmen is saving up her money to go to night school and return to organize the cigar factory where she works; Eine Kleine Visit (from Mama) (Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) A young dyke asks her girlfriend to de-dyke the house in anticipation of mother's imminent arrival. She vows that by the end of the visit, she'll come out to mother (COMI)(PARE); "P.M.S. Aria" (Mozart's Magic Flute)- "Oh glory be! The menses are upon us! Hormones are raging!" the curse of the lesbian household, when both women "cycle" together (MEDI); "The Gato in the Grotto" (Rossini's overture to Barber of Seville) A day in the life of a cat; "Classified" (Gounod's Romeo and Juliet)-Lesbian classified ad. Do you brag about yourself and leave her disappointed, or do you let her know all your neuroses up front? (ADVS); "Coming Out Mozart" (Mozart's Magic Flute) Sweet coming out song and Susan sings the word "dyke" up in the stratosphere (COMI); "Honolulu Chorus" (Handel's Messiah) Seattlites escape to Hawaii in winter because in Seattle "it shall rain forever and ever.
Songs derived from operatic melodies by Barb Glenn and Susan Nivert.

Derivative Duo: "Mutiny at the Matinee"
CD. MC. Private. Derivative Duo
USA. 1996. (GLOP) Artwork
"Mutiny at the Matinee" (Verdi's Rigoletto) Ladies at the opera go on strike because the bathroom lines are too long.; "Greeting Card" (Mozart's Piano Concerto #21), A greeting card from a mother to her gay son on the occasion of his first therapy appointment. (PARE)(MEDI); "Pasta Diva (or The Potluck Gourmet)" (Bellini's Norma) a novice cook worships Julia Child and dreams of becoming the potluck gourmet. "Christmas Quandry" (Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite) A young lesbian has to choose between spending the holidays with her family or her new lover. (XMAS); "Cat-a-log Aria" (Mozart's Don Giovanni) A cat-about-town faces a mid-life crisis after neutering; "The Cat Who Loved Too Much" (Verdi's La Traviata) Cat goes to therapy to become more aloof; "Obfuscation" (J. Strauss's Die Fledermaus) Teen-aged lesbian tries to convince parents that what they saw her doing with her girlfriend didn't really happen: "You must not presume when you walk in my room, that what you see is fact." (PARE)(LESB); "Rachmaninoff Romance" (Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2) Finally a song about mid-life lovers, where the business of daily life interferes with romantic interludes. At the end, however,"Despite distraction, love prevailed and it was off the Richter scale!"; "Fabio's Lament" (Donizetti, The Elixer of Love) Body-builder keeps looking in the mirror to find the girl of his dreams. "I cause quite a stir at the gym. I'd prefer it from her, not from him." (BODY); "Party Panic" (Verdi's The Siclian Vespers) Lesbian brings new lover to a party and encounters several of her exes already there. What will they say about her? (EXLO); "It's Not Who You Love" (It's Who You Are) (Massenet's Manon) Mother responds lovingly to child coming out to her; (PARE) "Carmina Winnebago" (Orff's Carmina Burana) Retired lesbians hit the road as RVing Women, to the shock and horror of the conservative Right.
The Derivative Duo rewrites famous opera and classical music as social satire, generally with lesbian/gay themes or characters. It is a combination of music and comedy, and appeals equally to gay men, lesbians, opera lovers and comedy buffs.
Contact (1997): http://www.nwlink.com/~rainier/duo. html, e-mail: dduo@wolfenet. com

Destination: "Move On Up"
see "Gay All The Way"

Ina Deter: "Ich sollte eigentlich ein Junge werden"
W. Germany. 1976.
"Ich sollte eigentlich ein Junge werden" (= I wish I were a boy) (TSEX) and eight other lesbian songs

Dave Dentinger: "Flirting With A Dead Man"
CD. Impermanent Music,
USA. 1996. Folk.
Incl. "Just Like Mother Teresa"; "Beautiful"; "King Of Quebec"; "Lock Me Away"; "Total Devotion".
. Openly gay lyrics
Destiny: "We Are Destiny... "
"Destiny"; "Lesbian Lover"; "Provincetown"; "Pretty Woman"; "It's Alright"; "Homophobic Blues"; "Lust(Carol's Song)"; "Softball On Belmont Plateau"; "Oh Baby"
Destiny are Mary Jo P.Paranzino, Mary Abt, Diana Bitting.

Detlev: "Hallo Schwester - bist Du ein Schlimmer!"
LP. Hansa 89 868 IT.
Germany. 1977. Gay. (GLOP)(DRAG)
Schwester Detlev singt von Dieter (mein Gott) Walther und anderen Boys! Detlev's Schwuletten Live aus dem "Wu-Wu" Berlin.
"So schwul kann doch kein Mann sein" (3: 43); "Du bist ein Schlimmer" (3: 15); "Auf dem Tiroler Tuntenball" (3: 10)(PART); (= At the Tirolean Queen's Ball) (PART) "Hackebeilchen-Dixie (Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen)" (2: 45); "Komm' unter meine Decke" (3: 55); "Mister Cannibal" (3: 02) "Du stinkst so nach Kohl, Marie" (2: 47) "Dieter" (2: 33) "Mein Gott, Walther" (4: 20); "Pariser Tango" (2: 49); "Tu es" (3: 06); "Immer locker über 'n Hocker" (2: 25)

Detlev: "Ich bin so süß Wie du!"
LP. Hansa 203 088.
Germany. 1980. Drag/Gay (DRAG)(GLOP)
Detlev sings his tender and witty hits and parodies.
"F. K. K. "(parody of "Dschinghis Khan") (3: 03); "Sauna-Song (Ich schlaf nicht gern allein ein)" (4: 10) (CRUI) "Alexander" (3: 00) "Ich bin so warm wie du" (Parody of "Ich wär' so gern wie du") (3: 48); "Ach, Gunther" (2: 55) "Homoreske" (Interpolating classical themes)(CLAS): Bearbeitung von Ignaz Kimme und Peter Hameg) (3: 27) (I. Kimme /P. Hameg); Alo-Ahé (Unter Verwendu‘ng einer Volksweise bearbeitet von Klaus Witkowski und Alexander Gordan) (4: 54); Hallo Detlev - hallo Dieter ((parody of "Hallo Adam, Hallo Eva") (2: 38); Oh, Theo (Homofied version of "Oh Susi") (3: 29); Wo hat der Kerl nur seine Augen(Oh Mann, oh Mann) (3: 41); Frau Lehmann (3: 30); Kerls, Kerls, Kerls (Guys, Guys, Guys) (2: 57). Eine Ignaz- Kimme -Produktion (P) 10/80.

Detroit Spinners
UK name for American band.
see Spinners

Detroit Together Men's Chorus: "Deuce"
CD. Privately.
USA. 1998. (CHOR) Artwork

Deuce: "Deuce"
LP. Redwood RR 8602
USA. 1986.
"Partly Sonny"; "Smooth Move"; "Texas Pearl"; "No Pain/No Gain"; "Blackout"; "Love Stings"; "Chevere"; "Watersounds"; "Bodybuilder"
NY jazz-fusion. Ellen Seeling & Jean Fineberg.

Deuce: "Windjammer"
CD. Protocol 10096
USA, 1996. Sax and Trumpet
"Mahalo Kavai" (3:58); "Practice What You Preach" (4:53); "Flora" (0:26); "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" (5:39); "Windjammer" (5:19); "Fauna" (0:31); "The Wilde Enchilada" (4:39); "Serengeti Nights" (4:14); "Heart In Hand" (6:23); "Pastorale" (0:32); "Deuces Wild" (4:09); "Azul" (4:21); "Apple Face" (4:20).

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft:
see DAF

Devo: "Freedom Of Choice"
USA. 199?
"Victim of collision on the open sea, nobody ever said that life was free, sink swim go down with the ship, but use your freedom of choice, I say it again in the land of the free, use your freedom of choice, in ancient Rome there was a poem, about a dog who had two bones, he picked at one he licked the other, he went in circles till he dropped dead, freedom of choice is what you got, freedom of choice is what you want, then if you got it you don't want it, seems to be the rule of thumb, don't be tricked by what you see, you got two ways to go."

Billy Devroe and the Devilaires: "Queer Policeman"
10" Tampa 128
USA. 1957. (COME)(EFEM)€
aka. "You're Arrested!", a novelty tune by Billy DeVroe It has a recurring line, sung by an obviously swishy cop, "I'm a real policeman, honest to God I am!"
(Matches up neatly with "Ballad of Ben Gay" and "Lavender Cowboy")
see "Queer to the Core"

The Dial-A-Poem Poets: "Sugar, Alcohol, and Meat"
2LP. Giorno Poetry Systems
USA. 198? (POET)(COMP)€
Poetry read by John Ashbery, William S. Burroughs, John Cage, Allen Ginsberg, Ron Padgett et al.

