Cabaret (CABA)
Performances in Cabaret style include;

D. J. Adler "Here And Now"
Sandy Baron "God Save The Queens"
Fred Barton "Miss Gulch Returns"
Eric Bentley "The Queen of 42nd Street"
Rae Bourbon "An Evening In Copenhagen" et al.
Luc Bral "Beminnen"
Mark Bunyan "Landladies Shoes"
"Cabaret" Original Soundtrack Recording
Chez nous "Herren als Damen"
Chez nous "Die Herren Damen lassen bitten"
"Coming Out - Ready Or Not"
Noël Coward "Let's Do It"
Margreet Dolman "Dat Mens..." et al.
Daisy Dynamite "Live at Oscar Wilde"
The Flying Pickets "To Know Him Is To Love Him"
Hellun (Zelluf): "Hellun's Geloof, Hoop en Lu-Lu-Liefde"
Hinge & Bracket "Volume 1" et al.
Barry Humphries "Housewife Superstar"
Juffrouw Sonnika & Tante Gré
Mary Kaye Trio "You've Changed"
"Københavnerliv 1920-1955" - Compilation
Lynn Lavner "Oh; How I Love Cabaret"
Lee Lucas: "The Big Strappin' Fag Show"
Manfred "Anders" et al.
Eric Presland "File Under Gay"
Tom Robinson "Cabaret '79"
see also Comedy
see also Drag
see also Revue

"Cabaret": Original Soundtrack Recording
LP. MCA Recs ABCD 752 , MC. ABC CAB5019
USA. 1972. •
Musical soundtrack from film starring Liza Minelli as Sally Bowles, Joel Grey as Emcee and Michael York (non-singing).
Music by John Kander, lyrics by Fred Ebb. Based on "Goodbye To Berlin", "I, A Camera" and other books by gay author Christopher Isherwood(1904-1986), and on the play by John van Druten.
"Two Ladies" ( )Emcee; "We switch partners daily"; Girl 1; "I'm left. "; Girl 2; "And I'm Right. " Emcee; "But there's room in the middle if you drop in some night. " (THRE)
Dialogue also refers to homosexual activity between male characters.

LP. CBS KOS 3040
USA. 1984.

Cabaret Voltaire: "Dead Man's Shoes"
included on "A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse"

Meryn Cadell "Being In Love"
see "Get Out": Various Artists

Meryn Cadell: "Bombazine"
CD. MC. Sire 9-45398-4
USA. 1993.
The clever off-beat lyrics express an intelligent, original, openly bisexual, sardonic view of life. This Canadian artist clearly revels in words, combining traditional song structure with spoken word musings to perfectly capture what it is like to be twenty-something and not really sure about the who's, the what's, the where's, the how's and the why's. "Voice for Gloria", the best paean to sex with a woman this reviewer has ever heard, contains the line which is the philosophical anchor to the whole enchilada, "You don't have to do anything that you don't want to, but don't get up in arms about what others choose to do. " "Jonny and Betty" opens the album with a bang, with lyrics about gays and gay-bashing; "Abelyne" and "Window of Opportunity" were co-written with k. d. lang's collaborator, Ben Mink (he also accompanies on strings, guitar and more), with musical references to Ingenue yet completely original.

John Cage ( born,1912- died,12. 8. 1992)
Influential American composer, most famous for his (mostly silent) piece "4 minutes 33 seconds" Cage epitomised the need to shock and amuse. In 1938 he started a relationship with the dancer, Merce Cunningham and started a collaboration of 55 years , but in later life has remained discrete about his sexuality in public. (CLAS)
John Gill:Queer Noises (p 31).

John Cage: " Sixteen Dances "
• see "Club Verboten"

John Cage: "Ryonji"
see "Gay American Composers: Vol. 2"

John Cage: "Sonata XIII for Prepared Piano"
see "Gay American Composers: Vol. 2"

"La Cage aux Folles": Original Film Soundtrack
LP. Cerberus Records
"La cage aux folles" (=Birds of a Feather)
Instrumental music from the original (French) film.
Music composed and conducted by Ennio Morricone. Play by Jean Poirier. Film directed by Edouard Molinaro.
About a gay couple's problems when the son of one, from an earlier marriage, is going to be married and the parents-in-law are to meet the 'parents' of the bridegroom.
Italian issue: "Il Vizietto", CAM Rec, SAG 9090 (1978).
The first widely-seen movie about gays in a domestic setting, as proto-heterosexual family.
The implied moral of the comedy is therefore "Gays should not try to imitate heterosexuals, but be themselves and develop their own "appropriate" roles. "

"La Cage Aux Folles-The Broadway Musical": Original Cast Recording
LP. Red Seal Digital(RCA) HBC1-4824, RCA BL84824
Side 1: "Prelude" (3:00); "We Are What We Are" (3:53) (LIBE); "A Little More Mascara" (4:43); "With Anne On My Arm" (3:35); "With You On My Arm" (2:35); "Song On The Sand (La da da da)" (3:55); "La Cage Aux Folles" (7:35):
Side 2: "I Am What I Am" (3:02) (LIBE); "Song On The Sand (Reprise)" (1:50); "Masculinity" (2:28)(MALE); "Look Over There" (2:52); "Cocktail Counterpoint" (1:52); "The Best Of Times" (5:35); "Look Over There (Reprise)" (41:11); "The Finale; With You On My Arm, La Cage Aux Folles, Song Of The Sand, The Best Of Times (Reprise)" (5:49)
Starring George Hearn and Gene Barry. Music by Jerry Herman (see below), lyrics by Harvey Fierstein
(see below). An unusual topic for a musical (long before "Kiss of the Spiderwoman" and "Miss Vietnam"), but Harvey Feinstein's libretto provided a gay/mainstream synergy which guaranteed it's Broadway run. Later transferred to European cities in various productions. (local recordings exist). Jerry Herman's (see below) tunes include a masterpiece, in the hit of the show, "I Am What I Am" which first became a gay anthem in the mouth of Gloria Gaynor.
see also Gloria Gaynor
see Jerry Herman
see Harvey Fierstein

"La Cage Aux Folles-Ein Käfig voller Narren"-Theater des Westens, Berlin"
LP. Polydor 829 646-1
Germany. 1986.
German Translation from the Broadway Musical

"La Cage Aux Folles II"

Cain: "Flash"
CD single. Q Ear Records
USA. 1997.
Tim Cain is the force behind Chicago's Boys' Entrance. Shocked by the untimely death of Lady Diana Spencer earlier this year, Cain wrote "The last thing she recalled were flashbulbs in her eyes...but even they receded into the warm Parisian night...replaced instead by radiance...ecstatic, warm and bright. "
The single comes in an edited format perfect for radio play and a longer version with extra lyrics. There is also an instrumental cover of "Requiem," a tune done originally by Queen in memory of the late Freddie Mercury.
Contact (1998) Qear1@aol. com or "Flash" website

"Call Me MISSter"
see Pearl Box Revue

Maria Callas
"Maria Callas: The Tigress and the Lamb" by David Bret reveals her supposedly insatiable sexuality and her particular attraction to gay men. The book details her attempts to seduce Leonard Bernstein, Franco Zeffirelli and Luchino Visconti and her misguided belief that a passionate woman could convert and "cure" them. Apparently, she briefly succeeded with director Pier Paolo Passolini when they were filming "Medea," her only movie (a non-musical version of the Greek myth).

Michael Callen (1955- 27 Dec. 1993)
Michael Callen worked from 1983 from his New York home, moving to Los Angeles in 1990. Although he worked as a solo act and as a member of the groups Lowlife and the Flirtations, his greatest fame is as a founding member of the PWA Coalition of New York and author of "Surviving AIDS" (Harper Collins, NY). Featured in Randy Shilts' "And The Band Played On" and in 'Zero Patience'.
The "Legacy" CD, which only appeared posthumously, has been a consistant seller over many years and has allowed the Significant Other label to produce work for several other artists. (see below)

see Richard Dworkin
see Flirtations
see "Feeding The Flame"
see Grant King: "Michael"
see Rus McCoy: "His Great Escape From Gravity"
see "Zero Patience"

Michael Callen: "Low Life"
MC. Private label
USA. 1985.
MC. privately distributed cassette•
"No, No"; "Where The Boys Are"; "Living In Wartime" (M. Callen)(AIDS); "Oh Oh"; "Mama. "

Michael Callen: "Purple Heart"
LP. Significant Other SO 881P/(Ladyslipper)
USA. 1988. Lyrics enclosed (GLOP) Artwork•
Side 1: "Where The Boys Are" (3:06); "Where the boys are, someone waits for me. " "Me and Dickie D" (4:25); "He's my pride and joy, my nice Jewish boy. " (JUDA), (Dickie D = Richard Dworkin, Mike's drummer/lover and member of Microscopic Septet. ) "Living In Wartime" (4:07); "Conspiracy or silence, the enemy within, complacency and arrogance, make us think we cannot win. " (AIDS); "How To Have Sex" (4:40); "Oh, I miss the seventies, things seemed so simple then, so many men so little time. " "Take It Easy" (3:08); "Asexual partnering enthrals me, I live with a roommate of a sort of similar sex. "
Side 2: "Love Don't Need A Reason" (3:25); (Callen, Peter Allen, Marsha Malamet)"It's not who's wrong or right, It's just another way, and I don't wanna fight, but I know I'm gonna stay, with you till the end, with you my friend. " (see version by New York City Gay Men's Chorus, and by Bill McKinley on "Everything Possible" by Marsha Malamet on "A Love Worth Fighting For") Mike sang it at dozens of gatherings (including the 1993 March on Washington and AIDS Walks in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. ) and on many TV shows, including, "The Geraldo Show, " "Good Morning America, " "The Donahue Show" and the HBO Documentary "Why Am I Gay?": "Love Lives On":
"Small Town Change" (3:00); (Lasley /Yowell) "Lost in the schoolboy hustle, they only help if something is to be gained. "
"Nobody's Fool" (5:40); "I'm just my father's son, I'm cold and distant and hard on everyone, father to son, now son to lover. " (PARE) "On The Other Side" (4:30) "Talking Old Soldiers" (4:10) (Elton John and Bernie Taupin)(OLDG)(MILI) "Home" (2:30)(HOME)
Released to commemorate the sixth anniversary of Callen's diagnosis as having AIDS.

Michael Callen: "Songs For The AIDIES"
MC. Privately Circulated (AIDS)
"The Healing Power Of Love" (Callen, Malamet)

Michael Callen: "AIDS, Medicine and Miracles"
USA. 1991. Spoken word. (ACTU)(AIDS)(MEDI)
Recorded at National Conference on AIDS 1990, Mike talks about AZT, politics, hope and survival.

Michael Callen "Legacy "
3MC. (Pre Release)Privately. •
Archive of Mike's work used in preparing "Legacy" including some unreleased material: "Kerosene Lantern"; "Just Look In Our Eyes"; "Name Names"; "Victim of Circumstance".

Michael Callen "Legacy "
2CD. Significant Other SO 951
USA. 1995. • Artwork OutVoice-1997.GLAMA '96 winner.
Top Disc: "Love Worth Fighting For" (5:50); "Redefine The Family" (3:57)(FAMI); "Better In The Moonlight" (4:45); "6:30 Sunday Morning / Right As The Rain" (5:14); "Now" (5:04); "Two Men Dance The Tango" (3:08); "Glitter and Be Gay" (Berstein/Wilbur); (5:35); "My Imagination" (3:38); "Crazy World" (4:51) GLAMA '96 nominee. ; "We've Had Enough" (4:49); "No No" (3:44); "Grade B Movie" (3:35); "Warm As The Wind" (4:46); "Kerosene Lantern" (3:21); "Sometimes Not Often Enough" (2:01)
Bottom Disc: "They Are Falling All Around Me" (4:07) GLAMA '96 nominee. ; "Wish I Had A Dime" (4:07); "Yes, I'll Take My Chances" (3:03); "Nothing Lasts Forever" (2:36); "See Here" (4:06); "The Healing Power Of Love" (6:53) GLAMA '96 nominee.; "Roundabout" (4:53); "Street Of Dreams" (3:38); "Mother Mother" (3:29)(FAMI); "Do Not Turn Away" (3:16); "One More Lullaby" (4:11); "Goodbye" (2:02); "Smile" (1:43); "Sacred" (4:59);
"Posthumous album from one of our biggest heroes and one of gay and lesbian music's most glorious talents. The 29 songs on this 2-CD set run the gamut from the ridiculous to the sublime, showcasing the breadth of Michael's extraordinary vocal prowess and the depth of his love for music and life. Most of this project was recorded during the last two years of Michael's life. Included are stunningly powerful anthems ("The Healing Power Of Love" and "A Love Worth Fighting For"), gorgeous ballads ("Roundabout," "Smile," "Yes I'll Take My Chances") and brilliant takes on camp classics ("Glitter And Be Gay," "Two Men Dance The Tango," "Grade B Movie"). Holly Near, Chris Williamson, Tret Fure, John Bucchino, Tom Robinson and others join Michael on this collection of originals and well chosen covers. The packaging is filled with numerous photos and tributes from Tony Kushner, Jon Arterton, Tim Miller and others.

Michael Callen : "Love Worth Fighting For"
CD. "Love Worth Fighting For" Streeter
USA. 1995. GLAMA '96 nominee.
In Michael's last months, he reflected upon his reasons for writing it: "I know there are a lot of horrible things in the world. But nothing is more horrible than colonized anyone's love - getting them from day one and telling them they don't have the right to love. Everyone's got a million reasons why one love is more acceptable than another. But those of us who love unconventionally - and I'm not only singing here about gay love, but interracial love, love between disabled people . . . people of different cultures - know that this is love and it is worth fighting for. We also know that the forces against us are formidable . . . and that our love is what enables us to sustain the fight." see "Love Worth Fighting For"

Michael Callen "Do Not Turn Away"
see "Winter Moon": Various Artists

Michael Callen: "Crazy World"
CD. "Feeding The Flame": Benefit Concert (see above)
USA. 1990.
"Tell me why I should have to justify the way I love, why explain? But I can't lie, and I won't even try to pretend, in the end it would cause too much pain, drive us insane, in an already crazy world. They're always saying this world needs more love, but somehow not our kind. It makes no sense how they pick and choose, when we could use more love wherever we find it..."
This pre-"Legacy" version has a very different (up) tempo.

Michael Callen's medley of "6:30 Sunday Morning/Right As Rain."
see "Fruit Cocktail": Various Artists

Michael Callen
see "Michael" by Grant King.
see Lee Lessack

Calliope: " Promise of Spring"
USA. 1995. (CHOR)
"Suite In Four Movements" (Benjamin); "Canticle to Myself" (Shelly); "Con el viento" (Renaissance Spanish); "So Glad I'm Here" (trad. , arr Johnson Reagon); "In Spring" (Griffith); "Earth Chant" (Canto da terra)" (Haas); "Hadiqah" (Gerberg); "Ten Thousand Things, The" (Benjamin); "Respect" (Brindley-Barnett, Evershed); "Big Legged Woman" (Righteous Mothers, arr. Gerke); "Wanderlust" (Kaldor); "Every Long Journey" (Reed)

Camera Club-see Bruce Willis and the Camera Club

Camp Records
Earliest out gay material from Hollywood. Releases were (in this sequence!?);

Singles on 7" (Group 1)
1. (7") Attributed to 'B. Bubba '.:
"I'd Rather Fight Than Swish" b/w "I'd Rather Swish Than Fight" (Camp 2B1, 7") Artwork
2. (7") Attributed to 'Byrd E. Bath':
"Mixed Nuts" b/w"London Derriere"(Camp 2B8 , 7"); Artwork
3. (7") (Uncredited):
"Ballad Of The Camping Woodcutter" b/w "Scotch Mist" (Camp UR12, 7") Artwork
4. (7") (Uncredited):
"Weekend of a Hairdresser" b/w "I'm So Wet (The Shower Song)" (Camp 345) Artwork

5. (Album):(Uncredited)
"The Queen Is In The Closet" LP 3455. Artwork•
"The Week End Of A Hairdresser" (3: 22); "L'il Liza Mike"(2: 54), "A Naughty - Cal Tale" (2: 28); "I'm So Wet" (2: 44), "What Can The Matter Be"; "A Bar Is A Bar, Is A Bar" (1: 58) "Good Old Fashioned Balls (2: 29), "Florence of Arabia"(3: 39), "London Derriere" (3: 35), "Down on The River Drive"(2: 57))
(There is a blank sheet on the rear of the sleeve!) Material from "The Queen Is In The Closet" was quoted in Schiller's documentary "Homosexuality in the American Male" (see below).

More singles on 7": (Group 2)
NOTE: Although the 7" artwork was certainly created and printed (for the back of the 2nd album?), OutLoud has not been able to verify the pressing or release of the next four singles. The "Mad About The Boy" album certainly WAS pressed (in small numbers), but it is possible that having released the album first, the company's intention to release subsequent singles to promote it, was not fulfilled
It is also possible that "Love Is A Drag" (see below) also stems from this (unidentified/Hollywood) source.
6. (7") (Uncredited)
"Homer The Happy Little Homo" (ICUR 12) Artwork
7. (7") (Uncredited)
"Spanish Bar Fly"; "Old Fashioned Balls"; Artwork
8. (7") (Uncredited)
"Leather Jacket Lovers"; "Rough Trade"; Artwork
9. (7") (Uncredited)
"Stanley, the Manly Transvestite" Artwork

10. (Album ):(Uncredited)
"Mad About The Boy". LP. RU-1 Artwork
"Mad About The Boy" (Coward); "He Needs Me"; "No Lover"; "One Boy"; "Make The Man Love Me"; "It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House"; "How Did He Look"; "Boy Wanted"; "The Honorable Mr. So & So"; "The Gentleman Is A Dope".

Bootleg re-release of some Group 1 singles and first album on CD "Queer to the Core"(1996)• (see below).

David Campbell: "Yesterday Is Now"
CD. Pgd/Philips, Released 04/22/96 #532714
USA. 1996.
"Whatever Happened To Melody"; "Help Is On The Way"; "Errol Flynn, I Have Dreamed/Out Of My Dreams"; "Only Heaven Knows"; "Rock-A-Bye Your Baby"; "Come Rain Or Come Shine"; "Broadway Baby"; "Alexander's Ragtime Band"; "Australian Musical Medley"; "A Kid Inside"; "Mr. Tanner"; "On Such A Night As This"; "'Til Tomorrow/The Promise (I'll Never Say Goodbye)"
"Help Is On The Way" was sung by Cris Williamson on "A Love Worth Fighting For". Cabaret singer and son of rock legend Jimmy Barnes, one of his stage credits is listed as "Love! Valour! Compassion!"

David Campbell: "Taking The Wheel"
CD. Pgd/Philips, Released 09/09/97, Catalog Number: 537936
USA. 1997.
"Grateful" (John Bucchino), "Instead of counting sheep, I've got a heart that can hold love, I've got a mind that can think, There may be times when I lose the light, And let my spirits sink, But I can't stay depressed, When I remember how I'm blessed, Grateful, grateful, truly grateful I am, Grateful, grateful, truly blessed and dearly grateful, In a city of strangers, I've got a family of friends'; "Gentle Souls and Tender Hearted Fools"; "It Will Always Be You"; "I Honestly Love You (yes, the Olivia Newton-John song)"; "Old Devil Moon"; "The Nearness Of You/Not A Day Goes By"; "I Got Rhythm"; "Never Really Mine To Lose"; "Storybook"; "Yard Sale"; "Bridge Over Troubled Water"; "Taking The Wheel"(John Bucchino); "Just Where They Should Be"; "It Will Always Be You (Acoustic Version)" Includes "Grateful" written by John Bucchino from John's forthcoming musical "Urban Myths" as well as two other Bucchino songs "Gentle Souls And Tender Hearted Fools" and "Taking The Wheel". Also includes "Yard Sale", a song about a man who is terminally ill and has to sell all his belongings he's collected over the years just to make ends meet! With pin-up shots on the sleeve "this recording certainly sets off the gaydar!" Campbell had a major role in a 1995 gay musical called "Only Heaven Knows," written by Alex Harding. Sleeve also mentions that Campbell just got engaged to 'Natalie' (1998).

Robert Campbell: "Living In The Shadow of a Downtown Movie Show"
LP. Decca
USA. 1974.
"Dreamboy"; "Is that all, is that all? Makin' love with my dreamboy in the hall, writing our love on the prison walls". (CRIM)
Several other gay tracks.

Vic Campbell: "West Fourteenth"
MC. Private
USA. (Minneapolis). 1983..
"Stallions" is about non-equine studs. "No matter what city, the boys are so pretty. "
Named in "Rock on The Wild Side" by Wayne Studer.

Albert Camus: "Albert Camus Reading"
LP. Caedmon TC1138
USA. 196? (in French) (GLIT)

Canadian artists (see listings under name)

Lillian Allen "Why Do We Have To Fight"
Aya "Aya"
Bent Boys
"By Word Of Mouth / Sous La Langue"; Compilation
"Dyke Proud- A Lesbian Poetry Reading"; Various Artists
Fruit Cocktail '85 "No More Fear"
Lewis Furey
"J. D's Top Ten Tape-Homocore Hit Parade"
Connie Kaldor "Moonlight Grocery"
Rita MacNeil "Flying On Your Own"
Mr. Tim "Another Man, b/w (Extensive mix)"
Ashley McIsaac
Charlie Murphy "Fierce Love"
Faith Nolan
The Nylons
The Parachute Club
Response-Ability "L'Homme Homophobique"
Rick Robertson "Six"
Rough Trade
David Sereda
Tom of Finland "In Canada"

Candy-Ass Records
Queercore Label (see Chainsaw Records below)
Contact (1997): Box 42382 Portland, OR 97242

"Can't Help Lovin' That Man": Various Artists
CD. Columbia Legacy CK 52855
USA. 1993. Compilation (JAZZ)(GLOP)(COMP) Cross vocals from Vaudeville and music hall. •
"Can't Help Lovin' That Man": Bud Freeman with Red McKenzie; "Masculine Women, Feminine Men" Merritt Brunies and his Friars Inn Orch. vocal by Lew King.; "Help": Earl Gresh & his Gangplank Orch.; "The Right Kind Of Man": Golden Gate Orch.; "He's My Kind of a Man": The Flamingo Melodians; "He's So Unusual": Fred Rich & Orch.; "The Man I Love": Sam Lanin's Famous Players; "I Want To Be Bad": Ray Ventura & his Collegians; "Gay Love": Bing Crosby; "Am I Blue"; The Travelers, "Was I gay? 'til today?; "Can't We Be Friends?"; The Georgians; "In My Little Hope Chest"; The Clevelanders"; "He's A Good Man To Have Around"; Dick Cherwin & his Orchestra; "I Got Rhythm" Harold Lem & his Orchestra; "What Wouldn't I Do For That Man"; Frankie Trumbauer & his Orchestra; "But I Can't Make A Man": The Travelers; "The One That I Love Loves Me" Meyer Davis & Orch.; "Buy, Buy For Baby": The Columbians; "He's My Secret Passion"; Danny Yates & Orch.; "Love For Sale"; The Hotchkiss Dance Orch.; "Can't Do Without His Love"; Joe Haymes & his Orch.; "Hold Your Man"; Will Osborne & Orch.; "Pu-leeze Mr Hemmingway"; Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians; "Come Up and See Me Sometime"; Cliff Edwards (featuring Ukelele Ike); "Beach Boy"; Paul Whiteman Orchestra;
25 Tracks compiled by Michael Brooks and Michael Musto from 1929-34 period of American crooners and big bands.

