Juan Gabriel
"What Mexico lacks is...hombres. " says Latino singer Juan Gabriel, to a Mexican journalist. Gabriel was once outed in an unauthorized bio...but he denies that he is gay, even as he swishes in Liberace furs across stage after stage. Gabriel sashayed to each side of the stage, kissing women and shimmying his hips, while guys in the back row shouted anti-gay obscenities. Since I'd never seen him live before, I wondered how Gabriel could possibly win over an audience like this.
Then the stage went dark, the disco band fled and tradition swept away tacky modernity, as 15 mariachi musicians filed somberly on-stage and the temperature of the house rose 15 degrees.
Gabriel, shimmying done, stood at the edge of the stage and sang his ranchera ballads one by one, in that tortured, explosive tenor that's operatic in ambition, if not in range. The gay-baiters grew silent. Then they began cheering.

Peter Gabriel: "Games Without Frontiers"
7". Charisma
USA. 1980.
Little boys play with each other, and with "willy".

Serge Gainsbourg: "Mauvaises nouvelles des etoiles"
LP. Phillips 6313 270.
France. 1981.
"Ecce homo" (3: 20)(Gainsbourg/Gainsbourg)

Serge Gainsbourg: "Gainsbourg Love on the Beat"
LP. Philips PG 224.
France. 1984. French (refrains in English).
"Kiss me Hardy" (4: 21)(Gainsbourg/Gainsbourg; Phonogram): "je suis sorti faire l'amour avec un autre homme qui m'a dit kiss me hardy, kiss me my love..."(I went out to make love to another man who said to me, kiss me...).
"I'm the boy" (4: 24) (Gainsbourg/Gainsbourg).
"Harley David Son of a Bitch" (2: 59) (Gainsbourg/ Gainsbourg): "ou alors tu vas voir les gays" (=Wherever you go you can see the gays).

"Gaily, Gaily" Original Motion Picture Score
LP. United Artists (FILM)
USA. 1969 Music H. Mancini. Lyrics M and A Bergman.
Film starring Beau Bridges (depicted half naked on the sleeve) but doubt it has any gay content.

Diamanda Galas
The piercing screams of this dramatic Greek-American gothic operatic singer have been dedicated against the AIDS crisis in particular. Following in the tradition of Klaus Nomi, Galas is uncompromising in every way. She has been called "Blasphemous" by the Italian government, and is famous for covering herself in blood, and other shock-tactics.
In 1986, the she premiered "The Devil Punishment" in the shipyards of Gdansk. The work became the first part of her "Masque of The Red Death" trilogy, followed by "Saint of The Pit" and "You Must Be Certain Of The Devil", Galas used texts from Baudelaire, Corbiere and de Nerval, to contrast middle-age plague mythology with the AIDS epidemic. She has lost a brother and many friends to AIDS, and the intensity and conviction of her performance has established her as one of the most consistent and controversial contributors on the subject. Infamous for her use of blood as a motif, she has been banned in Italy and caused shock-waves around the world. "As someone with a history of intravenous drug use, it is just as possible for me to be HIV positive as anyone else", she declares. Her shows at opera houses and new music events confront the intelligentsia with screams of rage.
Galas believes that the live acoustic and performance elements are essential to her art and has therefore not concentrated on recording. Concerts at opera houses and classical auditoriums.

Diamanda Galas, "Eyes Without Blood"
included on "A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse"

Diamanda Galas: "Litanies of Satan"
LP. Mute
USA. 1981.

Diamanda Galas: "Faust. Eros. Todd"
LP. Live (bootleg!)
W. Germany (Bremen) 1982.

Diamanda Galas: "Meta-language"
LP. Mute
USA. 1984.

Diamanda Galas: "The Devil Punishment"
LP. Mute
USA. 1984.
First part of "Masque of the Red Death"(AIDS)(OPER)

Diamanda Galas: "Saint of The Pit"
LP. Mute
USA. 1986.
Second part of "Masque of the Red Death"(AIDS)(OPER)

Diamanda Galas: "You Must Be Certain Of The Devil"
Third in the trilogy composed and performed by Galas using texts by Baudelaire, Corbiere and de Nerval, which contrasts middle-age mythology with the AIDS epidemic. (AIDS)(OPER)

Diamanda Galas: "The Singer"
USA. 1992.
"My Love Will Never Die"; "Reap What You Sow"; "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?"; "Gloomy Sunday"; "Balm In Gilead"; "Swing Low Sweat Chariot"; "Insane Asylum"; "I Put A Spell On You"; "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean"; "Judgement Day"

Diamanda Galas: "Vena Cava"
Untitled Tracks 1-8

Diamanda Galas: "The Sporting Life
"Skotoseme"; "Do You Take This Man?"; "Dark End Of The Street"; "You're Mine"; "Tony"; "Devil's Rodeo"; "The Sporting Life"; "Baby's Insane"; "Last Man Down"; "Hex"

Diamanda Galas: "Schrei X"
"Do Room"; " I -- I Am-- Dreams"; "M Dis I"; "O.P.M."; "Abasement"; "Headbox"; "Cunt"; "Hepar"; "Coitum"; "Vein"; "M Dis II"; "Smell"; "Hee Shock Die"

Diamanda Galas: "Schrei 27"
"Do Room"; "I I"; "M Dis I"; "O.P.M."; "Headbox"; "Cunt"; "Hepar"; "Vein"; "M Dis II"; "Smell"; "Hee Shock Die

Garbage: "Queer"
CD. "Garbage"
USA. 1997.
see also "Global Grooves" compilation

Paul Gardiner: "Stormtrooper In Drag"
7". Beggars Banquet
UK. 1981.
Song by Gary Numan (DRAG)

Kay Gardner
Flautist and composer of "New age" music. Master of Music (Flute Performance), Kay Gardner focuses on the healing power of music.

Kay Gardner: "Mooncircles"
LP. MC. (Wise Women Enterprises) Urana Recs ST WWE 80
USA. 1975. €
"Prayer To Aphrodite"; "Changing"; "Beautiful Friend"; "Moon Flow"; "Wise Woman"; "Inner Mood 1"; "Touching Souls"; "Inner Mood"; "Lunamuse".
With backing from Dora Short, Olga Gussow, Nancy Uscher, Martha Siegel, Althea Waites, Bethel Jackson, Meg Christian, Jenny Smith, Angie Walls .

Kay Gardner: "Emerging"
LP. MC. Urana Records ST WWE 83
USA. 1978.
"The Cauldron Of Cerridwyn"; "Romance"; "Crystal Bells"; "Anagram"; "Rhapsody"; "Pisces"; "Mermaids"; "Atlantis Rising".

Kay Gardner: "Moods and Rituals"
LP. MC. Even Keel EKR 39
USA. 1980.
Meditations for solo flute,

Kay Gardner: "A Rainbow Path"
LP. MC. CD. Ladyslipper. LR 103
USA. New Age/Healing.

Kay Gardner: "Fishersdaughter"
LP. MC. Even Keel EKR 44
USA. 1986

Kay Gardner: "Avalon"
MC. Ladyslipper LR 106
with the Sunwomyn Ensemble

Kay Gardner: "Garden Of Ecstasy"
LP. MC. CD. Ladyslipper 107
USA. 1989.

Kay Gardner: "Drone Zone"

Gardner & Sharp
see Broadway For Lovers,

Judy Garland (GARL)
The icon of pre-liberation male homosexuals, Judy's trip 'Over The Rainbow' was a key cultural reference from the late '30's through to the birth of Rocky Horror in the mid- 1970's.
British gays referred to themselves as 'friends of Dorothy', 'the rainbow' eventually became adopted as a 'gay' flag, and even in 1980, Sam Harris' performance of 'Over The Rainbow' on US TVs 'Star Search' was seen as an 'out' statement, worthy of massive gay support in the audience voting.
The classic recording "Judy - Live at Carnegie Hall" was so well known in some fairy circles that every phrase could be (and often was) lip-synched by an entire dinner party of faggots during the late '60's and '70's.
The tragedies in her personal life may have made the gay audience especially sympathetic to her, but her popularity was so immense that it even conferred a special place in gay affections for her daughters, Lisa Minelli and Lorne Luft.

Marc Almond "Saint Judy"
Marc Almond "Ruby Red"
Robyn Archer "A Star Is Torn"
Jim Bailey "Jim Bailey"
Fred Barton "Miss Gulch Returns"
Chainsaw Kittens "Dorothy's Last Fling"
Chez Nous "Over The Rainbow"
Columbus Gay Men's Chorus "Over The Rainbow"
"Dirty Little Showtunes"
East Pacific Symphony "Somewhere Over..."
Erasure "Over The Rainbow"
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles: "Somewhere Medley"
Sam Harris "Over The Rainbow"
"He's So Unusual"
Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington DC "Over The Rainbow"
"The Man I Love":
Michael Holland "Surrender Dorothy"
Bette Midler "Ding Dong"
Geof Morgan "Over The Rainbow"
Klaus Nomi "Ding Dong"
"Outrageous" Original Film Soundtrack
"Over The Rainbow" Various Artists
Seattle Men's Chorus: "Over the Rainbow! "
Syracuse Gay and Lesbian Chorus "Over the Rainbow! "
Tampa Bay Gay Men's Chorus "Over the Rainbow! "
Tiny Tim "Over the Rainbow! "
Trinity "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead"
Turtle Creek Chorale "Over the Rainbow! "
"Various Voices 1995 Rare" "Over the Rainbow! "
Rufus Wainwright (biography)
Mark Weigle "Oz"
Cris Williamson "Surrender Dorothy"
The Wizard Of Oz" Original Soundtrack
Women's Chorus Of Dallas "Over The Rainbow"
see Wizard of Oz
see Rainbow index (RAIN)

Judy Garland(Frances Gumm, 10 Jun 1922 - Jan 22 1969)
Probably claimed her place in gay hearts as Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz". Although they followed her through a thirty year career, it was probably her characterisation of the archetypal alienated child which fostered the gay tendency to identify with her. She dressed in a suit to sing "Come on Get Happy", and was not averse to retaining original gender references in songs like "Me and My Gal".

"Judy Garland and others - Notes on Idolisation and Derision"; by Michael Bronski in "Lavender Culture" (Eds. Jay and Young" Jove Press, NY. 1978)

Judy Garland: "Over The Rainbow"
see "Club Verboten" €

Judy Garland: "The Man That Got Away"

Judy Garland & Gene Kelly: "For Me And My Gal" CD. "The Man I Love" (see below)
USA. 1942. €
"Do you know why they're ringing? No? Your gonna get a big surprise! Cos I'm gonna put you wise. The bells are ringing for me and my gal." sings Judy with Gene joining in, taking the higher melody.

Terry Garthwaite: "Hand In Glove"
MC. Fantasy FAN 9564
USA. Rock

Jean-Paul Gaultier:
Outspoken fashion designer released a camp LP. in 1989, drawing on his experiences with Jimmy Somerville/AIDS Benefits/ Madonna's "Justify My Love" and other pop involvements.

'Gay records' see Gay / Lesbian Oriented Product (GLOP)

Ben Gay and The Silly Savages: "The Ballad of Ben Gay"
7". GNP Crescendo 479 (Gene Norman Presents), Elm Recs(?)
USA. 1974.
Artwork °
"The Ballad of Ben Gay" (Darell Gulland/Edd McNealy) (2: 37)
"I'd like to dedicate this song to Wayne and Bruce, and all my friends at the Chartreause Moose." Novelty record. (see the similarly-styled track by Bruce Poose).
It would seem that the singers and songwriters are "Teddy and Darell" (see below).

"Gay All The Way": Various Artists
CD. Dance Factory / Ram's Horn DFR 01 6140
US?UK? 1994. Stripped Leatherman Cover (GLOP)(COMP)€
Erotic Drum Band: "Touch Me Where It's Hot" (3: 56); Young and Company,: "I Like What You're Doing To Me" (4: 22); Eloise Whitaker: "Don't Turn Back On Your Love" (3: 37); Loverde: "My World Is Empty Without You" (4: 30); Barbara Roy: "If You Want Me" (3: 24); North End, "Happy Days" (3: 46); Karen Silver: "Nobody Else" (3: 41); Vaughan Mason: "Bounce, Rock, Skate and Roll" (3: 40); Funk Machine: "Dance On The Groove" (4: 20); Crystal and the Team: "Won't You Dance With Me" (3: 29); Lisa: "Jump Shout" (3: 22); Shades Of Love: "Keep In Touch Body To Body: (4: 15); Yvonne Elliman: "Love Pains" (4: 15); Sain Tropex: "Love Stealers" (4: 09); Destination: "Move On Up" (4: 03); Klein &MBO: "Dirty Talk" (4: 19); Motion: "Don't Stop" (4: 18); Stereo Fun Inc.: "Got You Where I Want You Babe (4: 31); Jade: "Gonna Get Your Love" (3: 24).

"Gay American Composers": Various Artists
CD. CRI 721
USA. 1996. (COMP)(CLAS)
Robert Helps: "Homage á Rachmaninoff" (2:13); Lee Horby: "I Was There" (3:03); Lou Harrison: "from String Quartet Set - Variations: Estampe" (8:16); Chester Biscardi: "Incitation To Desire: Tango" (3:17); "Ned Rorem: "from The Nantucket Song"; David Del Tredici: "Fantasy Pieces" (9:31); Robert Maggio: "Desire Movement" (7:28); Conrad Cummings: "In The Department Of Love" (3:59); William Hibbar: "Bass Trombone, Bass Clarinet, Harp" (8:01); Jerry Hunt: "Lattice" (3:16); "Lou Harrison "Serenade for Betty Freeman & Franco Assetto" (5:48); Chris DeBlasio: "Walt Whitman in 1989" (3:40); "Robert Helps: "Homage á Faure' (3:55).
Modern classical music with sleeve notes about the (possible) gayness of the music.