"A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse"
LP. Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 035.
USA. 1985. Anthology: (POET)(COMP)
Hüsker Dü, "Won't Change" (1: 59),
David Johansen, "Johnsonius" (5: 20)
John Giorno Band, "Scum and Slime" (4: 04)
William S. Burroughs, "The Western Land et al" (5: 36)
Sonic Youth, "Halloween: (5: 02)
Cabaret Voltaire, "Dead Man's Shoes" (6: 05)
Diamanda Galas, "Eyes Without Blood" (2: 42)
Coil, "Neither His Nor Yours" (2: 48)
Michael Gira, "Game" (1: 55)
David van Tieghem, "Out Of The Frying Pan." (2: 15)
Jessica Hagedorn & The Gangster Choir. "Tenement Lover" (6: 45)
Cover Design by Keith Haring

David Diamond: "Qowboy"
MC. Private
USA. 1993. New Country (COUN)
"What I Need" ex Berlin singer who says "I don't do gay music. I simply do music and happen to be gay. "

Ed Diamond: "God Is Gay"
MC. Private. Gig Music
USA. 1997. (GLOP)
"God Is Gay "(GODS); "Forbidden Love"; "You Don't Care"; "Go On Lie"; "Butt Plug"; "Hip Hop Party"(PART); "God Save The Queens"; "If You Love Me"; "So Many Men, So Little Time"; "Hey Car And Driver"; "A. I. D. S" (AIDS)
Ed Diamond has put together a collection of songs that blend soul/funk/dance and pop influences while celebrating the love that dare not speak its name. "God Is Gay "(GODS), a funk-laden dance track that tells it like it is: "God made the love that burns in me/ God made the courage to set me free/ And God made the stars in heaven light my way/ Should stand to reason that God is gay. " Go On Lie, " letting his partner know that he's aware of the cheating that's going on: "He's just some straight guy/ Well that's a nice try/ I think it's a lie/ That he's just a girlfriend. "Diamond goes Hi-NRG for "God Save The Queens, " a freaky bouncy tune designed to celebrate drag queens and show the world that they are alright: "If there's a place in Heaven/ for all pure souls/ If you got your makeup/ then you're bound to go. " "So Many Men, So Little Time, " which is not the dance classic of the same name, is a soft soul track that reflects a life of promiscuity, without judging it one way or another. This sexual theme continues in "Hey Car And Driver, " a song set in the world of street cruising & hustlers: "I'm looking for a one night stand/ I'm looking for a man to love me/ I know if he's bad he's got to be good. " AIDS." (HERO)(AIDS) Diamond cleverly wraps his ode to a lost friend around the theme of their shared interest in a particular artist's music: "I lay beside his bed/ and just watched his life slip away/ I played an Elton John song/ the moment they took him away. " God Is Gay" does a wonderful job of exploring gay male themes without pandering to censorious heterosexual sensibilities for it's content, which is based on real-life experiences.

Diamond Rose: "This Road Called Life"
MC. Private
USA. 1992.
Acoustic folk duo from Maryland, Jaydee and Steven Gellman. (Order P. O. Box 0077, Rockville MD 20848

Diamond Rose: "Sweet Petunia b/w My Bright Star"
MC. cassette. Private
USA. 1995. Band split in 1995.
see Steven Gellman

"Dick" Various Artists
CD. Jellybean Records
USA. 1997.
Aimed at the gay community, the title of the compilation is "Dick" and promotional items include tank-tops that say "Got DICK?" "We'd like to thank the folks at Jellybean for helping boomerang the cause back about a decade or so." (BillBoard Dance Music Editor, Larry Flick)

Bruce Dickinson: "All The Young Dudes"
UK. 1991. Heavy Metal
Iron Maiden singer covers the Mott The Hoople hit written by Bowie.

The Dicks: "The Dicks 1980-1986"
CD. Alternative Tentacles
USA. 1997.
"Saturday Night at the Bookstore" -- "I'm in love with the glory hole, and you're on the other side!" Throughout the tune he is antagonizing the live audience -- "Yeah, I sucked your cock at the bookstore -- Tell your wife!"(ADUL)
Fronted by Gary Floyd, the band which later mutated into Sister Double Happiness. Floyd is a 300-lb gay communist from Texas, and he isn't shy about any of it. His work with SDH is a bit less in-your-face, though not much, than his work with The Dicks.

The Dictators: "I Got You Babe"
LP. "Go Girl Crazy", CD. Epic 33348
USA. 1975. Artwork °
Sung by two male vocalists as a duet.

Marlene Dietrich: "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face"
(from "My Fair Lady")
Although later outed as bisexual, Marlene's decision to sing the lyrics about 'her' face' was not unusual in the wartime context, when many cross-lyrical performances were accepted unthinkingly.
see also Mathilde Santing

Marlene Dietrich: "Falling In Love Again
CD. "Club Verboten" (see above)
USA. 193).€

Marlene Dietrich: "You Do Something To Me" CD. "The Man I Love" (see below) USA. 1939. €
Cole Porter's song. see "The Man I Love"

Different (DIFF)
Difference, deviancy and non-conformity. "We all have one thing in common. We are all different!"

"The Ballad Of Little Mikey "Different From Normal"
Rae Bourbon "Where Does The Difference Come In"
Culture Club "Sexuality"
Franz Josef Degenhardt "Du bist anders als die andern"
Johnny Delgada "Vi är inte som andra
Donovan "Dare To Be Different"
"The Faggot" "Everyone is Different"
Hanson "Weird"
Indigo Girls "Shame On You"
Lynn Lavner "...something different"
Manfred "Anders"
Fred Small "Leslie Is Different"
Starmania "Un garcon pas comme les autres"
Tribe 8 "People Hate Me"
Lucy Blue Tremblay "I Want You To Know Who I Really Am"
see Value System and Stereotyping (VALU)
see Loneliness and Isolation (LONE)

Ani DiFranco
Appears on compilations: "Divine Divas" (Rounder), "Women's Work" (Putumayo), Vin Scelsaís "Grooves, " Vol. 11 (Sony), and "The Silverwolf Homeless Project" (Silverwolf)

Ani DiFranco: "Ani DiFranco"
MC. CD. Righteous Babe Records RBR001-D
USA. 1990. & 1992. Folk-rock
"Both Hands; "Talk To Me Now; "The Slant; "Work Your Way Out; "Dog Coffee; "Lost Woman Song; "Pale Purple; "Rush Hour; "Fire Door; "The Story " Every Angle " Out Of Habit " Letting The Telephone Ring"

Ani DiFranco: "Not So Soft"
MC. CD. Righteous Babe Records RBR002-D
USA. 1991.
"Anticipate; "Rockabye; "She Says; "Make Me Stay; "On Every Corner; "Small World; "Not So Soft; "Roll With It; "Itch; "Gratitude " The Whole Night " The Next Big Thing " Brief Bus Stop " Looking For The Holes

Ani DiFranco: "Imperfectly"
MC. CD. Righteous Babe Records RBR003-D
USA. 1992.
"What If No One's Watching"; "Fixing Her Hair"(HAIR); "In Or Out"; "Every State Line; "Circle Of Light; "If It Isn't Her; "Good, Bad, Ugly"; "I'm No Heroine"; "Coming Up"; "Make Them Apologize " The Waiting Song " Served Faithfully " Imperfectly"

Ani DiFranco: "Puddle Dive"
MC. CD. Righteous Babe Records RBR004-D
USA. 1992.
Puddle Dive" (1992 Righteous Babe Records RBR004-D
"Names And Dates And Times"; "Anyday"; "4th Of July"; "Willing To Fight"; "Egos Like Hairdos"; "Back Around"; "Blood In The Boardroom"; "Born A Lion"; "My IQ"; "Used To You"; " Pick Yer Nose"; "God's Country"

Ani DiFranco: "Like I Said" (Songs 1990-91)"
MC. CD. Righteous Babe Records RBR005-D
USA. 1993.
"Anticipate; "Rockabye; "Not So Soft; "Roll With It; "Work Your Way Out; "Fire Door; "Gratitude; "The Whole Night; "Both Hands; "She Says " Rush Hour " Out Of Habit " Lost Woman Song " Talk To Me Now " The Slant"

Ani DiFranco: "Women In (E)Motion"
CD. T&M 105
Germany. 1994.
"Buildings And Bridges" (3: 19); "Letter To A John" (3: 49); "Face Up And Sing" (2: 43); "Out Of Range" (3: 35); "Not So Soft" (3: 40); "Lullaby" (4: 45)*; "Asking Too Much" (3: 26)*; "Sorry I Am" (4: 30)*; "In Or Out" (3: 04); "If He Tries Anything" (3: 09) " Blood In the Boardroom" (3: 25)

Ani DiFranco: "Out Of Range"
MC. CD. Righteous Babe Records RBR006-D
USA. 1994.
"Buildings And Bridges; "Out Of Range" (Acoustic); "Letter To A John; "Hell Yeah; "How Have You Been; "Overlap; "Face Up And Sing; "Falling Is Like This; "Out Of Range" (Electric); "You Had Time " If He Tries Anything " The Diner"

Ani DiFranco: "Not a Pretty Girl"
MC. CD. Righteous Babe Records RBR007-D
USA. 1995. °
"Worthy; "Tip Toe; "Cradle And All; "Shy; "Sorry I Am; "Light Of Some Kind; "Not A Pretty Girl; "The Million You Never Made; "Hour Follows Hour; "32 Flavors " Asking Too Much " This Bouquet " Crime For Crime " Coming Up"

Ani DiFranco: "Dilate"
MC. CD. Righteous Babe Records RBR008-D
USA. 1995.OutVoice-1996.
"Untouchable Face"; "Outta Me, Onto You"; "Superhero"; "Dilate"; "Amazing Grace"; "Napoleon"; "Shameless"; "Done Wrong"; "Going Down"; "Adam And Eve"; " Joyful Girl"

Ani DiFranco "Done Wrong - Women of Spirit"
(compilation) (Putumayo)

Ani DiFranco: "More Joy, Less Shame"
CD single. Righteous Babe Records RBR010-D
USA. 1996. €
"Joyful Girl--danger and uncertainty mix" (4: 36) (from the video; by Ani Difranco & Rob Howard); "Joyful Girl--peace and love mix" (4: 37); "Joyful Girl--peace and love extended mix" (6: 23); "Joyful Girl", live with the buffalo philharmonic orchestra, conducted by Doc Severinsen (6: 00); "Shamless--bathtub mix" ( 4: 49); "Both Hands"--live in Austin, Texas (3: 02).