"Can't Stop The Music"
Motion Picture: USA. 1980. (MUSI)(FILM) "Hey guys, lets start up our own band!" Village People - The Musical. Long overdue commercial whitewash job on the (suddenly not very gay anymore?) gay band. The Village milieu is still there somewhere in the background but the queers have all disappeared, replaced with blonde bombshells and be-suited professional climbers. When the club scene shows the podium dancers in a nightclub, they're female! (No such thing EVER occurred in this milieu and period. )
Naturally the gay audience saw no 'sin' in using the Garland/Rooney plotline, but the shock of seeing themselves ,dykes and faggots, erased from the silver canvas (both foreground and background) left a bitter taste with the only sympathetic market sector for the band's declining star. The movie bombed everywhere, except Australia.
see Village People
see Jacques Morali

Canya Phuckem and Howe: "Sleeze Attack"
LP. More Best Productions MB 001
USA(San Francisco). 1980. (PUNK)(GLOP)(LEAT)(SADO)(SANF) Artwork °
Side 1: "One Sir, Thank You Sir!"; "Folsom St"; "In A Sling"; "The Whip Song"; "Warm Wet Feeling"; "This Guy's The Limit";
Side 2: "Sleeze Attack"; "Rings"; "Castroids Vs. Smarkets"; "Left Pocket, Right Pocket"; "A Night At The Orgy"; "Woof, Woof, Oink, Oink"
songs by Dick. Shine and Robert T. Rings
"Many thanks to the musicians and singers of San Francisco who performed on this album but prefer to remain anonymous. " (Sleeve)
Privately released album of radical gay songs. Robert T. Rings, Dick Shrine, More Best Productions.

Capital City Gay Men's Chorus: "Silent Noon"
CD. Privately
USA. (Austin, TX). 1998. (CHOR)
A collection of all types of love songs: bawdy, romantic, longing, sacred, familial, and break-up, from a cross section of eras. Everything from Monteverdi (Amor) thru Vaughan Williams
Contact (1998):

Capitol Steps
The Capitol Steps is a comedy group that spoofs current political (and occasionally social and entertainment) issues. They put out an album once a year of their performances.

Capitol Steps: "Your Statue Needs A Tu-tu"
LP. "Georgie On My Mind"
USA. 1990. (COME)
Anti-Jesse Helms' 1990 "No Nudes is Good Nudes" statement. Singsong satire from NPR's 'All Things Considered' show.

Capitol Steps: "Return To Center. "
USA, 1996. (COME)
"Your Son'll Come Out Tomorrow. " Spoof of Annie's "Tomorrow"

Capitol Steps' "Sixteen Scandals"
CD. 1017
USA. 1997. (COME)
"Loonies Of The Right" which is sung to the tune of Phantom Of The Opera's "Music Of The Night. " The singer (who is supposed to be Newt Gingrich) sings this line: "I detest when Mister marries Mister...and sometimes for Best Man they pick my sister. "
"In Drag Net" is a spoof done in 'voice-over' detective style. The narrator is about a private detective who is hired by a mysterious woman looking for a husband. This is a spoken-word recording from the point-of-view of the detective. His monologue is sprinkled with comedic references to celebrities, including Martina Navratilova, Richard Simmons and a fun poke at homophobic Ralph Reed, formerly of the Christian Coalition. And wait til you find out who the mysterious woman really is! " "This was no amateur gymnist, it was a vision so lovely she made my head feel lighter then Richard Simmon's loafers. " "She was crying like every other woman in America. JFK Jr. was taken. JFK Jr, a guy so cut he even made Martina Navratilova's heart flutter. He even made Ralph Reed a little weak in the knees. " "Because this was no dame. This was total bull. And there was no way I was marrying a bride named Dennis Rodman. " And in the song "Lirty Dies, " there is a comment that describes Political Consultant Dick Morris as "a closet heterosexual who cheats on his wife. "

Capitol Steps': "101 Damnations"
CD. "Unzippin' My Doo-Dah."
USA. 1998. (COME)
Zeroes in on the Southern Baptist Convention and their boycott against Disney. A preacher welcomes Baptists to the convention and warns them about the evil ways of the Disney corporation. "We need more Amens!" he shouts, "but what is Disney giving us? Gay Men!" His sermon continues as he rails against the sins of such lovable characters as Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs ("Just who is Hi?... and just who is the Ho?") and Beauty and The Beast. While preaching of the "evils" of Domestic Partnerships and Ellen Degeneres, the excited crowd shouts "Hallelujah!" and one male member of the flock shouts out to the preacher: "Touch Me Brother!" "Later," responds the Reverend. "101 Damnations" is a delightful comedy bit that easily pokes fun at the hypocrisy of the Southern Baptists.
Contact (1997): The Capitol Steps, 1505 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Truman Capote: "A Christmas Memory"
LP. United Artists
Read by the author. (GLIT)(XMAS)

"Truman Capote Reading His 'The Thanksgiving Visitor'"
LP. United Artists UAS 6682.
New York 19__. Autobiographical. (GLIT)(AUTO)

Joi Cardwell "Joi Cardwell"
CD. Eight Ball/Lightyear 54238
USA, 1997. (DISC)
On her sterling sophomore outing, Joi Cardwell aims to maintain her position as one of clubland's most beloved belters while also inviting a wider audience with a handful of smooth jeep/R&B shufflers. She's an out lesbian diva (see interview with her for DMA , Oct '97), ...she's fierce! "Run To You" ( a hands-in-da-air house music anthem) and "Found Love" and downtempo, single-worthy tunes like "Crying Eyes"; "Wet"; "You Got To Pray" GLAMA '97 winner. and "Power" a jazz-smart, classic-funk vibe fondly reminiscent of D'Angelo.

George Carlin: "Gay Lib"
LP. "Toledo Window Box" Little David 3003,
USA. 1974. °
"Gay Lib" (2:10)

George Carlin: "Indecent Exposure - some of the best of..."
LP. Little David Rec. LD 1076.
USA. 1978. Cabaret talk show. (COME)
All Material Written by: George Carlin.

Wendy Carlos (née Walter Carlos, 1941 - ):
Transsexual composer and early experimenter in electronic music.
A former physicist, Carlos entered music by composing commercials and, having befriended electronics expert Dr. Robert A. Moog, later took up the latter's pivotal 60s invention, the Moog synthesizer. He recorded Switched On Bach with the assistance of musicologist Benjamin Folkman. The blend of Bach's best-known fugues and movements to twentieth-century technology sold in excess of 1 million copies and garnered three Grammy Awards.
The artist's sex change incurred, according to the artist, "disproportionate publicity". Since that time she has refused to discuss the subject with interviewers or activists. In 1998 she took action against Momus for defamation of her character in the lyrics to his song "Walter Carlos" ( Walter Carlos, International trans-sexual composer, Of that glorious epoch, The High Analog Synthesiser Baroque, He is now to be, Known as Wendy, he, Had a gender operation done, Just after making Switched On Bach Volume One").
On the 25th anniversary of Switched On Bach she recorded a second volume using modern state-of-the art technology.
Her other albums have included "The Well-Tempered Claviar", "Sonic Seasonings" and work on film scores including Disney's "Tron".

Al Carmines(1936 - )
His "eclectic works, drawing on classical, popular and liturgical music, are variously termed operas, oratorios and musicals. " (Ency. Homo. p. 921)
New York's Reverend Al Carmines was based in Greenwich Village through the 1970's:
see "The Faggot"

Bobbi Carmitchell: "Reply"
see "Winter Moon": Various Artists

Seraiah Carol: "My Life Is Loving You"
Seraiah Carol Productions, McPriber Music Publisher
USA. 1992.
"My Life Is Loving You"; "Your Eyes Move Me"; "Dear Lover"; "You Turned My Head"; "I'm Wanting You, Needing You and Loving You"; "Lisa Michele"; "I Want You".
Produced by Seraiah Carol With backing from Bob Farrell, Julie Homi, Lynn Keller, Ed Garmero, Jim Watson

Mary Chapin Carpenter: "The Hard Way"
"We've got two lives, one we're given / and the other one we make. "

Rodney Carrington: "Hangin' With Rodney"
CD. Mercury 314-558210
USA. 1998. C&W (COME)
Includes the song "Dancing With A Man" about being at a club and finding that the girl he asked to dance was a man; and "Little Things" about finding that the girl he took home had a dick.
Comic song "Letter To My Penis". Part of the CD is spoken comedy, with one track "Likes, Dislikes & Sexual Confusion" featuring about 2 gay-related minutes. "dancing with a man" has a video.

Jim Carroll
see "...from 'The Basketball Diaries' et al. " on "You're a Hook-15th anniversary of Dial-A-Poem (1968-1983). " Compilation

Pat Carroll: "Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein"
2MC. Caedmon 367
USA. 1980. (GLIT)
From the Grammy award-winning off-Broadway show.

Judith Carsello: "Lezzie Queer"
LP. "Gay And Straight Together" Folkways Records FS 8580
USA. 1981. Folk compilation. Lyrics sheet. °
"Lezzie Queer" (5:29) (PHOB)(LIBE)"Here's how it could happen with just a minor switch, 1984 some American girl won nine first places. says "I worked really hard and besides I'm a dyke"...Well, business catches on promoting a "Tomboy" line of toys, they've got lesbian bicycles for boys and for everybody wants to be a lezzie queer"

Carter, The Unstoppable Sex Machine: "The Only Living Boy In New Cross"
UK. 1992..
"Hello to...grebos, crusties and Clause 28-ers"

Clarence Carter: "Makin' Love (at the End Of The Street)"
LP. "Testifyin'", Atlantic 8238
USA. 1969.

Mr Lynn Carter: "She's A He"
LP. Fiesta 1257
USA. 1960? Artwork
Subtitled: America's foremost female impersonator; Star of the 'Jewel Box Revue'"
a. k. a. (Pierce)Lynn Carter/ (Mr) Lynne Carter / Kay Thompson(1925-1985) Drag impressionist famous for impressions of Hildegarde and Pearl Bailey.
"Josephine Baker saw him at the Beige Room and rushed back to her hotel , filled three taxicabs with Dior and Balenciaga gowns and tutored him in phonetic French. His impressions of Baker brought him greater success and he performed them until late in life also doing Carol Channing and Phyliss Diller (ref. R. Oliver/Club Verboten).
see Les Ballets de Trocadero?

Daniel Cartier: "Stumbling Home"
CD. "Out Loud" Knitting Factory (GLOP)(COMP)
USA. 1995. (HOME)
Singer/Songwriter Daniel Cartier has been referred to as "the James Taylor of the Lollapalooza Generation. " His song, "Stumbling Home" is a powerful ballad about the freedom to love whom you choose, taken from the LP "Live from New York -- The Subway Sessions" on his own High Power Records label. Daniel's song, "She, " was featured on the nationally released Rock the Vote CD "Propaganda"

Daniel Cartier: "Stumbling Home"
see "OutLoud"(compilation)

Daniel Cartier: "Avenue A"
CD. Rocket Records
USA. (NY) 1997.
Although "Avenue A" (Rocket Records) is not the first thing that New York City-based singer and songwriter Daniel Cartier has recorded, it feels like a new beginning for this openly queer former subway musician. He previously released his own album ("Live From New York: The Subway Session"), and was signed to Rocket Records. Anyone who has a copy of "The Subway Session" (which was indeed recorded in a subway station) will be happy to know that two of that album's songs, "Stumbling Home" and "Avenue A," have been included on the new album. Additionally, Cartier is backed up by a full band on Avenue A, which adds texture to his already lustrous songs. "Tumbling Faster," "Help Me To Love Myself," and "Last Weekend," "Interviewer: "To whom were you singing the songs "I Can't Pretend We Were Nothing" and "Last Weekend"?
D. C. :They were both written about one person - my boyfriend." (Advocate 8- '97)

Casablanca Records
Marc Paul Stern ran the disco department of the LA label. As an out gay man working for the hedonistic and gay aware label he was responsible for recruiting Donna Summer and The Village People.

Johnny Cash: "A Boy Named Sue"
LP Various "Johnny Cash at San Quentin/Fulsom" Columbia 982 586. 2
USA, 1969. (COUN)
"Life sure as hell ain't easy, for a boy named Sue" ...A fact which is no surprise to most gays, but provided an amusing thought for the inmates!
see Shel Silverstein

Johnny Cash: "Hidden Shame"
LP "Boom Chicka Boom"

David Casper: "Tantra-La"
LP. Hummingbird
USA. 1982.
synergistic instrumentals

David Casper: "Another Kind of Sky"
LP. Hummingbird
USA. 1983.
Healing music.

Casselberry & Dupreé: "Casselberry & Dupreé"
MC. Icebergg ICE211
USA. 1985.

Casselberry & Dupreé: "City Down"
LP. Icebergg ICE215
USA. 1986.
Includes 'Did Jesus Have A Baby Sister' (BIBL)

Casselberry & Dupreé: "Hot Corn In The Fire"
USA. 1994.
Songs about AIDS, racism and homophobia

Maggie Cassella
see Kate Clinton, Dos Fallopia et al. - "Kate Clinton: The Queen of Comedy"

Castration Squad
Los Angeles gay band whose line up included Phranc (see below) (and recorded "Take Off Your Swastika" which appears on her second album).

Catherine The Great
see "The Faggot"- Original Off Broadway Cast Recording

Joanna Casden: "Hatching"
LP. Sister Sun Records
Distributed by Olivia Records, California. Lesbian.

Catcall Records
Queercore company run by Pat and Liz Naylor

Cat Howdy: "The Homosexualization Of U.S. Culture"
MC. -demo- D.I.Y. queer political dance
USA. 1998.
Contact (1998):

Cathedral Of Hope: The Cats: "He's A Cat"
Netherlands. 1984?
"He's a cat, he's a big feminine dancer"

Caught In The Act
Dutch pretty-boy group who discussed their relationship to the mainstream media and gay audiences (Gay Krant 250, Mar, '94) LP "Caught In The Act Of Love" (NL, 1995, CNR 200 22 70) incl. "Wipe The Tears From Your Eyes".

Joanna Cazden and Lorin Sklamsberg "Sharing The Magic,"
MC. Healing Earth 1001
USA. 1983.
"When daylight hits your eye, balloons and banners fly, anticipation fills the air, an invitation to good times that wait for you, get up, come on, I'll take you there my friend you're looking fine, it's celebration time, now aren't you proud, of how we can be, so magical together, some in lace and some in leather, some in rainbows, some forever free sharing the magic, feeling the pride, sharing the magic, all of our lives the doors are wide open, you got no reason to hide, everybody come on, come out and play, come on and dance with me, the magic sets you free, proud as we can be, everyday sharing the magic, feeling the pride, sharing the magic, all of our lives ."
The 1983 Christopher Street West-Los Angeles Festival & Parade Theme Song".

Celibacy (CELI)
Despite comments by Morrisey, apparently an uncommon lifestyle for a singer to suggest to a gay audience.

Elton John "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again"
Tom Robinson "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again"

Celibate Rifles: "Let's Get Married"
Australia. 1985.
"I'm sick and tired of hearing homosexual jokes"

The erratic hand of the censor is swayed by public opinion as well as private and public morals.
Among the discs banned (by BBC, local authority or government);

Gladys Bently
Boy George "No Clause 28"
Douglas Byng "Flora MacDonald"
The Communards "You are my world"
Dead or Alive "Come Home Me With Me Baby"
Durium Dance Band "Let's All Be Fairies"
Ronald Frankau "Uncle Bill Has Much Improved"
Frankie Goes To Hollywood "Relax"
Sharon Redd "Love How You Feel"
Tom Robinson "Glad To Be Gay"
Village People "Sex Over the Phone"

American (private) broadcasters restrict access of individual records to airplay, but there is rarely any successful organised attempt to censure records on a nationwide basis.
The lyrical content of music has been the basis of a number of prosecutions (against bands such as Audio Two, NWA, Gun's n' Roses and several heavy metal bands) yet US courts remain unsure about the ability of lyrics to "persuade their audience".
In most of these prosecutions, the messages the defendants were accused of broadcasting related to promoting racism and violence (rather than homophobia which is not always protected by anti-discrimination laws).

Gil Cerisay: "Ame Frère"
LP. Productions Gayrilla
France. (GLOP)
"Les Boucs"; "T'aimer et te le dire"; "Les oreilles fragiles"; "Le viol de Joseph"; "Au bout du monde"; "Il est des guerres"; "Disait Oscar Wilde" (WILD), "Monsieur le maire de Paris"; "Dans la prison de Nantes" (CRIM), "Ame frére"; "Le droit d'aimer" (=The right to love) (LIBE)

Gil Cerisay: "Homoportrait"
LP. Production Gayrilla.
France. (GLOP)
"Homoportrait"; " Nuit; Hommes, je vous hais-me"; " A cause d'un chromosome!"; " J. H. cherche J. H. " (JH= jeune homo) (ADVS), " Toi la tendresse"; " Je suis une folle"; " Je te parlerai d'amour"; "Rue de Babylone"; "Chanson librale"; " Toi l'hetero"; "A mes soeurs lesbiennes" (GAYL)

Charles Cermele: "Look In My Eyes"
CD. Archangel 20001-2
USA. 1995. (MUSI) Artwork
"Nearness Of You" (2:57); "Fly Me To The Moon" (4:07); My Foolish Heart" (4:16); "Look In My Eyes" (2:29); "Happy As The Day Is Long" (2:35); "All The Things You Are" (6:08); "A Ship Without A Sail" (4:31); "Listen To My Heart" (4:17); "Riding High" (3:30); "I'll Know" (5:03); "Some Other Time (4:52)
A rich baritone sings romantic music with piano by Christopher Marlowe.
Contact (1999)

Sergio Cervetti
Classical composer.
Fan page:

Chablis: "The Lady"; "Hiding My Candy"
(audio book, 90min), Simon & Sh. 57482,
USA. 1995.
seen playing herself in the movie "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil"

Iris Chacon
Gay cult figure, singer from Puerto Rico. Relevant recordings??

Chainsaw Kittens: "Violent Religion"
USA. 1990.
"Bloodstorm" (Mcelhaney, Metzger, Meade); "Skinned Knees (Kitten Theme)" (Meade); "Boyfriend Song" (Meade); "Mother (Of The Ancient Birth)" (Meade); "I'm Waiting (Leeane's Song)" (Metzger, Meade); "Here At The End" (Meade); "Bliss (We're Small)" (Metzger, Meade); "Feel Like A Drugstore" (Meade); "Savior Boyfriend Collides" (Meade); "Violent Religion" (Meade); "Death-Out At Party Central" (Meade, Metzger, Mcelhaney, Leader); "She's Gone Mad" (Meade);
Produced by Tyson Meade. Tyson Meade(vocals), Mark Metzger -(guitar), Kevin Mcelhaney (bass), Ted Leader (drums)

Chainsaw Kittens: "Flipped Out in Singapore"
USA. 1992.
"Connie I've Found The Door" (Metzger, Meade, Bell, Preston); "High In High School" (Metzger, Meade, Bell); "2nd Theme/Flipped Out In Singapore" (Meade); "My Friend Delirium" (Metzger, Meade, Bell, Preston, Mcbay); "She Gets" (Metzger, Meade, Bell, Mcbay); "Never To Be Found" (Meade); "Shannon's Fellini Movie" (Metzger, Meade, Bell); "When You Shoot" (Meade); "Hold" (Metzger, Meade, Bell); "Ezekial Walks Through Sodom And Gomorrah" (Meade)(BIBL); "Angels Self Destruct" (Meade);
Produced by butch vig. Tyson Meade ( vocals), Mark Metzger ( guitar), Trent Bell ( guitar), Clint Mcbay ( bass), Aaron Preston ( drums).

Chainsaw Kittens: "Pop Heiress"
USA. 1994.
"Sore On The Floor" (Bell, Meade, Metzger); "Loneliest China Place" (Meade); "Pop Heiress Dies" (Bell, Meade); "Closet Song" (Meade)(COMI); "Dive Into The Sea" (Meade); "Burn You Down" (Bell, Meade); "I Ride Free" (Bell, Meade); "Silver Millionaire" (Bell, Meade); "Media Star Hymn" (Bell, Meade); "Soldier On My Shoulder" (Meade); "Justine Find Heaven" (Bell, Meade); "We're Like..." (Meade);
Produced by John Agnello. Tyson Todd Meade ( vocals / guitar), Trent J.Bell ( guitar), Matt Johnson ( bass), Eric E. Harmon ( drums)

Chainsaw Kittens: "Lazy Little Dove" 7"
USA. 1995.
"Lazy Little Dove, "Extinction Stomp" (Meade);
Tyson Meade ( vocals/guitar ), Trent Bell ( guitar ), Eric Harmon ( drums (Meade); Matt Johnson ( bass )

Chainsaw Kittens: "Angel on the Range"
USA. 1993.
"Kick Kid" (Meade); "Angel On The Range" (Meade, Bell); "John Wayne Dream" (Meade); "Mary's Belated Wedding Song" (Meade); "Lazy Little Dove" (Meade, Bell); "Sgt. Whore" (Meade); "Little Fishies" (Bell); Produced By Chris Allison And Chainsaw Kittens
Tyson Meade ( vocals), Trent Bell ( guitar), Matt Johnson ( bass), Eric Harmon ( drums)

Chainsaw Kittens: "Granddaddy's Candy "
USA. 1996.
Produced by Casey Rice

Chainsaw Kittens: "Candy for You"
USA. 1996.
"Grandaddy's Candy" (Meade, Bell); "Bones In My Teeth" (Meade, Bell); "Strange" (Galaxie 500); "Bury My Heart" (Meade, Bell); Tyson Meade ( vocals), Trent Bell ( guitar), Matt Johnson ( bass), Eric Harmon ( drums)

Chainsaw Kittens: "Chainsaw Kittens"
CD. Polygram, Scratchie 534002
USA. 1996. OutVoice-1996.OutVoice-1997.
"Dorothy's Last Fling" (Meade) GLAMA '97 nominee.; "Heart Catch Thump" (Bell, Meade, Bones); "Tongue Trick" (Bell, Meade, Bones); "King Monkey Smoke" (Bell, Meade); "Bones In My Teeth" (Bell, Meade); "Waltz Across Debris" (Bell, Meade); "Ballad Of Newsman 5" (Bell, Meade); "Mouthful Of Glass" (Meade); "The Leash" (Meade); "Bicyclehead" (Meade); "All(No Surprise)" (Bell, Meade); "Sounder" (Bell, Meade); "Mad Hatter's Blues" (Meade); "Speedway Oklahoma" (Meade);
Recorded By Trent Bell. Tyson Meade ( vocals / guitar / moog), Trent Bell ( guitar / gramma's acetone organ), Matt Johnson ( bass guitar), Eric Edward Bones (drums).