"Gay American Composers: Vol. 2": Various Artists
USA. 1996. (CLAS)(COMP)
Henry Cowell: "Three Works For Piano" (5:19); Harry Partch: "Ulysees At The Edge Of The World" (6:37); Samuel Barber: "Excursions For Piano - orchestra"(11:46); Marc Blitzstein: from "Concerto for piano & orchestra" (10:50); Aaron Copland: from "Sonata for violin and piano" (7:25); Virgil Thomson: "Symphony No. 3" (8:01); Ben Weber: "String Quartet No 2, Opus 35" (10:40); John Cage: "Ryonji" (3:07); Alwin Nikolais: "Electronic Music for Dance" (5:49); John Cage: "Sonata XIII for Prepared Piano" (4:00)

"Gay And Straight Together": Various Artists
LP. Folkways Records FS 8580
USA. 1981. Folk compilation. Lyric sheet enclosed. (GLOP)(COMP)°
Jeffrey C. Jones: "Song for His 'n' Hers" (7: 11); Kitty Barber: "Pancake Blues" (3: 01); Malvina Reynolds: "Love Somebody" (Ginni Clemmens, vocal and guitar) (3: 06); Nancy Schimmel: "Piney Creek Woman" (2: 36) Bluegrass; Lori Noelle: "Penguin Walk Rag" (1: 44) Instrumental; Diana Straight-as-an-Arrow: "Weird" (Vivian Davis, John Salewski, Skip Harstirn, vocals)(3: 54); Kristin Lems: "How Nice" (3: 36)(see Elliot Pilshaw); Paula Walowitz: "Surprise" (2: 36),; Judith Carsello: "Lezzie Queer" (5: 29) Blues/jazz.; Charlie Murphy: "If You Got Gayness" (3: 43); Gill Turner: "Carry It On" (Dev Singh, vocal)(3: 41) Trisha Alexander: "Lately I See" (1: 24); Merle Markland: "Dirty Old Woman" (2: 02); Michelle Brody: "Old Woman" (Miss Saffman's Ladies Choir)(2: 29); Ginni Clemmens. "Thank You Anita" Thank you Anita, you couldn't have been sweeter you brought us together like never before. " When the material was deemed to long for the vinyl the gallant producer let her own material feel the axe. (but the lyric survives on the lyric sheet).
"A collection of songs by various artists who celebrate sexuality in its myriad forms. "
see Ginni Clemens
see Charlie Murphy
see Malvina Reynolds
see Jennifer Berezan: "Burnin' Times"

"Gay Anthems": Various Artists
CD. Play It Again Sam? (COMP)
UK. 1994? (COMP)
incl. Hazell Dean "Love Pains. Obsession "Love Insurance", Abbacadabra: "Lay All Your Love On Me", Lana Pellay "Pistol In My Pocket"

Gay Boy Ric: "Comin' At Ya"
Private label, year not given
"Boys You Know It's True"; " Dont Blame It On The Gays"; "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man"; "I'm Da Beastie Gay (Yo)"; "License To Drive" 5 songs. Parodies of rap songs done with gay lyrics

"The Gay Comedy Jam 'Freedom Tour' Live": Various Artists
CD. Uproar 3779-4
USA. 1997.
Starring Scott Kennedy & Kevin Maye, with special guest Bob Smith
Contact (1997): http: //www.gaycomedy.com

Gay Community, Seattle: see "Lavender Country".

"Gay Dancing"
Germany. (DISC)(COMP)
Paul Parker, Jimmy Somerville, Sin With Sebastian, Paul Lekakis, Barbara Mason, Gigabyte, etc.

The Gay Duo: " Love's Right/Guys"
7", Private label
UK. 1976. (GLOP)
"Love's Right" (LAWS)(LIBE) "Love is not a privilege, it is a right!".
Openly gay folk single, sold via UK Gay News.
see Alan Duke

"Gay Free and Happy": Various Artists
CD. Stonewall Recs
Germany. 1997. (COMP) "Gay From Las Vegas": Various Artists
CD. Uproar CD 3773
USA. 1997. (COME) (COMP)(GLOP) Artwork€
A gay comedy performance at the Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. Uproar Entertainment, 3663 Twin Lake Ridge, Westlake Village, CA 91361, 818-889-3757. introductions by Frank Marino (8: 47) the famous Joan Rivers female impersonator (she once sued him over it but they're now the best of friends...),, with Suzy Berger (13: 32), Scott Kennedy (9: 10), Elvira Kurt (16: 00), Mark Davis (17: 35)

"Gay Happening": Various Artists
CD. Adam First
Germany.1993 (AIDS benefit)(COMP)
Mixes from Krefeld's regular gay parties.

"Gay Happening 2": Various Artists
CD. Adam First
Germany. 1993 (AIDS benefit)(COMP)
17 Hits mixed for the gay audience including Bronski Beat, Weather Girls, Next Generation, Beverley, Doop, Viola Wills, Gloria Gaynor, Sarah Washington, West End featuring Sybil, The Goodmen, Eartha Kitt, Freda Payne.

"Gay Happening 3"; Various Artists
CD. Dance Street
Germany. 1995 (COMP)
incl. Weather Girls, Holly Johnson.

Gay Jazz Reissues: see "AC-DC Blues"

Gay / lesbian inter-relationship (GAYL)
What do lesbians think of gay men? Why should we stand together when we seem to have so little in common?

D. J. Adler "Politically Correct"
Bradford G.L.F. "Stand Together"
Gil Cerisay "A mes soeurs lesbiennes"
Kate Clinton "Penis Jokes/Stand up Comedy"
Bill Folk "A Song About Women And Love"
Siren Plays "On Meeting A Closet Lesbian At A Straight Social Occasion"

Gay and Lesbian Oriented Product (GLOP)
The index of gay and lesbian-oriented records (i. e. The albums and singles which assume gay sympathies, and/or are dedicated to discussing and reflecting them).
Many of them are identified with rainbows, pink triangles, and openly gay sleeve notes.
Assume that other work may these artists may also be aimed at the GLBT market.

"AC-DC Blues, Vol. 1: Gay Jazz Reissues"
Margie Adam: "We Shall Go Forth"
D. J. Adler: "Here And Now"
Adult Children Of Heterosexuals: "Adult Children Of Heterosexuals"
Travis John Alford Band: "Lucky Pierre"
David Allen "Gay"
Alliance: "Give A Helping Hand "
Als Je Maar Gezond "Lieve Jongens"
Jamie Anderson: "Closer To Home"
Jamie Anderson "Center of Balance"
Jamie Anderson "Bad Hair Day "
Jamie Anderson "Never Assume"
Jon Andersson: "Verboten!"
Marcel André: "So warm wie ich und du"
Marcel André und Miss Scarlett: "Ach duuu..."
Lee de Anza: "A Touch Of Love"
Robyn Archer: "The Pack Of Women"
Arthur Loves Plastic: "The Complete Teflon Diva"
Barbie: "Barbie"
Sandy Baron: "God Save The Queens"
Fred Barton: "Miss Gulch Returns"
Carl Bean: "I Was Born This Way"
Eric Bentley "The Queen of 42nd Street"
Berkeley Women's Music Collective: "Berkeley Women's Music"
Berkeley Women's Music Collective: "Trying to Survive"
Karen Beth: "The Edge of the Horizon"
Blackberri And Friends: "Finally"
Blueboy: "Clearer"
Peter Boom: "Fuori / Lui Ama Lui"
Ivy Bottini: "Women's Lip"
Laura Bowly: "Lovin' By The Rules"
Boy George: "No Clause 28"
Boy George: "Cheapness and Beauty"
"Boy Meets Boy": Original Stage Recording
"Boy Meets Boy": Los Angeles Cast Recording
"The Boys in the Band": Original New York Cast
Boys Town Gang: "Cruisin' the Streets"
Joe Bracco: "Friend In My Pocket"
Joe Bracco: "True To Myself"
Bradford GLF( Gay Liberation Front): "Glad To Be Gay"
Luc Bral: "Beminnen"
Bratty and the Babysitters "In A State"
"Broadway for Lovers": Unnamed Artists
Bronski Beat: "The Age of Consent"
Bronski Beat: "Hundreds & Thousands(The Remix Plus)"
Bronski Beat: "Truthdare Doubledare"
Bronski Beat: "Rainbow Nation"
Brühwarm: "Mannstoll"
Brühwarm: "Entartet!"
Buena Vista: "Hot Magazine"/"It's Okay"
Mark Bunyan: "Landladies Shoes"
"By Word Of Mouth / Sous La Langue"; Compilation
"La Cage Aux Folles-The Broadway Musical": Original Cast Recording
Michael Callen: "Purple Heart"
"Can't Help Lovin' That Man": Various Artists
Canya Phuckem and Howe: "Sleeze Attack"
Daniel Cartier: "Stumbling Home"
Gil Cerisay: "Ame Frère"
Gil Cerisay: "Homoportrait"
Choeur Accord: "Marginaux"
The Choral Majority: "Greatest Hits"
Meg Christian: "I Know You Know"
Meg Christian: "Meg Christian"
Meg Christian: "Face the Music"
Meg Christian: "The Fire of My Love"
Meg Christian: "Turning It Over"
Meg Christian & Cris Williamson: "At Carnegie Hall - In Celebration of Olivia's 10th Anniversary"
Meg Christian: "From the Heart"
Meg Christian: "Scrapbook"
Meg Christian: "The Fire of My Love"
D. A. Clarke: "Messages: Music For Lesbians"
David Clement: "Be More Like Me"
Kate Clinton: "Making Light!"
Kate Clinton: "Making Waves"
Kate Clinton: "Live at the Great American Music Hall"
Kate Clinton: "Babes In Joyland"
D. Merilee Clunis and G. Dorsey Green: "Lesbian Couples"
Chris Cochrane's Suck Pretty: "3 heads"
"Coming Out - Ready Or Not": Various Artists
Communards: "Communards"
Communards: "Red"
Conan: "Tell Ol' Anita"
Corky and the Juice Pigs: "Eskimo"
Sonny Costa: "Homo Joe / Er"
Noël Coward "Green Carnation" (from "Bitter Sweet")
Quentin Crisp: "An Evening With Quentin Crisp"
Casse Culver: "3 Gypsies"
"Dans tegen de draai in - liedjes van mannen in beweging"
Hunter Davis: "Harmony"
Madeleine Davis: "Stonewall Nation"
Death Bang Party: "Shortlofe"
Franz Josef Degenhardt: "Du bist anders als die andern"
Derivative Duo: "Opera for the Masses"
Derivative Duo: "Mutiny at the Matinee"
Detlev: "Hallo Schwester - bist Du ein Schlimmer!"
Detlev: "Ich bin so süß Wie du!"
Ed Diamond: "God Is Gay"
Melinda DiMaio: "Dyke Dramas"
Alice DiMicele: "Too Controversial"
Alice DiMicele: "Searching"
Alice DiMicele: "Naked"
"Dirty Dreams Of A Clean-Cut Kid"; Original Cast Recording
Disappear Fear; "Disappear Fear"
Disappear Fear; "Michelangelo"
Alix Dobkin: "Lavender Jane Loves Women",
Alix Dobkin And Friends: "Living With Lesbians"
Alix Dobkin: "X X Alix"
Alix Dobkin (With Carol MacDonald and Witch): "These Women Never Been Better"
Alix Dobkin: "Yahoo, Australia. Live from Sydney"
Alix Dobkin: "Love & Politics. A 30 Year Saga"
Dora & Dåserne: "Dora & Dåserne"
Alan Duke: "Love's Right / Guys",
"Dyke Proud- A Lesbian Poetry Reading"; Various Artists
Dyketones: "Live in P-Town At The Townhouse"
Leroy Dysart: "We Are Everywhere"
Steve Elgin: "Don't Leave Your Lover Lyin' Round (Dear)"
Eschi: 'Schwul"
"The Faggot"- Original Off Broadway Cast Recording
"Falsettoland": Original Cast Recording
"A Family Of Friends": Various Artists
"Feeding The Flame"; Various Artists
Maxine Feldman: "Closet Sale"
Femmeuse: "Femmeuse"
Kathy Fire: "Songs of Fire. Songs of a lesbian anarchist"
Amy Fix: "Amy Fix"
The Flirtations: "The Flirtations"
The Flirtations "Three"
Flying Lesbians: "Flying Lesbians"
Bill Folk: "We Are Here" / "Woman To Woman, Man To Man"
Bill Folk: "Looking For Mr. Right"
Ted Fox: "One Of Us"
Scott Free: "Getting Off"
The Frogs: "It's Only Right and Natural"
Fruit Cocktail '85: "No More Fear"
Mark Fuller: "Songs About Adam"
Lewis Furey: "Lewis Furey"
Lewis Furey: "The Humours of..."
Lewis Furey: "The Sky is Falling"
"Gay All The Way": Various Artists
"Gay And Straight Together"
The Gay Duo; " Love's Right/Guys"
"Gay From Las Vegas": Various Artists
Gay Liberation Quire: "Hormones and Jeans"
Gay Men: "I Am A Man (Who Needs A Man)"
"Gay Nineties": Original Cast Gay Sweatshop Women's Company: "I Like Me Like This"
Gender is as Gender Does: "Gender is as Gender Does"
Girls in The Nose: "Weddings Are Icky"
"Glad To Be Gay": Various Artists
"Glad To Be Gay 2": Various Artists
"Glad To Be Gay 3": Various Artists
Marla Glen: "Love And Respect"
Go: "Fear of A Gay Planet"
God Is My Co-pilot: "Speed Yr Trip"
God Is My Co-pilot: "Straight Not"
God is My Co-pilot: "Tight Like Fist"
The Go-Go Boys: "Gay Apparel X-mas Songs"
The Goldenrods; "Lesbian Nation"
Gotham: "Void Where Inhibited"
Axel Gran: "Halvvegs uten navn"
Steven Grossman: "Caravan Tonight"
Romy Haag: "So bin ich"
Patrick Haggerty: "Lavender Country"
Jim Holmes: "Jim & Jake at Jaecques"
The Homosexuals; "You're Not Moving The Way You're Supposed To"
The Homosexuals: "He Who Lives and Runs Away"
The Homosexuals: "The Homosexuals' Record"
Hot Lavender Swing: "Hot Lavender Swing"
Isis: "Isis"
Isis: "Ain't No Backin' Up Now"
"J. D's Top Ten Tape-Homocore Hit Parade"
Christopher Jackson: "Do You Have A Piano?"
Bent Jacobsen: "Bøsse"
Jade and Sarsaparilla: "Jade and Sarsaparilla: "
Jobriath: "Jobriath"
Jobriath: "Creatures Of The Night"
Holly Johnson: "Legendary Children (All of Them Queer)"
Juffrouw Sonnika & Tante Gré: "Juffrouw Sonnika & Tante Gré"
"June 28, 1970 Gay and Proud"
Jennifer Justice: "Spiderwoman: Celebrating Women's Heroes"
Jennifer Justice: "Lavender Hearts"
Kinsey Sicks: "Dragapella!"
Kitchens of Distinction: "Love is Hell"
Kitchens of Distinction: "The Death Of Cool"
Labrys: "Sisterlove"
David Lasley: "Missing Twenty Grand"
David Lasley: "Raindance"
Lynn Lavner: "....something different"
Lynn Lavner: "...i'd rather be cute"
Lynn Lavner: "You Are What You Wear"
Lynn Lavner: "Butch Fatale: Live In Concert"
Paul Lekakis: "Boom, Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)"
"Lesbian Concentrate: A Lesbianthology of Songs and Poems"
"Love Is A Drag": Uncredited
Lee Lucas: "The Big Strappin' Fag Show"
Ludar: "The Broughton Song"
Lunacy: "Lunacy"
Linda Luxaflex: "Liever Lesbies"
Rita Lynch: "Call Me Your Girlfriend"
Steve Lynn: "Steve Lynn Sings Gay Country"
Lysistrara: "Lysistrara"
David McAlmont: "Gay Pride EP"
MäNü - Schwuler Männerchor Nürnberg: "Kalte Platte"
Manfred Langer: "Manfred, met andere ogen"
"March of the Falsettos": Original Cast
Dan Martin: "Homo Love Song"
Dan Martin and Michael Biello: "Human Being"
"Miami Nightmare" Benefit Concert Recording
Mickey: "This Is Me...Mickey"
Mickey's 7: "Rocket to Stardom"
Modern Rocketry: "Homosexuality/Thank God For Men",
Charlie Murphy: "Catch the Fire"
"Naked Boys Singing!": Original Cast
"The National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights- A Sound Quilt"
Holly Near: "Singer in the Storm: Life and Music of..."
Holly Near: "Don't Hold Back"
Holly Near: "Sky Dances
Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert; "Singing With You"
Holly Near, Arlo Guthrie, Ronnie Gilbert, Peter Seeger: "H. A. R. P. ",
Holly Near: "Watch Out"
Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert: "Lifeline"
Holly Near: "Journeys"
Holly Near: "Speed of Light"
Holly Near: "Fire in the Rain"
Holly Near with Jeff Langley: "You Can Know All I Am"
Holly Near: "Hang in There"
Holly Near: "Imagine My Surprise- an album of songs about women's lives"
New Freedom: "Come Out, Come Out"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus: "A Festival of Song"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus: "New York, New York"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus: "Christmas Comes Anew"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus: "Love Lives On"
Noot aan de Man: "Mannenleven en Liefde" (=Man's Life and Loves)
Phil O'Kings: "Homogay"
"Out Classics"
"Out Classics II": Stepping Out"
"Out of the Closet"
"Out Loud" Various Artists
"The Outmusic Gay & Lesbian Music Compilation"
"Outrageous - Gay Classics Volume IV"
"Outstanding - Gay Classics Volume II"
Pansy Division: "Undressed"
Pansy Division: "Deflowered"
Pansy Division: "Pile Up"
Pansy Division: "More Lovin' From Our Oven"
David Paul: "Noel Cosmique"
Larry Paulette: "What Makes A Man A Man"
Pat Parker and Judy Grahn: "Where Would I Be Without You"
Pédalos: "Essayez donc nos pédalos"
Phranc: "Folksinger"
Elliot Pilshaw: "Feels Like Home"
Elliot Pilshaw and Lorin Sklamberg "Bending The Rules"
Potten met Vleugels; "Potten op vleugels"
Eric Presland: "File Under Gay"
Andy Quan: "Halfway Round"
"The Queen Is In The Closet"; Uncredited
Queer Conscience: "It's A Queer Nation"
Queer Conscience & Rick Cresswell: "Back To The Other World"
"Queer To The Core"
Judy Reagan: "Old Friends"
Ernie Reinland and Terry Truck: "Ausziehn"
The Rhythm Method: "The Rhythm Method"
Jallen Rix: "The Sacred And The Queer"
Tom Robinson Band: "Rising Free"
Tom Robinson: " Cabaret '79"
Chris Robison (and his Many Hand Band): "Chris Robison"
Romanovsky & Phillips: "I Thought You'd Be Taller"
Romanovsky & Phillips: "Trouble In Paradise"
Romanovsky & Phillips: "Emotional Rollercoaster"
Romanovsky and Phillips: "Be Political Not Polite"
Romanovsky & Phillips, "Let's Flaunt It!"
Ron Romanovsky: "Hopeful Romantic"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: "Tours America '81"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: "How Fair This Place"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: "Brahms, Bernstein and The Boys"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: "Our Gay Apparel"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: "Naked Man"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: "ExtrABBAganza"
Satin Chickens: "Anatomy Of Sodomy"
"Sapphic Journeys"; Various Artists
Anne Seale: "Sex For Breakfast"
David Sereda: "Chivalry Lives"
Linda Shear: "A Lesbian Portrait"
Joseph Victor Sieger: "Self-portrait"
Sienna: "Bedtime Stories
Siren Plays; "Siren Plays"
"Sissy Man Blues"; Compilation
Sister Double Happiness: "Sister Double Happiness"
Sunny McHale SkyeDancer: "Lesbian Nation One Nation Among Many "
Slojack: "Naked"
Softies: "Obsessie"
Jimmy Somerville: "Read My Lips"
Sons & Lovers "Sons & Lovers"
"Sparkles-The Ultimate Fairy Tale" - Original Cast Recording
"Stage One: How I Love You": Various Artists
"Stage 2: The Human Heart": Various Artists
Stasia: "This Love"
Doug Stevens and The Outband: "Out In The Country"
Doug Stevens and The Outband: "When Love Is Right"
Marsha Stevens: "Free To Be"
Marsha Stevens: "The Best Is Yet To Come"
Marsha Stevens: "I Still Have A Dream"
Marsha Stevens: "I Will Not Behave Like Prey"
"Straight And Gay": Various Artists
Stray Dags: "Heterosexual Jungle"
Jason Stuart: "I'm Jason Stuart...Jealous!"
Jon Sugar: "Gay Type Thang"
Melitta Sundström: "Melitta Sundstrom"
SuperTamp: "Jongensland"
Sweet Harmony: "Let Yourself Go"
Sysygy: "Sysgy"
Marilyn T. "Unrapped: Womanrap Poetry"
Marilyn T. "Clear Spears Of Intention"
Teddy & Darrel: "These Are The Hits, You Silly Savage!"
"There's a DYKE in the Pit"; Various Artists
Third Sex: "Card Carryin'"
"This Way Out": Various Artists
Lynn Thomas: "Courage"
John Topping: "Vision Of A Bear"
Cliff Townsend: "Out Here On My Own"
Tracy and Sharon: "Filthy Hetero"
Teresa Trull: "The Ways a Woman Can Be"
Two Nice Girls; "Two Nice Girls"
Two Nice Girls; "Chloe Liked Olivia"
Robin Tyler: "Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Groom"
Robin Tyler: "Just Kidding"
Robert Urban: "godless"
Valentino: "I Was Born This Way"
Venus Envy: "I'll Be Homo For Christmas"
Venus Envy: "Unarmed and Dangerous"
Village People: "Macho Man"
The Voice Squad (With Tom Robinson and Jill Posner)
"A Dyke's Gotta Do /Stand Together"
Jerry Walker: "The Fairy Godmother"
Warmer Südwind: "Schwul" (=Gay)
Debra Riggin Waugh: "Homo Neurotica and other short stories"
Mark Weigle: "The Truth Is..."
Well-Oiled Sisters: "Alcohol and Tears"
Laura Wetzler: "The Jesse Helms Sampler"
Laura Wetzler: ". . Unplugged"
Howard Crabtree/Original Cast: "When Pigs Fly"
John Whitley/ Peter Saxe: "History Remembers"
Robb Williams: "What More Can I Say?"
Cris Williamson: "Cris Williamson"
Cris Williamson: "The Changer and the Changed"
Cris Williamson: "Blue Rider"
Earl Wilson: "Let My People Come"
Tom Wilson: "Gay Name Game"
Tom Wilson: "All-American Boy"
Tom Wilson Weinberg: "Ten Percent Revue"
Tom Wilson-Weinberg: "Get Used To It"
Tom Wilson-Weinberg: "Don't Mess With Mary"
Windy City Gay Men's Chorus: "Don We Now...Holiday Favorites"
Windy City Gay Men's Chorus: "Mostly Love"
Cathy Winter & Betsy Rose: "Sweet Sorcery"
Worm: "Worm"
Worm: "I Pledge"
Y'ALL "An Evening Of Stories And Songs"
Y'ALL: "The Next Big Thing"
Y'ALL"My Man, Our Horses, and Me"
Yer Girlfriend: "We Won't Be Silent"
Zangeress Zonder Naam: "Luister Anita"
Zeltinger: "Solo Plaat"
Leah Zicari: "Wouldn't That Be Fun"
Zrazy: "Come Out Everybody"