Ani DiFranco with Utah Phillips: "The Past Didn't Go Anywhere"
MC. CD. Righteous Babe Records RBR009-D
USA. 1996.
"Bridges"; "Nevada City"; "California"; "Korea"; "Anarchy"; "Candidacy"; "Bum On The Rod"; "Enormously Wealthy"; "Mess With People"; "Natural Resources"; "Heroes"; " Half A Ghost Town"; "Holding On"
Utah Phillips is a 61-year-old travelling storyteller, songwriter and political activist whose wry observations on life are subversively provocative and very funny. Ani has selected recordings from 20 year's worth of Utah's acoustic musings/performances and created unexpected but fitting musical settings for them. The result is, in Ani's words, "a spoken word, storytelling, rambling, sage-like, hip-hop, acoustic, dance-trance album" full of humor, emotion and insight. Utah's tales of real-life quirky characters are set amongst the sounds of funk, ambient, classical and rap music. Ani doesn't sing, but she's all over this 1996 release playing guitars, bass, Hammond organ, wurlitzer piano, thumb piano, percussion, and drum samples (plus some wordless vocals as instrumentation or ambient sound stuff) and produced the whole darn thing.

Ani DiFranco & Katha Pollitt ""What is the Future of Feminism?"
MC. Radio Free Maine
USA. 1997.
(FEMP) The Ani chat is actually a kind of addendum to a very entertaining and informative lecture on the same subject by columnist/poet Katha Pollitt, recorded at Bates College on March 10, 1997.

Ani DiFranco: "Living in Clip"
2CD. Righteous Babe
USA. 1997. OutVoice-1997. (Live recordings from various concerts)
Disc One - "Whatever"; "Wherever"; "Gravel"; "Willing to Fight"; "Shy"; "Joyful Girl"; "Hide and Seek"; "Napoleon"; "I'm No Heroine"; "Amazing Grace"; "Anticipate"; "Tip Toe"; "Sorry I Am"; "The Diner/The Slant"; "32 Flavors" and "Out of Range. "
Disc Two - "Untouchable Face"; "Shameless"; "Distracted"; "Adam and Eve"; "Fire Door"; "Both Hands"; "Out of Habit"; "Every State Line"; "Not So Soft"; "Travel Tips"; "Wrong with Me"; "In or Out"; "We're All Gonna Blow"; "Letter to a John" and "Overlap. "
Some of the tracks are not songs per se, but rather are spoken interludes, including "Wherever, " "Top Toe, " "Distracted" and "Travel Tips. "
"Most of my (studio) albums just suck the big one, " DiFranco told Lorraine Ali in, a Rolling Stone interview (May 1997). "They're so naive. I'd get into a recording studio and just not get it. There was nobody to respond to in that sterile, hermetically sealed situation, so I made these unfortunate recordings of otherwise decent tunes. So when we recently started taping live shows, I realized these were actually better. "

Ani DiFranco : "Circle Of Light"
see "Love Worth Fighting For"

Ani DiFranco
see OMS: "My Best Friend's Wedding."
see OS. "All Over Me" TVT,
see Janis Ian "Searching For America"

Ani Difranco: "Not A Pretty Girl";
see "Sing, Don't Sign": Compilation

Ani DiFranco: "In Or Out "
see "Lesbian Favorites: Women Like Us"

Ani DiFranco: "Little Plastic Castle"
MC. CD. Righteous Babe. USA. 1998.
"Gravel,"; "Loom," ; "Independence Day" and "Two Little Girls."(EXLO)(DRUG)"I loved you first and you know I would prefer if she didn't empty her syringes into your arm.". "Pixie" tells of acting happy when inside one's self things aren't always so cut and dry. "Swan Dive" continues the theme of the 'glass bowl' as she sings "gonna do my best swan-dive into shark-infested waters" and "Glass House" with lyrics like "I guess that push has come to this, so I guess this must be shove...but before you throw those stones at me, tell me...what is your house made of?"
"Q: I thought Grammy nominee Ani DiFranco was gay. Now I hear she's dating a guy. What's up? - S. Gilmore, Charlotte, N. C. A: DiFranco, 27, is bisexual. But the singer-songwriter, who has released 11 albums on her own Righteous Babe label, is taking a chance on love with Andrew Gilchrist, a Canadian recording engineer. She won't say if the relationship is monogamous or if she has given up women for the time being. Her fans - many of whom are militant lesbians- may be upset by her current sexual preference. " (PARADE magazine, April 5, 1998)
Contact 1998: Righteous Babe Records, P.O. Box 95 Ellicott Station, Buffalo, NY 14205.

Richard Digance: "Drag Queen Blues"
LP "The Best Of British Folk" Various Artists, Cambria 052
UK, 1982. (TVAA)

Melinda DiMaio: "Dyke Dramas"
MC. Adamant Eve AE01
USA. 1994. (GLOP)
"Grandma Jones"; "A Way With The Ladies"; "Love Me Lisa"; "Lez-Be Friends"; "Betty Baby"; "Dyke Dramas"; "Sweet Maria"; "Sister Agnes"; "Remember Stonewall"(STON).

Melinda Dimaio: "There Is Still A Chance For Peace"
see "Foltz: Songwriter's Christmas"

Melinda Dimaio: "Sweet Maria "
see "The Outmusic Gay & Lesbian Music Compilation"

"Twilight Hour" by Melinda Di Maio
see "Fruit Cocktail": Various Artists

Alice DiMicele: "Too Controversial"
USA. 1991. (GLOP)
"All my songs deal with lesbian experience. lesbian experience is the only experience I have. " Oregon based singer.
Contact 1998: http://www.amp.org/alice/

Alice DiMicele: "Searching"
USA. 1992. (GLOP)

Alice DiMicele: "Naked"
USA. 1994. (GLOP)
"Trouble In Mind"(COMI); "Woke Up In The Morning Blue"

Alice DiMicele: "Too Controversial
USA. "Naomi" (COMI)

Alice DiMicele: "Demons & Angels"
CD. Alice Otter Music AO/106CD
USA. 1998. Producer: Alice Di Micele, Folk (53:42)
"Spirit Of The River" (4:11); "Alligator" (2:23); "Taking Flight" (4:57); "Tell Me The Way" (3:40); "Find It There" ( 4:27); "Angel" (4:00); "Locked Inside" (3:47); "Witch's Magic" (3:39); "Do You Dare?" (4:57) (COMI); "Alive, Awake" (5:50); "Chinook Blues" (6:46)

Dire Straits: "Les Boys"
LP. "Making Movies" Vertigo 6359034, WB3480(US) (MC. 7150 034).
USA. 1980. English. Lyrics. Rock. °
"Les Boys" (4: 03)(LEAT)(SADO): "Les boys do cabaret, les boys are glad to be gay, les boys got leather straps, les boys got SS caps, les boys dream of Jean Genet/ Gotta do a little S and M they say. "

Dire Straits: "Money For Nothing"
LP. "Brothers In Arms, "Vertigo 824 499-2 (MC. 824499-4)
USA. 1985. English. Lyrics. Rock.
"Money For Nothing" (Mark Knopfler): "See the little faggot with the earring and the mink coat, yeah buddy, that's his own hair...That little faggots got his own jet airplane, the little faggot he's a millionaire". Song is written from the view of two blue-collar delivery men.

"Dirty Dreams Of A Clean-Cut Kid": Original Cast Recording
MC. Private (Theatre Rhinoceros TR01)
USA. (S. F. ), 1990. (5-3-90) (AIDS)(MUCO)(GLOP)
By Henry Mach with music by Paul Katz
"Blends in a Blur/Waiting For The Lab Report/I'm Not Afraid Of The Dark"; "Dirty Dreams of A Clean Cut Kid"; "Uncle Sammy; "Favorite Faded Jeans"; "Prettier Than You/One Of Those Nights" Beautiful Love"; "Prettier Than You/The Thing I Did Best/God, It Was Good"
"Bad Sex"; "Could You Make Love To Me?"; "San Francisco Leather Daddy 2001" "I Wanna Know How To Make You Happy"; "Tomorrow Morning With You / For Life"; "June In San Francisco"; "I Hate It When I Dream About Happiness"; "Comes A Time"; "My Beautiful Children"; "Those Who Remain"
Musical set in a clinic for HIV testing