Chainsaw Kittens: "Dorothy's Last Fling"
CD. "Abbe Alice" . Mercury/Scratchie
USA. 1997. Ί

Chainsaw Records
Chainsaw is a queer owned and operated record label.
It started out as a fanzine a long time ago, like in 1986 but through the years it sort of evolved into a record label. Some of the earlier titles (chsw #1 through #7 and #10) are pretty much gone for good .
The bands that are on Chainsaw are bands that I love. That usually ends up meaning they are totally girl and queer positive if not a girl or queer themselves.
Chainsaw (and Candy-Ass) are always looking for people who book all ages and/or queer & girl safe/positive shows. If you are a person like this please e-mail me and give me your info. All the bands on Chainsaw like to play shows that are all ages and queer & girl safe/positive and finding people who like to book these kinds of shows is such a relief to us.
Roster of artists includes; Cyryus, Kaia, Sleater-Kinney, Team Dresch, Third Sex.
Contact (1997): Box 42600 Portland, OR 97242:. www;
email: (that's spelled "therm-zero-s")

Chalk Farm "Notwithstanding"
CD. Columbia Records CK 67613
USA. 1996 Sony Music Entertainment Inc
"Lie On Lie", "Any town, any day the separation's real and I find it based on nothing passed from father to son, mothers to their girls enough and I fall once again from my own ideals and fight back the fear of something that I don't understand but learned when I was young and I know that it's strange, I know that it's strange and I think it will take us more than legislation, I think it will take us more than filling graves and I say that you can not force appreciation lie on lie...I will not run away from the battle now if it seems that's the way I'm fighting, I will just pass away the pieces of my life cause I know that it's right, I know that it's right" "Sunflower", "... go to sleep and dream about what you want to be when you're grown... everyday they steal your prayers, you keep your secret hidden from them far away and never share what you know... dream what you are, you sunflower, be what you are, sunflower...your father said it's in your head, he knew someone who knew someone who wound up dead, we all wind up dead, we all wind up dead..."
Choral group founded in 1977 which has included a substantial number of gay members.
see Louis A. Botto

Chaotic Dischord: "Fuck Off You Cunt!...What A Load Of Bollocks!!"
LP. Syndicate SYN LP 12.
"I Fucked the Pope" etc.

Charis, The St. Louis Women's Chorus: "Dream in Color "
USA. 1996.
"Harriet Tubman" (Robinson arr Coates); "Blue Skies" (Berlin arr Lynde); "More I See You, The" (Warren/Gordon arr Shaw); "Dreamer's Ball" (May arr Lynde); "Sky Dances" (Brown/Durham arr Stasack); "Why" (Chapman arr Jackson); "This We Know" (Jeffers text attr. Chief Seattle); "Let The River Run" (Simon arr Moore); "Music In My Mother's House" (Stotts arr Moore); "Anthem CHESS" (Anderson, Rice, Ulvaeus arr Nyman); "Three Seasons" (Newbury); "Kiss The Girl" (Menken/Ashman arr Milloy); "Love-Eyes Medley" (arr Wright)- I'm In Love Again" (Porter)- Them There Eyes" (Pinkard, Tracy, Tauber); "I Dream In Color" (Lang, Peiken arr Milloy)

Cheater: "The Hours & Times b/w Sticky "
USA. 1995. (PUNK)
"Sticky" Totally queer lyrics about a "wicked little man-child thing" wants to get sticky with. A couple of members of this band are also in the house band at the rock'n'roll drag bar Squeezebox. Detour M, Box 491, NY, NY 10101.

Cheech & Chong: "Buggery On The High Seas"
LP "Los Cochinos" Ode LP 77019
USA. 1973. °
Contains a sketch called "Pedro And Man At The Drive-In" which itself contains a small sketch (1:50)
called "Buggery On The High Seas"...very cute

Cheech and Chong: "Earache My Eye! - featuring Alice Bowie"
LP. "Cheech & Chong's Wedding Album" Warner Bros.
USA. 1974. (COME)
Parody of Bowie, Alice Cooper and Co. and the effect that their fans had on their parents.

Cheech and Chong: "Queer Wars"
LP. "Let's Make a New Dope Deal". Warner Bros.
USA. 1980. (COME)

Neneh Cherry: "I've Got You Under My Skin"
CD. MC. "Red Hot and Blue" Chrysalis CS 21799 UK. 1990. Version of the Cole Porter song contributed to the first AIDS-benefiting "Red, Hot. " album "Red Hot and Blue". The accompanying video/promo which showed a male body writhing uncomfortably in a black latex body-suit produced a powerful image of the virus as 'the alien within".

Dick Cherwin & Orchestra: "He's A Good Man To Have Around"
78. Pathe 37053
USA. 1929. •
"He's A Good Man To Have Around" (2:51)
see "Can't Help Lovin' That Man": Various Artists

Carl Chesna: "The Psychology Of Waiting"
CDEP. Regular 0013
USA. 1997. •
"You're Gonna Shine" (3:51) (CD cut); "Reunion" (4:00); "St Anthony" (4:33), A telephone call. We are listening in as the singer speaks with a friend who he hasn't seen for some time. His words reveal that the health of his friend's lover is fading and he reminds his friend that "through all the years, you were the strong one. "; "Up The Neck" (Chrissie Hynde) (4:52); "New Orleans" (3:26)"Chad I was so glad you were my Creole lover for one day. "; "Dream's Wake" (4:06) .
Contact (1998): Regular Records: http://www. regularrecords. com or call 212-420-8033. )

"Chess": Original Cast Recording
LP. "Chess" RCA , US RCA 5340
UK. 1984. (MUSI)
(Murray Head): "One Night In Bangkok"
A character is 'accused' of being gay with the words; "The queens we use would not excite you. "

Chez Nous: "Herren als Damen"
LP. Toledo 162 502.
W. Germany. 1979. Drag show. (DRAG) (CABA)
Side 1 (21:23): "Orèl: Man nennt mich Orèl von der Haller-Revue Christina: "Davon geht die Welt nicht unter" (Michael Jary/Bruno Balz); Christina: "Davon geht die Welt nivht unter", "Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt" (Lothar Brühne/Bruno Balz); Rita Jane: "Wir sind gar nicht so" (Olaf Bienert/Curth Flatow); Gloria Fox: "Das ist mein Parfüm" (Kirsch/Bruno Balz). "
Side 2 (20:49):Gloria Fox: "Heut' liegt was in der Luft" (M. Jary/ Bruno Balz, Flatow) - "Mister Wonderful" (Bock-Lohofcener/ Weiss); Gloria Fox: "Karoussel" (Frederic Botton/Max Colpet); Everest: "Je cherche un millionaire" (Nacio Herb. Brown/Le Fils, Lima, L. Lelievre); Rita Jane: "Lesbos" (Günter Neumann); Mylena: "Bahia" (M:Aribarroso). "

Chez Nous: "Die Herren Damen lassen bitten"
LP. Party STP 11001 / SMP 82901.
Germany. 19__. Drag show. (DRAG) Ffrom cabaret club Chez Nous in West Berlin. Cabaret ladies, of whom not all are female.
"Cabaret Paris" (Alstone Hertha/Ambas); "Piccadilly-Tango" (Döhn); "C'est vrai" (Oberfeld); "Je n'peux pas vivre sans amour" (Gabaroche/ Perly/ Pruvost); "Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß Auf Liebe eingestellt" , " Ich bin die fesche Lola" , "Kinder, heut' abend such ich mir wasaus" (Holländer); "Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein" (Brhne/Balz); "Ja, das Temperament" (Raymond/ Schwenn); "Bateau de Tahiti (Liberal/Fontenoy); Das Ladenmdel (Nelson/ Wolff); "Die lustige Witwe" (= The Merry Widow) (Lehar); "From This Moment On" (Porter); "Mr. Wonderful" (Bock /Weiss/ Holofcener); "The Bells Are Ringing" (Styne/Comden/Green); "I Want To Dance" (Kern); "Ich hätt' getanzt heut' nacht" (Loewe/Lerner); "Ninon" (O. Straus/Grünwald); "Frauen sind schwer zu durchschauen" (Kreuder/Nebhut).
Featuring:La Domino, Lana, Marcel André, Pepa Darena et al. Music performed by Franz Hintze and his ensemble.

Chez Nous: "Herren als Damen"
LP. Chez Nous 66. 22. 581. 01-2
W. Germany. undated. Drag show. (DRAG) Intercord Ton.
Live at "Chez Nous", Berlin. for its 20th anniversary, 1978
Dany Lamee: "Ich bin rund en gesund"; "Conference"; Gloria Fox: "Denn es ist Wunderbar"; Orel "Conference"; "Dolly:Davon geht die Welt nicht unter"; Robert Stolz Medley ("Mein Liebeslied muß ein Walzer sein / Im Prater blühn wieder die Bäume / Adieu, mein kleiner Gardeofficier / Zwei Herzen im Dreiviertaltakt")
Side 2:Dany Lamee "Conference"; Angie Stardust "Over The Rainbow" (GARL); "Singing In The Rain"; "Lady Jane "Conference"; Gloria Fox "Da macht mir keiner was vor"

Disco band featuring the songs and voices of Nile Rodgers and Bernie Edwards . They also wrote a lot of songs which seemed to be set in gay discos, and certainly went down well in gay clubs. Examples include Sister Sledge's "We Are Family" and "He's The Greatest Dancer" and Diana Ross's "I'm Coming Out".
see Rodgers, Nile

Chic: "Chic Cheer"
see "Wigstock": Soundtrack

"Chicago": Original Broadway Cast
MC. Arista TC-ART 1090
USA. 1975. (MUSI)•
"When You're Good To Mama" ( ) "If you like my gravy/ Pepper my ragout/ Spice it up for Mama/ She'll get hot for put out for mamma, she'll put out for you...etc. " (CRIM)
"Cell Block Tango" "Every night (my husband) would go out looking for himself, and on the way he found Ruth, Gladys, Rosemary...and Irving!" (CRIM)(BISE)

Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band
see The New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band/ Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band: "Mountain Moving Day",

The Chiefs: "Tower 18"

Musty Chiffon
see Human Sexual Response

Desmond Child
May be the most visible individual unifying Miami's disparate talent and music communities. The songwriter with the Midas touch ("I Was Made For Lovin' You, " "You Give Love A Bad Name, " "We All Sleep Alone, " "Dude Looks Like A Lady, " "Crazy") moved back to his hometown in 1995.
The half-cuban, 43-year-old Child bridges cultures and musical generations and knows no boundaries. Any style, sound, format is fair game for his Deston production company. And his company spreads the work around.
In the year 1997 alone, he has co-written with Aerosmith during the band's four-month stay in South Beach while making its new album "Nine Lives"; written songs for the next Bon Jovi record; heard local R&B singer Tami Hert in a South Beach restaurant and landed her a record deal with Sony 550 Records; and is working with Latin rocker Roscoe Martinez on a record for MCA International.

Childman: "Refuse To Be A Man"
CD. "Childman"
USA. 1993. Nettwerk Productions
"Refuse To Be A Man", "Your friends are egging you on get to work so you stick your hand down the girl's skirt. It didn't hurt but you find out later from her friends she feels like dirt and you don't apologize for fear your friends will call you queer..."; "Earth Mother"; "Routine Occurrence"; "Composite Sketch"; "3 Reasons"; " Lily J.A.C."; "Without You"; "False Positive"; "P.N.V.B.A.M.N"; "Work for Food"; "Outro"

Margaret Cho: "Drunk With Power"
On the album she's talking about this boyfriend and that boyfriend. Guys, guys, guys. Then she does this bit about how her mother wants her to come out of the closet because everybody knows she's gay. She ends the bit by restating that she isn't a lesbian.
She seems to want to be seen as an *extremely* gay-friendly comedienne and often plays up her role as a "fag hag" girlfriend to all the gay guys. She stated that she was an out bisexual at a Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) meeting in San Francisco. (1991?)

Choeur Accord: "Marginaux"
LP. Ed. Saban Record. (CHOR)
France. 1984. Concours de la Chanson Gay - 1984.
French gay choir recorded at European Gay Choirs Festival 1984.

Choeur Maha: "Different Angels"
Canada (Montreal). 1997.(CHOR)
"Maha" is the Sanskrit word meaning "great or powerful" and it evokes the energy of the 30 women in the choir, which was formed by Kathy Kennedy in 1991.
This recording has an intriguing "electro-acoustic" twist ranging from sampled avant-garde the 14th-century composition Stella Splendens, on which they pepper the Latin lyrics with hand percussion, bells, violin, dulcimer and an upbeat chanting vocal the religiously meditative echoey a cappella hymn Create in Me, to the traditional Javanese Monkey Chant. Much of the music is composed by founder Kathy Kennedy, including the title cut.

Chopin: ""Nocturne" , "Etude Op 110 No. 3"
see "Out Classics" (Vol 1)

Chorus, Choir, A cappella and Singing Groups(CHOR)
Only a few of the many hundreds of gay singing groups have ventured into commercial recordings. In 1986 GALA represented 36 choirs, although by 1993 it had grown to 188 groups in Europe and North America.
Some of the largest, (San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, Dick Kramer' Gay Men's Chorale, Chicago Gay Men's Chorus, Windy City Gay Chorale and Gay Men's Chorale of Los Angeles) were questioned in 1986 for a socio-musicological study. Interpreting their answers, Paul Attinello looks at the experiences and characterisation of gay choruses in "Authority and Freedom: Toward a Sociology of the Gay Choruses" in "Queering the Pitch": Phillip Brett, Elizabeth Wood, Gary C. Thomas (Routledge, UK, 1993) ISBN 0-415-90752-7

Recordings have been issued by the following gay/lesbian choirs, singing groups and a cappella ensembles;

Amasong "Over Here The Water Is Sweet" .
Anna Crusis Women's Choir (Philadelphia) "But We Fight for Roses, Too "
Anna Crusis Women's Choir "Fresh Cut"
Anna Crusis Women's Choir "But We Fight for Roses, Too "
The Bobs "The Bobs"
Boston Gay Men's Chorus "Visions Words for the Future"
Boston Gay Men's Chorus "Freedom, Merriment & Joy"
Capital City Men's Chorus: "Silent Noon"
Chanticleer Choeur Accord "Marginaux"
Choeur Maha "Different Angels"
The Choral Majority "Greatest Hits"
Cincinnati Men's Chorus
Cincinnati's Women's Chorus "Coming Into Our Voice "
Columbus Gay Men's Chorus "Stepping Out"
Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus: "Out! "
Delaware Valley Men's Chorus "Love Is Best"
Denver Gay Men's Chorus "Infinite Hues"
Denver Gay Men's Chorus "First Ten Years, A Decade of Daring "
Denver Women's Chorus "The First Ten Years"
Detroit Together Men's Chorus
Dyketones "Live in P-Town At The Townhouse"
Ensemble vocal Ganymede "Mendelssohn, Poulenc, Grieg "
Ensemble vocal Ganymede "Concert de Noel"
Femmeuse "Femmeuse"
The Flirtations "The Flirtations"
Fruit Cocktail '85 "No More Fear"
Gay Liberation Quire "Hormones and Jeans"
Gay Men's Chorus of Houston "To Friends and To Life"
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles "Diversity "
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles "Don We Now" (2)
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles "Hidden Legacies"
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles "Songs of Love"
Gay Men's Chorus of Washington DC "Pride and Joy"
Gay Men's Chorus of Washington DC "Singing Free"
Heartland Men's Chorus "Song for Christmas"
Heren Op Zicht "'n Klein Weerbarstig Spijkertje"
Indianapolis Men's Chorus "No One Is Alone"
Lavender Lights "Lavender Lights"
Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington DC "Celebrating Our Lives"
Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington DC "We Shall Not Give Up the Fight"
Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco "Together in Harmony"
Lexington Men's Chorus "Facets"
Los Angeles Women's Community Chorus "Tenth Anniversary MäNü - Schwuler Männerchor Nürnberg "Kalte Platte"
Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus "Kaleidoscope "
Noot Aan De Man (Amsterdam)
New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus "Prayers for Bobby"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus "Christmas Comes Anew"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus "Festival of Song"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus "Love Lives On"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus "New York, New York"
The Nylons "The Nylons"
The Nylons "One Size Fits All"
The Nylons "Seamless"
The Nylons "Happy Together"
The Nylons "Rockapella" The Nylons "Four On The Floor"
The Nylons "Live to Love"
The Nylons "Best Of The Nylons"
The Nylons "Because"
The Nylons "Another Fine Mesh"
The Nylons "Harmony-Christmas Songs"
The Nylons "Run for Cover"
The Nylons "Perfect Fit"
The Nylons "Fabric of Life"
Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus "The Spirit Says Sing! "
Philandros (Seattle Men's Chorus) "Swellegant Elegance"
Pink Singers (London)
Portland Gay Men's Chorus "Breaking the Silence with Song"
Portland Lesbian Choir "Making Light "
Positive Voices "Until It's Over-
Positive Voices (Dallas) "Windows of Hope"
The Rhythm Method "The Rhythm Method"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus "Tours America '81 "
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus "Brahms, Bernstein & the Boys! "
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus "How Fair This Place"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus "Naked Man "
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus "Our Gay Apparel"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus " ExtrABBAganza"
Schola Cantarosa "Gays in Space"
Die Schrillmanner "Pacific Tour"
Die Schrillmanner "Für Jungs Verboten"
Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus "Chronicle of the Way-Showers"
Seattle Men's Chorus "Seattle Men's Chorus (The Pink Album)"
Seattle Men's Chorus "Captured Live! "
Seattle Men's Chorus "Holiday Traditions"
Seattle Men's Chorus "Over the Rainbow! "
Seattle Men's Chorus "Snowbound!"
Seattle Men's Chorus "Chronicles of the Way-Showers"
Silicon Valley Gay Men's Chorus/Linda Tillery "Silicon Valley Gay Men's Chorus/Linda Tillery/Live "
Sons and Lovers "Sons and Lovers"
Sound Circle Sound Circle"
South Coast Chorale "Christmastime"
St. Louis Women's Chorus "Dream in Color"
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir "Something To Sing About "
Syracuse Gay and Lesbian Chorus "Finding Our Voices"
Tampa Bay Gay Men's Chorus "Our Voices Win Freedom"
Turtle Creek Chorale "From the Heart"
Turtle Creek Chorale "A Gershwin Scrapbook"
Turtle Creek Chorale "Peace"
Turtle Creek Chorale "Postcards"
Turtle Creek Chorale "Roamin' Holiday"
Turtle Creek Chorale "Simply Christmas "
Turtle Creek Chorale "Times of the Day"
Turtle Creek Chorale "When We No Longer Touch "
Turtle Creek Chorale / First Baptist Church Hamilton Park Men's Chorus, New Arts Six "United We Sing"
Turtle Creek Chorale/Women's Chorus of Dallas "Family "
Turtle Creek Chorale/Women's Chorus of Dallas "Let Music Live"
Turtle Creek Chorale/Women's Chorus of Dallas "John Rutter's Requiem"
Turtle Creek Chorale "Testament"
Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus "Hand in Hand "
Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus "Sing Out! "
The Undertones "Six Women, No Strings"
Vancouver Men's Chorus "Making Spirits Bright"
Vancouver Men's Chorus "Signature"
West Coast Singers "Simple gifts"
Windy City Gay Chorus "Don We Now"
Windy City Gay Chorus "Mostly Love"
Women's Chorus of Dallas "Our Turn"
Women's Chorus of Dallas "Music in Our House"
Women's Chorus Of Dallas "Ave Maria"
Women's Chorus Of Dallas "Change Of Heart"
Women's Chorus Of Dallas "December"

And about singing in (gay) choirs

Fred Barton "Not My Idea Of A Gig"
Ronald Frankau "Uncle Bill Has Much Improved"
Earl Wilson "Choir Practise"

The Choral Majority: "Greatest Hits"
LP. private label (Distributed by Giovanni's Room).
USA. 1982. Gay. LP or Cassette with associated book "The Hymnal". (GLOP)(GODS)(BIBL) (XMAS)(CHOR)(BRYA)(LIBE) °
Side 1: "Moral Majority" (0:38); "Immoral Despicable" (0:40); "Just As I Am" (1:50); "In The Garden" (0:48); "America" (2:45); "Amazing Gays" (2:26); "Were You There" ((2:17); "Lo How Our Woes" (0:42); "God of Our Fathers" (0:36); "Only Zombies" (0:48); "Valencia St" (1:25); "Community United Against Violence" (0:50); "Precious Hiding Place" (0:50); "Old Closet Door" (1:32) (COMI); "Diane Feinstein" (1:27); "Yield Not Temptation" (1:19).
Side 2: "Onward Christian Soldiers" (1:15); "Jingle Coins" (1:22); "Radcliffe Hall" (0:32); "White Christmas" (1:42); "Hark, I Hear The Christians Sing" (0:37); "We Three Queers" (1:05); "What Child Is This?" (0:45); "Alone In The Tenderloin" (0:50); "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" (1:30); "God Rest You Merry Dykes and Fags" (2:15); "Old Lesbianism" (1:35); "Leaning On The Everlasting" (1:33).
Carols, hymns and national songs parodied on gay and lesbian themes. Released in opposition to the Moral Majority (see Anita Bryant) "San Francisco's Choral Majority is a bold, blaspheming quartet crusading and carolling against the new right, Reaganomics, and all things homophobic and politically incorrect. "

"A Chorus Line": Original Cast
LP. CBS 70149 & Casablanca Rec. 826 306-1. MC. CBS 540-70149
USA. 1979. (MUSI)•
Gay script is not specifically reflected in lyrics. Nothing on the Broadway soundtrack is particularly gay, but the play had a strong gay subplot of a Puerto Rican dancer named Paul who has trouble dealing with his homosexuality. Gay actor Sammy Williams played Paul in the original play and got the 1976 Tony for 'Featured Actor In A Musical' for it.

"Chosen Family: Live In Concert"
see Robin Burdulis, Grant King, Dan Martin:

Meg Christian
Prolific lesbian singer / songwriter whose early sales into the developing wimmin's music scene funded the launch of Olivia Records.
In 1985 she announced her intention to stop performing.
All recordings are indexed as (GLOP).

Meg Christian: "Lady" / Cris Williamson: "If It Weren't For the Music"
7". Olivia Records LF 901.
USA. 1971?. (GLOP)

Meg Christian: "I Know You Know"
LP. Olivia Rec. LF 902. MC. ______
USA. 1974. (GLOP)Lyrics. Artwork •
"Hello Hooray" (Rolf Kempf) (5:00) Paradox Music BMI, Additional Lyrics By Meg Christian; "Joanna" (Chris Williamson) (3:14) Cris-Peter Music BMI.;"The Hive" (Jimmy Webb) (2:27) Canopy Music ASCAP; "Valentine Song" (Meg Christian) (4:32) Thumbelina Music BMI; "Scars" (Meg Christian) (3:15) Thumbelina Music BMI;
"Song To My Mama" (Meg Christian) (3:29) Thumbelina Music BMI; "Mama, Mama, do you understand, Why I've not bound myself to a man?, Is something buried in your widow's mind, That blesses my choice of our own kind?, , Mama, Mama, I know you know, But you couldn't survive, If I told you so., I understand the bounds that you've set, I'll talk of the car and the cat at the vet, but maybe once a year, When I'm a little tight, I'll feel fresh regrets and write, Some cryptic thank-yous for giving me the space to find, Such safely unspecific things, As my strength, my freedom, and my life";
"Goodbye Joanna" (Linda Lewis) (3:32) Wb Music Corp. ASCAP Lyrics Adapted By Meg Christian. "Goodbye Joanna, you can stay with Ann, Give her your keys please because she's a real good woman. Forget me not love,"; "Morning Song" (Meg Christian) (3:12) Thumbelina Music BMI.
; "Ode To A Gym Teacher" (Meg Christian) (7:53) Thumbelina Music BMI. "And though graduation meant that we had to part, She'll always be a player on the ballfield of my heart (chorus)...And I painted big red hearts with her initials on my books, And I never knew till later why I got those funny looks., , ...Well in gym class while the others, talked of boys that they loved, I'd be thinking of new aches and pains, The teacher had to rub..., , ...So you just go to any gym class and you'll be sure to see, One girl who sticks to teacher like a leaf sticks to a tree, One girl who runs the errands and who chases all the balls, One girl who may grow up to be the gayest of all."; "Freest Fancy/Kemp's Jig" (Judy Mayhan) (2:40) Summerwind Music BMI.
Olivia Records second release, later released in new packaging. the picture on the back is all women (including Chris Williamson and Margie Adam) and the point is made in the sleeve biography that she ('currently') only performs for women.