Gay Liberation Quire: "Hormones and Jeans"
MC. Melbourne, Australia. Privately circulated recording(GLOP) (LIBE) (CHOR) (XMAS)°
including Christmas parodies from The Choral Majority (see above) and "Festival of Light"(see Reg Livermore)

"Gay Liberation Follies"
San Francisco-based radio show (prod. Len Richmond for KSAN) (1973-4) which featured many interesting interviews and musical items.

"Gay Liberation Follies" Original Cast
Lily Tomlin (This Way Out)

Gay Men: "I Am A Man (Who Needs A Man)"
12" single. Elite Special LC 0/94 XZ 45/89.
USA. 1983. Maxi 45 US mix. Artwork€
Europe version on Barclay. Disco. (DISC)(GLOP)
Side 1: "I Am A Man (Who Needs A Man)"(Zdravkovic - Potier / Osman)(5: 20): "I'm a man who needs a man, I'm a gay man!"(LIBE)
Side 2: Radio version (3: 30) - Instrumental version (3: 00).

Gay Men's Chorus of Houston: "To Friends and To Life"
USA. 1995. (CHOR)
"Everything Possible" (Small arr Albert); "For Men Only" (Romberg/ Donnelly, Hammerstein arr MacLean); "Glostershire Wassail" (traditional/Albert); "Last Words Of David" (Thompson/2 Samuel 23:3,4); "Love Is All It Takes" (Romanovsky, Phillips arr Albert); "Possession Of The House" (Albert/Albert); "Regina Coeli" (from Cavaleria Rusticana") (Mascagni/Targioni-Tozzetti, Menachi adp Boyce); "Rhythm Of Life" (Coleman/Fields arr Barnes); "Rose, The (McBroom arr Nowak); "Season For Lovers" (Albert/Albert); "Star Spangled Banner! "(Key/Smith arr Albert); "Though Much Is Taken, Much Abides" (Albert)"/ "I. Dennis Dunwoody (Albert)"/ "II. Jeff Cothran (adp Tennyson's "Ulysses")"/ "III. To Friends And To Life" (Albert)"/ "IV. Behold! How Good!" (Psalm 133)

Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles: "Diversity"
USA. 1991. (CHOR)
"Ave Maria" (Biebl/Luke); "Cantique de Jean Racine" (Faur»/Racine arr Scott); "Canto de Esperanza" (Goodman/Zamora); "Diversity" (Henderson/Daggett); "Family" (Krieger/Eyen arr Coleman)(FAMI); "Gaelic Blessing" (Rutter/trad arr Bailey); "Hospodi Pomilui" (Lvovsky arr Weaver); "Love Alone" (Rorem/Monette); "Lux Aeterna" (Rutter arr Trusten); "No One Is Alone INTO THE WOODS" (Sondheim arr Henderson); "Our Time" (Sondheim arr Henderson); "Salvation Is Created" (Kiev chant arr Tchesnokov); "Something Inside So Strong" (Sassri arr Landau); "Somewhere Medley" (AN AMERICAN TAIL, WEST SIDE STORY, WIZARD OF OZ arr. Landau); "There Comes A Time (Kaldor arr Valleau)

Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles: "Don We Now"
USA. 1996. (CHOR)(XMAS)
"It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Pola/Wyle, arr Ades); "New Year Carol, A (Britten/de la Mare); "Caroling, Caroling (Burt/Hutson, transc. Ades); "You're Home For The Holidays (Henderson/Daggett); "Santa Claus Rag (Henderson, after Joplin's Eugenia Rag); "Merry Christmas, Darling (Carpenter/Pooler, arr Henderson); "Goin' On A Sleigh Ride (Blane arr Landau); "Nativity Carol (Rutter arr Trusten); "Rise Up Shepherd And Follow (trad spiritual, adp/arr Emerson); "Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (Praetorius/Baker arr Davison); "Christmas Was Meant For Children (Goodman, Evans arr Landau); "Riu, Riu, Chiu (anon Spanish/ed Pring-Mill); "Winter Wonderland (Bernard/Smith arr Clement); "Sleigh, The (Kountz/Tchervanow arr Baldwin); "Jubilant Gloria, A (Seely)

Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles: "Hidden Legacies"
USA. 1993. (CHOR)
"Hidden Legacies (Bourland/Hall)"/ "Before The Storm"/ "Dinosaur"/ "Give Us A Death Undiminished"/ "Hidden Legacies (Lullaby)"/ "Left Behind"/ "Nightmare, The"

Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles: "Songs of Love"
(GMC) GLAMA'97 elig.
USA. 1996. (CHOR)
"My True Love Has My Heart" (Butler/Sidney arr Bisbee); "Simple Gifts" (trad Shaker adpt Copland arr Fine); "Pasture, The" (Thompson/Frost); "Shenandoah" (trad arr Newbury); "All There Is Is Love" (Bourland/Monette); "Gaelic Blessing" (1996 version)" (Rutter arr Bailey, Clement); "Love's Gift" (Ames/Agee arr Bailey); "Mornings Innocent" (Pasatieri)"/ "I. You I Love" (Swenson)"/ "II. If Time Holds A Miracle" (Wright)"/ "III. I Wear Your Smile Upon My Lips" (Swenson)"/ "IV. This High Summer We Love Will Pour Its Light" (Rich)"/ "V. Tossed / By The Muscular Sea" (Swenson)"/ "VI. To Lie With You" (Swenson)

Gay Men's Chorus of Washington DC: "Pride and Joy"
CD. "Pride & Joy"
"Hanukkah" (Henderson/Gerson); "Behold A Star from Jacob Shining" (Mendelssohn); "Star Carol, The" (Burt trans Ades); "Some Children See Him" (Burt trans Ades); "What child Is This" (trad arr Riese); "Caroling, Caroling" (Burt trans Ades); "That Special Time Of Year" (Simmons); "Ringin' In Christmas Country Style, Down Home Country Christmas" (Mayer, Buck/Beall, Carter arr Coleman, Holloway); "Alegria" (Susa); "Bells Of Bethlehem, Campana sobre campana" (Susa); "Carol Of The Bells" (Lentovic arr Wilhousky); "Song For Christmas" (Silver arr Ray); "Merry Christmas, Darling" (Carpenter, Pooler arr Simmons); "Snow!"(from White Christmas) (Berlin arr Simmons); "Still, Still, Still" (trad Austrian/Bergman, Bergman arr Luboff); "Jubilant Gloria, A" (Seeley)GLAMA '97 nominee

Gay Men's Chorus of Washington DC: "Singing Free"
USA. 1994. (CHOR)
"Farewell My Love" (Seeley); "For The Fallen" (Sammes/Binyon); "Free" (Quay,Orland/Hurst arr Simmons); "Getting Out Of Town" (Warren/Stewart arr Simmons);"Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind" (Lavin arr Trinkley); "Hooray ForHollywood" (Whiting/Mercer arr Simmons); "I Can Cook, Too! "(from On The Town)(Bernstein/Comden, Green arr Simmons); "In Our Lifetime" (Simmons); "In This Moment" (Simmons); "Love Don't Need A Reason" (Allen, Callen, Malamet arrMoore); "My House" (from Peter Pan) (Bernstein arr Trinkley); "Peace I Leave With You" (Clausen arr Holloway); "Sing to Love" (from Die Fledermaus")(Strauss); "Walk Himup The Stairs" (from Purlie) (Udell/Geld arr Bower, Trinkley); "We Shall Walk ThroughThe Valley In Peace" (spiritual adp Appling); "What A Joy to Be Here" (from Die Fledermaus") (Strauss); "You Are The Light" (from Metropolis) (Hughes, Brooks arrSimmons)
see also Potomac Fever

"Gay Mix '97": Various Artists
CD. Hot Productions, 33178
USA. 1997. (COMP)
"Feels So Good" (Hiillos, Miikka ) (3: 44); "Dr. Beat" (Garcia, K.) (4: 56); "Automatic Love" (Unwin, G./Unwin, ) (5: 10); "Higher" (E., Imhauser ) (6: 48); "Love, Joy & Passion" (Maes, L./Neefs, ) (5: 47); "Guantanamera" (Traditional) (5: 10); "Dancing in the Sun" (Neefs/Pepetto) (6: 10); "Does Anybody Love That Girl" (Francois, G.) (5: 25); "Hands Up" (Byl, N./Kluger, ) (3: 25); "Can't Stop Loving" (Grobler, B.) (5: 02); "Latino Beat" (Jones, Jackie ) (5: 12); "I'm a Scatgirl" (Busch, K. Uwe) (3: 42)

"The Gay Nineties": Original Cast
CD. Varese Sarabande 5867,
USA. 1997. (GLOP)
"The Gay 90s"; "Couplets"; "Sweet Dreams" , the John Bucchino song"; "Simply Love (Wr/Holly Near)"; "976 Number"; "Mirror Image"; "John And Fred"; "Lookin' At Me"; "Desmond, Sam And Ellen"; "Well Spoken Woman"; "My Superman"; "Any Once Upon A Time"; "All The Good Men Are Gay"; "Mirror Image (Again, This Time Sung By A Male)"; "Bisexual Tango"; "Jonathan Wesley Oliver Jr"; "And The Ship Sails On"; "In This Moment".