"Dirty Little Showtunes": Original Cast
USA. 1996.
Show with lyrics by Tom Orr to famous tunes from Broadway shows. The first act is comprised of six men singing about all things gay. Two pyjama-clad lovers (a la The Pyjama Game) croon their version of Disney's "A Whole New World" called "A Perfect World, " in which families love and support their gay and lesbian children's relationships and even grandma has nice things to say about them(PARE). Then, the recently separated Bob and Rod Jackson-Paris get creamed in a new version of an Irving Berlin number re-titled, "Mr. Monogamy. " Divas Judy and Barbra are, of course, included in the fun, but in an interesting way. What was written as a duet for Lynette "Squeaky' Fromme and John Hinckley, Jr. in Sondheim's Assassins becomes a hilarious plea for the love of Jason Gould and Joey Luft - the sons of Barbra and Judy respectively - called "I Am Unworthy of Your Son. "
"Fugue for Tinhorns" from Guys and Dolls becomes a paean to porn for a trio and A Chorus Line's "At the Ballet" becomes a tender reminiscence called "At the Bathhouse. ' Bye-Bye Birdie's wonderful "Telephone Song" is a cleverly staged tangle of phone-sex participants and, in one of the show's best numbers, "Over the Rainbow" becomes an anti-rainbow anthem. 'Somewhat over the rainbow, lambdas too, " croons the capitalism-saturated queer. The meaning of the pink triangle has been lost, he insists. "How do key chains and beach towels link to the Holocaust?' (RAIN)
Orr and his cast-mates Birdie-Bob Watt, Trauma Flintstone, David Bicha, Eric Brizee, and Randy Wendelin - really get going early in the second act, when the drag queens (Watt, Flintstone, and Bicha) battle over turf with the leather daddies (Orr, Brizee, and Wendelin). The duel leads to- you guessed it - 'The Rumble" from West Side Story, then speeds into the peace-making process with an altered number from Oklahoma! called 'The Leatherman and the Drag Queen Should Be Friends. '

disappear fear: "Deep Soul Diver
USA. 1995?
"Photograph"; "Deep Soul Diver"; "Sexual Telepathy"; "The Loveliest Part Of The Day"; "For Hollywood I Will"; "French Illumination"; "On The Beach"; "Time To Love".

disappear fear: "Photograph "
see "Lesbian Favorites: Women Like Us"

disappear fear; "disappear fear"
CD. "Rounder Records Philo PH1171
USA. 1994. (GLOP) Artwork
"Washington Work Song" (5:20); "Who's So Scared" (6:12); "Priceless"(3:48); "Fix My Life" (4:56); "Be The One" (4:41); "Is There Anybody Here?" (5:07); "Moment Of Glory" (4:02); "Play The Music" (6:39); "Dance Hill Night" (2:46); "The Missing Song" (4:33); "Kiss The World" (5:07)
Their first album on Rounder Records was the recipient of a 1995 Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation award for Outstanding Album of the Year.
"So Scared, " about a 14-year-old making a bus trip to San Francisco, "so frightened to be gay. "
Sonia Rutstein, is half of the sister duo "disappear fear. " She appeared in school plays; she was class president. She was 14 when she first thought she might be gay. She retreated into the sanctuary of her bedroom and took solace in playing her guitar; her sister convinced her she was good at it.
As she embarked on a musical career, she made a pact with herself never to hide the fact she was a lesbian to boost her fame.

disappear fear: "Echo My Call"
MC. Private.
USA. 1995? Artwork

disappear fear: "Live At The Bottom Line"
CD. Philo 1172
USA. 1995.
"Sink The Censorship" (4:37); "16 Roses" (3:12); "Love Isn't Dead" (4:39); "Postcard From Texas" (4:12); "Love Insurance" (3:07); "One More Chance" (3:06); "Red Heaven" (2:47); "Sink The Censorship" (4:52); "Box Of Tissues" (4:45); "Damn Crazy" (2:48); "Long Long Way To Go" (2:40)

disappear fear: "Michelangelo"
CD. "OutLoud" Knitting Factory (GLOP)(COMP)
USA. 1995.
The unapologetic folk rock group have striking harmonies and unforgettable melodies on the unreleased "Michelangelo.", and as their name suggests they seek to diminish the deaf in the world which builds barriers between people.
see "OutLoud"(compilation)

disappear fear: "Seed In The Sahara"
CD. Philo 1180
USA. 1996. GLAMA '97 winner Artwork
"Laws Of Nature" (4:18) GLAMA '97 nominee. ; "BYOG (Bring Your Own Girl)" (4:21); "Today Is Batter" (4:22); "Why" (2:49); "Seed In The Sahara" (4:49); "Millions Of Rope" (5:47); "Skin" (3:24); "Laura" (4:25); "Michelangelo (Paint The World)" (3:30); "Boxers" (4:18); "Love Don't Die" (3:27)
In "Laws of Nature' she chastises a religious zealot who labels her a sinner: " Why should I ask a man who never met me, If it is wrong to touch and be touched by another Who happens to have a similar anatomy? My heart beats as loud as the pope's or any law. "
disappear fear have played countless gay pride events, including eight this year, from Cape Cod to San Francisco. "I am living out loud. These songs are from my heart -- unmasked. "

Dance and disco records are not indexed, but mostly marked (DISC) in the body text.

"Disco Sucks"
Homophobic campaign launched in USA 1980, as a right wing response to the popularity of the Village People and other visibly camp icons. ("sucks" means "sucks dick" as well as "stinks").

Disco (cultural references)
"Paris Is Burning" (USA movie, 1991)
Documentary of early vouguing balls in Harlem, NY directed by Jennie Livingstone. Recorded in 1987 and edited from 70 hours of film.
see Appendix

Disco Tex and the Sexolettes:
Super-camp disco band with hits like "Get Dancin"; "I Wanna Dance Wit Choo" (1974). Frontman, 'Sir Monti Rock III' who was always camp on stage became openly gay in the 80's.
Immortalised on the Pet Shop Boys "Bilingual" album with the lyric, "The greatest show, the best effects, it's Disco Tex and his Sexolettes".

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy :"Language of Violence"
12". Island 262894 and LP. "Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury"
UK. 1992. (VIOL)
"Language of Violence"(6: 14) (Michael Franti, Mark Pistel) (CRIM)(EDUC)"He knew the names they would taunt him with, faggot, sissy punk, queen, queer. " Links queer-bashing, race hate and media depersonalisation. The leader of a queer-bashing gang is himself convicted and gang-raped. (see also Spearhead).

"Distant Voices, Still Lives": Original Film Soundtrack
LP. Rough Trade 129
UK. 1989. (FILM)
Music from Terence Davies' autobiographical film about his gay childhood in a catholic Liverpool family.

"Divas Of Dance - Volume I"
C + C Music Factory Featuring Martha Wash: "Takin' Over" (5: 37) Martha Wash: "Give It To You (Maurice's Klub Mix)" (6: 48) Black Box Featuring Martha Wash: "I Don't Know Anybody Else (4: 36) Sound Byte Ru Paul: "House Of Love (12" Version)" (6: 06) Ultra Nate: "Show Me (Original Extended Version)" (6: 03) Alison Limerick: "Where Love Lives (Classic Club Mix)" (6: 55) Arline Burton: "Shot In The Dark (San: "Fran Digi: "Soul Vocal Mix)" (7: 39) Masters At Work Featuring India: "When You Touch Me" (M. A. W. Mood Mix)" (9: 50) Cover Girls: "If You Want My Love (Here It Is) (Classic Club Mix)" (7: 05) Exposée: "Tell Me Why (No Name Mix Parts 1 & 2)" (10: 22)

"Divas Of Dance: Volume 2"
Chaka Khan: "Love You All My Lifetime (House Mix)" (6: 50) Paris Red: "Good Friend (Ultimix Mix)" (6: 05) Rozalla: "Are You Ready To Fly ? (Rainbow Mix)" (6: 55) Friendship Featuring Charisma: "I Feel For You" (5: 36) Melanie Williams: "Everyday Thang (Jules & Skins Pumped Up Club Mix)" (6: 59) Shawn Christopher: "Another Sleepless Night (Morales Mix)" (5: 43) Sound Byte Brand New Heavies Featuring N'dea Davenport: "Dream On Dreamer (Heavy Motion Mix)" (8: 41) Chimes Featuring Pauline Henry: "1: "2: "3 (Silent Club Dub)" (4: 08) Jody Watley: "Your Love Keeps Working On Me (Mk Brooklyn Mix)" (7: 19) Ultra Nat»: "It's Over Now (Piano Vocal Mix)" (12: 48)

"Divas Of Dance: Volume 3 "
Melanie Williams: "Not Enough (Love To Infinity's Classic Paradise Mix)" (9: 28) Martha Wash: "Runaround (Tee's 12" Mix)" (4: 45) Black Box Featuring Martha Wash: "Strike It Up" (5: 16) Sound Byte Kathy Sledge: "Take Me Back To Love Again (Shelter Me Mix)" (6: 38) Rozalla: "Faith (In The Power Of Love) (Space Station Remix)" (6: 46) Robin S.: "Luv 4 Luv (Stone's Club Mix)" (5: 56) Lisa Fisher: "Save Me (Extended Mix)" (6: 26) Masters At Work Featuring India: "I Can't Get No Sleep (Kenlou 12" Mix)" (6: 47) Sandra Bernhard: "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Frisco Disco Mix)" (8: 46) Aretha Franklin: "A Deeper Love (Tribesman Mix)" (11: 21)

"Divas Of Dance: Volume IV"
Martha Wash: "Carry On (12" Alternative Mix)" (7: 26) Kathy Brown: "Can't Play Around (12" Version)" (7: 00) Brothers In Rhythm Featuring Charvoni: "Forever & A Day (Brother's Edit)" (4: 50) Kym Sims: "I Must Be Free (Love To Infinity Classic Paradise Mix)" (8: 00) Staxx Of Joy Featuring Carol Leeming: "Joy (Vocal Mix)" (6: 23) Kim Wilde: "If I Can't Have You (Extended Version)" (6: 23) Cyndi Lauper: "Come On Home (Extended Club Mix)" (5: 35) Lonnie Gordon: "Dirty Love (Club Love)" (8: 35) Loveland Featuring Rachel Mcfarlane: "Let The Music Lift You Up (Full On Vocal Mix)" (7: 19) M People: "Padlock (Sound Factory Mix)" (10: 06)