Meg Christian: "Meg Christian"
with Margie Adam, Amy Taylor Barse, Cris Williamson
USA. 1974. (GLOP)
"Hello Hooray" ( )(Alice Cooper) (LONE); "Joanna" ( )Ί "The Hive" ( ); Valentine Song" ( ); "Scars" ( ); "Song To My Mama" ( ) (FAMI); "Goodbye Joanna" ( ); "Morning Song" ( ); "Ode To A Gym Teacher" (7:53)(SPOR)(EDUC)(BODY)•; "She was a big strong woman, the first to come around, to tell me being female meant you still could be strong, and though graduation meant that we had to part, she will always be a player on the ball-field of my heart. " (YOUT)A lesbian classic!; "Freest Fancy/ Kemp's Jig. "
A songbook "I Know You Know" available from Olivia Records.

Meg Christian: "Nina"
LP. "Lesbian Concentrate"
"Nina" (Holly Near); ( see Holly Near "Imagine My Surprise")

Meg Christian: "Face the Music"
LP. Olivia Rec. LF 913.
USA. 1977. (GLOP) Artwork3 page Lyric/photos/ Spanish translations. •
Side 1; "Face the Music" (3:38); "Change" (4:19); "Nipper" (3:17); "Mountain Song" (1:11); "Sweet Darlin' Woman" (3:42)(Diane Lindsay); Side 2; "The Road I Took To You" (3:15); "Rosalind" (3:19); "Rainbow" (2:44); The Rock Will Wear Away" (5:45); "Leaping Lesbians" (2:45) (LIBE) (see versions by Sue Fink); "Where Do We Go From Here" (4:58).
Songs by Meg, Holly Near and others with musical assistance from Diane Lindsay, Mary Watkins, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Holly Near, Teresa Trull, Linda Tillery, Sue Fink et al.

Meg Christian: "Turning It Over"
LP. Olivia Records LF 925. MC. LC 925
USA. 1982. (GLOP) With lyrics. Beat/folk.
"Old Friend" ( ); "Southern Home" (HOME); "Gym II" ( )(SPOR); "Window Paynes" ( ); "I Wish You Well" ( ); "Turning It Over" ( ); "There's A Light" ( ); "Restless" ( ); "Moving Right Along" ( ); "For Mama" ( )(FAMI).
Retrospective songs about relations to the 'roots', family and old friends. A less angry record (compared to her first records) with many fine sad songs.

Meg Christian & Cris Williamson: "At Carnegie Hall - In Celebration of Olivia's 10th Anniversary"
2LP. Second Wave LF 933. (Olivia Records)
USA. 1983. (Live rec. 26. Nov. 1982). (GLOP)
"Anniversary"; "Beautiful Soul"; "Can't Turn Back"; "Look Within"; "The Ones Who Aren't Here"; "Glad To Be A Woman"; "Train Song"; "So Good So Right"; "Soarint"; "Doin'Time"; "Texas Ruby Red"; "Light And The Eye"; "Come Hell Or Hight Water"; "Medley"; "Turning It Over"; "Joanna"; "Sweet Darlin'Woman"; "If I Live(I'll Be Great)"; "Ode To A Gym Teacher"; "Sweet Woman"; "The Rock Will Away"; "Waterfall"; "If I Could Only Win Your Love"; "Song Of The Soul"; "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
24 songs about, for and with women. Many of the songs are from "old" LPs with Meg & Cris, and part of the lyrics is to be found on these records. Love songs, fighting songs, songs about living lesbian and related questions. "The Ones Who Aren't Here" (COMI).

Meg Christian: "From the Heart"
LP. Olivia LF 937.
USA. 1984. (GLOP)Lyrics on cover.
"You Got My Attention"; "Cheap Thrills"; "Happy
Birthday"; "Willing To Go"; "From the Heart";
"You Can Do It"; "Living in the Moment"; "Here From There"; "And I Miss You"; Darshan" .

Meg Christian: "Scrapbook"
LP. Olivia OL 945
USA. 1986. (GLOP)
"Face The Music"; "Valentine Song"; "Ode To A Gym Teacher"; "Southern Home"; "Darshan"; "Turning It Over"; "Sweet Darlin'Woman"; "The Ones Who Aren't Here"; "Look Within"; "Moving Right Along"; "The Road I Took To You"

Meg Christian: "The Fire of My Love"
MC. New Age.

Meg Christian: "Best of..."
2LP. CD. Olivia 957
USA. 1990. (GLOP)
"Valentine Song"; "Sweet Darlin' Woman"; "The Road I Took To You"; "Ode To A Gym Teacher"; "Gym II"; "From the Heart"; "The Ones Who Aren't Here" (COMI).

Meg Christian: "Ode To A Gym Teacher"
CD. . "Club Verboten" . DCC Compact Classics
USA. 1997. GLAMA '97 nominee.
see "Club Verboten"

Meg Christian-see Margie Adam

Christina: "Disco Clone"
12". Ze
USA. 1979. Disco (DISC)
Dance tribute to the "plastic people".

Christmas (XMAS)
Choral tributes and parodies of the seasonal standards are predominant in this list of annual fly-bys.

Adotta & Kip "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus"
"All That He Was" "Our First Christmas"
Jan Barlowe "Jerry Falwell's Coming To Town"
Jan Barlowe "Dyke The Halls"
Stefan Bednarczyk When Santa Kissed The Fairy On The Christmas Tree"
Boston Gay Men's Chorus "Freedom, Merriment & Joy"
Truman Capote "A Christmas Memory"
Choral Majority "Greatest Hits"
Steve Cohen "Home for the Holidays"
Lee DeLaria "The Truth About Christmas"
Tony Espinosa "Christmas In The Castro"
Extra Fancy "Christmastime"
Richard Foltz "A Songwriter's Christmas"
Allen Ginsberg "Come Back, Christmas"
The Go-Go Boys "Gay Apparel X-mas Songs"
Heartland Men's Chorus "Song for Christmas"
Jackson Myars "An Old-fashioned Lesbian Christmas"
Howard McGillin "Just In Time For Christmas"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus: "A Festival of Song"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus: "Christmas Comes Anew"
The Nylons "Harmony-Christmas Songs"
"Outrageous" "Soon It Will Be Christmas"
Paijee "Mrs Santa's Girlfriend"
Pansy Division "Homo Christmas"
David Paul "Noel Cosmique"
The Pogues "Fairy Tale of New York"
RuPaul "Ho Ho Ho"
SF Gay Mens Chorus "Our Gay Apparel"
Seattle Men's Chorus "Snowbound"
Sound Circle "Sound Circle"
South Coast Chorale "Christmastime"
Turtle Creek Chorale "Peace"
Turtle Creek Chorale "Simply Christmas "
Turtle Creek Chorale "Roamin' Holiday"
Turtle Creek Chorale "Twisted Turtle"
Gareth Valentine "In Memory of All Those..."
Dar Williams "The Christians And The Pagans"
Cris Williamson "Snow Angel"
Windy City Gay Men's Chorus: "Don We Now...Holiday Favorites"
Women's Chorus of Dallas "December
" Vancouver Men's Chorus "Making Spirits Bright"
Various Artists "Winter Moon"
Venus Envy "I'll Be Homo For Christmas"
Venus Envy "12 Gays Of Christmas" (Fiddlehead Salad")
Robb Williams: "I Don't Remember Christmas "
Andrew Worton-Steward "Andy's Requiem"
Y'ALL "Christmastime In The Trailerpark"

Christmas Twins
Greg and Gary Christmas grew up in Boston, but their career as cabaret song and dance men took them from Monte Carlo to the Lido de Paris, and around the grand casinos and nightclubs of Europe through the '50's and '60's, before they finally set up their retirement with a (gay) coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Singles in the 70's and 80's are camp, but not out. including "New York" Ί, and "Rap Me In Plastic". Greg died in 1997.Ί

Frank Christoph: "Von Mann zu Mann"
LP. "Das Recht auf mich" Teldec 6. 25606.
Germany. 1983. Lyrics on inner sleeve.
"Von Mann zu Mann" (4:35)( Carmen - . T. :Müller-Bosshard ):A man's love for a man who feels attraction but cannot fulfil his desires.

Keith Christopher: "Keith Christopher"
USA. 1995.

Keith Christopher: "Someday Soon "
see "The Outmusic Gay & Lesbian Music Compilation"

Keith Christopher: "Naked Truth"
CD. Significant Other 981. USA. 1995. Artwork
New York-based actor who became famous as an HIV positive character on the US soap "Another World" and later also "The Guiding Light". The singer, who is openly gay, released his eponymous first album in 1993. Inspiring yet oblique, Christopher was a long-term AIDS survivor who appeared in numerous documentaries. "Kamikaze Lover"; "Smiling In The Dark". Keith died, February 23, 1998.

"Christopher Street West--Los Angeles Festival & Parade Theme Song 1983" b/w , Leroy Dysart: "A New Gay Dawning"
7". with pic sleeve
USA. 1983.
A-side was the 1983 song and flip side was the '82 theme song

Chumbawamba: "Smash Clause 28"
12" single. AgitProp
UK. 1988. (CL28) (PUNK)
Political band, which has also recorded protest songs on a wide variety of topics over ten years. Other lyrics which may refer obliquely to homosexuality include: "The Good Ship Lifestyle" (" This is the good ship lifestyle, I fly my very own flag..."); "Outsider" (I'm not alone, you're not alone, you see me, you hear me, there are millions just like me....); "Smalltown", "In a small town, everybody looks the same, There are unwritten rules, Unspoken words. Should I pack my fear and go?, I have to leave somehow before they run me out of town I have to leave somehow....")

Chumbawamba: "Someone's Always Telling You How To Behave"
7". 12". CD. Agitprop Recs
UK. 1992. (EDUC)(PHOB)(PUNK)(CL28)
(Sleeve) "Let's face it! A homophobic rock fan makes about as much sense as a pasta fanatic who hates Italians. "

Chumbawamba: "Anarchy"
LP. CD. One Little Indian TP 46
UK. 1994
"Homophobia"; incl. songs about sexism, racism etc.
Live LP "Showbusiness" (One Little Indian TPLP 56)

Chumbawamba: "Homophobia"
CD. "Milkshake" timmi-Kat Records TK 005
USA. 1998.
"Out behind the bus stop in the toilets off the street, there are traces of a killing on the floor beneath your feet, mixed in with the piss and beer are blood stains on the floor, from the boy who got his head kicked in a night or two before."
Ciccone Youth: "Into The Groovy"
LP. "The Whitey Album" Blast First BFLP 8T
USA. 1988.
Sonic Youth cover version of Madonna's hit with male vocalist singing the original lyrics (i. e. to a boy).

Cincinnati Men's Chorus: "?"
USA. 1998. (CHOR)
Holly Near's "Change of Heart," David Maddux's "O Sifuni Mungu," Ann Hampton Callaway's "At the Same Time," Percy Bady's "Still I Rise," David Friedman's "Listen to My Heart" (with Bill McKinley), "Marry Us," "Never Ever," and "We're Not Lost" from Naked Man, David Maddux's "Ain't No Turnin' Back on This Road," Gershwin's "They Can't Take That Away," "But Not For Me," and "Summertime,"(performed by CMC ensemble, VocalPoint), "Over the Rainbow," Dennis Coleman's Arrangement of "There's a Man Goin' Round," "Hush, Somebody's Callin' My Name" and "Sing Out!" (Live, with Ann Hampton Callaway).
Contact (1998): Queen City Performing Arts, P.O. Box 3061, Cincinnati, OH 45201.

Cincinnati's Women's Chorus: "Coming Into Our Voice"

Circle Jerks
USA. Hardcore/Punk band . No references

"Circuit Party Spins": Various Artists
CD. Rhino (COMP)
"Celebrate (You Know You Want To) (Original Mix)"; Bumpin' K: "Don't Make Me Wait (Loveland's Full On Vocal Mix)"; Loveland: "Young Heart (reluctant Mix)"; Gloworm: " What The World Needs (Groovaholic Mix)"; World Anthem: " I Have No Fear (Hallelujah Journey Mix)"; Le Monde: " Love, Love, Love (Frankified Club Mix)"; Secret Life: " Feel The Spirit (strike Mix)"; Giant City: " Sky High(Satoshi's Interpretation)"; Individual: " Movin' On (Bumping Mix)"; Bananarama .

D. A. Clarke: "Messages: Music For Lesbians"
MC. Herbooks CLA1
"Turn It Around"; "Taken Rag"; "Good Germans"; "St.Jude"; "Crying Her Messages"; "Driving Home Alone"; "She Can Sing"; "A Fire Night For Dancing"; "As Long As It's Good,"; "We Were Born".

Rob Clarkson: "Beautiful Girls and Beautiful Boys"
Australia, 198?
"Up 'til now my songs have been heterosexist, but it seems in the gay scene the same exists, people want to get attached, the ideology of the perfect match, boys and boys, girls and girls, everyone knows...Beautiful boys go out with beautiful boys and beautiful girls go out with beautiful girls. "
"Pickup Situation"; "As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger, 'I like the way you hold that horse between your legs young man, may I be so bold as to ask you back to my wigwam. "

Julian Clary: "Leader Of The Pack"
7". 12" single. (b/w "Jacques") 10 Records 227A
UK. 1988. (TVAA)(COME)°
Gender-bending comedian/presenter (a. k. a. Joan Collins Fan Club) makes unremarkable but camp novelty record. Interesting to compare with "Packer of the Leads" (see Roadies, et al)

Julian Clary: "Wanderin' Star/ "Uncanny and Unnatural"
UK. 1990. (TVAA)
TV TV-presenter's second camp single coincides with his Channel 4 TV comedy quiz - "Sticky Moments" (see Broadcasting It by Keith Howes)

The Clash: "The Right Profile"
LP. "London Calling" CBS
Song about Montgomery Clift

The Clash: "Combat Rock"
UK. 1982. (POET)
"Ghetto Defendant" with rapping by Allen Ginsberg
"Red Angel Dragnet" (PHOB) (FILM)
Includes paraphrasing of the homophobic rant in "Taxi Driver". (Joe Strummer gets a blow job from a man in the film "Rude Boy")

Classical (CLAS)
This list focusses on classical symphonic music, while opera and operetta are listed under separate indexes. Recordings and biographies are filed under composer's name.

Samuel Barber
George Benjamin
Richard Rodney Bennett
Leonard Bernstein
Chester Biscardi
Marc Blitzstein
Benjamin Britten
John Cage
Sergio Cervetti
Aaron Copland
John Corigliano
Henry Cowell
Conrad Cummings
Chris DeBlasio
Michael Finnissey
Christoph Willibald von Gluck
Georg Frederic Handel
Lou Harrison
Robert Helps
William Hibbard
Simon Holt
Lee Horby
Jerry Hunt
Laura Kaminsky
Henry Lawes
Robert Maggio
Steve Martland
Gian Carlo Menotti
Alwin Nikolais
Harry Partch
Peter Pears
Francis Poulenc
Maurice Ravel
Ned Rorem
C. Bryan Rulon
David Sawer
Frans Schubert
Luke Stoneham
Richard Strauss
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Virgil Thomson
Michael Tippett
David Del Tredici
Ben Weber
Kurt Weill

Classical works and works with classical allusions or illusions. (in addition to the general works of the composers listed above)
"The AIDS Quilt Songbook"
"And Trouble Came- Musical Responses to AIDS"
Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears: "My Beloved Is Mine"
Benjamin Britten (piano) and Peter Pears(tenor): "Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo" (Opus 22)
"Club Verboten" Disc 4
John Corigliano Symphony No. 1"
Carl Czerny "Opus 111 Sonata"
Detlev "Homoreske"
"Gay American Composers"
"Gay American Composers Volume 2"
Hinge and Bracket "In Concert"
MäNü - Schwuler Männerchor Nürnberg: "Kalte Platte"
New York City Gay Men's Chorus: "A Festival of Song"
Klaus Nomi "Samson and Delilah"
"Out Classics"
"Out Classics II": Stepping Out"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: "Tours America '81"
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: "How Fair This Place"
"Sensual Classics"
"Sensual Classics, Too"
Two Ronnies "Boy's in the Ballet"
Garth Valentine "In Memory Of All Those Who Have Died Of AIDS"
see Opera (OPER)
see Operetta (OTTA)
see Choirs (CHOR)

Clause 28 (CL28)
Legal section of Local Government Act (UK, 1990), which Margaret Thatcher successfully proposed, to prevent the state funding of groups which "promote homosexuality". This Bill resulted in the loss of local funding to almost all gay community groups in the UK.

Blow Monkeys "Digging Your Scene"
Boy George "No Clause 28"
Boy George "Generations of Love"
Chumbawamba "Smash Clause 28"
Chumbawamba "Someone's Always Telling You How To Behave"
Miaow "Miaow"
Bernard Padden "Mass Movement"

Clawfinger: "Biggest & The Best' b/w 'Runner Boy'
'Runner Boy'; 'You will be my little runner boy, You will be my favourite toy, You will be my marionette You will be my favourite pet'.
"They're not a queer band and have no queer members at the moment. "

Johnny Clegg
South African liberal chansons which include some gay references. Also popular in France.

David Clement: "Be More Like Me"
CD. Wild Monk s 22962
USA. 1995. (GLOP) GLAMA '96 winner. Artwork •
"Be More Like Me" (1:35); Objectify Me" (1:50); "Eat It" (4:49); "Broken" (2:58); "Angry Young Fag" (3:01)(YOUT); "The Big O" (2:51); "Perfect Comp. Lament" (3:15); "Live It Up" (2:28); "Foundry" (4:19); "Old Men" (1:54)(OLDG); "From Here" (3:39)
"There are a thousand things I would do if I felt like trying, and I would fuck my way to the top, but I'm too scared of dying" . Gay poet focuses on decay and death. 1996 Gay and Lesbian Music Award for "Debut Artist Of The Year. "

David Clement, "Angry Young Fag"
see "Outmusic Gay & Lesbian Music Compilation"

David Clement: "Christmas 1978"
see "Foltz: Songwriter's Christmas"

Ginni Clemmens: "Long Time Friends"
LP. Open Door Records (without record-No. ).
Chicago, USA. 1976.
Lesbian singer, lesbian musicians. (G. C. is a musician on, and the producer of "Gay and Straight Together". )

Ginni Clemmens. "Thank You Anita"
LP. Omitted at final edit of "Gay and Straight Together"
USA. 1981. °
"Thank You Anita" (BRYA); "Thank you Anita, you couldn't have been sweeter you brought us together like never before. " When the material was deemed to long for the vinyl the gallant producer let her own material feel the axe. (but the lyric survives on the lyric sheet).
see Lynn Frizell

Ginni Clemmens and Friends: "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues"
LP. Open Door Rec. ODR 1094.
USA. 1981. (see Movie Soundtrack "Wild Women")
Her other LP's include "I'm Looking For Some Long-Time Friends" (1976, Open Door); "We All Have A Song" (1977); "Lopin' Along Thru' The Cosmos" (1983, Flying Fish FF 320).

The Clevelanders: "In My Little Hope Chest"
78. Perfect 15283
USA. 1930. •
"In My Little Hope Chest" (2:45) "...I've the sweetest little bridal gown, all tucked away, feathered slippers and the daintiest of lingerie. "
see "Can't Help Lovin' That Man"

Kate Clinton
Before she plunged into the comedy subculture in 1981, Clinton was a high school English teacher for eight years.
"I loved teaching, but I really wanted to write and try performing in some place other than a classroom," she says. "I talked about it (doing stand-up) so much that my best friend got sick of it and booked me in a club. She said, 'You're on in one month.' "
Since then, Clinton - a former television writer for The Rosie O'Donnell Show - has coolly dissected the state of affairs in the U.S. of A.

Kate Clinton: "Making Light!"
LP. Whyscrack Rec. WHY 101.
USA. 1982. Lesbian/Feminist Comedy (COME) (GLOP)
Side 1; "Feminine Protection" (8:11); "The Signer and The Signed" (2:43); "Women Coming Together" (5:51); "Penis Jokes/Stand up Comedy" (4:46)(GAYL):
Side 2; "Tongues of Fire" (4:39); "Amyn Sister" (10:41); "She Who Laughs Last. " (5:26):

Kate Clinton: "Making Waves"
LP. Whyscrack Rec.
USA. 198? Lesbian/Feminist Comedy (COME)(GLOP)°

Kate Clinton: "Live at the Great American Music Hall"
LP. WhysCrack Records WHY 103
USA. (San Francisco) 198?. Lesbian/Feminist Comedy (COME)(GLOP)°
Coloured vinyl

Kate Clinton: "Babes In Joyland"
LP. Whyscrack 104
USA. 1990. (COME)
"Close(T) Captioned"; "Read These Lips"; "The Right Choice"; "A Family Outing"; "Trying To Be Nice"; "Authority On Bush"
Kate has starred off-Broadway, and has appeared on "Good Morning America", "Nightline" and on Comedy Central. She's written for "The Rosie O'Donnell Show," and her first book will be published in '98.

Kate Clinton, Dos Fallopia et al. : "Kate Clinton: The Queen of Comedy"
USA. 1997.
Taped at the 1996 Dinah Shore Golf Classic Weekend in Palm Springs, California (a. k. a. THE Festival/Party for Lesbian Guppies), this 51-minute video features the schtick of Maggie Cassella, Dos Fallopia (Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt "doing" their womyn's music group, Mud and the punk group, The Surly Bitches) and Kate Clinton.

Kate Clinton : " Read The Lips, Coming Out "
see "The Best of Lesbian Comedy, Vol. 1"

Kate Clinton: "Making Light /Penis Jokes"
CD. "The Best Of Lesbian Comedy Vol 1" . Rising Star
USA. 1997. GLAMA '97 nominee. Ί

Kate Clinton: "Comedy You Can Dance To"
CD. Rising Star
USA. 1998.
Ballantine published her debut book, Don't Get Me Started in 1998
Contact (1998):

Kate Clinton: "Making Light /Penis Jokes"
CD. "The Best Of Lesbian Comedy Vol 1" . Rising Star
USA. 1997.
Kate Clinton: "Dont Get Me Started"
CD Audio Book. Publishing Mills 20450,
USA. 1998. 3 hours
Contains short concert clips.

Rosemary Clooney: "How About You"
LP. "Ring Around The Rosie" Memoir Recs MOIR 114
USA. 1985..
"And Judy Holiday's looks give me a thrill".

"Closer Than Ever": Original Cast Recording
CD. RCA Victor 60399-2 RG
USA. 1990. Music by David Shire, Lyrics Richard Maltby Jr. (MUSI)
"She Loves Me Not" A love triangle including a gay man's unrequited love "If I love him, how come he loves me not?"
"Three Friends". A song about the story of Angela. Alice and Nancy, friends over ten years. but the parts are played by two women and a man.

Close Harmony
see Choirs

Clothing (CLOT)
"You are what you wear", and if you are gay it's doubly true. Here are just a selection of examples from the closet.

Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley "Where's The Dress?"
Black Sabbath "Fairies Wear Boots"
Blind "Hey Skin - Hi Punk"
Chris Cochrane's Suck Pretty "Karl's Shirt"
Derivative Duo "The Barbie Doll Song"
"Dirty Dreams Of A Clean-Cut Kid" "Favorite Faded Jeans"
Divine: "T-shirts and Tight Blue Jeans"
Steve Elgin "Don't Leave Your Lover Lyin' Round (Dear)"
Fresh "The Clothes You Wear"
Charlie Higgins "Mother's Walking Round In Father's Trousers";
Jim Holmes "Dress Code"
Elton John "Sartorial Eloquence"
Danny Kaye "Anatole of Paris"
The Kinks "Out Of the Wardrobe"
Kit and the Widow "As Much A Man As Anyone"
Cappy Kotz and Phrin Pickett: "Clothes Don't Make The Amazon"
Mott The Hoople "All The Young Dudes"
"Out of the Closet" "The Fashion Show"
Pansy Division "Surrender Your Clothing"
Pet Shop Boys "The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On "
Cole Porter "A Little Skipper From Heaven Above"
Romanovsky & Phillips "My Mother's Clothes"
Nancy Schimmel "Piney Creek Woman"
Doug Stevens & the Outband "Hang Your Clothes In The Closet "
Teddy & Darrel "These Boots Are Made For Walking" Tongueman "These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Suzanne Westenhoefer "Nothing In My Closet But My Clothes"
see also Drag (DRAG)
see also Transvestism (TVAA)
see Leather (LEAT)
see Hair (HAIR)

The Clovers: "Love Potion #9"
7". United Artists 180
USA. 1959. °
"Love Potion #9" ( ) Singer buys and drinks an aphrodisiac and..."I started kissing everything in sight/ But when I kissed a cop down on 34th and Vine/ He broke my little bottle of Love Potion Number 9. " (see versions by The Searchers, The Nylons, Tygers of Pang Tang)).

The Clovers: "The Rotten Cocksuckers Ball"
LP. "If It Ain't A Hit I'll Eat My..."
LP. Zu Zazz Recs
USA, 1987.

Club 69: "Adults Only "
USA. 1996.
This 1995 dance album includes such veritable classics as "Diva", "Let Me Be Your Underwear" •, "Sugar Pie Guy", "Pleasure", "Warm Leatherette", and "Riding Into Battle With Her High Heels On".
"Let Me Be Your Underwear" (3:32)
DJ Peter Rauhofer pulls a couple of tunes out of his 1995 dance cult album "Adults Only" and gives it a remix and a fresh spin. "Let Me Be Your Underwear" is a sultry, seductive club number that deserves attention. Rauhofer specialises in big beats and disco diva vocals, just the right ingredients to stir up a sizzling track that gets club bunnies hopping. Even more fierce are the remixes of "Always Unique" which has an abundance of funky energy and sexy vocals a la Amy Cooper. If club music is your game...this single is a winner.

Club 69: "Let Me Be Your Underwear"
see "Glad To Be Gay Vol 3"

Club 69: "Style"
LP CD. Twisted America 11654
Australia/USA. 1996.
Australian producer/tunesmith Peter Rauhofer uses deep-house grooves with frequent splashes of pop accessibility - voiced with soulful authority by Suzanne Palmer. She shows the potential to break out as a solo star on the hit- bound new single, "Much Better," and on an energetic revision of Diana Ross' "Muscles. " Club 69 vocalist Kim Cooper, chats and vamps on saucy cuts like "Drama" (GLAMA '97 nominee.) and "I Look Good"

"Club Verboten " Compilation
4CD. DCC Compact Classics DSZ(4)-135
USA. 1997. (96 page booklet of notes)(COMP)
"Out of oppression came some of the richest and most popular music
and entertainers in the world" Compiled by Marshall Blonstein and
Richard Oliver.
Disc 1:Merritt Brunies, "Masculine Women, Feminine Men" (3:10) 1926; Bessie Smith, "I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle" (3:21) 1925; Ma Rainey, "Prove It On Me Blues" (2:40) 1928; Gladys Bently: "How Much Can I Stand?" (3:00) 1928; Danny Yates orch. , "He's My Secret Passion" (3:09) 1930; Marlene Dietrich, "Falling In Love Again" (3:07) 1930 rec 1968:Lotte Lenya, "Surabaya Johnny" (4:17) 1929 rec. 1960; Joel Grey, "Cabaret Medley" (5:03) 1966; Jill Hayworth; "Don't Tell Mama" (3:55) 1966; Lisa Minelli, "Cabaret" (4:31) 1966; Josephine Baker; "J'ai Deux Amours" (3:09) 1927; Edith Piaf, "Je Ne Regrette Rien" (2:19) 19??; Mae West, "Come Up And See Me"(2:50) 1935; Noel Coward, "What's Going To Happen To The Tots" (3:27) 1956; Julie Andrews (from "Star!") "If Love Were All" (2:17) 1969?; Judy Garland, "Over The Rainbow" (3:40) 1934; Carmen Miranda, "Chica Chica Boom Chic" (2:16); Kay Kyser, "He Wears A Pair of Silver Wings" (3:10) 1942; Duke Ellington, "Satin Doll" (Billy Strayhorn) (2:43) 1959; Portia Nelson, "Down In The Depths (on the 90th floor)" (2:58); Annie Ross, "Love For Sale" (5:11) 1964; Lena Horne, "Lady Is A Tramp" (2:14); Chet Baker, "My Funny Valentine" (Rodgers Hart) (2:15) 1954; Disc 2:Johnny Ray, "Cry" (3:03) 1952; Judy Garland, "The Man That Got Away" (4:03) From A Star Is Born (Alen Gershwin) 1954; Doris Day, "Secret Love" (3:39) 1953; Marilyn Monroe, "I Wanna be Loved By You" (2:54) 1959; Larry Kent, "Something's Coming" (2:28) 1957; OSR, "Somewhere" (2:04) 1961; Chris Connor, "Something To Live For" (3:13); Frances Faye, "Night and Day" (4:30); Gary Burton, "So Many Things" (4:14) 1961; Donovan, "I'll Try For The Sun" (3:35) 1965; Rod McKuen, "All The Sad Young Men" (5:06) 1973; Scott McKenzie, "San Francisco" (2:52) 1967; Shirley Bassey, "This Is My life" (4:04) 1967; Dean Jones. "Being Alive" (from Company) 1970; Helen Reddy, "I Am Woman" (3:24) 1972; Alix Dobkin, "Woman In Your Life" (2:59) 1973; Meg Christian, "Ode To A Gym Teacher" (3:55) 1973; Barry Manilow, "All The Time" (3:15) 1976; Janis Ian, "At Seventeen"(4:43) 1975; Cris Williamson, "Sweet Woman" (3:52) 1975; Joan Baez, "Alter Boy and the Thief" (3:28) 1977; Jim Bailey, "Don't Rain On My Parade" (2:50) 1972; Peter Allen, "Not The Boy Next Door" (6:52) 1983; Harper's Bizarre, "Anything Goes" (2:00) 1968; Lou Reed, "Walk On The Wild Side" (4:12) 1972; Sylvester, "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real" (6:30) 1978; Labelle, "Lady Marmalade" (3:55) 1974; Sister Sledge, "We Are Family" (8:24) 1979; Gloria Gaynor, "I Am What I Am" (4:54)1995;
Classicals: Tchaikovsky, "Symphony No 2"; Saint Saens, "Danse Macabre"; Poulenc, "Gloria in G"; Britten, "Death In Venice"; Barber, "Adagio For Strings"; Menotti, "Amahl and the Night Visitors"; Copland, "Rodeo"; Bernstein, "Dybbuk"; Cage , "Sixteen Dances"; Rorem, "Eagles";
DCC head Marshall Blonstein hired TV writer and researcher Richard Oliver to put together the collection and write an extensive 96-page booklet.
'He called and said he had a project he wanted me to do,' says Oliver from his Los Angeles home. 'It's a music of oppression. I said, 'Holy Cow! African-Americans, where would we be without them in popular music, jazz, blues, rock?' He said: 'What about gay and lesbian culture?' '
The idea was originally suggested to Blonstein by one of his employees, a gay man who complained that there was nothing like it on the market.
The 63-song collection, which took a year and a half of library research to compile, spans the genres from classical to disco, although in any task this big there are bound to be omissions. (No Freddie Mercury; no Tom Robinson: Glad to be Gay'). Oliver really wanted to include some other songs, but couldn't get the rights to them. For a number of reasons, other record companies wouldn't hand over the rights to 'Lola' by the Kinks, 'YMCA' by the Village People and 'The Killing of Georgie' by Rod Stewart.
'We wanted to show how the music reflects the times,' says Oliver. 'It was interesting discovering a culture that wasn't just about sex. ' It was about oppression, however.
'Out of suppression, comes an outcry,' writes Oliver in his liner note to Bessie Smith's 1925 hit 'I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle. ' 'Imagine the black female blues singers of the '20s and '30s. Imagine how they were treated -- by men, by whites. '
The title comes from ''Cabaret Verboten,'' a 1930s German musical -- an era also captured in the American film and musical ''Cabaret. ''
The 96 page booklet which accompanies the 4 CD package is reviewed under the author Richard Oliver

D. Merilee Clunis and G. Dorsey Green: "Lesbian Couples"
USA. (Speech)(GLOP) (MEDI)
Discussion of Lesbian sexuality, homophobia etc.

Bernd Clüver: "Mike und sein Freund"
LP. "Song Book" Hansa 25 186 IT (Ariola). MC. 57 117 DT
W. Germany. No lyric sheet
"Mike und sein Freund" (4:21)(Under One Roof, music: Richardson, lyrics: Williams, German lyric: Weigel):Mike and his lover are visited by Mike's angry father who destroys their home. (PHOB)(PARE) Also performed on:B. Clüver: "Die Goldenen Super 20", Ariola 25 215 XU
Original lyrics to a tune by The Rubettes
see " Under One Roof" The Rubettes

The Coasters,: "Love Potion No. 9"
LP. "Juke Box Giants" Audio Fidelity
USA. 1982.
(see versions by The Clovers, The Searchers, Tygers of Pan Tang)

The Coasters: "Lady Like"
LP. "Thumbin' A Ride" Edsel
USA. 1985.

Kurt Cobain ( nee Frances Bean Cobain
(see Nirvana)

Chris Cochrane's Suck Pretty: "3 heads"
CD Knitting Factory Works KFW 181
USA. 1996. (PUNK)(GLOP) Artwork
"Unthinkable"; "False Face"; "A Sleep"; "All Of A Sudden"; "Help Me"; "Dead Beat"; "Stolen"; "Karl's Shirt"; "Simple"; "Last Night Again"; "Urinal Amnesia"; "4th Time Broke" "Crate"; "Vegetables: Explain It"; "Jesus"(GODS)
atonal funk. zany, dark experimental pop. by 'the coolest queer rocker in New York'.

Chris Cochrane's Suck Pretty: "All of a Sudden"
CD. Knitting Factory Works
USA. 1997. •
Drummer Richard Dworkin shrugs his shoulders. "Beats me. Let's see's Post-queercore music about being a Post-AIDS gay man who's into S&M. "There's a mournful quality to Cochrane's singing and superb guitar playing; he's like Diamanda Galas, down an octave and with a backbeat.
Contact (1998):

Chris Cochrane - see No Safety

The Cockettes
"San Franciscan Fag-rock band coming out of the hippie scene with the gender-fuck message. Signed to RCA in 1969, but no releases."

Jean Cocteau: "Jean Cocteau"
LP. (Speech in French) Caedmon TC 1083
USA. 1953?
Reading from his poetry and prose. (GLIT)(POET)

Coco M. "Walk On The Wild Side (C'est la Ouateversion)"
• "Walk On The Wild Side (C'est la Ouateversion)"(6:32); "Acapella and Bonus Track (5:14)"Walk On The Wild Side (Midi instrumental)"; "A Late Night" (3:25)
Prod M Hartman with vocals by Corine Michels and Deejay Sven

Cocteau Twins:
Named after Jean Cocteau, but no other clear relevance.

David Allan Coe: "Ain't There Nothing Sacred No More"
LP. DAC Records
USA. 1978? (CRIM) (COUN)°
"Fuck Anita Bryant": "Fuck Anita Bryant, who the hell is she, telling all them faggots that they can't be free, Throw that bitch in prison maybe then she'll see, just how much them god-damned homosexuals mean to me. 'cos they'll clean your clothes, wash your toes...some are mean, some are sinners too! In fact Anita Bryant, some act just like you!" (BRYA)
"Three Biggest Lies". They put him in a cell with a pervert, He stuck one of those home-made knives in his throat, and these are the words that he said...This'll only hurt for a minute, I'll only put half of it in, I promise that I'll never try to come in your mouth. " (RAPE).
"Whips and Things" "Pussy-eating Pamela, in the county jail, sucking Silly Shirley" (LESB)
Music from Texas-prison country-rocker.

Michael Cohen: "What Did You Expect?"
LP. Folkways FS 8582.
USA. 1973. Lyric sheet. Folk/pop (FOLK) Artwork °
"Pray To Your God" (4:30) (GODS); "Bitter Beginnings" (3:37); "When I Grow Cold" (4:35); "Orion" (4:40);
Songs, sensitively and honestly dealing with the experience of being gay. Cohen's premiere album is an intimate journey of a gay man's "coming out" to mother, losing a lover, and beginning relationships along the way. A warm, Dylanesque portrait that remains contemporary. "

Michael Cohen: "Some Of Us Had To Live"
LP. Folkways. FS 8583
USA. 1975. 8-page booklet
"Don"; "Spend Your Love With Me" and other songs.

Steve Cohen: "Silent Too Long"
CD. Hurricane H-04932-9 (Ladyslipper, Inc. )
USA. 1997. Artwork°
"Like We Used To" (3:08); "Let's Burn Us A Bridge Tonight"(6:12); ""I Want Everything" (3:12); "Home For The Holidays"(XMAS)(4:37); "Georgia Hurricane"(3:17); "I Want To Be A Jock";(2:07) (BODY); "True Love"(EDUC)(6:01); "I've Got The Strength"(4:40); "If You Need My Love"(2:57); "Silent Too Long"(4:10)(MILI)(COMI); "I've Tried". (3:36).
Heartbreak, longing, and bittersweet wisdom in a smoky voice leap out of this 1997 offering. Steve writes about lost love, high school true love ("Try walking down the street with someone you love. But keep your hands in your pockets so you don't get beaten up"), and love of country (with stinging commentary on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in Silent Too Long), capturing melancholy with an undercurrent of hope. When not making music, the artist is busy doing cultural work: he founded the Philadelphia chapter of OutMusic, and organized the first weeklong Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Music Festival in 1997.
Contact 1998:"

Steven Cohen: "Silent Too Long"
see "Outmusic 97"•

Steve Cohen: "The Heart Of The Holiday"
see "Foltz: Songwriter's Christmas"

The London-based band (John Balance, Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson, Stephen E. Thrower) also ran an art gallery and several projects in a range of media. In their work they have commented on several aspects of homosexuality including SM, AIDS and Alistair Crowley. The group produced its own information booklet (1986, 32 pages) including gay references in support of the released material. Film music for Jarman's "Angelic Conversation".

Coil: "Panic" b/w "Tainted Love"
EP Force and Form
UK. 1985.

Coil: "Scatology"
LP. Coil Records
UK. 1985.
"Tainted Love" (AIDS) Reworking of Marc Almond's Soft Cell hit as a simile for the AIDS epidemic. Video promo shots of a leatherman eating grapes while laughing at a dying AIDS patient were the cause of offense to activists from both political wings.

Coil; "The Wheel"
LP; "If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul" Some Bizarre
UK. 1986.
Sleeve "An alchemical love song to Leon, a "lost boy", a former rent boy who has become a bright symbolic star in Coil's firmament. " (PROS)

Coil: "The Anal Staircase"
EP. Force and Form
UK, 1986.

Coil; "Horse Rotorvator"
LP. "Force and Form" K. 422
UK. 1987.
"The Anal Staircase"; "Slur"; "Babylero; "Ostia (The Death of Passolini)" (FILM); "Herald"; "Penetrelia"; "Circles of Mania"; "Nero's long hot tongue. Toro D'Or falls to the floor, Fucking the ground, the hole in the ground, and got wires sing deep into my skin and I wake up licking and sucking. " (c. f. Dante's "Inferno" and Passolini's "Salo") (FILM) "Blood From The Air"; "Who By Fire"; "The Golden Section"; "The First Five Minutes After Death"

Coil: "Neither His Nor Yours"
see "A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse"

Coil: "Stolen and Contaminated Songs
UK. 1992. (Limited Ed. 2000)

Nat King Cole: "You Don't Know Me"
"No, you don't know the one who dreams of you at night. And longs to kiss your lips and longs to hold you tight. To you I'm just a friend, that's all I've ever been. No, you don't know me. "

Collette: "Collette Reads Collette (in French)"
LP. (speech) Caedmon TC 1020
USA. 1954. (GLIT)
Side 1: "Gigi (a selection)" (15:55)
Side 2: "Cheri (a selection)"; "Flore et Pomone (a selection from Gigi)" (21:22)

Colette- see Peter Allen "Paris at 21"

Joan Collins Fan Club
see Julian Clary

Rose Collis: "In The Dark"
LP. "Coming Out-Ready Or Not" Gayn 001
UK. 1983. (rec 8/12/82) Live at gay benefit.

Rose Collis: "Its Only a Phase"
LP. "Coming Out-Ready Or Not" Gayn 001
UK. 1983. (rec 8/12/82) Live at gay benefit. •
"It's Only A Phase" (4:54)(PHAS); "It's only a phase you're going through, that doesn't mean you're going to always be a little queer like this, you'll only be another year like this...It's not just a phase I'm going through, I'm gonna stay a little queer like this. "

Rose Collis
see Bradford GLF

"The Color Purple": Original Movie Soundtrack
2LP. Kwest (USA)
USA. 1985. (FILM)
"Miss Celie's Blues", (Quincy Jones): "Sister! You've been on my mind..." the song which cues Celie's first lesbian realisations.
Soundtrack includes "Ain't that a Mess" (see lyric under Al Miller and the Swing Stompers).

Zebedy Colt: I'll Sing For You"
LP Ecco Productions A-101, for Haddon Records
USA. 1977?. Artwork °
"The Man I Love" (Gershwin); "I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy" (Rodgers/Hammerstein); "Bill" (Kern/Wodehouse); "A Sleepin' Bee" (Arlan); "Michael"(Earle); "Love For Sale"(Porter); "Bewitched Bothered & Bewildered" (Rodgers/Hart); "A New Year, A New Love"(Earle); "Lush Life" (Strayhorn); "The Day To Say Goodbye"(Earle); "Somewhere" (Bernstein/ Sondheim)
Sleeve: "I was born in the frustration of yesterday, live the freedom of today, and await the promise of tomorrow. Whether my songs are sweet or bitter, gay or sad, I'll Sing For You--and you'll know it's for you. Love, Zebedy" .
A selection of classic show tunes (mostly?) by gay songwriters.

Zebedy Colt: "Zebedy Sings For You"
LP Tram Records 5001
USA. 1977?. Artwork
Same songs, but a later pressing of the "I'll Sing For You" LP, with completely different jacket design and label. Interestingly, in the dry groove of the Tram disc, you can see crossed out the "EC 101" that is present on the Ecco label pressing, and a "VC-3938" added, indicating that it was pressed from the same master.

The Columbians: "Buy, Buy For Baby"
78. Columbia 1661-D
USA. 1928.
"Buy, Buy For Baby"
(2:58) Vocal by Irving Kaufman from "The Showgirl"
see "Can't Help Lovin' That Man": Various Artists

Columbus Gay Men's Chorus: "Stepping Out"
USA. 1997..
1. Only In The Dream 2. White In The Moon The Long Road Lies 3. From Far, From Eve And Morning 4. He Never Failed Me Yet 5. The Ballad Of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard 6. Vive L'Amour 7. The Last Words Of David 8. Song Of Peace 9. All The Things You Are 10. Silhouettes 11. Legendary Performers 12. Everything Possible

Columbus Gay Men's Chorus: "Stepping Out"
USA. 1995.
"All The Things You Are" (Kern/Hammerstein II arr Hunter); "Ballad Of Little Musgrave And Lady Barnard, The" (Britten/trad); "Everything Possible" (Small arr Zwozdesky); "from 'Far From Even And Morning'" (Delson/Housman); "He Never Failed Me Yet" (Ray); "Last Words Of David" (Thompson/2 Samuel 23:3,4); "Legendary Performers" (arr Sarsany)"Call Me Irresponsible" (van Husen, Cahn) -Misty" (NA/Garner)- "Over The Rainbow" (Arlen, Harburg)- Unforgettable" (NA/Gordon); "Only In The Dream" (Earnest/Eberhardt); "Silhouettes" (Crewe/Slay arr Lojeski); "Song Of Peace, Op. 82" (Persichetti/anon); "Vive L'Amour" (Parker, Shaw/trad. ); "White In The Moon The Long Road Lies" Delson/Housman)

Come: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
CD Beggars Banquet
UK 1995.
""Let's Get Lost"; "The German Song"
Lead singer Thalia Zadek named the album after Bill Clinton's policy on gays in the military. (MILI) (All lyrics addressed to 'her'. Lyrics by Bob Mould, see below)

Comedy (COME)
These lists are divided into (rather subjective) sections, the first contains;
Gay/Lesbian Identified Comedy
Aimed at gay audience or assuming gay sympathies;
D. J. Adler "Politically Correct"
Robyn Archer "The Ladies Choice"
Robyn Archer "The Pack Of Women"
Sandy Baron "God Save The Queens"
Sandy Baron "How I Found God, Zen, Yoga, est, Arica, Sufi, Scientology, TM...and my life still sucks!"
Fred Barton "Miss Gulch Returns"
Sandra Bernhard "The Women Of Rock and Roll"
Sandra Bernhard "Excuses For Bad Behaviour, Part One"
Boca Brian "Meat Boca Brian"
"The Best Of Lesbian Comedy, Vol. 1" - Various Artists
Ivy Bottini "Women's Lip"
Carolina Brauckmann "Satirische Lesbengesaenge"
Boca Brian "Meat Boca Brian"
Mark Bunyan "Is S/He One ?"
Capitol Steps "Your Statue Needs A Tu-tu"
Capitol Steps "Sixteen Scandals"
George Carlin "Indecent Exposure"
Margaret Cho "Drunk With Power"
Julian Clary "Leader Of The Pack"
Kate Clinton "Making Light!"
Kate Clinton "Making Waves"
Kate Clinton "Live at the Great American Music Hall"
Kate Clinton "Babes In Joyland"
Noel Coward "Let's Do It"
Noel Coward "I Wonder What Happened To Him"
Noel Coward "Marvellous Party"
Lea Delaria "Empty Bed Blues"
Lea Delaria "Box Lunch"
Lea DeLaria "Bulldyke in a China Shop"
Derivative Duo "Mutiny at the Matinee"
Dos Fallopia "My Breasts Are Out Of Control"
Extra Fancy "You Surf Like a Porno Star, Sonny, "
Harvey Fierstein "This Is Not Going To Be Pretty"
"The Gay Comedy Jam 'Freedom Tour' Live"
"Gay From Las Vegas" Various Artists
Julie Goldman
Marga Gomez "Hung Like A Fly"
Hinge and Bracket "An Evening with ..."
Hinge & Bracket "Dear Ladies"
Hudson & Landry "Bruiser LaRue"
Barry Humphries "Housewife Superstar"
Kinsey Sicks "Dragapella!"
Lisa Koch "Colourblind Blues"
Lisa Koch "You Make My Pants Pound"
Foo Foo Lamarr "Around The Old Campfire"
Mister Billie Lee "Daisy Chain Ain't A Piece Of Jewelry"
David Martin "Ich Liebe Dick"
"Out of the Closet"
Bernard Padden and the Claws: "Mass Movement"
Pinkard & Bowden "Since My Baby Turned Gay".
Eric Presland "File Under Gay"
"The Queen Is In The Closet"
Various Artists "Queer To The Core".
Jonathan Richman "I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar"
The Roadies "Packer of the Leads"
Anne Seale "Sex For Breakfast"
Jason Stuart "I'm Jason Stuart...Jealous!"
Teddy & Darrel "These Are The Hits, You Silly Savages"
Roadies "Packer of the Leads"
Topp Twins
Robin Tyler "Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Groom"
Robin Tyler "Just Kidding"
Venus Envy "I'll Be Homo For Christmas"
Jerry Walker "The Fairy Godmother"
Suzanne Westenhoefer "Nothing In My Closet But My Clothes"
(Howard Crabtree) "When Pigs Fly"
Karen Williams "Human Beings? What A Concept!"
Kenneth Williams & Hugh Paddick: "The Bona Album .
Leah Zicri "Wouldn't That Be Fun"
see also Drag (DRAG)

Comedy (Mainstream) (COME)
Mainstream humorous comment.