"The Gay Nineties"
see "Family Jewels: Gems of Rainbow Stage"

Gay Sweatshop Women's Company: "I Like Me Like This"
LP. Cutting Records. (Private label)
England. 1979. From the stage musical. (MUSI) (GLOP) (LIBE)
Side 1: (16: 31) "I like me like this" (2: 10) "You got to dig deep" (2: 34) "Lesbian gone without a past, leaving us now without a history" (HERS) (HIST): "Telephone call" (1: 29)"Oh I see, you're jealous, I've heard about lesbians. "; "Outside" (1: 37): "Cowboys and lesbians" (1: 46)(WEST)"Let's play cowboys and lesbians, It'll be such fun, what'll we say, we just act like normal outlaws."; "A Woman of the world (Beverly Hill's song)" (0: 58) "It's all about posing clever questions, One day a fireman, next day a lesbian." (HOLL)(IMAG); "Make-up" (2: 59)(MAKE); "Amanda Hobson knows" (2: 13) (YOUT)(EDUC) About schoolgirl crushes.
Side 2: (19: 01) "Leaving Dick" (3: 03); "Rape song" (3: 14)(RAPE); "Well, you may be a slut, a mother of three, A nun or a nurse or a dyke like me, but sister your body belongs to you."; "Get out there and fight?" (1: 39); "Revenge" (2: 32)(RAPE)((VIOL)(MILI) "Two drunken soldiers in a pub said "You a lez then?" followed me outside, the corporal held me while the sergeant forced his prick in my mouth..."; "Behind the screens" (1: 21) "Quick change and I'm everyone's favorite nurse, just enough skill and a caring disposition, Quick change and I'm society's curse. hell bent on my sapphic mission"; "Nobody messes with Shirley" (2: 11); "One warm night" (2: 08); "It's alright !" (2: 14)
Vocals Vicky Ryder, Trudy Howson o. a. All songs copyright: Sharon Nassauer & Angela Stewart-Park. Story of the show: Charlie and Sal are sharing a flat. Liz, Charlie's lover, spends a lot of time with them. Karen, an old friend of Sal's, is staying with them. Val, Sal's lover, returns after being in prison. Into their lives comes Beverley Hills, a TV reporter, who is determined to make a programme which shows a "true" picture of lesbians as part of her "outlaws" series. Dick, Karen's husband, is an unwelcome catalyst in events of the story. These women remain together; the musical follows the changes in their lives.

Gaye Bikers on Acid. "John Wayne Is A Fag"
LP. Virgin
UK. 1987.

Gaye Bikers on Acid. "Stewed To The Gills"
LP. Virgin VN 2579
UK. 1989.

Marie Gayle: "Marie Gayle"
LP. Gay Leo.
USA. 197_

Gloria Gaynor: (New Jersey, 7 Sept 1949 - )
Disco diva, and hit singer of "I Will Survive", "Never Can Say Goodbye" and a string of other gay-popular songs. Her strength in the higher vocal registers provided contrast to the sultry voice of her greatest rival, Donna Summer. She has usually been very discrete about her gay following and has rarely commented on it at all in public.

Gloria Gaynor: "I Am What I Am"
12" single. Chrysalis CHS 12 2765.
LP. "I Am Gloria Gaynor", CHR 1466 (UK)
UK. 1983. 12" single. (DISC)€
"I Am What I Am" (5: 48)(Jerry Herman)(LIBE)(COMI): "It's one life/ and there's no return and no deposit, / one life, so it's time to open up your closet. /Life's not worth a damn till you can shout out 'I am what I am". Gay anthem and chart hit ( UK #13 Dec '83, Missed in US charts) from the musical version of "La Cage Aux Folles";
see "Glad To Be Gay" (compilation)
see also "La Cage Aux Folles"
see also Village People

Gloria Gaynor: "I Am Gloria Gaynor"
LP. Royton Music ROYLP/ROYMC. 7048 & CBS 206 151-620 (MC: 406 151-652).
USA. 1984. (DISC)
"I Am What I Am" (5: 48) see above

Gloria Gaynor: "I Am What I Am"
see "Club Verboten"

Geile Tiere (= Horny Beasts)
Predominantly gay performance-band (p. 188 "Männer-Liebe").

Steven Gellman
Openly gay folk singer/songwriter from the Washington, DC area. Steven started his career with Diamond Rose and moved on to developing a soft acoustic style in his solo work.

Steven Gellman: "Time To Open My Heart"
CD. Hidden Poet 001
USA. 1995. Artwork €
"Guilty No More"; "Pineapple Ice Cream"; "Time (To Open My Heart"; "Summertime"; "My Bright Star"; "Almeda At 90"; "Sonny".
Diamond Rose member starts his solo career with a mixture of standards and self-penned tunes.

Steven Gellman: "Photobook"
CD. Hidden Poet 002CD
USA. 1997. GLAMA '97 nominee Artwork €
"Autumn's Love Song" (3:54); "Believe" (3:45), a song about pride, self-esteem and the power of positive thinking (COMI); "Blue On Blue" (3:34); "Train To Samara" (1:45); "All The Way To Russia" (3:58); "This Road Called Life" (4:33); "The First Chill Of Winter" (3:21); "There's A Path" (3:12); "I've Got A Question" (3:06); "My Old Friend" (3:25); "Almeda At 90" (5:16); "The Name Of Your Angel" (4:30); "Different" (3:57)(COMI), a song about the struggles of coming out and feeling that you don't quite fit. ; "Boss Lady" (2:51); "Photobooks (4:18); "Blue Reprise" (1:18).
He sings of people in his life, past and present who made a difference in some way. From "This Road Called Life," dedicated to his father, to "Almeda At 90," a loving tribute to the senior citizens he often performs for. Almeda was a woman who brightened his days with her kindness and support and enjoyment of his music. This song returns the favor for eternity. There's a tender exploration of love titled "I've Got A Question" which finds our singer asking his beloved if he will be there for always. There's even an especially playful dedication to Steve's best friend of all... Bruno, his pet dog, who makes a guest vocal appearance on the track "My Old Friend." Lest you think the entire album is filled with loving sentiment, there's a surprising bit of animosity in the song "Boss Lady." With Venus Rising providing background vocals, Steve confronts a former boss with lines such as "I once heard somebody say you must not do a folksinger wrong because surely as the sun will rise they'll immortalize you in song." "Boss Lady" seems to be an emotional release for Gellman in as much a way as his songs directed at those he cares for, revealing the full ranges of his emotions. Love, joy, anger, resentment and even sadness in the tender track "First Chill Of Winter." There are also simpler songs that reveal Gellman's love of nature.
Contact: (1998):P.O. Box 501, Germantown, MD 20875. www.hiddenpoet.com: e-mail; hiddenpoet@aol.com

Steven Gellman: "Autmn's Love Song"
see "Outmusic 97"€

Mary Gemini:
New age pianist. Albums "The Other Side of the Sign" and "Crazy. For You" (1989).

Mary Gemini: "Sample It... "
USA. 1982.
"Julie"; "Crimes Of The Culture"; "Women On The Edge Of Time"; "Mepitation On How To Be Happy"; "Janee Come Back"; "I Ain't Got No Job"; "Sugar"; "It's More Than Lust"; "Truth About Mary"; "Psychopathic Mutation"; "I Hate Men".

Gender is as Gender Does: "Gender is as Gender Does"
7". EP (GLOP)
Six girls and boys make music that's rhythmic, noisy, jazzy. If I had to categorize it, I'd say 'No Wave'. This single comes in two sleeves, one with two girls kissing and one with two boys kissing. Songs include "Handsome Molly, " "I Hate Girls, " "Sun, Wind, " and "Submissive. " They have several other singles and a full-length CD.

Genderation: "Genderation"
MC. Private
USA. 1993. (Disco/Techno)
Los Angeles-based John Dunton, is openly gay.

Genderation: "4 on the Floor"
MC. Private
USA. 1995. (Disco/Techno)
"Butchbitch"(BUTC); "Getitonandgetitoff"; "Discolover"
(1995: PO. Box 1478, Cypress, CA 90630, USA)

Gene: "Olympian"
CD. Costermonger Records
UK. 1995.
'Left-handed"; 'a song about not being straight. '; "Sleep Well Tonight. " ' a Smalltown Boy for the '90's. "
Singer Martin Rossiter; "I've had relationships with men and women, but I refuse to give myself a name" (1994); "I would like to see more gay rappers, gay heavy metal stars and, most of all, gay football managers. "
Interviewed by Richard Smith (Gay Times 3/'95)

Gene: "Drawn To The Deep End"
CD Polydor CD 7104
USA. 1997. °
incl. Fighting Fit"; "Where Are They Now" (Not Out Lyrically)
From the moment the British band Gene landed on the front of British music tabloids such as NME, comparisons to the Smiths were inevitable. Lead singer Martin Rossiter's voice invokes comparisons to Smiths' frontman Morrissey, the music on their debut album "Olympian" at times seemed a tribute to guitar wizard Johnny Marr, and even the band's name (a possible mispelling of the B-side to "This Charming Man" - "Jeane") was cited by conspiracy theorists as an allusion to the Smiths.
On the band's second disc, "Drawn To The Deep End", Gene simultaneously break some of the comparisons to their British forefathers while reinforcing others. From a musical standpoint, "Deep End" witnesses the band exploring areas which were off-limits on their previous release. "We Could Be Kings" opens with a U2-like guitar ("One"), and returns to a traditional rock melody which could come from any of a number of talented groups - neither including or excluding the Smiths. "Fighting Fit" showcase the melodic side of Gene in a song about the sexual fit tearing Rossiter apart. "Voice Of The Father" rocks with the fury of a garage pop band, breaking down in the middle for a brief interlude before jolting the listener again with its bravado. Jack Hues helps out with some string and brass arrangements on the album, and the Hammond organ and mellotron are included on several tracks.
But yet...there's something which draws the group back to the Smiths. "Why I Was Born" could have been an alternate take for "Asleep", and the lyrical content of this album keeps returning to the Smiths. "I can not stand alone / I'm incapable of breathing / Incapable of love" is the refrain to the key track, "Where Are They Now?" These words might easily have come from Morrissey's lips, though he may have playfully juxtaposed the first phrase to read "I can not stand myself". Rossiter acknowledges there is hope for the future, while questioning whether his past friends will be there at the moment he needs them most.
Similarities abound between Rossiter and Morrissey. See "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" and contrast that with further lyrics from "Where Are They Now?" - "You said that I should stop trying to call you / You've had it up to here / I know your sort / but I just can't ignore you". The personas of both men can be easily compared; Rossiter, although admitting to liking both men and women, doesn't want to be tied down to any *label*...and anyone who has read or witnessed a Morrissey sound bite can vouch for his distaste for any sexual labels, with periodic self-professions for similar likings.
The remainder of "Drawn To The Deep End" revolves around love (and lack thereof), questioning the future, and insecurity. Similarities to Marr and Morrissey notwithstanding, Gene have taken the first steps to firmly establishing their own independent identity. A new generation who didn't grow up with the Smiths can look towards Gene to be their musical savior.

Genesis: "The Battle Of Epping Forest"
LP. "Selling England By The Pound"
UK. 1973.
Peter Gabriel lisps the words of the school coward; "Harold Demure, from Art literature, nips up the nearest tree. "

Genesis: "Jesus, He Knows Me"
UK. 1992. (Reissue)
The hypocritical evangelist knows Jesus personally but, "He doesn't know about the man I saw last night"
Also illustrated in video clip.

Twenty-years old and from Gulfport, Miss. Genesis would initially appear to be a genuine Southern Belle, beautiful and polite, with a charming Southern drawl. In reality, young Genesis has no problem telling people exactly how it is. "When I open my mouth most people are shocked to know that I speak my mind clearly, don't take any s**t, and I am very much a liberal." (MTV Publicity, New York) (TVAA)

Jean Genet
French author and dramatist whose homo-erotic novels have inspired musicians including David Bowie ("Jean Genie") and Communards ("Johnny Verso").

Jean Genet: "Le condamné à mort"
LP. Cavalier/ADES 21. 019.
France. 1985. (GLIT)
Theatre play. Text: Jean Genet. Music: Hülne Martin.

Jean Genet, et al: "Jean Genet"
LP. Caedmon TC 1134
France/USA. (GLIT)€
"from "The Blacks"", from "Our Lady Of The Flowers"", "from The Miracle of The Rose"", "from "The Maids"".
Side 2: "from "The Thief's Journal"" (read by Genet in French), "from "The Balcony" ", "From "The Screens"".
Genet reads from his autobiographical? novel in this collection of readings featuring Wendy Craig, Nigel Davenport, Shelia Burrell et al.