"Divas Of Dance: Volume V"
M People: "Someday (Sasha's Full Master)" (7: 40) Lonnie Gordon: "Gonna Catch You (Jazzy Hot Italian Afternoon Mix)" (5: 41) Brand New Heavies Featuring N'dea Davenport: "Spend Some Time (Extended Version)" (5: 10) Melanie Williams: "All Cried Out" (4: 07) Rozalla: "Baby (Love To Infinity's Classic Paradise Mix)" (7: 26) Love To Infinity Featuring Lousie Bailey: "Someday (Subway Anthem Mix)" (8: 03) Miisa: "All Or Nothing (12" Extended Mix)" (7: 00) Joi Cardwell: "Love & Devotion (Joi's Club Mix)" (8: 16) Cyndi Lauper: "That's What I Think (Club Mix)" (5: 30) Shades Of Love Featuring Meli'sa Morgan: "Body To Body (10/30 Mix) "(11: 30)

Divine (1945-89) (née Harris Glen Milstead)
found fame by starring in shock movies directed by John Walters like "Hairspray", "Female Trouble", "Pink Flamingos", and "Polyester". in Bartel's 1984 film "Lust In The Dust" she crooned "These lips were made for kissin', these hips were made for blissin'", to Tab Hunter. Overweight and 'Over the top'. Early records with Bobby Orlando (which inspired the Pet Shop Boys), were followed by a deal with producer Pete Waterman. The same team that was producing Dead or Alive, made a series of Divine records which scored minor main stream chart successes by crossing over from a huge popular gay club following. Lyrics often reflect egocentricity as well as the constant search for (gay) sex/love.

Divine: "My First Album"
USA. 1972. (DISC)

Divine: "Hard Magic"
12". ENAT 131

Divine: "Love Reaction"
12". DEST12

Divine: "Shoot Your Shot"
12". QUEL4

Divine: "Shoot Your Shot"
see "Glad To Be Gay"

Divine: "Divine"
LP. Boni Rec. 821001
(W. Germany. Vanguard 8131851, picture disc)
USA. 1982. (DISC)
High energy disco.
"Shake It Up" (6:41), "Shoot Your Shot" (6:24), "Jungle Jezebel", (4:42)(Bobby Orlando), "Native Love", (3:56); "Kick Your Butt", (5:22), "Alphabet Rap", (6:32), "Native Love, (8:10).

Divine: "You Think You're A Man / Give It Up"
12" single. Proto 100. 07. 290 LC 1421
USA. 1984. (DISC)

Divine: "You Think You're A Man"
see "Glad To Be Gay"

Divine: "You Think You're A Medley"
12". ENAT132

Divine: "The Story So Far"
LP. Proto Rec. 260. 07. 075 (MC: 460. 07. 075; CD: 290. 07. 075). UK. 1984. (DISC)°
"I'm So Beautiful" (7: 54)(NARC)€, "Native Love" (3: 36), "You Think You're A Man" (8: 07)(MALE), "Shake It Up" (3: 18), "Shoot Your Shot" (6: 24), "Love Reaction" (5: 32), "Jungle Jezebel" (4: 42), Alphabet Rap(5: 47).

Divine: "Walk Like A Man"
12". ENAT125

Divine: "T-shirts and Tight Blue Jeans"
12". BREAK 30885

Divine: "Twistin' The Night Away"
12". ENAT127

Divine: "Maid In England"
UK. 1988. (DISC)
"Divine's Theme"; "You Think You're A Man"; "Give It Up"; "I'm So Beautiful"; "Show Me Around"; "Walk Like A Man"; "Twistin' The Night Away"; "Good Time '88"; "Hard Magic (Magic Mix), "Little Baby"; "Hey You (remix), "Divine Reprise".

Divine: "Shake It Up"
12". DEST5

Divine: "Little Baby"
12". INRT4

Divine: "I'm So Beautiful"
see "Glad To Be Gay Vol 3"

Divine: "The Best of Divine"
LP. O-Records 16
USA. 1992.

Divine: "The Cream of Divine
CD.LP. Pickwick 4228
UK. 1994.

Divine: "The Best of Divine: Native Love"

Divine: "I'm So Beautiful"
see "Glad To Be Gay 3"

Don Dixon: "Andy"
Story of a bisexual dancer.

D. J. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince: "The Girlie Had A Mustache"
CD. "And In This Corner: Jive (RCA) 1188-2-J
USA. 1989. Rap. (TVAA), (CRIM)
"The Girlie Had A Mustache" (4: 32); About meeting and being robbed by an unconvincing transvestite.

Alix Dobkin (August 16th 1940- )
New York born Jewish singer, when Alix Dobkin graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, in 1962, she headed right for New York City's Greenwich Village, where she initiated a career for herself as a folk singer. In the early 1970s, having discovered women in her life, she released Lavender Jane Loves Women (1973). A positive role model for its clear feminist lyrics, for its unwavering pro-Lesbian stance, it set an early standard with its independence of production (her own Women's Wax Works label), as well as for its collective spirit. Since that time, Alix Dobkin has been the most visible and vocal Lesbian feminist in the community. Having played concerts around the world she says "my musical identity has more to do with lesbian politics than with music."

"Lavender Jane Loves Women"; in The Lesbian Path (ed. Cruikshank pp166-170. S. Fran. Grey Fox, 1985).

Alix Dobkin: "Alix Dobkin's Adventures In Women's Music",

Alix Dobkin: "Lavender Jane Loves Women",
LP. Women's Wax Works A001.
USA. 1974. (GLOP)
"Herpå": "The Woman In Your Life Is You" (2: 57); "I Only Want To Be With You" (3: 02): "An Old Dyke favorite"; "Quartet" (3: 47): "Lavender Jane salutes her great Dyke heritage" (HERS); "Talking Lesbian "(2: 47); "A Woman's Love" (3: 10); "View From Gay Head "(3: 39)
Often described as the first overtly lesbian LP,
see Moral Hazard "Lavender Jane Loves Money"

Alix Dobkin: "Woman In Your Life" €
see "Club Verboten"

Alix Dobkin And Friends: "Living With Lesbians"
LP. Women's Wax Works A002.
USA. 1976. (Sept 1975). (GLOP)
"Living With Lesbians", "It is demanding, thrilling, and it keeps me honest, also humble"; "Over The Banks"; "Chewing Gum"; "Legnala"; "Hearts and Struggles"; "Good Old Dora"; "Amazon ABC"; "Mary B."; "Toughen Up"; "Dekka Slunseto"; "Thoughts For Penny"; "The Lesbian Power Authority"(HERS):
"This music is for women".

Alix Dobkin: "X X Alix"
LP. Women's Wax Works A 003
USA. 1980. (GLOP)
Music and lyrics by Alix Dobkin.
"Woman To Woman"(3: 10) "If she rubs you wrong, just move along, find your kind of Amazon"(AMAZ); "Gwyn's Tune"(4: 17)"There's something about a lesbian, she can send me"; "O. K. O. Y. "(3: 04); "Theme from "Getting Ready'"(3: 35); "You can't find home cooking in a can...you can't find a woman's love in a man."; "Just Like A Woman"(2: 28); "Living With Contradictions"(3: 41); "Separation '78"(3: 28)(SEPA); "A Mother knows"(4: 33)(PARE); "Denny's Tune"(4: 58), "A one-woman woman I'm not. "(PROM); "Living in The Country"(3: 15):
with Susan P. Shanbaum, Karen Beth et. al.

Alix Dobkin (With Carol MacDonald and Witch): "These Women Never Been Better"
12"EP. Women's Wax Works (Olivia) A 004.
USA. 1985. (GLOP)€
"The Woman In Your Life"; "Some Boys"; "Boy-Girl Rap"(6: 37) "Because the time has come as it's meant to be / That women love women radically. "
Performed with Carol MacDonald and Witch.

Alix Dobkin: "Yahoo, Australia. Live from Sydney"
LP. Women's Wax Works (Olivia) A006
USA. 1990 (GLOP)
"Yahoo Australia" (Dobkin, Alix) (4: 39); "Shameless Hussies" (Potter, Helen) (: 55); "Lesbian Code" (Dobkin, Alix) (6: 16); "Intimacy" (Dobkin, Alix) (3: 49); "Women of Ireland" (O'Sullivan, Mary) (3: 41); "Women Singing in Zimbabwe" (Dobkin, Alix) (4: 23); "Crushes" (Dobkin, Alix) (3: 28) (YOUT); "Ot Azoy Neyt a Shnayder" (This Is How the Tailor Sews)" (Traditional) (1: 23); "Hedda on TV" (Dobkin, Alix) (3: 37); "Girls Want to Be with the Girls" (Byrne, David) (2: 17); "New Ground" (Dobkin, Alix) (5: 00)

Alix Dobkin: "Love & Politics. A 30 Year Saga"
CD. Women's Wax Works
USA. 1992. (Compilation) (GLOP)
"Shinin' Thru'" (2: 43); "Woman in Your Life" (2: 59); "Woman's Love" (3: 11); "View from Gay Head" (3: 28); "Over the Banks" (4: 13); "Mary B" (4: 38); "Amazon ABC" (2: 47)(AMAZ); "My Lesbian Wars" (3: 37); "If It Wasn't for the Women" (1: 55); "Mother Knows" (4: 41)(PARE)(FAMI); "Just Like a Woman" (2: 33); "Denny's Tune" (4: 05); "Theme from "Getting Ready"" (3: 41); "Never Been Better" (4: 02); "Some Boys" (4: 15); "These Women" (4: 17); "Yahoo Australia" (4: 00); "Crushes" (3: 28); "Intamacy" (3: 48); "Lesbian Code" (5: 15)
Basically a Best of Alix collection, this documents her life in songwriting -- and the landmarks of her life which inspired those songs. It's well balanced, with 20 songs spanning 1962-1992: six generic love songs, six specific love songs, six political analysis songs, and two "inspirational, " one generic and one specific. In addition to some of everyone's favorites, she includes a brand-new recording of the previously unreleased, very controversial "My Lesbian Wars"...plus a 1970 pre-lesbian recording of "Shinin' Through. " The CD. has the complete liner notes and lyrics.
see "Hot Licks"

Alix Dobkin: "*My Kind of Girl"
see "Family Of Friends"

Alix Dobkin: "Lavender Jane Loves Women"/"Living With Lesbians"
2CD. Ladyslipper
USA. 1997.

Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band: "...Meets King Pennett"
USA. 1977.
Sleeve shows signpost to "Anita's Gay Bar" (Possibly Anita Bryant?)
Kid Creole's first band.

Dr. Fish: "Vi har prøvd og fortalt det i alle år..."
LP. S-Forlaget S-5504.
Norway, 1983. Lyrics enclosed
"AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)" (3: 20) (AIDS) (Arctander/ Sandbök): Pessimistic vision of AIDS, "du er ferdig - strømmen blir tatt i natt. / Godtfok flirer -- du har AIDS...homsepesten er svartedauen." (="It's all over, tonight the ultimate power cut, People say you've got AIDS, the gay plague is the black death")

Dr. Hook: "Freaker's Ball"
LP. "Sloppy Seconds" CBS 31622
USA. 1972. Pop. Ί
"Freaker's Ball"(2: 46) (PART)(SADO) (Shel Silverstein; Tro-Essex Music Ltd. ) "All the fags and the dykes are boogy-ing together, the leather freaks are dressed in all kinds of leather, the greatest of the sadists and the masochists too, singing 'You hit me and I'll hit you!"
"Get My Rocks Off" (3: 04).
Songs written by Shel Silverstein

Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show: "Freakers Ball"
LP. "The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan" CBS Embassy 31799.
UK. 1980 (rec. 1972). Pop. €
"Freakers Ball" (see above)

Dr. Larsen: "Aids / Svein"
12" single. Main attraction MAMS 1
Norway. 1985. Live disco mix.
"Aids / Svein" (AIDS) AIDS benefit single. Lyrics and music by Arild Martinsen.

Documentary (DOCU)
These few recordings contain 'live' recordings of events. This is , of course, a tiny fraction of the material which is available from radio and other sound archives.

"June 28, 1970 Gay and Proud"
Laurence Schiller (ed); "Homosexuality in the American Male"
"The Word Is Out": Original Film Soundtrack
"The National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights- A Sound Quilt"
see Actuality (ACTU)

Betty Dodson:
an American lesbian musician

Mary Dolan: "(Another) Holy Day"
CD Earth Music-Cargo Music CD EAR-023
USA. 1998 . Folk (46:22 )
"How About You" (3:30); " Destiny" (4:28); " You Freed Me" (3:58); " Cadence" (3:04); " Apathy " (3:19); " In The Names Of Dark Angels " (3:52); " Where Melancholy Goes" (3:57); " Genius" (3:06); " First Time" (3:24); " Rocket To The Promised Land" (3:14); " Oh My Heart" (3:29); " (Another) Holy Day" (3:31); " Sister Mary" (3:30 )

Margreet Dolman;
Female character created by Paul Haenen on Radio Stad, Amsterdam. Privately produced records and tapes which tie in with the magazine 'Mens en Gevoelens' (People and Feelings) and her autobiography "Buk Nog Een Keer" (One More Bow!). 1993-5 operated from Betty Asfalt Centre (A'dam) with weekly TV shows from her 'home'.
The Dutch Dame Edna !

Margreet Dolman: "De oorspronkelijke Margreet Dolman"
LP. Esther Records 011. (CBS 82705)
Netherlands. 1978. (DRAG)€
Side 1:"De Doktor" (2:26); "De Stofzuiger" (2:52); "De Buurman" (2:30); "De Oude Man" (1:14); "Last van Eenzaamheid" (3:19); "De Toenadering" (8:55); "De Gemeenschap" (5:14):
Side 2:"De Na-lig" (6:39); "Het Wachten" (9:11); "De Natuur-jongen" (6:08); "De Tederheid" (5:30)

Margreet Dolman: "Dat Mens..."
LP. Esther Records 012. ( CBS 84030)
Netherlands. 1979. Cabaret with songs. (DRAG)
Side 1:"Ouverture(Saturday Night)"(1:52); "De Schoenen" (2:11); "De Ontheemde"(12:32); "Het Geluidenspel"(2:28); "Angst"(2:19)
Side 2:"De Telefoondienst"(3:20); "Thank You For Calling" (2:29); "Guttie's Zoon"(4:10); "Regen, Storm, Bliksem"(3:04); "De Vrienden"(3:00); "Buk Nog Een Keer"(3:25); "Wat Erg" (2:30):

Margreet Dolman: "Volg de weg van je hart"
LP. Esther Records 001.
Netherlands. 1982. (DRAG)
"Leo Potegieter"; "De Profundis"; "Intiem Bij De Beaufajis"; "Mocht 't Gebeuren"; "Ik Hoor Nergens Bij"; "Dr. Bernard"; "Dromen"; "Volg De Weg Van Je Hart";:

Margreet Dolman: "De laatste ronde heeft geklonken"
LP. Esther Records 002.
Netherlands. 1983. (DRAG)

Placido Domingo
see John Denver.

Donovan: "Fairy Tale"
LP. Pye NPL 18128, NSLP. 18128, MSPL 18128, Pye 200 727 241, CS: Pye 400 727 251, LP: Marble Arch MAL 867. UK
UK. 1965.€
"I'll Try For The Sun "(3: 38)(Donovan Leitch, P: Donovan Music), "The gypsy boy and I, we slept on the breeze of the midnight...and who's going to be the one to say it was no good what we'd done. I dare a man to say I'm too young, for I'm going to try for the sun."
The Gypsy boy is presumed to refer to 'Gypsy Dave' who toured the UK with the 15 year-old Donovan. Also performed on: "The Donovan File", Pye FILD 004, (UK. 1977, re-issue) 2 LPs, and on "Golden Hour Of Donovan", Golden Hour GH
506, LP

Donovan: "I'll Try For The Sun" €
see "Club Verboten"

Donovan: "Dare To Be Different"
LP. RAK 7C 062-99294
UK. 1977.

Alice Donut: "My Boyfriend's Back "
7". Alternative Tentacles 83,
USA. 1990. (PUNK)°

The Doors / Jim Morrisson: "I'm A Backdoor Man"
LP. "13" Elektra
USA. 1971.
Refers to an adulterous lover who calls while her husband is out. (i. e. NOT to anal sex).
Jim Fouratt (in Stonewall by Martin Duberman) claims to have had a four-week homosexual fling with Morrisson in the late '60's.

Dora & Dåserne: "Dora & Dåserne"
LP. Arp ARPLP. 003 Århus,
Denmark. 1985. Danish/Swedish/English (GLOP)°
"Gay by night" (4: 22)(CRUI); "Små nuttede maend" (3: 25); "Homosexual desire" (2: 48); "The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name" (4: 50)(DARE)

Dorian: "Dorian"
LP. Amerama 1001
USA. 1976.
"Men's Room" (5: 00)(Passante / Chromfeld) "In the choir while singing the song so sweetly, He smiled, you curtsied, he bowed quite meekly, then you blew him and you slew him, then he died, and you sighed. "
"Face", Oh my little boy, so much you mean to me...I long to be next to you."; "Inside Looking Out"
20 minute album of six songs

Dos Fallopia: "My Breasts Are Out Of Control"
MC. Private
USA. 1992. (COME) Artwork €
Parodies of wimmin's music festivals, The Judds and British dykerock on this irresistibly lunatic tape. Performed by Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt (see below) "What comes next, the Order of the Holy Ovary? Dos Fallopia...what fun!" (Rita Mae Brown)
The "twin sisters of different cul-de-sacs" bring their hilarious kamikaze music, sketch comedy, razor sharp with, left-wing politics and general lunacy to sold-out houses all over the country.
Contact (1999) Tunginchic@aol.com, 1122 E. Pike #712 / Seattle, WA 98122/ Fax: 206-760-8864

Dos Fallopia: "Equal Rights Definition "; "Pro Choice Definition "; "Lesbian Definition, Single Life"; "Mutual Orgasm Definition" ; "Birth Control Definition "; "Masturbation Definition"
see "The Best of Lesbian Comedy, Vol. 1"

Dos Fallopia;
see Kate Clinton, Dos Fallopia et al. - "Kate Clinton: The Queen of Comedy"

Doubleplusgood: "Boogala"
see "Fiddlehead Salad"

DoublePlusGood: "Conga Te"
see also "Boys United": Compilation

Double Zero: "Pacer"
see "Outpunk Dance Party"

