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The Puzzle of the Secret Rendezvous

**** URGENT The following message has been intercepted, and is referred to you for de-coding! Please discover and advise this office about the location (etc.) of the next rendezvous.

Message follows:... "
Red, black or white they may be called, even when they're blue.
Blue, green or brown, or black for a while, and usually there's two.
Green or black, I've tasted. And Grey, but never pink!
What's the reason for my question? And the answer? can you think??
Then a shade of green, I'd say. It's certainly not me,
with yellow stripes on basic black. Do you know where I'll be?
I'll be there when the clocks are smiling, where dancers stretch their wings.
Doing what the postman does, and what David Dundas sings!
Tell me the future is yesterday's lunch
and I'll say I believe in the recycling bunch!

" (The complete solution requires 7 pieces of information, including the secret challenge-and-response passwords. Of course, any mistakes or omissions in decoding may have serious repercussions for our field-operations)

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