Jean Genet
see David Bowie: "Jean Genie"
see Dire Straits: "Les Boys"
see The Communards "Disenchanted"
see "Querelle" Original Film Soundtrack

Genius: "The Muscle"
12" single. CNR 151. 016.
Netherlands. 1979. (DISC)(BODY) Artwork€
A-side "Homoflexible", B-side "Jam".
"Homoflexible" (Omar Dupree Jr. ; Nada Music): "I know what you got - muscle, You know what I need - body beautiful"

"Genre Magazine's Ultimate Pride Mix,"; Various Artists
USA. 1998.
Danny Tenaglia's popular edit of Gisele Jackson's "Love Commandments", and "What Hope Have I" by Sphynx, the dreamhouse hit "Offshore" by Chicane, and Victor Calderone's deep, dark tribal excursion "Beat Me Harder" ; Shampale Cartier's "I Got A Man," Joey Rolon's "Miss Thing," and Afrowax's "What Is Your Problem?"), Third World's "Now That We Found Love,"; Kevin Aviance's stellar vocal performance on his ace remake of "Din Da Da"

Bobbie Gentry: "Ode To Billy Joe"
7". Capitol 5950
USA. 1967.
The (USA, 1976) film reveals (the revamped version of. ) the story behind the suicidal anecdote; Billy Joe (Robby Benson) feels unable to make love to his girlfriend because he has been seduced by his (male) boss. The trauma of discovering his latent 'bisexuality' causes him to jump. (BISE)

Boy George (see under B for Boy)

George : "Gutsy Woman"
USA. 1988.
"Gutzy Woman"; "Philosophy Of Misogyny"; "Whole Domn World"; "Ma Ma Mum"; "Z500 Kawasaki"; "Nan"; "So Good"; "Johnny Boy"; "Christine"; "Communication Gap Sexualle"; "Metro Pro"; "Policeman's Balls"; "Drugs"; "In Event Of The Bomb"; "Amazon"
Produced by Trish Anderson

George : "Focus"
USA. 1991.
"She Opens"; "Don't Go Walking Out On Me"; "Crying For You"; "Fight"; "Justice"; "Sydney Girl"; "Don't You Worry"; "Better And Better"; "Focus"; "I Am Learning"; "I Remember The Rape"; "Little Girl"; "Lullaby To Self"

Geraldine Fibbers: "Butch"
CD. Virgin 7243 - 84441920
USA. 1997.
"California Tuffy"; "Toybox"; "I Killed The Cuckoo"; "Trashman In Furs"; "Swim Back To Me'; "Seven Or In 10"; "Claudine"; "Folks Like Me"; "Pet Angel"; "Butch"(MALE); "Arrow To My Drunken Eye"; "You Doo Right"; "The Dwarf Song"
"'Ziggy Stardust' was my best friend. It still is. I can't really listen to it with anybody else around. I get all choked up. " -- William Tutton, openly gay bass player for the GERALDINE FIBBERS on the music that most influenced him. This second release from this mixed girl-boy band (Carla does all the vocals), is an interesting combination of Seattle alterna-punk with twinges of rockabilly, cabaret, and experimental Nashville...for those looking for more out of alternative music than just noise and aggression.
Carla claims to be 'trisexual', but there's no overt gay content in their material.
see the Glitter Panthers

Karl Gerhard (1891-1964)
Well-known, openly gay Swedish caberetier.

Karl Gerhard: "Jazzgossen"
LP. "Jazzgossen" London TWB 91188
Sweden. 1964.
also re-recorded on "Jubileumsalbum" Sonet SLP. 2
"Jazzgossen" (=The jazz lad) (3: 43) Ballad of a gay jazz freak. (JAZZ)
Lyrics and commentary in Chapter 1 of: Åke Pettersson: "Et bedårande barn av sin tid" Stegelands, 1977,
Also performed by Magnus Uggla - (see below)

German Shepherds: "Music For Sick Queers"
LP. "Mrs. Music/S + M Records
USA. 1985. Punk Agitprop (PUNK)

The (Legendary) German Shepherds: "The Earthquake Has Come"
LP. "The You'll Hate This Record Record" (comp)
USA. 1983 (PUNK)
"Signs of Armageddon"; "I saw a man put his tongue in another man's mouth, in front of a church. "
"Bootsy Jones", "Gonna raise me a real nice family of clean little boys, lined up to smile at me. When I was young there was a man named Ray, Ray, liked to play, Let's go for a little ride. Timmy, you're so young" (PAED)

Check under artist for details of other recordings:

Accept: "Balls to the Wall"
Marcel André
Ausserhalb: "Ausserhalb - Rock Experimentell"
Rainer Bielfeld: "Nachtzug"
David Bowie: "Original Soundtrack zum Film 'Christiane F."
Carolina Brauckmann: "Satirische Lesbengesänge"
Brühwarm: "Mannstoll"
Brühwarm: "Entartet!"
"Ein Käfig voller Narren"-Theater des Westens
Chez nous
Frank Christoph: "Von Mann zu Mann"
Bernd Clüver: "Mike und sein Freund"
Sonny Costa: "Homo Joe / Er"
DAF;: "Der Räuber und der Prinz"
Georgette Dee and Terry Truck: "Mehr Verliebte Lieder"
Franz Josef Degenhardt: "Du bist anders als die andern"
Ina Deter: "Ich sollte eigentlich ein Junge werden"
Flying Lesbians: "Flying Lesbians"
Foyer des Arts
Diamanda Galas: "Faus. Eros. Todd"
Die Gesunden: "Die Gesunden"
Herbert Grönemeyer: "Gemischte Gefühle" (Mixed Emotions)
Romy Haag: "So bin ich"
Nina Hagen: "Nina Hagen Band"
Nina Hagen Band: "Wenn ich ein' Junge wär"
André Heller
Ludwig Hirsch: "Komm große schwarzer Vogel"
Klaus Hoffmann: "Westend"
Hotel Morphila Orchester: "Schwarze Energie"
Humpe and Humpe: "3 of Us"
Monica Jaeckel & Barbara Bauermeister: "Witch Is Witch? ",
Kobus: "Cocksucker Blues"
Christoph Kreutzer: "Ruhm & Reichtum"
Klaus Lage Band: "Wieder zuhaus"
Vicki Leandros
Amanda Lear: "Incognito"
Ute Lemper: "Berlin Cabaret Songs"
Udo Lindenberg: "Na und?!"
Udo Lindenberg: "Sündenknall"
Robert Long
MäNü - Schwuler Männerchor Nürnberg: "Kalte Platte"
Thomas Mann (Author reads his own work)
Marilyn: "Es ist alles okay?"
Marius Müller-Westernhagen: "Giselher"
Klaus Nomi: "Klaus Nomi"
Erika Pluhar: "Hier bin ich"
Ernie Reinhard and Terry Truck: "Ausziehn"
"Rocky Horror Picture Show" - German Cast
Pugh Rogefeldt: "Surabaya Johny"
Sick Pleasure: "AIDS"
Melitta Sundström: "Melitta Sundstrom"
Supermax: "World Of Today"
Terry Truck: "Am Klavier"
Unterrock: "Mach mal deine Schnauze auf."
Richard Wagner: "Parsifal"
Warmer Südwind: "Schwul"
Witch Is Witch: "Witch Is Witch"
Gina X: "No GDM"
Zeltinger Band
Zeltinger: "Solo Plaat"

George and Ira Gershwin: "Love is Sweeping The Country"
"I want to bite my initials in a sailor's neck...All of the sexes, from Maine to Texas have never known such love before..."

George & Ira Gershwin: "The Man I Love"
"Someday he'll come along..."(from "Lady Be Good")
see versions by Indigo, Sam Lanin, "Love Is A Drag", Noot aan de Man, San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus etc. see Conscription

George and Ira Gershwin: "Don't Ask"
LP. "Oh, Kay!"
USA. 1926.
Although it's claimed that this song uses the word gay to mean Gay, it seems 'innocent' enough to this author.

The Georgians: "Can't We Be Friends?"
78 Velvetone 2062-V
USA. 1929.
"Can't We Be Friends?" (3: 09) with vocal by Johnny Morris from "The Little Show"
see "Can't Help Lovin' That Man": Various Artists

Die Gesunden: "Die Gesunden"
LP. KS 80 028 Vertrieb: Deutsche Austrophon.
W. Germany. 1982. 45 rpm
Side 1: "Instru-Mental" (2: 10)(; "Die Gesunden kommen" (3: 25); "Der Weg zum Erfolg" (3: 20); "Krieg und Frieden" (3: 19); "Sometimes - Manchmal" (3: 37)
Side 2: " Baby Love" (3: 15): "Leutenant Miller" (3: 50)(Rehm); "Galaxy" (3: 28); "Atmen" (2: 40); "Film Music" (2: 10)
Rec. at Studio für gesunde Music", Berlin und im IC-Studio, Winsen. Publ. Musicverlag K D Mueller, Berlin. See page 186 of "Männer-Liebe", rororo 7658, Hamburg 1982).

"Get Out": Various Artists
CD. Promo Sire PRO CD 5435 Free with Out magazine.
USA. 1992. (COMP)
Morrissey: "The Loop"; k. d. lang: "Miss Chateline"; David Byrne: "Independence Day"; Erasure: "Waiting For Sex"; Waterlillies: "The Only One (I Could Stand)"; John Wesley Harding: "When The Sun Comes Out" (Berlin Version); Danielle Dax: "16 Candles"; Lou Reed: "Halloween Parade"; Barenaked Ladies: "Be My Yoko Ono"; Primal Scream: "Come Together" (7" version); Book of Love "Boy"; Tom Tom Club "Love Wave"; Marc Almond: "My Hand Over My Heart"; Daryl Pandy: "Love Turns To Pain (Single Be Bop Mix)"; Deborah Harry: "I Want That Man"; The JudyBats: "Our Story"; Maryn Cadell "Being In Love"

Get Outta School: "AIDS"
CD. Restless 72306-2
USA. 1989. (AIDS)

Ronnie Gilbert
USA. Redwood Records

Ronnie Gilbert : "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
see "Redwood Collection"

Ronnie Gilbert : "IThe Spirit Is Free"
LP. MC. Redwood Records
USA. 198?
"Don't Let The Singer Down"; "Hang Up your Memories"; "The Water Is Wide"; "Sit With Me"; "Wood River"; "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"; "Midnight Special"; "There Goes The Mountain"; "The Death Of Stephen Biko"; "Mothers, Daughters, Wives"; "The Spirit Is Free"; "Same Boat Now"
Songs by Holly Near & Jeff Langley, Connie Kaldor, Hank Williams, Judy Small and Betsy Rose.
With backing fromJohn Bucchino, Carrie Barton, Cam Davis, Mike Marshall, Holly Near, Freyda Epstein, Pete Escovedo, Mark Ford, Larry Schneider.

Ronnie Gilbert : "Songs That Touch My Heart"
also see Near & Gilbert

Ronnie Gilbert: "Build High The Bridge"
CD. "This Train Still Runs".
USA. 1997. GLAMA '97 nominee.

W. S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan: "Patience"
UK. 1881.
British comic (light) opera which satirizes Oscar Wilde (Bunthorne) and others of the Pre-Raphaelite and aesthetic movements.
Too many recordings to detail. Refers to various symbols of contemporary effeminacy ; "to walk down Piccadilly with a poppy or a lily in his mediaeval hand."

Donna Giles: "After The Sex"
see "God Shave the Queen"

Dana Gillespie: "Weren't Born A Man"
LP. RCA APL1-0354
USA. 1974.
"Weren't Born a Man" (Gillespie/Liber.) "You love like a woman, But you walk like a sailor , You give like a lady, Don't take like a jailor, You come to me laughing whenever you can, Oh you know it's so sad you weren't born a man, You know how to please me, You sure learned the art, For the size of your love, Is as big as your heart, You're the one I can turn to who I know will understand, Oh you know it's so sad you weren't born a man",
"Dizzy Heights" which Gillespie wrote herself. The key gay lyrics are "Oh he's a carnival queen", "Oh he's a rock and roll lady"..."He's one hell of a lover, can be one or the other". probably a tribute to Bowie.(EFEM)."Dana Gillespie represented exclusively by MainMan" (Bowie's management outfit). "Mother, Don't Be Frightened" and her cover of "Andy Warhol" were produced by Bowie and Ronson. Bowie actually plays on "Andy Warhol".

Alberto Ginastera: "Bomarzo"
1967. (OPER)
The Duke "dearly loves" his powerful male slave, Abul, though impotent with his wife.

Hermione Gingold: "When A Pansy Was A Flower"
LP. "Sweet and Low"
UK. 193? (MUSI)

Allen Ginsberg: "First Blues"
LP. MC. Folkways FSS 37560.
USA. 1981. Blues. (Voice and harmonium) (POET)
"4 a. m. Blues"; "Come Back, Christmas"(XMAS); "CIA Dope Calypso"; "Put Down Your Cigarette Rag"; "Slack Key Guitar"; "Bus Ride Ballad"; " Road to Swn"; "Prayer Blues"; "Dope Fiend Blues" (4: 17). Lyrics in "First Blues", Full Court Press, NY.
"The gay Buddhist iconoclast revolutionized American poetry, invented Flower Power and influenced generations who marched to slightly different drummers. "
Died 5th April '97.

Allen Ginsberg: "Songs of Blake"
With lyrics altered to fit gay context.

Allen Ginsberg: "Howls, Raps & Roars"
4-CD. Box (Fantasy).
USA. 1993.

Allen Ginsberg: "Hydrogen Jukebox" (opera) with Philip Glass, CD. (Elektra / Nonesuch).
USA. 1993.

Allen Ginsberg: "Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems & Songs 1949-1993"
, 4-CD. Box (Rhino Records),
USA. 1994.

Allen Ginsberg: "The Lion for Real"
(Mouth Almighty / Mercury Records), ,
USA. 1996.
(1989) This 1989 release, re-issued posthumously in 1997 following many years out-of-print, was a personal favorite of this revolutionary gay poet. Rolling Stone
described it as "a virtual Ginsberg primer, touching on all his major themes: pacifism, tolerance, the interfusion of the physical with the spiritual, the grappling with death. The intensity of these poems is consistently heightened by the musical accompaniment...a riveting blend of spoken word and progressive sound."

Allen Ginsberg: "Howl U. S. A."
CD. Kronos Quartet, Lee Hyla score (Nonesuch).
USA. 1996.

Allen Ginsberg: "Father Death Blues"
see "You're a Hook-15th anniversary of Dial-A-Poem (1968-1983). " Compilation

Allen Ginsberg
see The Clash "Ghetto Defendant"
see Giorno
see 'National March On Washington'
see "The Nova Convention" Poetry/performance compilation
see Ten Thousand Maniacs
see 'You're A Hook'"

Mark Ginsberg: "Reclaiming The Wind"
USA. 1992.
"Shir Hashirim"; "O, that he would kiss me with his lips, Indeed his kisses are better than wine".
Gay composer drawing on folk themes with Hebrew and English texts.