David Downing Trio; "Last Night, Last Call"
CD. Significant Other / DDT 0194
USA. 1994. GLAMA '97 nominee Artwork €Jazz
"Last Night, Last Call" (4:28); "Slow Dance" (4;13); "Miami, Me And You" (4:06); "Deep River" (5:30); "First Light" (5:10); "Alone, Together, With You" (4:06); "Same Old New Year' (5:51); "You Wait (You'll See)" (4:34); "Oh, Boy" (4:31); "Second-line Blues" (7:09).
"Miami, Me and You"; "Just for fun we'll entertain the notion of swimming south to Key West at the break of day. "
"Oh Boy" evokes the love that a man feels for another man with joy and pride
His band was well-received at Philadelphia's gay-pride festivities and at Sullivan's, the hip new bar in Manhattan's Ed Sullivan Theater, where straight couples danced, some unwittingly no doubt, to gay-tinged songs like "Oh Boy" and "Handsome. "
Contact (1997) David Downing, 253 West 16th Street #5G, New York, NY 10011. E-mail: DNDinNYC@aol. com

Dr. -see Doctor

In the period after 1850 the British Music Hall emerged from it's pub tradition. Cross-dressing had continued in the theatre since the 'breeches parts' of Shakespeare's players, and through pantomime (where "Principal Boys" are girls and "Old Dames" are men).
Out of season many of these popular performers turned to the music hall, occasionally producing discs for the early market. Moving from summer season to pantomime with music hall at other times, most of these performers stayed in drag throughout their stage careers. (see "Masculine Women, Feminine Men"). Early male impersonators included Bessie Bonehill, Fanny Robina and Vesta Tilley. Hetty King, who continued the tradition, often focused on soldiers, policemen and the well-dressed. Early glamorous female impersonators like ?Lind? and Bert Erroll did not make recordings. Using the female dress as a masque for comedy was also a tradition which linked George Robey ("The Prime Minister of Mirth"), Old Mother Riley, Norman Evans and Douglas Byng.

Recordings can generally be classified into one of the following groups. See alphabetic listings for recordings.
(Live) Musical Cabaret /Female Impersonators
Marcel André
Marcel André und Miss Scarlett
Flettfrid Andresen
Kevin Aviance
Tina Benez
Chez Nous
Vaginal Creme Davis
The Great Garlic Girls
Romy Haag
Hellun (Zelluf)
Juffrouw Sonnika & Tante Gré
Kimberly: "Sound The Alarm"
Veronica Klaus
Reg Livermore
Pearl Box Revue; "Call Me MISSter"
Danny La Rue
"Sex Drags & Rock n'Roll"
Pussy Tourette
Male Impersonators
Hetty King
Ella Shields
Vesta Tilley:
Female Impersonators (Hollywood)
Jim Bailey
Pierce Carter
Jimmy Johnson
T. C. Jones
Charles Pierce
Craig Russell
Gay Drag Comedians / Musical Comics
Fred Barton
Ty Bennett:
Rae Bourbon
Douglas Byng
Effie Dropbottom
Daisy Dynamite
Mr. Jean Fredericks
TC Jones
Juffrouw Sonnika
Kinsey Sicks
Foo Foo Lamarr:
Reg Livermore
G. S. Melvin
Mrs Shufflewick
Lee Sutton
Jerry Walker
Straight Comedians in Drag
Hector Nicol
'Monty Python'
George Robey
Tom Wootwell
TV / Media Celebrities and Characters (DRAS)(DRAG)
Julian Clary
Candy Darling
Margreet Dolman
Dame Edna Everage
Hinge & Bracket
Lily Savage
Hellun Zelluf
Drag Film Soundtracks /Compilations
"La Cage Aux Folles"
"God Shave the Queen": Various Artists?
"Sex, Drags and Rock n'Roll"
"Torch Song Trilogy"
"Victor / Victoria"

Individual songs about drag and gender fuck
Marc Almond "L'Esqualita"
Joe Bracco "Drag Doll"
Conan "Shameless In High Drag"
Ed Diamond: "God Save The Queens"
"Dirty Little Showtunes" Original Cast
Erasure "Abba-Esque"
Marianne Faithful: "Madame George"
John Frederick "Drag Queen"
Paul Gardiner "Stormtrooper In Drag"
Green Day: "King For A Day"
Earl Gresh "Help"
Murray Head "She's Such A Drag"
Hyperdrive Kittens "Rock 'n' Roll Drag Queen"
"Bent" (Mick Jagger) "Streets Of Berlin"
"Magic Christian Soundtrack"; "Mad About The Boy"
Dan Martin and Michael Biello "Drag Dance"
Joni Mitchell "Tax Free"
Morrissey "Bona Drag"
Van Morrisson "Madam George"
Romanovsky & Phillips "My Mother's Clothes (the drag rag)"
RPLN: "Last Night A Drag Queen Saved Your Life"
RuPaul "RuPaul The Red Nosed Drag Queen"
"Sex Drags & Rock n'Roll": Various Artists
Sister George "Drag King"
Robin Tyler "The Drag Ball"
Phideaux Xavier "Ghost Story"
see also Transvestism (TVAA)

Drance: "Hermetically Sealed"
LP. Slam Jam Recs.
USA. (Los Angeles), 1991.
In 1997 Brandy Dalton was still keeping DRANCE going, with a more techno/electronica/trippy vibe. In the past, they had more of a Wax Trax/Skinny Puppy kind of edge, and a lot of Robert's lyrics had somewhat of an angry, out edge to them...

Drance: "Ready To Play" °
see "Sing, Don't Sign": Compilation

Dred Ones: "Culture Shock 82"
LP. Puerto Rico 1982. In English/Puerto Rican dialect.
"The Fug" (2: 53)(C. Potter).

Driving Blind: "Crown"
CD. "Driving Blind" , Vanguard Recording Service 79490-2
USA. 1996. Watch Music Company Ltd.
"I'm moving in a crooked line...as absolute as the pope on a Sunday... the dawning of this day is mine... I feel its breath on my face... can't blow this feeling out like a flame... cause I feel like a king and a queen combined... Is there a crown on my head?"

Effie Dropbottom: "Tells It Like It Is"
LP. Ovide LP. 225
USA. Undated(1969-73?) (DRAG) Artwork °
"Effie Dropbottom: - Female Impersonator. " Black drag queen. Sleeve says performances began in Houston, TX 1962.
Liner Note: "When I first met Effie Dropbottom he was doing a show at Betty's Playhouse here in Houston. In 1962, and I must say he was everything I had read about and heard about. It wasn't after he was on stage and had started his act that the audience started laughing but, even when the emcee was introducing him. And when he made his entrance it was hilarious!!! Dressed in a costume that only a person like Effie could dream up, he kept the audience on the edge of their seats and in stitches until he was through.
Born in Oklahoma City, Effie Dropbottom got the show business fever at an early age, but his parents turned thumbs down on it until' Effie himself felt he was old enough to go out on his own. Singing was out, as far as Effie was concerned, so he turned to comedy and female impersonations and has been on top ever since.
For 12 years now, Effie Dropbottom has played some of the largest nite clubs in the states. For the past 5 or 6 years he has been living in Houston, Texas but travels all over Texas and Louisiana thrilling audiences with his saucy jokes and weird dances. In 1966 he put a show together and made it to Fairbanks, Alaska where they stayed for three months. Once a year Effie puts on a female Impersonators Ball, where he makes all the costumes, including his own, teaches his sister female Impersonators how to walk, pose and deliberately captivate the audience. In his spare time he trains Shake Dances as well as Go Go Girls.
He's a person with a bundle of energy, a wonderful personality and very easy to talk to. And whether he's relaxing at his fabulous home, performing on stage or entertaining friends he's always the same warm hearted person you've always known, or hop to know. While talking to Effie, I asked him what was his secret for staying at the top in the nite club circuit and he said: "Never miss a gig, always be on time and give the show all you've got all-right friend, let's relax and listen to Effie Dropbottom "Tells It Like It Is"
(Sleeve note by Gladys "Gee-Gee" Hill)
see Jerry Walker "I Live The Life That I Love Because I Love The Life That I Live"

Drugs (DRUG)
Mostly songs about alcohol and recreational drugs.

D. J. Adler "For the First Time In My Life"
Fred Barton "I Poured Me A Man"
Berkeley Women's Music Collective "Thorazine"
Blind "Love Is The Key"
Borghesia "Black, Gorge"
W.S. Burroughs (biography)
Ani DiFranco "Two Little Girls"
Extra Fancy: "Benzadrine Shuffle"
Andy Freilich "Drugs"
The Frogs "I've Got The Drugs (Out Of The Mist)"
Diamanda Galas (biography)
Lorenz Hart (biography)
Elton John (biography)
Kinsey Sicks: "AZT"
Kurt Kobain (biography)
Pale "What's the Rush"
Rolling Stones "We Love You"
Romanovsky and Phillips "Must've Been Drunk"
Rough Trade "Crimes Of Passion"
Senseless Things "Homophobic Asshole"
Suede "Animal Nitrate"
Two Nice Girls "I Spent My Last $10 On Birth Control and Beer"
Well-Oiled Sisters "Alcohol and Tears"
The Who "However Much I Booze"
The Who "Did You Steal My Money""
see also Medical (MEDI)

Drug Addix: "Gay Boys In Bondage"
7". Chiswick
UK. 1978. (SADO)

Mila Drunke: "Gathering My Name"
CD. Private.
USA. 1996?
"Someone"; "By Now"; "All Things Told"; "Lullaby"; "The Morning Light Now"; "Corrour"

Dub Poets Dub: "AIDS"
LP. Heartbeat HB-30
USA. 1983.
Duelling Bankheads
see "Sex Drags & Rock n'Roll"

Jeff Duff: "Walk On The Wild Side"
12" single. ZYX 5681
UK?, 1987. €
"Walk On The Wildside(Dynamix)"(7: 29)(CRUI) (Lou Reed)
"Walk On The Wildside(single version)"(4; 38)
"Killing This Affair" (4: 38) (Jeff Duff)
Dedication: "in memory of Andy Warhol"
see Lou Reed

Alan Duke: "Love's Right / Guys",
7". Lyn 3970.
UK. 1976. (GLOP)(LIBE)°
"Love's Right" (3: 02)(LAWS) "Love is not a privilege, it is a right!". "Guys" (2: 20).