Bird & Macdonald (various tracks)
Lenny Bruce "Homosexuality"
George Carlin "Indecent Exposure"
Rodney Carrington "Hangin' With Rodney"
Cheech and Chong "Queer Wars"
Peter Cook: "Here Comes The Judge-Live in Concert"
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: "Derek and Clive (Live)"
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: "Derek and Clive Come Again"
Noël Coward "I've Been To A Marvellous Party"
Bill Dana "Bill Dana Live In Las Vegas"
Billy Devroe and the Devilaires: "The Queer Policeman"
Bob Dylan "Lenny Bruce "
Whoopi Goldberg "Fontaine: Why Am I Straight?"
Barry Humphries "The Sound of Edna"
Elton John 'Big Dipper'"
Monty Python "Matching Tie and Handkerchief"
Monty Python "Sit On My Face"
Les Negresses Vertes "Zobi La Mouche"
Not The Nine O'Clock News: "Not The Nine O'Clock News"
Henry Phillips "On The Shoulders Of Freaks"
Jonathan Richman "I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar"
Two Ronnies "Boy's In The Ballet"
Victoria Wood "Funny How Things Turn Out"

Comedy (Homophobic/Stereotypical) (COME)
Anti-gay humour, satire and comic abuse. This is the sort of stuff we can do without!
Stefan Bednarczyk "When Santa Kissed The Fairy On The Christmas Tree"
Billy Connolly "In The Brownies"
John Inman "Are You Being Served Sir?"
John Inman "Teddy Bear's Picnic"
Judge Dread; various
Sam Kinison "Have You Seen Me Lately"
Eddie Murphy "Faggots"
Sir Mack Rice "It Takes One To Know One"
Steve Wright "Gay Cavalieros"

Coming Out Of The Closet (COMI)
This formative experience is one of the most frequent themes of gay and lesbian lyric writing. Just as every queer has a coming out story, so every artists has a coming out song. They include;

"All Over Me" Motion Picture Soundtrack
Jamie Anderson "No Closet"
Jamie Anderson "When They Know Who We Are"
Anon (uncredited) "Coming Out" b/w "Let Us Be Gay"
Arthur Loves Plastic "Out!" Aston Reymers Rivaler "Bruno & Vera"
Sandy Baron "The Queen Who Came Out of the Closet'"
Berkeley Women's Music Collective "Janet's Song"
Berkeley Women's Music Collective Gay And Proud
Big Man "Too Scared To Be Queer"
Boy George "Unfinished Business"
Boy George Same Thing In Reverse
Joe Bracco "Coming Out
Bronski Beat "Smalltown Boy"
Bronski Beat "Screaming"
Mark Bunyan "Is S/He One"
Robin Burdulis et al. "You Don't Know Me"
Chainsaw Kittens "Closet Song"
Margaret Cho "Drunk With Power"
The Choral Majority "Old Closet Door"
Kate Clinton Read The Lips, Coming Out"
Steve Cohen "Silent Too Long"
Communards "Screaming"
Consolidated "Accept Me For What I Am"
Josie Cotton "Johnny Are You Queer?"
Doris Day "Secret Love"
Derivative Duo "Coming Out Mozart
Derivative Duo "Eine Kleine Visit"
Derivative Duo "It's Not Who You Love"
Alice Di Micele "Do You Dare?"
Alice Di Micele "Trouble In Mind"
Alice Di Micele "Woke Up In The Morning Blue"
Alice Di Micele "Naomi"
Erasure "Hideaway"
Melissa Etheridge "Yes, I Am!"
"A Family of Friends"
Maxine Feldman "Closet Sale"
Fem 2 Fem "Coming Out";
Flirtations "Do Not Turn Away"
John Forster "In The Closet"
De Fortabte Spillemænd "De homofile"
Flying Lesbians "I'm a lesbian, how about you?"
George Fulginiti-Shakar & Elliot Pilshaw "Welcome Home"
Gloria Gaynor "I Am What I Am"
Steven Gellman: "Different"
Gellman "Believe"
"Glass Closet"
Axel Gran "Om å vre maskert"
Monica Grant "Coming Out Story"
Joules Graves "I Like You"
Steven Grossman "Out"
Patrick Haggerty "Come Out Singing"
Patrick Haggerty "Back in the Closet Again"
James Gang "Closet Queen"
Kid Sister "Darkness of My Silence"
The Kinks "Out Of the Wardrobe"
Frankie Knuckles "You Can't Hide From Yourself"
Juliana Lücking: "Hide and Seek"
Lysistrara "Coming Out"
Tom McCormack "Comin' "
Carol McDonald "You Brought Me Out"
Bill McKinley "The Ones Who Aren't Here" ("Winter Moon")
Merle Markland "Dirty Old Woman"
Dan Martin "You Don't Know Me" (Chosen Family)
Barbara Mason "Another Man"
Metropolitan Community Church "Coming Out Coming Home"
Mukilteo Fairies "Closet Check"
Holly Near, Arlo Guthrie, Ronnie Gilbert, Peter Seeger "Good For the World"
New Freedom "Come Out, Come Out"
New Order "Age of Consent"
New Order "Perfect Kiss"
"Out of the Closet"
Pet Shop Boys "Se A Vida E",
Eric Presland "Invisible People"
The Pretenders "When Will I See You?"
Princess "Red Hot"
"The Queen Is In The Closet"
The Queers "Hi Mom It's Me!"
Queer Conscience "Your Coming Out Day"
Queer Conscience "Telling Someone"
Queer Conscience "Everyone Knows"
Lou Reed "Make-Up"
Lou Reed "Coney Island Baby""
Tom Robinson "Prison"
Tom Robinson "In The Cold"
Tom Robinson "Coldharbour Lane"
Tom Robinson "Rum Thunderbird"
Tom Robinson "Can't Stop: Peter's Theme"
Romanovsky & Phillips "Closet Case"
Romanovsky & Phillips "Queers In The Closet"
Betsy Rose "Darlin', I'm Glad"
Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus "Coming Out with Pride"
Sex Pistols "Holidays In The Sun"
Siren Plays "On Meeting A Closet Lesbian At A Straight Social Occasion"
Fred Small "Annie"
South Coast Chorale "Coming Out For Christmas"
Dusty Springfield "Closet Man"
Doug Stevens & Outband "Can't Get It Right. "
Doug Stevens & Outband "Hang Your Clothes In The Closet "
Marsha Stevens "Celebrate"
Jason Stuart "I'm Jason Stuart...Jealous!"
Marilyn T. "Comin' Out"
The Therapy Sisters "Ocean"
Third Sex "Love in the Basement"
Lucy Blue Tremblay "I Want You To Know Who I Really Am"
Robert Urban "In My Shoe"
Paula Walowitz "Surprise"
Suzanne Westenhoefer "Nothing In My Closet But My Clothes"
Zrazy "Come Out Everybody"
see also Passing for Straight (PASS)
see also Liberation (LIBE)

"Coming Out, Coming Home"
see Metropolitan Community Church

"Coming Out - Ready Or Not": Various Artists
LP. Gayn Records GAYN 001 (X 83 CUS 1763).
UK. 1983. (rec 8/12/82). Live gay cabaret from benefit concert. (GLOP) (CHAR)(COMP) Artwork•
-see details and lyrics under individual artists.
Mark Bunyan: "Is S/He One?" (4:47) (NAME); Toby Kettle: "Stranger Song" (2:43) Sax. accompaniment is first recording by Richard Coles of The Communards; Joanne Richler: "Patriarchal Sparkle" (1:33); Joanne Richler: "Honesty" (3:05); Chris Ransome: "Advertisements for Heterosexuality" (3:24) All media heroes are straight. " (HERO) (IMAG); Rose Collis: "It's Only a Phase"; Tom Robinson: "War Baby" (5:23) Live version of song from "Hope and Glory" LP; Carol Uszkurat: "What's It Like To Be A Dyke?"; Carol Uszkurat: "Positive Song" (2:25); Eric Presland: "We Were In There" (4:25) (HIST)(WILD); Rose Collis: "In the Dark" (2:58); Chris Ransome: "Nancy Boy" (3:16) Early synth pop. (Nancy Boy =effeminate/ homosexual)(EFEM); Tom Robinson: "Glad To Be Gay" (5:54)(with performers accomp. ) (LIBE) (LAWS) Recorded live at The Albany Empire benefit concert in aid of Lesbian Line and London Gay Switchboard. Deptford 8th Dec. 1982.
Gayn Records is a gay community record company.
see also Mark Bunyan
see also Tom Robinson

The Coming Out Crew: "Free Gay and Happy"
CD. Out on Vinyl CD 002
UK. 1994.
Vocals by Sabrina Johnston. (GT Feb '95 p5)
At least 2 CD s with various remixes.

Coming Out Crew: "Free, Gay And Happy "
see "Glad To Be Gay Vol 3"

The Communards
In 1985 Jimmy Somerville left Bronski Beat to join up with classically trained musician and chorister Richard Coles. The name Communards was chosen to indicate solidarity with the insurgents of the Paris Commune (1870) and the band were later honoured by membership of the Order of Communards. Their first single didn't quite make the charts but the albums "Communards" and "Red" both shot to the top of the British LP charts.
Richard Coles -see also "Coming Out Ready or Not" (compilation)

Communards: "You are my world"
7". 12". EP. London Rec. LONX 77 (886 000-1) ZPMSC 10780.
UK. 1985. •
"You are my world" (Jimmy Somerville & Richard Coles)(7:03): "There is nothing, boy, that can stop my course, I will hold you tight never let me go. " This song is dedicated to the defendants of the Gay's The Word Bookshop trial. " Banned by the BBC!
"Breadline Britain" (Jimmy Somerville/Richard Coles)(2:27)
"Sentimental Journey" (Bud Green/Les Browns+Ben Homer)(3:30).

The Communards: "Disenchanted" b/w "Johnny Verso"
7". London 886047. 7
UK. 1986..
"Disenchanted" (4:08) (LIBE); "I'll be your friend ...hey young man ...never let them drag you down ...this prejudice and ignorance we can overcome, Pride is something good for you"
"Johnny Verso" (3:47)
Dedicated to Jean Genet

Communards: "Communards"
LP. London Records LONLP 18.
UK. 1985. Lyrics. (GLOP)•
"Don't Leave Me This Way" (4:50)(Gamble, Huff)(dedicated to the abolished, socialist, Greater London Council). Originally hit for Thelma Houston (Tamla 54278, 1977, #1) and then Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes this version was a number one hit in UK pop and US Dance charts! "La Dolarosa" (Somerville/Coles): "Boy, you and I should hide away as far as love will let us stray. "; "Disenchanted" (Somerville/Coles):(see above); "Reprise" (Somerville/Coles): "Now I know the truth about you, The lie you lived deceiving me. " (dedicated to M. Thatcher); "So Cold The Night" "You Are My World" (4:30) (Somerville/Coles):(see above).; "Lover man" (3:50) (Davis, Sherman, Ramirez): "Loverman, oh where can you be? " Unique version of jazz standard with Jimmy taking the higher melody ("woman's part") and Sarah Jane Morris the lower harmony. (JAZZ)
See version of this standard by Sylvester.
see version on Anon- "Love Is A Drag"
"Don't Slip Away" (4:30)
"Heavens Above" ( )(Somerville/Coles): "he's got a hold on my heart - his love is strong enough for me - I find it hard to control the desire. "
"Forbidden Love" ( ) (Somerville/Coles): "behind closed doors we have to kiss - Our love is like forbidden fruit but we take each bite with pride not shame. " (LIBE)
"Now That I've Found You" (4:50)
Additional vocals by Sarah Jane Morris

The Communards: "Red"
LP. London Records LP 828 066-1, MC. 828 066-4.
UK. 1987. Lyrics on inner sleeve. (GLOP)•
"Tomorrow" (4:50).
"T. M. T. L. T. B. M. G. " (There's More To Love Than Boy Meets Girl) (Somerville/Coles)(4:36): "Love is strange and uncontrolled, it can happen to anyone - How can one man decide the fate and destiny of innocent lovers, And why is it less of a crime to take the life of another? Through time they've always tried to hide and cast aside this love denied, In the shadows we held each other tight. " (LIBE) UK Top Ten Hit May 1988. "Matter Of Opinion" (4:26); "Victims" (4:30) (Somerville/Coles). "Billy worked with other men, to them was once a lad, when they learned of Billy's story, went behind his back, spread around the factory floor, then Billy got the sack. " (PHOB); "For A Friend" (5:00). (ref WH Auden: 'Musé des Beaux Arts'); "Never Can Say Goodbye" (4:45)(Clifton Davis); "Lovers And Friends" (4:11). "Lovers and Friends are all that matter"; "Hold On Tight" (4:47); "A wind of change must come, as I take you in my arms, We will walk proudly and never run" (LIBE)"If I Could Tell You" (Somerville/ W. H. Auden)(4:13). "C Minor" (5:06). "Now I know where you go, who he is, what's his name, you took my heart and you tore it in too many places. " (ADUL)

Communards: "Don't Leave Me This Way "
see "Glad To Be Gay"

Communards split in 1989 with Jimmy Somerville going on to release a solo album.

Communards: "Heaven"
CD. Karoussel Pickwick 550 093-2
UK. 1993. (compilation)•
"You Are My World"; "Czardes"; "So Cold The Night"; "Tomorrow"; "Annie"; "Hold On Tight"; "If I Could Tell You"; "There's More To Love"; Zing Went The Strings"; "I Do It All For Love"; "Sanctified"; "Judgement Day"; "Heavens Above"; "Victims (live)"

Compilation albums (COMP)
Compilation LPs (collected tracks by different artists and concert recordings featuring a variety of performers), which feature several relevant tracks are listed alphabetically under the compilation title, along with a list of material they contain. References and lyrics are generally filed under the artist's name.
Dance Compilations are omitted from the index. Relevant compilations are often (fully) cross-referenced under the artist's name and, if so, are marked "*" below. (Pending work indicated o-) Compilations with gay/lesbian themes include:

"AC/DC Blues" *
"Any Woman's Blues"
"The Best of Lesbian Comedy - Vol. 1" *
"Broadway For Lovers"
"Can't Help Loving That Man"
d-"Circuit Party Spins"
"Club Verboten" *
"Coming Out - Ready or Not" *
"Coming Out - Coming Home"
"Dans tegen de draai in"
"A Diamond in The Mouth of A Corpse" *
"Dyke Proud- A Lesbian Poetry Reading"
"Feeding The Flame" *
"A Family Of Friends" *
o-"A Few Loving Women"
"Fiddlehead Salad: Maine Won't Discriminate" *
Richard Foltz: "A Songwriter's Christmas" *
"Fruit Cocktail"
"Gay All The Way" *
"Gay Anthems"
"Gay American Composers" *
"Gay American Composers Vol 2"*
"Gay and Straight Together" *
"Gay Anthems"
"Gay From Las Vegas" *
"Get Out" *
"Glad To Be Gay" *
o-"Glad To Be Gay 2"
"Glad To Be Gay 3" *
"God Shave the Queen" *
o-"Hand In Hand - Spectrum '95"
"Heartkeys- The AIDS Memorial Album"
"Keith Haring, A Retrospective"
o-"He's So Unusual"
"High Energy"
"The House of Handbag"
"J. D's Top Ten Tape-Homocore Hit Parade" *
"Lesbian Concentrate" *
"A Love Worth Fighting For" *
"The Man I Love" *
"Masculine Women & Feminine Men" *
"Miami Nightmare" *
"More 12" of Pleasure"
"Night Queens - All Gay Club Hits"
"Nights In Heaven"
"No Alternative"
"Out Classics" *
"Out Classics II": Stepping Out"
o-"Out Loud"
"Out ! Loud ! Proud ! - Gay Classics Vol III
"The Outmusic Gay & Lesbian Music Compilation" *
"The Outmusic '97 Compilation"
"OUTstanding - Gay Classics Volume II"
"OUTrageous - Gay Classics Volume IV
"Over The Rainbow"
"Queer To The Core". *
"Red, Hot and Blue"
"The Redwood Collection" *
"Ridin' The Rainbow - Gay Classics Vol I"
"Sex Drags & Rock n'Roll" *
"Sing, Don't Sign" *
o-"Sisterfire" Live concert
"Sissy Man Blues" *
"Stage One: How I Love You"
"Stage Two: The Human Heart"
"Straight and Gay" *
o-"Stop Homophobia"
"There's a DYKE in the Pit" *
"This Way Out" *
"Twelve by Twelve; Half a Decade"
"Walls To Roses -Songs of Changing Men" *
"We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute": *
"Winter Moon" *
"Women Like Us" *
"You're a Hook" *

Comrades In Arms (CIA): "Killing From Behind" b/w "Stonewall Was A Riot"
MC. "Early Warning" Privately released.
USA. 1990. (STON)

Conan: "Tell Ol' Anita"
LP. Earthchilde
USA. 1977. (GLOP) Artwork
"Tell Ol' Anita" (BRYA); "Childhood Innocence"; "Cry Baby"; "Passing Stranger"; "Runalong"; "For You";
"Nobody Answers"; "Gypsy"; "Watch The Teeth"; "Stranger Before Me"; "Shameless In High Drag" (TVAA); "Infamous Shootout"
Conan features Hohn Fisher, Fritze Telle, John Simonson. Male couple on beach depicted on sleeve. Also lambda sign.

Conan: "Heart of the City"
LP. Earthchilde
USA. 1981. °
"Heart of the City"; "Mountain of Fools"; "I Love You"; "Aberdeen";"One Night Stand"; "Cards On the Table"; "Train Ride"; "Tenderloin"; "Choo Choo"; "Silent Dancers".
There is a lyric sheet and none are specifically queer.

Conan: "Conan III: A Sure Thing"
LP. Earthchilde .
USA. 1983. °
"He's On Top Of the World"; "Sweet Thing"; "This Time"; "Circle of the Fool"; "Runalong"; "Shithouse Shootout" Lyrics are not queer specific but gender neutral.

Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus: "Out! "
USA. 1998. (CHOR) Artwork

Melissa Ann Connell: "Breaking The Rules"
MC. Privately released.
USA. 1995.
"Talk To Me In English"; "I Never Thought I'd Feel This Way"; "Living In A Sitcom"; "Mixed-up World"; "My Love Is Just A Spell"; "Everything I Do Makes Her Mad"; "He Treats Her Like A Trophy"; "All I Want To Do"; "This Brutal Place"; "Look In The Mirror"

Billy Connolly: "In The Brownies"
7". Polydor. Polydor 2059160
UK. 1979. (COME) Artwork
Parody of Village People's "In the Navy" includes comments like "Don't Bend Over".

Chris Connor: "Something To Live For" (Billy Strayhorn)
• see "Club Verboten"

Conscripted Songs:(CONS)
Particularly in the days when explicit references to gay and lesbian activity were scarcely heard, many isolated individuals identified with ambiguous or oblique references in popular music.
Some of them became hits in gay bars, and many can be found in gay people's record collections. Some are particularly associated with Broadway musicals.
These records are widely regarded as significant to the early gay music culture, even though they do not have any overt gay content. Certainly they were held dear by the pre-Stonewall generation. Consequently many have since been covered by (more overtly) gay performers.
Prime examples include Judy Garland's "Over The Rainbow", Frank Sinatra's "My Buddy", Doris Day's "Secret Love", "Little Girl Blue", "We Kiss In The Shadows" ( from The King and I ) , "Love, Look Away", "Strangers In The Night". "Hide Your Love Away" (Beatles), Gene Pitney's "Town Without Pity". Later examples include Freda Payne's "Band of Gold" , (Detroit) Spinners: "Ghetto Child", Shirley Bassey's "All The Sad Young Men", "Ben" (Michael Jackson) (see entries under artists);
Lyrics under * (original artist?!)
see "Broadway For Lovers"
see "Stage One"
see "Stage Two"

"Over The Rainbow
see index (RAIN)

"Ballad of The Sad Young Men"
OCR "The Nervous Set"
Rod McKuen "Ballad Of The Sad Young Men"
*Shirley Bassey "Ballad Of The Sad Young Men"
Roberta Flack "Ballad Of The Sad Young Men"

"My Buddy" (written 1922)
Al Jolson "My Buddy"
*Frank Sinatra "My Buddy"
Chet Baker "My Buddy"
Bing Crosby "My Buddy"
Bobby Cole "My Buddy"
Slim Whitman "My Buddy"
Bobby Darin "My Buddy"
The Flirtations "My Buddy"
see also "Before Stonewall"

"Band Of Gold"
*Freda Payne "Band of Gold"
Belinda Carlisle "Band of Gold"
Bonnie Tyler "Band of Gold"
Sylvester "Band of Gold"

"I Think We're Alone Now"
*Tommy James & Shondells: "I Think We're Alone Now"
Lena Lovitch "I Think We're Alone Now"
Rubinoos "I Think We're Alone Now"
Tiffany "I Think We're Alone Now"

"Secret Love"
*Doris Day "Secret Love"
Tom Briggs "Secret Love"
Sinead O'Connor "Secret Love"
Tim Seelig "Secret Love"

"Somewhere" (from West Side Story)
See important note under Bernstein!
Men Out Loud "Somewhere"
Pet Shop Boys "Somewhere"

"Town Without Pity"
*Gene Pitney "Town Without Pity"
Nylons "Town Without Pity"

"We Kiss In The Shadows"
*OCR "The King and I" "We Kiss In The Shadows"
"Broadway For Lovers"
see Richard Rodgers

"You Don't Know Me"
Nat King Cole "You Don't Know Me"
see also Girl Groups

Consolidated: "Accept Me For What I Am"
LP. "Play More Music" Netwerk
USA. 1992. (EDUC)(COMI)
A gay man comes out to his school friend.