Giorno Poetry Systems
Giorno Poetry Systems Institute, Inc, 222 Bowery, New York, NY 10012, USA
Producer of records of poetry and performance pieces by artists including those listed below. Founded by poet John Giorno.
"One World Poetry", GPS 028-029
"Polyphonix 1", GPS 024
"Sugar, Alcohol, & Meat", GPS 018-019
"The Nova Convention", GPS 014-015
"Big Ego", GPS 012-013
"Totally Corrupt", GPS 008-009
"William S. Burroughs / John Giorno", GPS 006-007
"Biting Off the Tongue of a Corpse", GPS 005
"A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse", GPS 035
"Disconnected", GPS 003-004
"The Dial-A-Poem Poets", GPS 001-002
"Raspberry & Pornographic Poem", 1967
The John Giorno Band: "I'm Rock Hard", LP. GPS 038
"Better An Old Demon Than a New God", GPS 033
Lenny Kaye Connection, "I've Got A Right" GPS 032
"You're A Hook", GPS 030
"Life Is A Killer", GPS 027
"Who You Staring At?" (Glenn Branca/John Giorno), GPS 025
"You're the Guy I Want to Share My Money With", GPS 020-021
"John Giorno & Anne Waldman", GPS 010-011

John Giorno: "(Last Night) I Gambled with My Anger and Lost"
see "You're a Hook-15th anniversary of Dial-A-Poem (1968-1983). " Compilation

John Giorno,
see "The Nova Convention"

John Giorno Band, "Scum and Slime (4: 04)
see "A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse"

The John Giorno Band: "I'm Rock Hard"
LP. GPS 038

Michael Gira: "Game"
included on "A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse"

Girillas: American feminist/lesbian band

Girl Jesus
Queercore band from LA.

Girls in The Nose: "Chant To The Full Moon, Oh Ye Sisters"
MC. Private.
USA. 1988.

Girls in The Nose: "Girls In The Nose"
MC. Private.
USA. 1990. Artwork
incl. "Honorary Heterosexual Lesbian" (PASS)
incl. Gretchen Philips and Kay Turner (see Two Nice Girls)

Girls in The Nose: "Origin Of The World"
MC. Private
USA. 1992.
"Hey, Chastity " (COMI)
see "Hot Licks"

Girls in The Nose: "Breast Exam"
MC. Private.
USA. 1994.

Girls in The Nose: "Weddings Are Icky"
Compilation "OutLoud" CD. Knitting Factory (GLOP)(COMP)
USA. 1995.
Kay Turner works as a mischievous feminist academic when she isn't leading venerable Texas dyke combo Girls in the Nose. "Weddings Are Icky" is a loopy assault on the ceremony and institution at the crux of "traditional family values. " Kay is currently at work on "Sappho's Legacy: lesbian love letters past and present", due in 1996.
see "OutLoud"(compilation)

Gertie Gitana: "Molly McGlory"
78. Regal G 7209 (#35744)
UK. 1915. Cross-dressed?(MILI)€
"Molly McGlory" (2:46)(Mills/Scott/Godfrey) It's not clear whether this love letter to a boy in the trenches was actually performed in drag.

GLAAD - Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
NY based group founded in late '80's to challenge media stereotypes has campaigned against a number of records accusing them of homophobia. The group has also presented several awards to musicians for their contributions to positive gay/lesbian imagery.

"Glad To Be Gay": Various Artists
CD. Play It Again Sam
UK. 1993. (COMP) (GLOP)
Communards; "Don't Leave Me This Way "(6: 25); Sylvester; "You Make Me Feel"(12" Ultimix) (6: 46); Bronski Beat; "Smalltown Boy" (5: 03); Soft Cell; " Tainted Love" (2: 34); Divine; "Shoot Your Shot" (4: 08); Evelyn Thomas; "High Energy" (7: 50); Gloria Gaynor; "I Am What I Am" (3: 26) Army of Lovers; "Crucified" (3: 32) Culture Club; "Do You Really Want Hurt Me" (4: 13) Eartha Kitt; "I Love Men" (3: 44) Our Heaven(Feat. Darrin Huss); "Heaven In Pain" (7: 08) Eartha Kitt; "Where Is My Man" (3: 50); Right Said Fred; "I'm Too Sexy" (2: 54); Divine; "You Think You're A Man" (8: 02) Claudja Barry; "Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes" (3: 25) Billy Ray Martin & Spooky; "Persuasion" (4: 17)

"Glad To Be Gay 2": Various Artists
CD. Play It Again Sam SPV CD 93982,
UK. 1993. (COMP) (GLOP)
Bronski Beat: "Why???" (orig.Mix) (3:35) Boys Town Gang: "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (Hot Tracks Mix) " (9:10) Pet Shop Boys: "West End Girls " (orig.Mix) (5:00) Amii Stewart: "Knock On Wood " (3:49) ; Salico: "I'm On Fire " (Furnace Mix) " (6:32) ; Texture: "Power Of Love " (Club Mix) " (5:00) ; Francy: "Deep In My Heart " (3:08) ; Jocelyn Brown: "Somebody Else's Guy " (3:46) ; New York City Gay Men's Chorus: "Wind Beneath My Wings " (4:56) ; Divine: "Love Reaction " (5:33) ; Psyche: "Angel Lies Sleeping " (3:27) ; Spangle: "Make Up " (3:46) ; Aleph: "Fly To Me " (Fly Version) " (6:40) ; New York City Gay Men's Chorus Isn't It Romantic? 3:18)

"Glad To Be Gay 3": Various Artists
CD. Play It Again Sam (SPV Germany 085-89912 (GLOP)
UK/ Germany. 1995. Artwork
Jimmy Somerville "Heartbeat" (4: 25); Celvin Rotane "I Believe" (Extended Vocal Mix) (5: 10); Right Said Fred "Hands Up For Lovers" (3: 58); Weather Girls "It's Raining Men" (5: 26); Big Fun "Blame It On the Boogie" (3: 35); Club 69 "Let Me Be Your Underwear" (3: 32); Soft Cell "Sex Dwarf" (5: 12); Divine "I'm So Beautiful" (7: 53); Village People "In The Navy" (3: 40); Holly Johnson "Legendary Children (All Of Them Queer) (4: 11); Coming Out Crew "Free, Gay And Happy" (Coming Out Anthem) (5: 27); Dead Or Alive "Lover Come Back To Me" (3: 06); Fine Young Cannibals "She Drives Me Crazy" (3: 34); No Sports "Walk On The Wild Side" (4: 50); Golden Shower "Rumpelstilzchen" (3: 07)

Glam Rock
Though Donovan, Rod McKuen and The Kinks managed to instil a gay voice within the flower power movement it's successor in the UK seemed to reintroduce the gay obsession with sequins and make-up.
Marc Bolan (see above) was one of the first to use eyeshadow and lipstick. Slade (Oct 1971) and The Sweet (Feb 1972) dressed in a range of flashy metallic colours while singing 'bubble-gum' pop songs. As the genre developed they were joined on the glam bandwagon by a second wave of stars; Gary Glitter and the Glitterband, (dressed in silver lamé, 1972), were followed by Detroit-born Suzi Quatro (the leather-clad bassist who was the UK's first female butch in pop, May 1973), Mud (Mar 1973), Alvin Stardust (clad in black Leather, Nov 1973), The Rubettes (in white suits, May 1974) and Showaddywaddy (in brothel creepers and drape coats, May 1974) and eventually the Bay City Rollers (in tartan, Feb 1974). These bands notched up a total of 140 Top 20 hits in the next 4 years.
The genre was suffused with subtle allusions to bisexuality, crossdressing and shifting gender roles. The ability of pop bands to establish fashions was transformed as a new generation fans adopted these more extreme and "complete" dress-codes, copying their idols from head to toe.
The newly-claimed right of teenagers, to 'dress-up' as outrageously as their pop idols, was to culminate in 1976 with the dawn of punk.
Bowie had started a rather more serious strand of lyrics with "Ziggy Stardust" (Jan 1972) and the his art / drama-school approach found sympathetic imitation from Mott The Hoople (Ian Hunter, Aug 1972) Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel (May 1974) and Be-Bop Deluxe (1976), also inspiring Bryan Ferry and Andy MacKay's Roxy Music (1972-77).
In June 1977 the revolution against glam saw the Sex Pistols shooting to the top of the UK charts with "God Save The Queen" in a "Long Hot Summer" which handed over the reigns of gay pop input to the Punks. Tom Robinson (Glad To Be Gay, 1977), The Clash (1977), Siouxie and The Banshees (1978), Pete Shelley (1978), Patti Smith (1978), Blondie (Debbie Harry (1978)), Gary Numan (1979) Adam Ant (1980) et al (see PUNK)
see also Tasty Tim: "Sugar, Sugar" b/w "Gary Glitter (Where did You Get Your Boots?)" As a retro style Tommi Saelli's work draws on the period for inspiration.

The Gay/Lesbian American Music Awards (creators and executive producers, Michael Mitchell & Tom McCormack).
First awarded in 1996, the GLAMA awards are divided into various categories but all recordings are submitted for nomination - Who can submit? artist, manager, agent, producer, record label, songwriter, video director. - open to artists who are gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered. In the case of a band, at least one member must self-identify as one of the above.
Nominations and winners are marked 'GLAMA' in the OutLoud text. In the OutLoud library there is more information about the GLAMA Awards for 1996 and 1997.
Contact (1998): http://www.GLAMA.com

"GLAMA: One": Various Artists
CD. GLAMA/Reprise
USA. 1998.
Pussy Tourette: "Who Does She Think She Is?" (3:36); Ferron: "Stand Up " (4:51) ; k.d. lang: "Sexuality" (3:24); Catie Curtis: "Radical" (3:42); Michael Callen: "Healing Power Of Love" (6:53) ; Gregory Gray: "Three Minute Requiem " (4:00) ; Melissa Etheridge: "I Could Have Been You" (1:35) ; Tom Robinson : "Congo Blue"; David Clement: "Be More Like Me" (1:35) ; The Klezmatics: "Man In A Hat" (2:59); Extra Fancy: "You Look Like A Movie Star, Honey" ; Margie Adam: "Soon And Again" (4: 12); Turtle Creek Chorale/The Women's Chorus Of Dallas: "We Shall Overcome" (4:49); Jeff Krassner: "The Powers That Be (Rock Of Ages Mix)" (3:49).
Available from: Goldenrod, or Ladyslipper Music
Glamour Boy: "You Look Fabulous"
USA. 1995.

Philip Glass:
see "Mishima" Soundtrack composed by Philip Glass.

Glass Closet Syndrome
Term to describe a lifestyle (particularly prevalent in Hollywood during the seventies and eighties) in which the press, having decided that the sexuality of the star was 'an open secret', then agreed to make respectful (even heterosexual) references to them, should the occasion arise. Rock Hudson, Johnny Matthis, Robert Preston, Liberace and Barry Manilow are prime examples.
Only when the star's sexual life became newsworthy (arrest, divorce, legal action) did the press decide to reveal 'what everybody already knows...'.
Elton John, Freddie Mercury , Neil Tenant, George Michael, Luther Vandross, Rob Halford, (etc. etc. MAY) have also benefitted from a similar phenomenon.

Gleaming Spires: "No One Coming Over"
LP. "Welcoming A new Ice Age", Tabb Records 2.
USA. 1985.
All-male group with lead vocals by Les Bohem, who wrote or co-wrote most of the songs. . they are seemingly inspired by The Who, the LP has a lyric sheet and no male or female pronouns given in any of the songs, except that one song has for the last verse:
"There's no one coming over, there's no one coming over to applaud, all the times you put into the cause, if no one's coming over no one sees, all that I had meant my life to be, and now. ...oh Mick dear Mick, oh David dear David, oh Brian dear Brian, I know you're going to like my living room, my records, my wardrobe, my life. " (JD)

Marla Glen: "Love And Respect"
MC. Zoo BMG 72445-11120-4
USA. 1996. (GLOP)
"Ain't That A Shame"; "Also Love You"; "Break Free"; "Repertoire"; "You Got Me"; "Love and Respect"; "What About Our Kids"; "City Love"; "Other Plans"; "Not Really Easy"; "Butch Dyke" (BUTC).

Gli Scapoli
Norwegian all male a cappella group whose performances at Gay Games 1998 and release of the Games theme song with Mathilde Santing, introduced them to a world-wide gay audience.

(GLIT) see Literature

Glitter Panthers
New band (1998) with Brian Grillo and D.A. Foster (both ex extra Fancy, Bill Tutton (ex Geraldine Fibbers), Bernard Vin and Roy Staley.
(LA Times) "Singer-songwriter Grillo tested the legs of a stripped-down, simplified band, moving through raucous Iggy Pop-kissed hardcore punk, to sultry soul, and Stones-tinged boogie, and it seems that he might be gaining confidence in the double-edge aspect of Extra Fancy that seemed to have promise, namely Grillo's ability to merge sex, rage, desire and vulnerability into songs that howl". Indeed. Grillo has replaced pounding on a 50-gallon oil drum with focusing more on some quiter dynamics and showcasing his powerful, soulful voice to full effect.
The first clue that Grillo was onto something was the opening number, a sensual instrumental from the "Midnight Cowboy" soundtrack. The band later moved from raucous Iggy Pop-kissed hard-core punk to sultry soul, Stones-tinged boogie to a boisterous version of the late-'80s house hit, "Good Life." The tattooed and shaven-skulled Grillo admitted that he was still trying to figure out what to do onstage. "I'm used to having all this . . . baggage," he told the smallish crowd.

"Global Grooves" Remixes of Various Artists
CD. Geffen
USA. 1997. (COMP)
incl. Ronnie Ventura's mix of Berlin's "Sex (I'm A...) and "Queer" by Garbage.