Dundas: "I Am Leaving You Miami Town "°
see "Miami Nightmare"

John Dunton
see Genderation

see Casselberry & Dupréé.

Duran Duran: "Wild Boys"

Durium Dance Band: "Let's All Be Fairies"
"MC. "Listen to the Banned", Academy Sound and Vision ZC AJA 5030
UK, 1932. °
"Let's All Be Fairies" (ATHL)(FAIR)"Two great big hairy boxers/ were engaged to appear in the ring/ said the masher to the slogger 'I won't hurt you if you don't hurt me old thing/ There's no reason for us to fight, so /let's all be Fairies, Tinkle, tinkle, gretch, gretch, gretch!" (EFEM)(SPOR)
May refer to the (gay) boxer Panama Al Brown, a protégé of Josephine Baker and lover of Cocteau who was world bantamweight champion at this time.
This is a fascinating early example of an early and very 'out' (explicit) lyric. There is no possible ambiguity to the story nor shyness in telling it. Fairy is used an unequivocal synonym for homosexual. It is also noteworthy that although the boxers (i.e. the vocalists) are clearly effeminate, they are nevertheless working in the fairground as boxers, not hairdressers!
Moreover the 'moral' of the song seems to be; "If it's true that queers are non aggressive then we should all go queer'. Ahead of its time, or what?

Richard Dworkin
Drummer for fabled '70s band Buena Vista, Dworkin has played the beats with everyone from Deborah Harry and Alex Chilton to Edwin Hawkins and Dr. John (not to mention opening for the Monkees' Peter Tork on Haight Street in the early 1970s). And he produced the first album of the gay a cappella group the Flirtations as well as the two solo albums of his late lover Michael Callen.
"I asked him what playing in a gay band meant to him during the '70s and what the music meant to a gay audience that he warms to the subject. "You want to know the truth? I've played some great gigs, the Berlin jazz Festival and with some of my musical heroes like Mick Taylor and the Memphis Horns, but none of them compares to the first time Buena Vista played The Stud. The feeling of playing in a band with other gay guys in front of a gay audience was just incredible.
"It's hard for some people to remember, but back then there were some things that everyone thought fags couldn't do. One of them was to be in a rock band - play bass, guitar, drums. It seems silly now when there are lesbian and gay police groups and queer professional organizations, but even some gay people bought into the limitations. In our own small way, Buena Vista broke down a few of those barriers."
Buena Vista's original line-up included bass player Freddy Gray, Joe Johnson on piano, and singers Terry Hutchison (these days the manager at the Paradise Lounge on Folsom Street), Michael Gomes, and Kenny Ross. The band may have sung mostly covers, but Dworkin says that when he recently listened to some old tapes, he was reminded that many of the songs had "whole different meanings for gay people -'You Can't Hide Love, "He's a Rebel.": "The documentary "Word Is Out" ended with our cover of 'Our Day Will Come. No secret how that might have inspired a gay audience."
"I don't want to sound corny, but I've always been sensitive to the way music can serve a social or community function, and also how music can be an expression of a community. Buena Vista was expressing those first heady feelings of liberation after Stonewall, that sense that progress had been made and more progress was possible. It's a feeling that comes across so well in another film of the period in which we appear briefly, Arthur Bressan's "Gay U.S.A." Bressan's film documents the 1977 gay parades in several U. S. cities, including San Francisco's - the event was one of Buena Vista's first big gigs.
Dworkin played with his partner Michael Callen on all of the latter's recordings and, after Callen's death, has continued to produce and promote Callen's material, such as "Legacy", through his label, Significant Other Records.
A stalwart of the New York live music scene, Dworkin has been living in Manhattan since the early 1980s - working with not one but at least three New York bands, each of whose music speaks to the concerns of late-'90s gay men. David Clement, David Downing and Chris Cochrane.
see Buena Vista
see Michael Callen
see David Clement
see Chris Cochrane
see David Downing

Dyke Pioneers: Ί
see Sidney Spinster

"Dyke Proud- A Lesbian Poetry Reading": Various Artists
Canada. 1989 (POET) (GLOP)(COMP)
Judy Grahn's "The Queen Of Swords"; Suniti Namjosji's "I Fell In Love With A Woman" et. al.
Recorded at Vancouver Feminist Bookfair 1988.

Dykeapella: "At The Gates Of Heaven Her Face"
USA. 1997. Folk (51:37 ) Producer: Angela Prestil
"Lesbian Picnic" (2:54); "Wake Me Up Gently" (2:52); "Seduce" (2:07); "Amazon" (2:22); "Women's Bookstore" (1:37); "Femme At Heart" (2:39); "Plainsong" (5:45); "Fine Night for Dancing" (2:09); "Teenaged Lesbian" (1:59); "Breath On My fire" (3:31); "Is She really Going Out With Him" (2:53); "Dream Away" (4:02); "Wet Underwear" (3:36); "I'm Late Again" (2:01); "Hollywood Haircut" (2:03);

(The Fabulous) Dyketones: "Live in P-Town At The Townhouse"
MC. Rock and Roller Recordings (California)1001
USA. 1988. (Sept 13-14) (GLOP) (CHOR)
"Everyday People"; "Rock Around The Clock"; "Rockin' Robin"; "The Fabulous Dyketones"; "Ooh Baby, Baby"; "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"; "To Know Her Is To Love Her"; "Splish Splash"; "Be My Baby"; "La Bamba"; "She's So Fine"; "16 Candles"; "Not Fade Away"; "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"; "Funk-e"; "Da Doo Ron Ron"; "My Girlfriends Back"; "Dance Little Sister", (see Bee Jays "My Boyfriends Back") "Shout"; "Blues in G"; "Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do"; "Somewhere (A Place For Us)"; "I Can't Help Myself"; "Mony, Mony"; "Goodnight, Well Its Time To Go"; "Everyday People"; "Crazy" (see also Lisa Koch)
Lesbian band with acapella/harmony versions of rock n'Roll classics retaining lesbian oriented lyrics.
see Conscription
see Girl Groups

Bob Dylan: ""Lenny Bruce "
LP. "Shot Of Love" CBS
USA. 1986.
Refers to the comedian's 'bisexual' life.

Bob Dylan: "Ballad Of A Thin Man"
LP. "Highway 61 Revisited" CBS
USA. 1968. (BARS)°
"Well the sword-swallowed he comes up to you, and then he kneels. He crosses himself and then he clicks his high heels and without further notice he asks you how it feels, and he says "here is your throat back, thanks for the loan!" And you know something is happening, but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr Jones? You see this one-eyed midget shouting the word "no", and you say "For what reason?" And he says 'How!". and you say "What does this mean?", and he screams back "You're a cow! Give me some milk or else go home!"

Bob Dylan: "Jokerman"
LP. "Infidels" CBS
USA. 1983. (BIBL)
Refers to Sodom and Gomorra (implying that people are still travelling the paths which lead to God's punishment).

Daisy Dynamite: "Live at Oscar Wilde"
LP. DELTA DG 10. 002.
Netherlands. 197? (undated)(DRAG) (CABA)
"Willkomen"; "You Made Me Love You"; "For Me and My Gal"; "When you're Smiling"; "Trop beau"; "That's Entertainment"; "Die Gigerlkönig"; "Es war in Schönenberg"; "Wenn ein Mädel einen Herm hat"; "Die Männer sind alle Verbrecher"; "Making Whoopie"; "The Boys in the Backroom"; "Pass Me By"; "Paris"; "I Wanna Say Hello"; "Put Your Arms Around Me Honey"; "After You've Gone"; "Swaney"; "Just One Of Those Things: "Cabaret"; "On A Wonderful Day Like Today"; "One Of Those Songs"; "Cabaret Paris"; "Auf Der Reperbahn"; "Ein richtiger Mann"; "Wer wird denn weinen"; "Botch-a-me".

Leroy Dysart: "We Are Everywhere"
LP. Le Roy Dysart Productions LDP9131.
USA. 1982. (GLOP) Artwork °
"We Are Everywhere" (5: 30) (LIBE)(GODS) "Yes, We love one another, God is love and love is not a sin, We're beside you when we're fighting for liberty/ We're your sisters, brothers, sons and daughters, We are everywhere" "For many years we hid in silence and shadows in closets built of guilt and fear and shame, but we won't be victims any longer."; "I Love A Man" ( 3: 15), "Here We Go Again" (3: 45), "You Did It Out Of Love"(3: 00), "No Regrets" (3; 25), "Pretty Dream." (3: 00); "A New Gay Dawning" (3: 56) (LIBE), "We Can't Do It Alone" (3: 05), "Maybe I'll See You"(4: 50), "Looking Back On Love"(3: 05)(EXLO), "It's Leroy" (1: 19), "Take Me With You." (2: 45)
see also Charlie Murphy
see also Marsha Stevens