Consolidated: "I'm Sorry Mat" b/w "Craig"
CD. "Dropped" Sol 3 Records 4118-2
USA. 1997.
Consolidated has for years been a modern rock source that takes on all manner of social injustice through it's music. The standard form of a Consolidated album usually consists of a mixture of socially-relevant songs sung by one or several different vocalists over screeching noises, guitar riffs and samples of political speech from such prominent activist figures as Gloria Steinem. The vocalist for "I'm Sorry Mat" is uncredited on the album, but he comes across in a slow masculine way (think Brian Grillo) as he forcefully confronts a heterosexual friend who puts him down whenever others are around. The powerful lyrics swim over a sea of driving industrial rock as our hero points out that this 'friend' also treats his girlfriend in a similarly offensive way: "Every time your straight friends come around, you can't resist putting me down. So I'm your queer friend and because I've known you for so long you think I can take it the way you're treating your girlfriend. . I think that it's so wrong. "
"Craig" sung from the perspective of a heterosexual male who respects his gay friend and everything that he's been through. The vocalist on "Craig" is known as Tsune and he sounds an awful lot like the uncredited vocalist on "I'm Sorry, Mat" as well. This track has a funkier flavor along the lines of Red Hot Chilli Peppers' style. Tsune sings: "faggot, pussy, Jew. . these were the knives they used to cut you. I know they won't stop you. . for whatever it's worth I love you. " You can always count on Consolidated to present a socially liberal point-of-view and they put their money were their music is by promoting activism. The album includes a checklist where listeners can request information from such organizations as Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund, P. E. T. A. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), EarthFirst! and the Southern Poverty Law Center, among others. Music with a message.
Contact (1998):

Barbara Cook
Barbara Cook was one of the shining lights of the Broadway scene in the middle third of the century. Her first starring role was in "Flahooley" in 1951 along with cast that included Yma Sumac. She played Ado Annie in a revival of "Oklahoma" in 1953 (Florence Henderson played Laurey). She then played Carrie in revivals of "Carousel" in 1954 and 1957 and Anna in "The King and I" in 1960. Barbara's first smash, in 1956, was as Cunegonde in "Candide" by (Miss) Leonard Bernstein. This was followed by "Music Man" in 1957, in which Barbara played the lead woman, Marian the Librarian. Her next Broadway show: "The Gay Life" by Schwart and Dietz, opened in 1961. But the creme de la creme was Barbara playing the young lady Amalia Balash in "She Loves Me, " 1963. It was one of those plays, and one of those characters, with which queer audiences immediately identified. Not "gay music" or even "gay-friendly" but rather "gay-like" in its sensitivity, empathy, and emotional bang. The original cast album, unfortunately, doesn't do it full justice. The Barbara Cook album that DOES capture her full gay-friendly performance and gay-frenetic following is her 1975 "Barbara Cook At Carnegie Hall, " , rereleased on CD Sony Classical SMK 62017. If you want to hear how queers of an earlier generation react in the presence of absolute musical genius, listen to this album. One reason, by the way, that gays worshipped (and still worship) Barbara Cook is because at some point after her 1956-1963 starring roles, in which she appeared as the slender, svelte Hollywood/Broadway ingenue, she said "Fuck It" or words to that effect and started eating. She became big -- I mean BIG. She lost her starring Broadway roles but gained a position as a cabaret/concert diva. Her Carnegie Hall album was, I believe, her first public appearance in years. The tumultuous response by thousands of fans seems to say, "Barbara, we're with you -- we know what you've been through, what it's like to be rejected -- we love you -- we want you. "

Peter Cook: "Here Comes The Judge-Live in Concert"
LP. Virgin VR4
• Comedy album featuring sketches around the Jeremy Thorpe Trial (1978).
"Entirely a Matter For You" (9:50)The judges (biased) summing up is satirised.
"Well Hung Jury" (4:56) , l In the jury room a juror says "One in ten is gay and I've asked the others so it must be either you or me" (it turns out to be both!)
"Thanksgiving" (2:30), "Rad Job" (6:02)The conspirators swapping coded messages are satirised
see also Avant Gardeners

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: "Derek and Clive (Live)"
LP. Island ILPS 9434
UK. 1976. (COME)(MAST)
"In The Lav"; D: "I was sitting there when suddenly a little bit of paper come under the door. It said 'Are you handy?'"
"Winky Wanky Woo"; D: "I wonder if you'd be interested in playing with my thing? It's mainly on the wanky side. " C: " Where does the woo come in?". D; "Wherever you like, dear!"

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: "Derek and Clive Come Again"
LP. Virgin V2094
UK, 1977. (COME)(MAST)
"In The Cubicles" (5:15) "I can feel you're going to come in a moment. Go On! Come in my mouth".
"Having A Wank" (11:57); C "I had this picture of Clement Atlee. I was having a good run-of-the-mill Wednesday nine o'clock wank. " D: "I had a photograph of my old dad. That really gets me going!"
"Parking Offence" (5:45) "Where's your metallic knob?" C: "Look mate, I'm not a homosexual".
"Members Only" (3:31) "I recognise your knob with that purple glistening helmet. If you'd just like to wrap your cock in a ten pound note, I'd be very satisfied. "

Coolio: "Too Hot"
LP. Gangsta's Paradise"
USA. 1995. (SAFE) Straight anti Aids message (HIPH)

Alice Cooper (née Vincent Furnier, Detroit, 4 Feb 1948 - )
Bizarrely styled shock-rock singer (modelled on Frank Zappa), the boy who uses his mother's maiden name had numerous seventies hits. Openly bisexual. (c. f. David Bowie/Elton John/Marc Bolan "The bisexual stars")- Often quoted as an early example of cross dressing in heavy metal.

Alice Cooper: "Billion Dollar Babies"
LP. Warner Bros, BS 2685.
UK 1973.
"Hello Hooray" (4:14):...I've been thinking so long I was the only one" (LONE) Song about isolation (see version by Meg Christian on "I Know You Know") Also available on single: WB 16248, 45 rpm.
"Mary Ann" (2:19): "...I thought you were my man. "

Alice Cooper: "Clones"
LP. "Flush The Fashion"
UK. 1980..

Alice Cooper: "Prettiest Cop On The Block"
LP. "Special Forces" Warner WB 56. 927
UK. 1981. Ί
"Prettiest Cop On The Block" (3:13); (CRIM)"I like to flex my muscles in the neon light, I'm a queen on the street and a king at the station. "

Julian Cope: "Safe Surfer"
UK. 1992. (SAFE)(AIDS)

Aaron Copland: "Rodeo"
see "Club Verboten"

Aaron Copland: from Sonata for violin and piano"
see "Gay American Composers: Vol. 2"

Aaron Copland: "Clarinet Concerto"
see "Out Classics" (Vol 1)

Aaron Copland: "Simple Gifts"
see "Out Classics" (Vol 1)

Dorien Corey
see Pearl Box Revue

John Corigliano: "Symphony No. 1 / Of Rage and Remembrance"
LP. (Erato Recs and) RCA Victor 09026 68450 2 (1996)
USA. (1990) 1996. (CLAS)•
"Of Rage and Remembrance" (12:58) Chaconne based on Symphony No 1 movt 3 with Michelle deYoung; Symphony No. 1Inspired by the AIDS Quilt.
1996 RCA Red Label recording by Oratorio Society of Washington and Choral Arts Society Washington with National Symphony Orch under Leonard Slatkin. AIDS Quilt is shown on the sleeve.

John Corigliano: "Piano Concerto and Other Orchestral Works"
(BMG Classics)
USA. 1997..

Corky and the Juice Pigs: "Eskimo"
CD. MC, Denon CAC 9020
USA. 1994. (GLOP)
"I'm the only gay Eskimo. I'm the only one I know. I'm the only gay Eskimo In my tribe. I got out seal hunting with my best friend Tarka, But all I wanna do is get into his parka. I'm the only gay Eskimo in my tribe. Well, me and Nuckpluckchuckbuck, we both like blubber, But me, I've got this crazy fetish for rubber. I'm the only gay Eskimo in my tribe. I make a wish on the northern lights, That I could find a decent pair of whale skin tights. I'm the only gay Eskimo in my tribe. And the seals they sing now...These cold winter nights are taking their toll, I even get excited when I see the North Pole. (See the North Pole. ) I'm the only gay Eskimo. I'm the only one I know. I'm the only gay Eskimo In my tribe."
Contact (1997): P. O. Box 680, Stn C, Toronto, Ontario. CANADA M6K 2J2

Corndolly: "Afterschool Special" b/w "The Difference"
7". Dalmation Recs. ARF 001
USA. 1993.

Sonny Costa: "Homo Joe / Er"
7". him HS 222.
Germany. 197? (GLOP)
"Homo Joe" (3:17); "Er" (3:20):
Music & lyrics: Roland Schneider.

Rob Costin (with Patrick Arena, Esquizito, Grant King and Android): "Rob Costin"
MC. (6 songs). Privately released.
USA. 1993. Artwork
"My Birthday Party" (vocal: Rob Costin, lyric: Rob Costin, music:Rob Costin); "boy, you've been my best-kept secret, best kept to myself, I'd be thought if anyone knew, anything of how I love you"
. "Dolphin Boy" (vocal: Android*, lyric: Android, music:Rob Costin);
"Keep Him Safe" (vocal: Esquizito*, lyric: Rob Costin, music:Rob Costin); Out lyric. "i was out late at night, in the dark streets, trying to ease the worries on my mind, I found myself below the window, of a friend of mine, a friend who's been going through troubled times, I pictured him there, and whispered a prayer, , keep him safe, keep him well, keep him near, lord above, keep him safe, keep him safe, , I walked a while in the failing light, of a grey moon, drops of mist falling through the air, too many friends have been taken, away too soon, it's far too much for a heart, to have to bear, , I made my way home again, and tip-toed in, my lover was asleep in bed, I slid between the smooth sheets beside him, a square of silver light approaching his head, touching his hair, I whispered a prayer. "
"Plastic Man" (vocal: Patrick Arena, lyric: Patrick Arena, music: Rob Costin); "I'm trying to find a plastic man, I'm all through with real men, who say I break their hearts, give me a man with plastic parts"
"Kissing With Our Eyes" (vocal: Rob Costin, lyric: Rob Costin, music:Rob Costin); "The rain came fast, like a breaking dam, people shrieked and scattered, to the shops lining Amsterdam, I zipped my coat, turned up the collar and ran, and crashed into a man, we stood there, in the heartbeat of surprise, kissing with our eyes".
"James and Me" (vocal: Grant King, lyric: Rob Costin, music:Rob Costin). , "James is so big, like a big tall tree, I climb his knees and his elbows, Now I'm riding up high on his shoulders, He says to quit pulling his ears, And tickles me, So I'm holding on for real now, James has fuzzy hair, He runs with me and laughs like a bear, Now he spins, , We are flying around and around, Everything blurs in a bright green circle, Sun... sky... trees... , In a circle around James and me".
Costin produced it and wrote 4 of the songs, and sings 2 of them. (* 'Android' and 'Hamilton Pratt' are stage names of Andrew Pratt; * 'Esquizito' is the stage name of Eric Perez).
Contact (1998):

Rob Costin: "Rob Costin"
CD. Privately released.
USA. 1996. Artwork
"That's Why I Like Sex So Much"; "Boys Like Rick"; "Keep Him Safe"; "James and Me"; "Sheeboo, The Bongo Girl"; "Angry History"; "Under The Arbor"

Josie Cotton: "Johnny Are You Queer?"
12". Maxi. Bomp Records BMP 12133 / Elektra AS-11538-A
7". Elektra E-47255
LP. "Convertible Music". Elektra 60140
USA. 1981. (DISC) Artwork•
"Johnny Are You Queer?" (2:43)(B & L. Paine): "Johnny, are you queer? 'Cos when I see you dancing with your friends I can't help wondering where I stand, I'm so afraid I'll lose you, if I can't seduce you, is there something wrong?" (COMI) On the cover Johnny casts a sidelong glance at a young guy, while his girlfriend can't help noticing it.
b/w" (Let's Do) the Blackout" (2:55).
Josie Cotton (vocals), Bobby Paine, Jimmi Ehinger, J. B. Frank, Richard Adelman. Los Angeles based group with 'garage rock / disco' style.
see Go Go's: "Johnny Are You Queer"

Johnny Cougar: "Nightslummin'"
LP. "Biography", Riva
USA. 1977.
Walking at night the singer "says hello to the young gay fellow".

Country (COUN)
A serious musicological paper on the influences of k. d. lang and more general observations about "Torch and Twang and the Texas Two-step", written by Martha Mockus appears in "Queering the Pitch": Phillip Brett, Elizabeth Wood, Gary C. Thomas (Routledge, UK, 1993) ISBN0-415-90752-7.

Among the (new) country artists and records listed in this volume are;
Bellamy Brothers "My Wife Left Me For My Girlfriend"
Garth Brooks
Johnny Cash
David Allen Coe
Charlie Daniels Band
Cowboy Jack Derrick
David Diamond
Patrick Haggerty
Jane Howard: "Passage"
k. d. lang
Steve Lynn: "Steve Lynn Sings Gay Country"
Pirates Of The Mississippi: "Feed Jake"
Doug Stevens and The Outband
Martin Swinger
The Well-Oiled Sisters
see also Folk (FOLK)

Wayne County and The Back Street Boys: "Flip Your Wig"
LP. "New York, New Wave - Max's Kansas City"
USA. 1976..
also "Cream In My Jeans" early tracks with drag, gay and transvestite allusions.

Wayne County: "Stuck On You"
EP. Illegal Records IL 002.
USA/UK. 1977. Rock.
"Fuck Off": "If you don't wanna fuck me baby, fuck off"
"Toilet Love":(CRUI)
Wayne County is American; 1978 he had a sex change operation in London and changed his first name to Jayne.

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs: "Storm the Gates of Heaven"
LP. Safari GOOD 1.
England 1978. Lyrics. Rock.
"Mr. Normal" (5:57)(W. County/E. Michaels/J. J. Johnson/V. Haller/H. Padovani):(VALU)
"Man Enough To Be A Woman" (3:50)(W. County):(TVAA)

Wayne County and the Electric Chairs: "Things Your Mother Never Told You"
LP. Safari Records GOOD 2.
UK. 1979. •
"Waiting For The Marines"

Jayne County: "Rock 'n' Roll Resurrection"
LP. Safari LIVE 1.
UK. 1980. (TSEX)
"Are You A Boy (Or Are You A Girl)" (Morris/Morris). (ANDR) cover of Barbarians song
see also Barbarians

Jayne County: "Russian Soldier"
UK. 1980? (TSEX)
"Russian Soldier"(MILI) "I Fell in Love with A Russian Soldier"

J. /W. County: "The Best of Jayne/Wayne County And The Electric Chairs"
LP. Safari Records NBN 1.
UK. 1982. (TSEX)
"Man Enough To Be A Woman" (3:51)(County); "Fuck Off" (2:44)(County); "Toilet Love" (2:26)(County); a. o.
Record made of yellow transparent vinyl.

Jayne County: "Private Oyster"
LP. Revolver REV LP 86
UK. 1986. (TSEX)
"Man Enough To Be A Woman" (County); "Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl" (Morris/Morris); "When Queens Collide (Part 1)" (County/ Pearson); "Love Lives On Lies" (County); et al.

Jayne County: "Goddess Of Wet Dreams"
CD. ESP 2002-2
UK/ Germany 1993. Rock (TSEX)
"Night Time" (6:32); "Cream In My Jeans" (1:27); "Paranoia Paradise" (2:25); Lookin' For A Kiss" (3:08); "Fuck Off!" (3:59); "Johnny Gone To Heaven" (3:29); "Private World" (4:15); "Brainwashed" (3:25); "Take A Detour" (3:16); "Party Till Armageddon" (5:46)
Not a re-issue of the never-released ESP record, but mostly new recordings. A couple of old songs reprised on this CD, notably "Cream In My Jeans" and "Fuck Off". There's a couple New York Dolls covers, and a new song by Jayne called "Johnny Gone To Heaven" that's a tribute to Doll Johnny Thunders. (ESP Disk) She performed at Wigstock 1993.

Jayne County: "Deviation"
CD. Royalty ROI 105
UK/ USA 1995. (TSEX)
"Transsexual Rock 'n' Roll"; "That's What The New Breed Says"; "Cherry Bomb"; "Deviation", with verses about various sorts of queers; "I'm In Love With Dusty Springfield"; "Everyone's An Asshole But Me"; "Texas Chainsaw Manicurist"; "Little Star"; "Come On Down To My Boat"; "Nuclear Age Vampires"; "That's What The New Breed Says"
Serpent's Tail published Jayne's autobiography, "Man Enough to be a Woman. "(1997) RPM, 212 Aizlewood Mill, Nursery St, Sheffield S3 8GG, UK

Jayne County: "Down On The Street/Little Doll"
see "We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute"

Noël Coward (16 Dec 1899- died March 26, 1973)
Noël Coward was known to his friends and admirers as "The Master" and for many years he was generally acknowledged as such by the English critics. His career included a string of successful plays and musical productions on both sides of the Atlantic from the 1920's (plays and musicals) and some notable film credits during the Second World War (e. g. "The Cruel Sea").
His close friends included Gertrude Lawrence (see Julie Andrews in "Star!") and Beatrice Lillie (see below), both of whom served as a suitable escort for the sake of (heterosexual) appearances. In the 1960's he retreated to the Caribbean with Graham Payne to write his autobiography in two and a half volumes, emerging occasionally to play cabaret at Las Vegas and in cameo parts for Hollywood ( e. g. "Boom", "The Italian Job").
"Although his lifestyle and politics may not have concurred with those of post-Stonewall gay activists, he was the prominent and openly gay figure in the British arts since Oscar Wilde, and an archetypal example of how acceptable a discrete homosexual had, by that time, become. The great chronicler and critic of our national character also came to symbolise it -- Coward was both the architect and archetype of what constitutes "Englishness". But Coward could have claimed with just as much legitimacy that he was homosexuality, and homosexuality was him. In a lifetime that stretched with an almost uncanny symmetry from the aftermath of the Wilde trial to the birth of gay liberation, Coward was such a towering figure that he came to embody the public image of the homosexual. It's largely through Coward that the two concepts came to be so closely linked : Englishness was homosexual, and homosexuality was English. And both meant being, well . . . a bit like him." (Richard Smith, 1998) Artwork
Later biographies by Clive Fisher (1994) , Philip Hoare, and Michael Thornton have provided much more information about Coward's sex life. In a celebrated career he had affairs with the Duke of Kent (uncle to Queen Elizabeth II) and Sir Lawrence Olivier. Coward described Olivier in the 1930's as "simply the most beautiful animal I ever saw in my life". Olivier described the experience as "musical".
Noël's 'live-in companion', Graham Payn was 14 when he met Coward. He appeared in 'Words and Music' (1931). They became friends in 1945 and lived together for nearly 30 years until Noël's death in Jamaica in 1973.
"Royal Feud": Michael Thornton (On the (fictional?) consequences of Coward's relationship with a royal.
"Autobiography" (1987) ISBN 0 413 15830 6 (an anthology of "Present Indicative" (1937), "Past Conditional" (1987) , "Future Indefinite" (1954). )
"The Life of Noël Coward" by Cole Lesley (1976 )ISBN 014004631 3 (The authorised account of the master's life by his secretary
"My Life With Noel Coward" Graham Payn (Applause, 1994). Posthumous account of The Master's personal life and career
"The Complete Lyrics of Noel Coward"
UK. Methuen Publishers, 1986
Coward's songs are available on contemporary recordings with the original casts and on the records and live performances which he did himself (particularly US 1955-63) , often retaining original gender references in songs which were written for female characters.
On the whole I have ignored these in favour of the few references which are clear, regardless of the singer's gender.
There have been a number of stage shows which use Cowards songs as a foundation. Cowardy Custard, Oh, Coward! and Noel Coward Revisited are among the better known.

Noël Coward: "Matelot"
"Matelot, Matelot, where you go my heart will follow. " (NAVY) from the 1945 revue 'Sigh No More'. "It is the song of a young sailor. Wherever he sails away, he hears two voices. The voice of his mother and the voice of his true love!" (Cowards own spoken introduction to this song on " Las Vegas")• (NAVY) Originally written for Graham Payn who sang it in 'Sigh No More'. "Matelot" is performed on; "Noël Coward At Las Vegas", LP, Phillips BBL 7108 & CBS 62426. USA1955 Live cabaret recording. Also "The Master Sings" LP, Music For Pleasure MFP 1111. And "A Talent To Amuse" LP, EMI Parlophone PMC7158 (O. C. 062. 05328M), UK undated (rec. 1951?) And "The Revues" 2LP World Records/EMI SHB 44 UK. 1977, recorded 14th Sept. 1945?
see version by Elliot Pilshaw

Noël Coward: "I've Been To A Marvellous Party"
"Dear Cecil arrived wearing armour, some shells and a black feather boa. " "Maurice made a couple of passes at Gus, and Freddie, who hates any kind of a fuss, did half the Big Apple and twisted his truss, ...Young Bobby Carr did a stunt at the bar with a lot of extraordinary men...I couldn't have liked it more. " (PART)(COME)
A favourite song of Britain's grand theatrical dames as a "party piece" sometimes with topical or personalised lyric alterations. (see Beatrice Lillie "Set To Music", 1939)
A "cleaner" version is on "Noël Coward Live in New York"
LP. Columbia ML 5163
USA. 1956
see also Eric Presland's parody "I've Been To A Marvellous Demo"

Noël Coward: "I Travel Alone"
"I travel alone/ fair though the faces and places I've known/ When the dream is ended and passion flown/ I travel alone. " Thought to reflect Coward's frustrated search for a gay partner. (LONE)
on "A Talent To Amuse" LP, EMI Parlophone PMC7158 (O. C. 062. 05328M), UK undated (rec. 1951?)

Noël Coward: "Mad About The Boy"
"He melts my foolish heart in every scene/ Although I'm quite aware/ that here and there/ are traces of the cad about the boy"
Sung by an adoring fan about a film star hero (reputedly Cary Grant). Premiered in "Words and Music" (1931) to be sung by a female voice but often sung be Coward himself. Original verse (rarely performed in full) specifies female singer. (HERO)
see version by Tom Robinson
see version by Peter Sellers/Yul Brynner "The Magic Christian"
see version Oscar:
see Attractions; "Mad About the Wrong Boy"
see Anon "Love's A Drag"

Noël Coward: "The Customer's Always Right" (a. k. a. "The Passenger's Always Right") (NAVY)
"The customer may be black, my boys, /or yellow or brown or white, He may have a yen for raw recruits/ or mountain goats or football boots/but smooth him, / soothe him/pander to him noon and night/the customer's always right. "
"Sail Away" (1950)

Noël Coward: "I Wonder What Happened To Him"
"Is it true that young Forbes had to marry a faggot he met in the Vale of Kashmir? D'you remember young Phipps, who had very large hips. gave him hormone injections...I wonder what happened to her . him!" (COME) (TSEX) from "Sigh No More" see "Matelot" above.
Plagiarised(?) by Victoria Wood in "Funny How Things Turn Out"

Noël Coward: "Time and again"
"Time and again, I try love, time and again, I fail" Another song of unrequited love and frustrated gay desire (?) (c. f. "I Travel Alone")

Noel Coward: "Green Carnation" (from "Bitter Sweet")
UK. 1936. (HIST) (ARTS) (WILD)
"We believe in Art, though we're poles apart / From the fools who are thrilled by Greuze, We like Beardsley and Green Chartreuse...haughty boys, naughty boys, dear, dear, dear, swooning with affectation... our figures sleek and willowy,, our lips incarndine, may worry the majority a bit....but matrons rich and billowy, invite us out to dine, and revel in our phosphorescent wit...faded boys, jaded boys, come what may, art is our inspiration...and we are the reason for the 'Nineties being gay, we all wear a green carnation ". The green carnation was an early "gay" semiotic symbol particularly identified with the Pre-Raphaelite and Aesthetic movements. Oscar Wilde is particularly identified with this bloom and it is also referred to in Gilbert and Sullivan's "Patience" etc. When the Hollywood movie was made in 1940 it was disappeared without trace!
There is a good version of this on "Ben Bagley's Noel Coward Revisited" (Painted Smiles LP 1355) by Earle, Edward/Satisfactions, circa '70s. Coward himself does a bare snippet of it himself in the box set "Noel Coward, His HMV Recordings, 1928-1953" If HMV has the full track then it remains unreleased (?). (see Bagley -above).