(GLOP) see Gay Lesbian Oriented Product

Christoph Willibald von Gluck (1714 - 1787)
Operatic composer of "Orfeo & Euridice"; "Iphigenie & Aulide", both of which contain gay-relevant stories. (CLAS)

Glue: "Lie To Me" °
see "Sing, Don't Sign": Compilation

Glue: "Blue Surfer;"
see "Fiddlehead Salad"

Go: "Fear of A Gay Planet"
USA. 1990? Punk/Rap (GLOP)
"What the fuck's wrong with loving my own sex?" (an answer to Public Enemy: see below)

Gods (GODS)
Religious and spiritual statements may discuss public (i. e. church) religion or personal faith. On some occasions the real subject of discussion is (church positions on) personal and public morals;

Jan Barlowe "Jerry Falwell's Coming To Town"
Joe Mack Boyd "That I Could Still Go Free"
Boca Brian "I Saw Jesus (on a Stick of Halavah)"
Bronski Beat "Truthdare Doubledare"
Casselberry & Dupreé 'Did Jesus Have A Baby Sister'
The Choral Majority "Greatest Hits"
Chris Cochrane's Suck Pretty: "Jesus"
Michael Cohen "Pray To Your God"
David and Jane "Not Ashamed"
David and Jane: "In Our Own Words"
Ellen DeGeneres "Phone Call to God"
Lea Delaria "Jesus, Protect Me From Your Followers"
Paul Delph "Mad At God"
Paul Delph "A God That Can Dance"
Ed Diamond "God Is Gay"
Ani DiFranco "God's Country"
Bob Dylan "Jokerman"
Leroy Dysart "We Are Everywhere"
"The Faggot" "Hari Krishna"
Judy Fjell "The Goddess Lives"
Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation "God's Property"
Genesis "Jesus, He Knows Me"
Axel Gran "Fri og fri fru Blom"
Hellun (Zelluf) "God Wou Nooit Trouwen"
Ole I'Dole "Ayatollah"
Juffrouw Sonnika & Tante Gré "De Ayatollah"
Robert Long "Jesus fåhrt"
Lunacy "Lunacy"
Lunacy "Queer God"
Tom McCormack "Children of God
Rus McCoy "God's Ear "
Manic Street Preachers "Generation Terrorists"
MCarthy "God Made The Virus"
Tom McCormack "Children of God (new version)
Leo W. McDermott "God And You. G. A. Y"
Meatmen "God's Bullies"
Metropolitan Community Church (MCC): "Coming Out, Coming Home"
MCC of Washington DC Gospel Choir: "Something Inside So Strong"
Beth Mullaney "Simon Says"
Not The Nine O'Clock News "Gay Christian"
Pansy Division "Political Asshole"
Raymonde "Son Of The Soil"
Jallen Rix "The Sacred And The Queer"
Romanovsky & Phillips "The Sodomy Song"
Romanovsky & Phillips "If There is a God (He's a Queen)"
Romanovsky & Phillips "Hymn"
Michelle Shocked "God is a Real Estate Developer"
Jill Sobule "Soldiers Of Christ"
Sta-Prest "Nelly Priest"
Marsha Stevens "I Still Have A Dream"
Marsha Stevens "I Will Not Behave Like Prey"
Mark Strait & Boy Lechers Choir" Jesus Loves Me" (on "Sibilance #1")
Team Dresch: "Hate the Christian Right"
John Topping "Too Much God"
Pussy Tourette "Why Me, God?"
Robin Tyler "The Birth of Baby Jesus"
Robert Urban "godless"
Venus Envy "I'll Be Homo For Christmas"
Dar Williams "The Christians And The Pagans"
The Word "Schoolboy Saint"
see also Bible (BIBL)
see also Christmas (XMAS)

God Is My Co-pilot: "Speed Yr Trip"
USA. 1993. (PUNK) (GLOP)
"Sharon and I did the wild thing...first we did it rough then we..."
(female vocalist)

God Is My Co-Pilot: "Straight Not"
CD. LP. MC. Outpunk
USA. 1993. (PUNK) (GLOP) Artwork
Sharon Topper sings about loving girls.
The lyrics tend to be playfully sexual, as in the dialogue of "A Little Game": "Ooh -- what is it?" "Better not be your finger-- I said no fingers".
"Earliest Memory" juxtaposes a childhood memory with the thought that if she'd given birth instead of having abortions the children would be old enough to have memories of their own. "We Signify" is a manifesto of sorts about the band, and perhaps "the girl who calls herself Rebel and tried to sell the life I'm leading" refers to Madonna. "Both Ways" is about bisexuality, and straight and gay society's insistence that people be one way or the other.
There's also a Chumbawamba cover, "Everyone's always trying to tell you how to behave, " which was originally a Clause 28 protest song. There are also great liner notes about Henry Rollins, homophobia, and music vs. message. 26 songs total, none over three minutes -- a total of 45 minutes.

God is My Co-pilot: "Tight Like Fist"
2LP. Knitting Factory
US. 1994. (PUNK) (GLOP) Artwork Live Recordings.
"2 Meats Beat As 1"(SEXY), "Rubber or Leather"(LEAT), "Pygmy Dream"; "You Are My Sunshine" 39 live tracks recorded over the course of a year at the Knitting Factory. Some of the songs have appeared elsewhere, and some are new. The jacket art features a sequence of latex- and saran-wrapped women. Most of the repeat material is from the singles.

"God Shave the Queen": Various Artists?
CD. Swoon Records
USA. 1996 (DRAG)(COMP)
Miss "Lady" Bunny's "The Pussycat Song"; Lily of the Valley: "Hush"; Ebony Jet: "All The Things"; Varla Jean Merman: "White Rabbit"; Donna Giles: "After The Sex"; Antony: "Cripple and the Starfish"; Joey Arias: "No-one Knows"; Raven-O: "Living Pains"; Sherry Vine: "It Happens"; Pussy Tourette: "Who Does She Think She Is"

Go Go's: "Johnny Are You Queer"
MC. 'Return To The Valley Of The GoGo's', Atlantic 7243-8-29694
USA. 1994.
see Josie Cotton

Go-Go Boys: "Gay Apparel X-mas Songs"
LP. CD. Ring Recs # # RR7072
USA. 1996. (XMAS)(GLOP) °
"Boys To The World" (Joy To The World); "Harv'n Harold" (Hark the Herald), "Yes, we know just how they lean: Harv and Harold, raging queens!"; "Chickenhawk Is Coming To Town"(Santa Claus is Coming), "He's older than your grandpa got more money than hair, If you'd like me to describe him, think 'dirty wrinkled rotten pear'(OLDG). ; "Deck The Balls"; "Peaches Le Train" (Silent Night) "Transvestite, what a sight!"; "A Christmas Wish From The "Goddess", "We wish you a fairy Christmas! plus dialogue (anti-Clinton, Helms); "Gay Hotel" '(Noel, Noel) "here is the place to ring your bell"; "The Bottom Line/ Anal Sex" (Jingle Bells)"Tell the ones who spoil your fun to stick it up their ass!"; "I Came Upon A Midnight Queer", "I saw his butt, he saw my cock, we bonded right away!"; "What Price Glory" (O Come, All Ye Faithful) "Glory hole, in the public toilets, hope the cops don't spoil it."; "Away With A Stranger"; "Oh, Christopher Street"(Tannenbaum) The Village Voice is loud and clear, the news of the place we won't fear, our home in New York City." (NEWY); "We Three Boys" "To LA so we can be stars, we take our time, by leaving our past behind, guide us to the gay spotlight."; "The 12 Gay Days Of Christmas", "12 new tiaras, 11 ken dolls, 10 cops and soldiers, 9, bottoms screaming, 8 riding cowboys, 7, ? dresses, 6 bodybuilders, 5 big cockrings, 4 leather whips, 3 french men, 2 stiletto pumps, and a man in some really tight jeans." Recorded at: The Happy Pig Kitchens Digital Research Facility, Berwyn, Illnois
Gay parodies of Christmas favorites with synth accomp.
Contact (1997): Ring Records, 4542 E. Tropicana. Ave, Suite 258, Las Vegas, NV 89120. www. happy-pig. com

Whoopi Goldberg: "Fontaine: Why Am I Straight?"
LP. MCA LP 42243,
USA. 1988. (COME) €
She plays a character named Fontaine in a 54 minute sketch with about 5 minutes on homosexuality and a long section on 'travelling to Europe' including the tour of Amsterdam's Anne Frank House.

Golden Gate Orchestra; "The Right Kind Of Man"
78. Harmony 1016
USA. 1929. €
"The Right Kind Of Man" (2: 46) From "Frozen Justice"
see "Can't Help Lovin' That Man": Various Artists

Goldenrod Music
An independent music distribution company that started as a women's music distributor in 1975 and is now the largest wholesale distributor of women's and gay/lesbian music in the country.(1998)
"We at Goldenrod promote and market music which reflects and affirms the lives of Women, Lesbians and members of other Non-Dominant Cultures, empowering them and encouraging personal growth and positive social and political change."
Contact (1998): Goldenrod Distribution, 1712 E. Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912, 517/484-1712.www; Goldenrod website email; GRDIST@aol.com

The Goldenrods: "Lesbian Nation"
7". Harp Records (GLOP)
USA. Lesbian Nation is an anthem that just makes you want to join in singing. "C'mon sisters, get it together/ It's time for the rise of the Lesbian Nation. " The b-side, "I can't reach you" is a pop love song with pretty harmony vocals and plenty of tambourine.

Golden Shower: "Rumpelstilzchen "€
see "Glad To Be Gay Vol 3"

Goldie and The Gingerbreads
see Isis

Julie Goldman
Riotous, award-winning generation-X comic (COME) has audiences rolling from Pride festivals to premiere venues like Stand Up NY and the Gotham Comedy Club. Wreaking havoc upon bills she's shared with Lea DeLaria, the Flirtations, Romanovsky & Phillips, Pussy Tourette and the Klezmatics, her 3-month off-Broadway run as The Lesbionic Woman: Seeker Of Justice has enamoured baby dykes, old-timers and even her parents! "

Marga Gomez: "Hung Like A Fly"
CD. "Hung Like A Fly". Uproar Entertainment UP 3776
USA. 1997.<GLAMA '97 nominee (COME)
"Family Values"; "Filumena Fabulosa"; "The Pocket Crisis;"; "Itty Bitty Backpack"; "She's My Pilot"; "Lesbian Supervisors"; "Serious People's Collective;"; "Good Role Models, Bad Hair"(HAIR); "Yak Yak in the Sack"; "Hot Dental Supplies"; "Online With Juicey"; "Dancing Fool;"; "Porno Length Nails"; "The Lost Diary".;

The Gonads: "Live-The Official Bootleg"
LP. Red Robin SYNDLP. 8
UK. 1984. (PUNK)
incl.; a "Hitler was an 'omo"

Goo Goo Dolls: "I wanna Be James Dean"
Singer is disappointed to discover that the star was gay. Homophobic references(PHOB)(HERO)

"The Goodbye Girl": Original Cast Recording
CD. Columbia CK 53761
USA. 1993.
Music by Marvin Hamlisch. Lyrics by David Zippel. A musical version of the Neil Simon play.
"Richard Interred": "I let myself get tricked into appearing like some undiscovered gender, a bit of Al Pacino, a lot of Shirley Temple on a bender. "
Song sung by Elliot (Martin Short) as a gay Richard III, from the show starring Bernadette Peters.

Goodbye Mr McKenzie: "The Rattler"
LP. Capitol
UK. 1986.
"The Rattler", About a gay man cruising the singer on a motorway (CRUI).

Steve Goodman: "Men Who Love Women Who Love Men"
LP. "High and Outside" Asylum 174
USA. 1979.
"Men who love men, because they can't pretend they're men who love women who love men. "
Liberationist sing-along.

Robert Görl: "Queen King"
LP. "Night Full Of Tension" Mute STUMM 16
UK. 1984.
(see DAF)

Gorse: "Tell Me Why"
see "J. D's Top Ten Tape-Homocore Hit Parade"

Gotham: "Gotham
LP. Dream LP. 3501
USA. 1978. Artwork
"South Rampart Street Parade" (PART); "Crazy People"; "There's Always A Goodbye"; "New York State Of Mind"; " Jackson Jive"; "Backfield In Motion"; " Shine Sun Shine"; " Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters"; "Hold Tight (Sea Food Mamma)"; " You Worked Your Spell On Me"; " Jersey Bounce"; "I Go To Rio.".
Played at The National March On Washington 1979

Gotham: "Void Where Inhibited"
LP. Aurum AU002
USA. 1979. (GLOP) Artwork €
NY pop band (Village People / Philadelphia style) Produced by Allan-Knight;
"Is It Big Enough For Ya (My Love, My Love)"; "Menage A Trois";(THRE) "(I'm Your) "AC/DC Man" (BISE); " Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is", "Bet Your Bottom Dollar"; "Bedroom Eyes"
Group Comprising Gary Herb, "Michael Pace"; "David McDaniel.

Jason Graae: "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile"
CD. Vaese Saraband VSD 5711
USA. 1996. (MUSI) Artwork
Jason Graae sings Charles Strouse' including "Bye Bye Birdie", "Dance A Little Closer", "Applause" and other Strouse shows
Showboy Jason wearing nothing but a gay smile on the jacket.

Bill Graber
"A comedian with no apologies, no excuses, and plenty of pride!" -NY Magazine "Audiences howling in their seats!" -
Ambush, New Orleans

Susan Graetz: "Somewhere Between"
USA. 1984? (HAIR)
"Why Do You Bob Your Hair Girls"; "More Pretty Girls Than One"

Liz Graham: "Liz Graham"
CD. Tangible Music 56811-2
USA. 1998. Folk ( total 37:47)
"Your Freedom" (4:11); "Jump Right In" (4:01 ); "Meet Me In The Village" (3:54); "These Changes" (3:38); "Improbable People " (3:33); "Sunday Song " (4:27); "Nobody " (3:46); "Curious " (3:10); "Climb On My Walls " (3:45); "Storm King " (3:01)
Prod. Ed Petterson with Peter Robbins

Judy Grahn: "A History of Lesbianism"
"Lesbian Concentrate: A Lesbianthology of Songs and Poems" LP

Pat Parker and Judy Grahn: "Where Would I Be Without You" (The Poetry of Pat Parker and Judy Grahn),
LP. Olivia Rec. LF 909.
USA. 1976. LP. Lesbian poetry. (POET) (GLOP)
Side One; The Poetry of Judy Grahn: - "A History of Lesbianism" (HERS), "if you lose your lover"; "In the place whether"; "The Marilyn Monroe Poem"; "The Common Woman" (II Ella, III Nadine, IV Carol, V Detroit Annie, VII Vera), "She Who"; "parting on the left" "the woman in 3 pieces in one"; "She Who Increases"; "the minny minnows"; "A Geology Lesson"; "the enemies of She Who"; "She Who Continues"; "the most blonde woman"; "the woman in 3 pieces three"; "foam on the rim"; "i am the wall"; "the woman whose head is on fire"; "Plainsong: from an older woman to a younger woman"(OLDG).
Side Two; The Poetry of Pat Parker
see listing under Pat Parker

Judy Grahn: "A Woman Is Talking To Death"
USA. 1991.