Noël Coward: "Let's Do It" (NAME)(CABA)
"Belgians and Greeks do it, nice young men who sell antiques do it, Monkeys whenever you look do it, Ali Kahn and King Feroucq do it, let's do it, let's fall in love. " Coward's version of the Cole Porter classic clearly implies that "IT" is sometimes making love as well as falling in love. Various lyrics are known to have been performed, since it was regularly updated to keep the show topical. Many other gay references exist on TV. recordings and in record company archives
Other gay parodies exist, (Kit and The Widow re-wrote it as a safe-sex song; "Let's NOT Do It" (COME)

Noël Coward: "Could You Please Oblige Us With A Bren Gun?"
LP. "Cowardy Custard" Various Artists RCA SER 5656/7
UK. 1972
"Last night we found the cutest little German parachutist, who looked at our kit, and giggled a bit. "

Noel Coward: "Noel Coward Sings His Score For 'the Girl Who Came
To Supper'"
LP Drg 5178,
USA. 1977, Recorded '63.
"I've Been Invited To A Party"; "Here And Now"; "The Coconut Girl"; "
Come Be My True Love"
The play ran for 113 performances on Broadway. He recorded the seas demos to interest prospective play backers and for musical arrangers. The play was based on the same story as the earlier movie "The Prince And The Showgirl" (Marilyn Monroe & Laurence Olivier). Songs chosen were those intended to be sung by a woman.

"Oh Coward": Original West End Cast
LP. Bell 9001
UK. 1972.
A tribute to the Master using his greatest hits.

Noel Coward: "What's Going To Happen To The Tots?"
see "Club Verboten"

Henry Cowell: "Three Works For Piano"
see "Gay American Composers: Vol. 2"

Patrick Cowley ( - 1 Nov. 1989)
Popular gay disco singer of Hi NRG.

Patrick Cowley: "Menergy / I Wanna Take You Home"
12" single. Ariola 600-478 (UK) Fusion FPSF003 (US)
USA. 1981. (DISC)(SEXY)•
"Menergy" (8:47) "The boys in the backroom are all getting off, shooting off menergy. "

Patrick Cowley: "Megatron Man"
LP. MegaTone 1001
USA. 1981. (DISC)•
Side 1; Megatron Man" (9:12), "Sea Hunt" (7:57), "Teen Planet" (3:22)
Side 2 "Get A Little" (6:06), "Lift Off" (8:15)(featuring Paul Parker) , "Thank God For Music" (5:17)

Patrick Cowley: "Mind Warp"
LP. Megatone M-1004
12" single. (b/w "Mutant Man")12" single, (b/w "Goin Home") Rams Horn 12 3186 LP. Ram's Horn 3186
USA. 1982. (DISC)•
Featuring Paul Parker.

Patrick Cowley: "Tech-No Logical - World - Primitive World"
12" single. Ram's Horn 3155
USA. 1982. (DISC)

Patrick Cowley; "Goin' Home (Special DUB R. E. M. I. X. )
b/w/ Tech-No-Logical World (Instrumental)
12" single. Ram's Horn 3191
USA. 1982. (DISC)

Patrick Cowley and Sylvester: "Do You Wanna Funk? b/w Instrumental Version "
7". Ariola Dance 104. 575
USA. 1982. (DISC)

Patrick Cowley: "Megamedley"
EP. Megatone
USA. 1983. (CHAR) (DISC)
Incl. 'Menergy' & 'I Wanna Take You Home'.
Sold in aid of AIDS research by Gay Men's Health Crisis.

Patrick Cowley: "They Came At Night"
12". Ram's Horn RH3237

Linda Imperial / Patrick Cowley: "Die Hard Lover"
12". Megatone MT 140
USA. 1986. (DISC)•
"Die Hard Lover (Vocal)" (4:59)(Cowley, Loverde, D. Miley)
"Die Hard Lover(Inst.. )" (4:50)

Patrick Cowley: see Sylvester and Patrick Cowley
see Paul Parker
see Loverde and Patrick Cowley

Howard Crabtree
see "When Pigs Fly"

Steve Craig's Future Cult: "The Future Room"
CD. Unicorn Priest VFR 001
USA. 1996.

The Creation: "Uncle Bert."
CD. "How Does It Feel To Feel,"
A mid-60s British mod group whose innovation was playing the electric guitar with a violin bow.
This rather puzzling, nursery-rhyme-like song contains the following lyric: "Three cheers for an old man coming round 'Tis Uncle Bert with his trousers hanging down, Well I spied him lurking deep on Hampstead Heath, Rumor has it uncle's a tillie"
Hampstead Heath is, of course a notorious London cruising area. It's rather surprising to have it pop up in a rock song from the mid-60s, but the Creation also had songs about such esoteric subjects as being a painter.

Crescendo: The Tampa Bay Womyn's Chorus : "Coming Of Age: Five Years Into The Journey"
CD. Privately released
USA. 1998.

Crime (CRIM)
Policemen and Prosecution may also be the subjects of interest in;

Marc Almond "Crime Sublime"
"Any Woman's Blues"
Robert Campbell "Dreamboy"
Gil Cerisay "Dans la prison de Nantes"
"Chicago" "When You're Good To Mama"
"Chicago" "Cell Block Tango"
David Allen Coe "Ain't There Nothing Sacred No More"
Peter Cook "Here Comes The Judge"
Alice Cooper "Prettiest Cop On The Block"
Billy Devroe "The Queer Policeman"
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy "Language of Violence"
D. J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince; "The Girlie Had A Mustache"
Erasure "Pistol"
Kathy Fire "Whetherman"
Fresh "Out Of Borstal"
Fun Boy Three "Well, Fancy That"
Rod Hart "CB Savage"
Elton John "Whipping Boy"
Hubert Kah "Pogo the Clown"
"Kiss Of The Spiderwoman": Original Cast Recording
Elton Motello "I Am The Marshall"
Oscar "Justin and John "
Pedro, Muriel & Esther "Homosexual is Criminal"
Eric Presland "Dirty Old Man"
Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock"
Tom Robinson "Murder At The End Of The Day"
Rolling Stones "Cocksucker Blues"
Rough Trade "Crimes Of Passion"
Steve Swindells "The Earl's Court Case"
Steve Swindells "Figures of Authority"
Linda Tillery "Fever";
Tribe 8 "Powerboy"
Tuxedomoon "Family Man"
Village People "Hot Cop"
The Who "Did You Steal My Money"
Yeah Yeah Noh "Prick Up Your Ears"
see Jail (JAIL)
see Laws (LAWS)

Quentin Crisp: "An Evening With Quentin Crisp"
LP. Cherry Red DRED 2.
USA. 1979. 2 speech records. Live recording of conversations with audience. (GLIT)(EFEM)(GLOP)
Abrasive, stylish, witty and theatrical. Crisp is the author of autobiographic volumes "The Naked Civil Servant" and "How To Be A Virgin." After the success of his autobiographies a successful movie was made starring John Hurt as Crisp. Although still regarded (by himself amongst others) as "one of the stately homos of England", he moved to New York in 1984 (?) and worked as film reviewer for Christopher St. magazine, as well as artefact, performer and sub-cultural icon.
see Nip Drivers: "Quentin"
see Red Lipstique " No GDM"
see Sting "An Englishman in New York"
see Gina X

Bing Crosby: "There Ain't No Sweet Man (Worth The Salt Of My Tears). "
CD. Orig Victor 25675, CD. "The Man I Love" (see below)
USA. 1928..
Heterosexual woman's song sung by Bing's band with original gender references. Bing Crosby was a member of the Rhythm Boys when he recorded this with Paul Whiteman & His Orch on Jan 28, 1928 in New York. Matrix # is 41681 They were -2 and -3 and were issued on Victor 25675 and 21464, also HMVB-8929, and B-5515.
Later re-released on several occasions on LP
see version by Libby Holman

Bing Crosby: "Gay Love"
78. Columbia 2001-D
USA. 1929. •
"Gay Love" (3:06) Non-gender-specific love-song (!?) by Oscar Levant from "The Delightful Rogue" (MUCO)
see "Can't Help Lovin' That Man": Various Artists

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: "Triad"
2LP. "4 Way Street" Atlantic SD 2-902 & 60 003/1-2.
USA. 1970. Lyrics incl. 2 LPs.
"Triad" (5:07)(D. Crosby): "sister lovers, water brothers. " Sexual triangle of a man and two women. (THRE) (Also recorded by Jefferson Airplane).

Cross / Cory
Gay couple who wrote the music and lyrics for "(I Left My Heart In) San Francisco" for Tony Bennett

Cross Vocals
Performance of lyrics written for a female singer, but (subsequently) sung by a male singer without changing the gender-relevant pronouns, and vice versa.
To assist in providing context, the term OGR (sung with Original Gender References) is also used in OutLoud.
The term cross-vocal generally implies that a choice has been made by the artist, while OGR implies a requirement in copyright.
In some cases music publishers would insist that the text of the lyric be 'word-for-word' (hence precluding any changes in gender references), which led to examples such as Hutch, and Leyton and Johnstone. This practice was much more common before WW2. Naturally such songs ONLY have a 'gay feel' to the modern ear, and would have passed unheeded at the time.
The same convention is more naturally applied when singing show-tunes in which the gender of the character is a pre-requisite to understanding the song within its context in the show.
From Marlene's rendition of "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face" to The Hollywood Brats cover of the Crystals "Then He Kissed Me" a cross-vocal is always guaranteed to grab the audience's attention.
In the eighties many male artists did covers of songs which were hits for 'girl groups'.(see Girl Groups below)
The vast majority of the material used in TV/TS performances (e. g. show-stoppers) is also 'cross-vocal' in some sense. (The material is written for a female singer and only acquires a gay significance in as much as the singer is male).

see Original Gender References

Mart Crowley -see "The Boys in the Band",

Cruise Control: "No Condom, No Sex"
Random Records
(This Way Out 23)(SAFE)

Cruising (CRUI)
The hunter and the hunted. Whether the location is a dark park or a lonely beach, there is always the chance of a sexual diversion.

D. J. Adler "Politically Correct"
Borghesia "Toxido"
Borghesia "Goli, Uniformirani, Mrtvi / Naked, Uniformed, Dead"
Boys Town Gang "Cruisin' the Streets"
Joe Bracco "Cruiser's Blues"
Bronski Beat "Need a Man Blues"
Wayne County "Toilet Love"
Michael Dane "Let's Make Love"
Dead or Alive "Brand New Lover"
Hazell Dean "Searchin'"
Detlev "Sauna-Song
Dora og Dåserne "Gay by night"
Jeff Duff "Walk On The Wild Side"
The Fall "Fortress"
Goodbye Mr McKenzie "The Rattler"
Herbert Grönemeyer "Etwas Warmes"
Rod Hart "CB Savage"
The Herd "Something Strange"
Rod McKuen "The Hunters"
Rod McKuen "Channing Way"
Manfred Langer "In de sauna"
Jan Simon Minkema "Vondel Park Peter"
New Order "Subculture"
Pansy Division "Sidewalk Sale"
Gretchen Phillips Experience: "Pease Park. "
"Out of the Closet" "The Last Chance Saloon"
Tom Robinson "Cabin Boy"
Tom Robinson "Congo Blue"
Tom Robinson "Can't Keep Away"
Tom Robinson "Pebble On The Shore"
Tom Robinson "Not Ready
Tom Robinson "Hot Dog"
Chris Robison "Lookin' For A Boy Tonight"
Rough Trade "Kiss Me Deadly "
Rough Trade "Sexual Outlaw"
Sad Café "Cottage Love"
Nancy Schimmel "Piney Creek Woman"
Sinitta "Cruising"
The Smiths "Handsome Devil"
The Smiths "This Charming Man"
Slojack "Hey Mister"
Spillemaendene "Raek mig din händ"
Strix Q "Boyss"
Village People "I'm a Cruiser"
Tom Wilson-Weinberg "Before Stonewall"

"Cruising": Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
LP. CBS 70182 & AL 36410
USA. 1979. 1980. (FILM)
Al Pacino as detective/policeman, makes investigations in the gay milieu during a murder investigation. Based upon the novel by Gerald Walker. Featuring Willy DeVille, The Cripples, John Hiatt, Madelynn von Ritz, Mutiny, Rough Trade, Germs.

Bobby Crush: "When I Fall In Love"
CD "Reel Music", Pickwick Records
UK. 1994.
Crush became famous as repeated winner of UK's TV talent show Opportunity Knocks in the '70's.
This 14th album by the MOR piano protegé includes various cover versions including Nat King Cole's standard.
"It's a song that will always remind me of someone who, until recently, was very special to me, and although the relationship is now history, I will still have the song. " (Sleeve)
Crush talks briefly about the song, and his gay identity in a 'coming out' interview. (Gay Times '8-95) "I've never been out, I've never said one way or the other. I was doing a live TV phone-in a while ago when somebody rang in and said; "Mr. Crush, are you gay?" I said; "Well, I'm not, but I think my husband might be...!" What I will say is that I am most happy in gay company and most of my friends are acquainted with Dorothy."

Crystal and the Team: "Won't You Dance With Me"
see "Gay All The Way"

Culturcide: "Santa Claus Was My Lover"
7". (illegal underground) Brownwind Records 001
USA. (Houston) (undated) Artwork °
Parody of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". Two guys screaming over the original hit.
"Mama always told me, don't believe in Santa Claus, he's nothing but a dangerous hood, but he promised me presents and a ride in his sleigh, if I'd just be good and do what he say. Santa Claus he was my a lover, he's just a girl with a big white beard, but the reindeer's kind of weird. I can handle the beard, but the reindeer was too weird!".
Refers to a bar 'The Midnight Sun' and "Montrose" is the gay ghetto in Houston

Culture Club
British pop group originally aimed at younger/Top 40 market. Lead by "androgynous pop icon" Boy George, the group included John Moss, Ron Hay, and Michael "Mikey" Craig. Moss, the brains behind the image, was at first keen that George concealed his sexuality, fearing that it would have a 'negative impact on their commerciality'. Pursued constantly by British tabloids who ran stories about gay sex/drugs/deviancy throughout the group's life. George tried various tactics in response. In accepting his 1983 Emmy he thanked America for knowing 'a good drag queen when they see one'. Yet, a few months later, he said that he much 'preferred a cup of tea to sex'. After trouble with drugs, prosecution for possession and a period of quiet retreat, the group split in 1987 with Boy George openly telling the public that he and John Moss had been lovers and that the split in their relationship had both inspired and destroyed the group.
George continued with solo career. (see Boy George)
The band reformed in 1998 to tour in the light of a '70's revival and released the 2CD "Storytellers: The Best Of Culture Club" in association with a VH-1 documentary.

see Moe Bandy / Joe Stampley "Where's The Dress?"
see Boy George
see Jesus Loves You

Culture Club: "Eyes of Medusa"
An early demo. Studio personnel get upset when George insists on singing "he".

Culture Club: "White Boys"
LP. "Kissing To Be Clever", Virgin V2232 & Virgin 204 958.
UK. 1982. Lyrics enclosed Ί
"White Boys" ( ) "When you're a white boy your life is a lust, you kiss and run and you mistrust, you hold out with the nowhere men, you dance your dance and try again . "
Reviewed in Information 8/4-1983.

Culture Club: "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me"
7". Virgin 518
UK. 1982.
"Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" ( ) Widely reported (and acknowledged by George) as having been written about the end of a gay relationship. Video shows George being chased through the law courts. Reached No. 1 in UK charts September 1982. (SEPA)

Culture Club: "Do You Really Want Hurt Me"
see "Glad To Be Gay"

Culture Club: "Church of the Poisoned Mind"
7". Virgin VS 71
UK. 1983. (JUDA)
"What I'm actually talking about in this song is John Moss, being Jewish and not being able to deal with his sexuality. Jewish boys have a real problem with being homosexual. " George, (Yorkshire TV, 1993).

Culture Club: "Miss Me Blind"
LP. "Colour By Numbers"
UK. 1983.
"Bet you got a good gun, bet you know how to have some fun, in bed. "

Culture Club: "Waking Up With The House On Fire"
LP. Virgin 206 700-620.
USA. 1984. With lyrics and colour photo-sheet .
"Mannequin" (2:54) "He's The Mannequin of your dreams. Mannequin, lover Mannequin...I gave you every bit of my time...How could you tear me apart?" (EXLO)
"Unfortunate Thing" (3:08); "It could be your turn next time/ Brother, what a lover! Beyond the fourth dimension/He's got an ego that's bigger than yours and mine"

Culture Club: "From Luxury To Heartache"
LP. Virgin 207 590-630 TCD 2380 & Virgin 407 590-630
UK. 1986. Pop. •
Song O'Dowd/ Hay/ Moss/ Craig/ Rudetsky; Virgin Music.
"Sexuality" (5:27): "Playing with my sexuality, Play with your body, with your mind ...When I say I don't dance, I mean not like you. " (VALU)(DIFF)
Culture Club broke up in 1986. George was in the midst of a three- year heroin addiction, which he kicked in 1987. George went on to release three solo albums.

Culture Club: "Storytellers: The Best Of Culture Club"
USA. July 1998. Pop.
see Boy George

Culture Club: "The Greatest Hits Of Culture Club
CD. Virgin. UK, 1998. 13-track compilation "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me", "Karma Chameleon", "Miss Me Blind", "I Just Wanna Be Loved"; "Love Is Love", "The Crying Game"; "Everything I Own".
Casse Culver: "3 Gypsies"
LP. Urana Records (Wise Women Enterprises) ST-WWE-81
USA. 1976. Distributed by Olivia. (GLOP)•
Side 1; "I'm Late Again"; "Don't Put Her Down"; "First Unto This Country"; "When first unto this country, a stranger I came, And I courted a fair young maid, Nancy was her name"; "Three Gypsies", "Flesh of cream and rose, hair of flaxen down, The sun of this fair union, the fair Ms Galahad" (WITC) , "Good Old Dora"
Side 2; "Desert Eyes"; "Crystal Skies"; "She Said Sun"; "I'm not gonna give up girl, I'm not gonna quit, I'm not leaving you. " "Sacred River" "Scheheerezade's Lullaby"
With musical contributions from Kay Gardner, Margie Adam, Robin Flower, Willie Tyson et al.

Casse Culver: "Songs and Other Dreams"
USA. 1982.
incl. "I Can't Quit You"

Conrad Cummings: "In The Department Of Love"
See "Gay American Composers"

Corrine Curcio: "She Likes It That Way"
USA. 1994.

Connie Curcio: :She Likes It That Way"
see "Outmusic 97"•

Corrine Curcio: "A Whisper in my Ear"
MC. Privately released .
USA. 1996.
"I Think I Found It With You"; "She Likes It That Way"; "Off Limits"; "I Wanna Be Your Lover"; "Back In Time"; "Who Hung That Moon In The Window Tonight?"; "All Too Much For Me"; "Thought Of You"; "Dream Within A Dream"; "All These Thoughts"; "Why Did I Wait So Long?"

Nick Currie
see Momus

Tim Curry: "Read My Lips"
LP. A&M Records SP 4717.
USA. 1978. MoR Beat-rock

Tim Curry: "Fearless"
LP. A&M SP-4773
USA. 1979.

Tim Curry: "Simplicity"
LP. A&M Rec. AMLH 64830.
UK. 1981. Pop.
"Working On My Tan" (4:06); "She's Not There" (2:22); "Simplicity" (4:17); "On A Roll" (2:49); "Take Me I Am Yours" (3:52); "Dancing in the Street" (3:20); "Betty Jean" (3:20); "Out of Pawn" (3:42); "Summer In The City" (3:05); "I Put A Spell On You" (3:31).
Songs by various writers.

Tim Curry: "Birds Of A Feather" /"Alan"

Tim Curry
see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Catie Curtis: "Truth From Lies"
CD. EMI Guardian 35435
USA. 1994. OutVoice-1996. GLAMA '96 nominee.
"You Can Always Be Gone" (3:04); "Troubled Mind" (4:01); "Radical" (3:42) GLAMA '96 winner. Ί" 'Cause I'm not being radical, when I kiss you, And I don't love you to make a point, It's the hollow of my heart, that cries when I miss you, And it keeps me alive when we're apart , It's all right, we're gonna be fine, Even if this world is taking so much time, though I mind, what people say, Love is stronger than any words anyway"; "Dad's Yard" (4:24); "Silhouette" (4:17); "Everybody Was Dancing" (4:25); "Slave To My Belly" (3:59); "The Party's Over" (3:54)(PART); "Crocodile Tears" (2:52); "The Wolf" (3:17); "Just Getting By" (4:24); "Cry Fire" (3:28);
The current album by Catie Curtis, the little drummer girl from a small town in Maine, is a folksy reflection of her life experiences. Truth From Lies has been described as clear-eyed vignettes that avoid sentimentality; she sings about coming out, abuse and relationships. Curtis' second self-released album, which she recorded two years ago. However, last year, EMI picked up the album and released it on the Guardian label. Record sales took off and Curtis' days of hawking her CDs seemed to be over.

Catie Curtis: "From Years To Hours"
USA. 199?

"Mine Fields (From Years To Hours)" (4:35); "Night So Still" (3:42); "Hole in the Bucket" (4:31); "Watching the Silence" (4:09); "Got Me Wondering" (3:03); "Grandmother's Name" (3:37)(FAMI); "If I Could" (4:31); "Wallpaper Dreams" (3:58); "Preacher" (3:49); "Same Dream" (Desert Storm)" (3:14); "Strange As It Seems" (2:55);

Catie Curtis: "Catie Curtis"
CD. Guardian
USA. 1997. GLAMA '97 winner.
"Soulfully" (4:31); "I Don't Cry Anymore" (5:10); "River Winding" (3:49); "Falling Silent In The Dark" (3:40); "Heroes" (3:34)(HERO); "Forgiveness" (2:58); "I Still Want To" (3:45); "Memphis" (3:34); "The Truth Is" (3:07); "Do Unto Others" (3:56); "Larry" (4:40); "Come To Me" (3:08)

Cycle Sluts
California radical-drag group which performed and toured US/UK. 1974-77. Michael Bales, et al.

"Cynara- Poetry In Motion": Original Soundtrack Recording
USA. 1996. Two loving women shown on sleeve.
Music from Mark Chait's original score for the film by Nicole Conn.

Cypher in the Snow: "Badass and Free"
7". Outpunk (PUNK)
Seven queer women, "Militia" is about having a lesbian militia (MILI), and "She's Not" is about racism in the lesbian community.

Cyryus: "The Lyricist"
CD. Queercorps/Chainsaw
USA. 1998. (PUNK)
"I'm not focusing on 'gay stuff', 'gay topics', whatever people may say. I'm focusing on lyrical and musical skills, and they're undeniable. I think that the quality of the album content should override the fact that the artist happens to be gay.""
Contact (1998):

Sara Cytron
"Keeps 'em in stitches with her commentary on the politics of women's bathrooms, the drama of lesbian bed death, and being a 90's un-chic lesbian. "Comic par excellence, and side-splittingly, howlingly funny . . . " -New Directions for Women "Funny, sharp; Cytron can act with crucial tough-mindedness and urgency. " (The Village Voice )

Sara Cytron : "Public Restroom Protocol"
see "The Best of Lesbian Comedy, Vol. 1"

Carl Czerny: "Opus 111 Sonata"
(CLAS), also known as "The Uranian Sonata"
Pupil of Beethoven.