Axel Gran: "Halvvegs uten navn (bill. mrk. diskresjon)"
LP. Bat Rec. BAT LP, 0001.
Norway. 1976. With lyrics. 14 Folk ballads (GLOP); "Om å vaere maskert" (=Behind the mask)(6: 43) About the frustrations of life in the closet. (COMI) "Fri og fri fru Blom" (6: 48) About resolving sexual orientation and religious strictures (BIBL)(GODS); "Jan" (4: 25) About a man who cannot come to terms with his gayness (COMI); "Tango" (4: 56) (NANU) (What causes homosexuality?); "Nattvise" (2: 58) (BARS) On the gay ghetto / subculture

La Gran Scena Opera Company
Ira Siff (aka Madame Vera Galupe-Borszkh) leads this theatrical all-male troupe singing travesti versions of opera's greatest moments to gay audiences around Europe. (see also Ballets Trockadero di Monte Carlo)(TVAA)(OPER)
see also Klaus Nomi
see also "The Faggot"

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five: "The Message"
7". Sugerhill
USA. 1982. (DISC)
includes reference to "Undercover Fag"

Monica Grant: "Harbor Girl"
MC.Gans Prods.
USA. 1989. (COMI)
"Indecision"; "Lover's Lullaby"; "So Nice"; "Two Rivers"; "Harbor Girl"; "Best Girl"; "Coming Out Story"(COMI); "PMs"; "Miracle Drug On Aisle Three"
With backing from Jan Martinelli, Melanie Monsur, Sharon Creer, Nina Gerber, Laurie Lewis, Gayle Marie, Teresa Chandler, Joyce Kouffman, Ylonda Nickell, Annie Larson, Elaine Townsend.

Monica Grant: "The Heart Of It"
MC. CD.Gans Productions
USA. 1991. Artwork
"Can't Let You Go"; "The Zenith Of Love"; "It's Your Good-Byes"; "I Was Hoping"; "Just The Idea Of You"; "The Heart Of It"; "The Power Of Your Love"; "Hard Times"; "The Codependency Polka".
With backing from Janet'Jake'Lampert, Jan Martinelli, Tracy Stark, Nina Gerber, Libby Mclaren, Ylonda Nickell, Crystal Reeves, Michael Monserrat, Gary Mankin, Teresa Chandler, Annie Larson.

Monica Grant: "Parodisiac"
CD. MMG 103
USA. 1994? Artwork
Parodies. "Down at the Sperm Bank," a take-off on "Down at the Boardwalk." There's also "My Boyfriend's Back" -- "My boyfriend's back and I'm gonna be bisexual..."

Grantham: "Far Away In Shanty Town"
CD. "The Man I Love" (see below)
UK. 1935. €
Cross vocal: "Keep his heart with memories flowing, of a lonely shanty town far away. " (Novello / Hassall)

Joules Graves: "I Like You"
CD. "Plunge!". Rabble Rouser, JG 1112
USA. 1997. GLAMA '97 nominee.
Described as a combination of Toni Childs, Joni Mitchell, and Ani DiFranco, with songs ranging from the personal to the political. "I Like You" delves into the love between two women. (COMI)."Teaching My Heart "focuses on "learning how to love and be loved"..."Anger" delves into rape and the victimization of women and children...and "Outta Control" explores the estrangement felt within social constructs. If the lyrics don't hook you in, then her excellent guitar and djembe work should be more than convincing (she's joined by producer Bruce Harvie on mandolin, dobro, kabasy, acoustic, electric & slide guitars, bass, drums and percussion).

Gregory Gray: "Strong at Broken Places"
CD. Atlantic ATCO, 91330-2
USA. 1990.
"Universal Groove"; "People Are Hard", "Everybody's got a skeleton hiding in their cupboard... you should bring it out to dance if only for the fun of it... ain't no trash in my trash can... everybody knows about me... " ; "Don't Walk Away From Love"; "When The Music Turns Into Money"; "The Fun Has Just Begun"; "Happy Man"; "Things Ain't Always What They Seem"; "Learn To Say No"; "Easier Said Than Done"; "Blue Movie"; "A Hard Man's Gonna Fall"; "Coming Back For More", "They said that rock and roll was a foolish way of life... so I studied Ernest Hemmingway and all of Oscar Wilde... And then I threw a party just to show that I was clean... and, an old friend called and we talked about our teens... what a real man-size tissue he turned out to be" .
Doubtful whether he was really "out" when he recorded this CD but there are no specifically male/female gender references and some of the lyrics have some gay overtones.

Gregory Gray: "Euroflake In Silverlake"
CD. SBK 34358
N Ireland. 1995. GLAMA '96 nominee.
Northern Irish release by gay man includes "Three Minute Requiem"; "The Pope Does Not Smoke Dope"; "Lover, Brother, Friend"

The Great Garlic Girls: "Jenter med bart"
12" single. Sonet 12T-9609.
Norway. 1985. Drag cabaret (TVAA)(MUSI)(DRAG)
"Jenter med bart" (=Women with beards) (3: 40) (Teigen/ Rudå/ Sand). "GGGirls" (instr) (3: 42)
Produced by Jahn Teigen. Pressed in pink vinyl.

Greater Lansing Spinsters' Guild: "Powers Of The Air"
MC. Wormwood C-002
USA. 1986.
Lesbian Feminist pagan music, including "Lesbian Nation"

Greek Buck : "Messin' With"
USA. 1998?
Incl. "Malibu Peach", a kind of campy and enigmatic song, moody in tone.
"Greek Buck is an electronic duo from Toronto, Canada. It consists of Don Pyle and Phonocomb, who is gay. Andrew Zealley, the other member (electronics), is also queer. Caroline Azar, who makes a guest appearance as vocalist on "Malibu Peach", is from the Canadian band Fifth Column, and at least she and GB Jones (the core of the shifting group) are queer. "
Contact (1998) P.O. Box 713, Station C, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6J 3S1.

Debora Green: "The Road To Woodstock" "
see "Outmusic 97"€

Green Day: "King For A Day"
CD. "Nimrod," Reprise Records
USA. 1997. (TVAA)(PARE)
Singer Billie Joe Armstrong told BillBoard magazine that "it would be funny for a bunch of macho fraternity guys to be singing along and, little do they know, the song's about being in drag." (DRAG)
"Started at the age of 4, My mother went to the grocery store, Went sneaking through her bedroom, For something in a size 4, Sugar and spice and everything nice, wasn't made for only girls, GI Joe in panty hose, is making room for the one and only, King for a day, princess by dawn, King for a day in a leather thong, King for a day, princess by dawn, Just wait 'til all the guys get a load of me My daddy threw me into therapy, He thinks I'm not a real man, Who put the drag in drag queen, Don't knock it 'til you've tried it."

Steve Greenberg: "Big Bruce"
7". Trip 3000 (Atlantic)
USA. 1969. Artwork °
"Big Bruce" (2: 10) (M. Vickery, D. Tyson, Bud. Reneau-Bill Stith).

Lou Greene, Mary Langford, "Avenues Of Love"
CD. Out of the Crowd
USA. 1997.
"Brother Be Brave" (3:44); "Lullaby" (2:30); "Tempting Bait" (4:03); "Disenchanted (Someday Our Hears Will Sing Again"(5:15); "Malaga" (2:57); "Ride Me, Baby, Ride" (2:45); "A Wish" (3:52); "Whenever The Blue Bonnets Bloom" (3:12); "Remember It's A Song" (3:31); "I Can't Keep It A Secret" (5:25); "Free and Proud" (3:00); "When You Lay Down The Law" (3:28).

"Will Grega's Gay Music Guide": Will Grega.
(Pop Front Press, USA, 1994) ISBN 0-9639871-9-4
see Appendix: Bibliography

La Grenuda: "La Grenuda"
7". Live Transmission
USA. 1996.
Two members of La Grenuda are now in The Vegas Beat, a band which was the surprise hit of the Dirtybird Queercore festival summer '96.
"Friend" is uptempo and propulsive; "Something's Wrong" shows a quieter, more introspective side. "Pitfall" starts out with a slow, but driving drum beat and strummed guitar, and slowly builds.

Earl Gresh: "Help"
78. Columbia 469D;
USA. (NY). 1925. (JAZZ)€
"Help" (2: 44) "Help, the girls are after me, Look out, dear! You'll break my necklace!". A (drag?) queen is terrified of women.
see "Can't Help Lovin' That Man": Various Artists

Joel Grey; (Emcee)
see "Cabaret" Original Broadway Cast
see "Cabaret" Film Soundtrack

Joel Grey,: "Cabaret Medley" €
see "Club Verboten"

Patty Griffin: "Tony"
CD. "Flaming Red"; A&M Records
USA. 1997.
Accessible pop song with a driving rock chorus that deals with issues of homophobia and teen suicide without coming off too heavy-handed to bear. The lyrics are sung from the point of view of a marginalized girl who's feeling rather invisible and considering taking her own life... she's paying homage to a young man that was in her class who killed himself because he couldn't handle the societal pressures against being gay. She sings, "Hey Tony... what's so good about dying? ... Think I might do a little dying today... he looked in the mirror saw that little faggot staring back at him... pulled out a gun and blew himself away." Strongly recommended.

Susan Griffin
see Adam, Margie "Take Hands"

Frank Grimaldi
Grimaldi is a native New Yorker who started his career in music at the late age of 19. When, without any previous knowledge of a musical instrument or theory, he attended the music program at City College. He later left City College to become lead vocalist for a Brooklyn based band "The Prospects". In the earlier part of the 1980's The Prospects disbanded. Around the same time, Frank began to take a strong interest in electronic music which was beginning to be more widely accepted and then in vogue. Since that time, he has been performing to self-produced tracks as an outlet for his songwriting talents.
Co-chair of OutMusic (1997).
Contact (1999): http://hometown.aol.com/EMPHATIC

Frank Grimaldi: "Walking Backward"
CD. Emphatic
USA. 1997. Artwork
"Walking Backward"; "Say Hello"; "All of Your Love"; "The Man Killing Time"; "Here I Am (In Love with You)"; "Love Ya Ta Death / Hell on Earth" (AIDS); "Reaper on the Prowl"; "Live & More"; "Long Distance Runner"; "It's Over (Leave it Alone)"; "Here We Go Again"
(AIDS) "The songs of this NYC performer are heavily influenced by seventies rock, disco and r&b but still contain contemporary bass and drum driven arrangements. The overall lyrical themes reflect love as playful, furtive, sad and hopeless. The CD opens up with a upbeat pop feel which grows darker and more "alternative" with each song. Walking Backward is a look back in anger."
" Each song deals with the topic of AIDS from different perspectives. The former pokes fun at fear of the disease and the latter deals with the pain of a loss. In 1991, Frank received an honorable mention in the Mid-Atlantic Annual Song Contest for his song "Long Distance Runner".

Frank Grimaldi: "The Man Killing Time"
see "Outmusic 97"€

Herbert Grönemeyer: "Gemischte Gefühle" (Mixed Emotions)
LP. Intercord INT 160. 187
W. Germany. 1983.
"Was er von persönlicher Ehrlichkeit hält, besingt er in seinem unbekümmert-ironischen Schwulensong 'Etwas Warmes brauch der Mensch'." (Du & Ich Nr. 2, Februar 1988, page 11 (German gay magazine). )
"Etwas Warmes" (3: 28)(H. Grönemeyer)(CRUI): "Sag' mal Ohrring, wieso / wohnst Du ständig auf dem Bahnhofsklo / und bist Du einer von denen / die sich an Kindern vergehen / Erklär mir mal ganz genau / wie kommst Du überhaupt klar, so ganz ohne Frau / tu nicht so cool / Du bist doch wohl schwul..."

Steven Grossman: "Caravan Tonight"
LP. Mercury SRM 1-702.
USA. 1973/4. Lyrics on gatefold (GLOP) Artwork €
Side 1: "Caravan Tonight" (3: 34) (see version by Twiggy); "Out" (3: 27): "Mama, dear mama, I've something to say, yes I know you didn't plan on me, turning out this way...there's nothing wrong with being gay"(COMI) "Five O'Clock Song" (2: 27); "Christopher's Blues" (4: 08); "Song to Bonnie" (3: 33); "Song to That M&M Man" (5: 37);."You Don't Have to be Ashamed" (3: 48); "Many Kinds Of Love" (3: 51); "Can't...Papa Blues" (3: 32); "Circle Nine Times" (3: 22); "Dry Dock Dreaming (6: 08).
Gay singer from the NY gay subculture. Sensitive, folky guitar ballads, sold well in the gay ghettos and is fondly remembered as an early gay liberation classic. Recorded material through to his death, as yet unreleased. Claimed as the first openly gay artist to get a contract from a major label. Died 1991.

Steven Grossman: "Buena Vista"
CD. "Fruit Cocktail" Streeter 1005
USA. 1998.
Included on this compilation is a Grossman track which was unreleased during his life and therefore only now finds popularity in the Gay Music charts.

Peter Grudzien: "The Unicorn"
Gay psychedelic country music. There's 14 tracks of older material, and then six tracks labelled "The New Songs" which have electronic percussion and are apparently of later vintage. Gay psychedelic country music
"White Trash Hillbilly Trick, " "Hunky-Honky, " and "Candy-Ass Lover."; "Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere" is about the issue of gays in the military.(MILI)
The liner notes include a picture of Peter at age 16 giving a tape of some of his songs to Johnny Cash in 1958. (It turns out this is a re-release of a 1974 record. You can read more about Peter Grudzien in the 2nd volume of Incredibly Strange Music. from Private World, 332 Bleecker St #27D, NY, NY 10014

Guardabarranco: "Guerrero del Amor"
(This Way Out 52)

Guardabarranco: "Para Amarnos Con El Mundo/To Be In Love With The World""
see "Redwood Collection"

Guest Stars: "Out At Night"
LP. Private. ES 2028 , EFA 6028/08
UK. 1985. €
"The Wind Is Getting Angry"; "Miles Apart"; "Montezuma's Mother"; "What Means Love"; "Amy's Bounce"; "Song of the Bridge"; " Uranus in Jeopardy"; "Birds of A Feather"
Deidre Cartwright(guitar), Josefina Cupido(drums, vocals), Laka Daisical(piano, vocals), Lind da Mango, Alison Rayner, Ruthie Smith, Debbie Dickinson.

Guest Stars: "The Guest Stars"
LP. Eigelstein EFA 6028
UK. 1986.
"The Wind Is Getting Angry"; "Miles Apart"; "Montezuma's Mother"(FAMI), "What Means Love"; "Amy's Bounce"; "Song Of The Bridge"; "Uranus in Jeopardy"; "Birds Of A Feather".
Lesbian/Feminist rock band based in Cologne and London, comprising Deidre Cartwright, Josefina Cupido, Laka Daisical, Linda da Mango, Alison Rayner, Ruthie Smith, Debbie Dickinson.
Other Albums "Out At Night" (1985); "Live (1987);

see "Family Jewels: Gems of Rainbow Stage"

The Gun Club: "My Man's Gone Now"
LP. " The Las Vegas Story", Animal Recs CS6006
USA. 1984.

Guns N' Roses: "One In A Million"
LP. "Lies, The Sex, The Violence. The Shocking Truth" Elektra
USA. 1988.
"immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me. They come to my country and think they'll do as they please, like start some mini Iran or spread some fucking disease. "
Anti gay (PHOB). Suggests that gays immigrate to get free AIDS treatment. (AIDS)

"Hoboken's mostly female funk-rock band, full of baby dykes", USA.